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“Divorce… let’s do it,”

Eli stopped unbuttoning his shirt and looked at Ruby. It was a rare expression of surprise, and Ruby was just as shocked. She had blurted it out impulsively, and even she was surprised by her own words. While wondering what answer she would give if he asked for a reason, she quickly shook her head.

“In two weeks.”


Eli unbuttoned his shirt with a seemingly casual voice.

“I have some business to attend to in the capital, so let’s do it then. I’ll inform the Emperor in advance.”


“Write down what you want when we divorce. I’ll take care of it.”

His response was so clean and precise that it almost felt surreal. Surprisingly, it was Ruby who found herself at a loss for words. How foolish of her to think he would at least ask her reason for demanding a divorce.


Ruby said with a lonely smile and left the room.

On the day they divorced, Ruby died in a carriage accident.

She woke up in her first year of marriage. Since it’s their first year of marriage she thought it would be easier to divorce him again this time…

“I sent a letter to divorce.”


“It’ll be over quickly if you tell His Majesty……”

“No, Ruby. I have no intention of getting a divorce.”

He said with a tender voice and a face she had never seen before. It seems that the second divorce from her husband won’t be easy.