Side Story 1 (7)

“I’m trying to help you. You said you wanted to see the child again.”

“But, but…”

She felt strange when he touched her body. It was not unpleasant.

“The ladies told me. It’s blocked once, so I have to rub it a little hard to get the milk out again.”

“Then I’ll…”

“No. The pain makes it difficult to do it on your own. So… it will hurt a bit, but it’s better to finish it in one go. You may resent me a little after it’s over, but… If you want to br*astfeed the baby again, I’ll help you.”

She felt numb at the gentle rubbing of his hand on her chest, but Iz eventually nodded at the word of the child.

“It may hurt, but hang in there.”

Iz closed her eyes when she heard that she was sick. It hurts. How much does it hurt? As Iz remained firm and still, Barca tightened his grip on her chest. He was about to sigh what the hell he was doing now.

Before entering the room, his face flared up while he was learning how to do it from the maids. It was because it was very embarrassing to be told by other women that the purpose of the treatment was definitely right. Still, Barca endured his embarrassment and listened to them.

And now, it’s time to do what he has learned. In addition to giving birth to a child, Iz’s chest, which had been br*astfeeding for a long time, had become very big. The milk stopped and lumped together, so it became a little hard, but the softness did not completely disappear. His long, thick fingers dug in between her white chests.


Iz let out a pained sound as strength entered her chest. She was more tolerable than she thought, though. If that’s the case, he can…

At that moment, Barca gave strength to the hand holding her chest.

“Ah! Argh!”

A tearful pain hit Iz’s body. Iz trembled for a while in such terrible pain, and soon struggled to get out of Barca’s hands.

“Sorry. Please be patient.”

However, Barca held onto Iz tightly and squeezed her chest even harder. Barca remembered what the maids had said was very painful. He looked for a way to make it less painful, but the maids shook their heads with their dark faces. Rather, it was said that the only way to reduce the pain was to finish it quickly. Plus they said that Iz may suffer again if he doesn’t do it right. So even if Iz hurts like this now, even if she resents him, Barca has no choice but to continue moving his hand.


As the beautiful shape distorted, Iz let out a loud scream as if she had been stabbed. It was such a terrible pain that it made her head throb and her breath stopped. Even so, Barca didn’t let go of his hand, so Iz hit him with her fist.

However, no matter how much she hit him in the chest, Barca did not budge. Then Iz hit Barca in the face. It was a desperate struggle to get out of the pain, so it was so hard that it made a sound, and Barca’s face turned sideways.


Iz, who had never hit anyone like this in his life, was surprised by what she had done and hardened. When Barca turned his head again, his mouth was slightly torn and bleeding. Barca swept around his mouth with the back of his hand, and a red line was drawn on the back of his hand.

“I-I… I…”

Barca smiled wryly at Iz’s startled look. He can’t believe she’s sorry. Rather, if she had excitedly beat him until she felt better inside, he would not have been so bitter.

Barca grabbed the trembling Iz and laid her on the bed. Only then did Iz realize that she had tried to run away, and she struggled again, but it was too late. Barce grabbed Iz’s wrist with one hand, raised it above her head, and pressed his body against Iz’s. Iz, who had become defenseless and exposed her br*asts, had to accept Barca’s hand again without even struggling.

“I’m sorry, Iz. Just a little. Just a little bit.”

Unlike his soothing voice, Barca’s touch was ruthless. He squeezed her chest in his hand and twisted it with force. The n*pples that stood upright brushed between his fingers.

“Ah, aheuk! Ugh!”

As the terrible pain continued, Iz made a breathtaking sound. Barca continued to massage her chest. Then at one point, he noticed that his hands had become moist. When he looked at Iz’s chest, he could see the milky juice flowing at the end of her n*pple. Barca realized that he did what the maids taught him and breathed a sigh of relief.

But soon, seeing Iz holding her breath and crying, his heart felt heavy. She barely wanted to get close, but now she’s running away again and again. Barca felt sorry for that. He gently massaged her reddened br*ast. Perhaps because her milk didn’t come out early, it now flowed out of Iz’s chest.

“Uh, ugh…”

Iz was embarrassed. It was a chest that had only felt that terrible pain until just a moment ago. However, in the throbbing pain of Barca’s touch, which was more careful and gentle, she began to open her eyes.

“Mhm, hm!”

The change was evident in her voice. Excited breath escaped from between her lips, which had only let out pain. At Iz’s voice, his hand on her chest became more relaxed. Barca put the n*pple between his fingers and moved it in a big circle while holding her br*asts. While rolling and kneading repeatedly, Iz’s br*asts and his hands were soaked in the spilled milk.

Iz was desperately biting her lip while Barca was still touching her br*asts. A tingling sensation started in her chest and gradually spread throughout her body. At the same time, she felt a tingling sensation between her legs and a burning feeling in her lower abdomen. She unknowingly pulled her legs together and felt ashamed when she realized that the area between her legs was wet like her br*asts.

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