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I became a home tutor teaching the young half-siblings of the male lead.
The original plot is simple.
It’s a typical contract marriage story where the female lead threatens the duke to avoid an unwanted matchmaking.

The problem here is that the male lead’s weakness is his depraved behavior that led to the extermination of his entire family.

“Tell me, Miss Margaret. What is my intention that caught your attention?”

It’s unfair that I’m a reincarnated extra at best.
What an unfortunate choice of roles, having to give up my head when the lord of the manor takes control of the family.
I suppose running away could solve the problem, but…

“My lord, there is only one thing I want. Don’t kill Cecilia and Cedric.”

As a professional, I should save the children first.

“Miss Adriana has told me that she knows I killed my father. And that she will keep it quiet if I marry her.”

Then he asked, in an uneven voice.

“Miss Margaret, shall I go through with this marriage or not?”

“Do it. She will be the love of your life.”

Estella replied meekly.
It wasn’t the answer he’d hoped for, he realized, and his voice turned murderous.

“So you’re telling me I’m going to have to share a bed with a blackmailer?”

…It was a refreshing revelation, considering the original.


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