Chapter 10 – Boundary (7)

As Iz listened to the women, she realized that these people were speaking Akram. And that they’re wearing a maid’s uniform. The only people who wear such clothes are the maids of the Akram palace.

[Here… The royal palace…]

Iz muttered in Akram, and the maids nodded.

[Yes, it is. It’s a royal palace. So, feel at ease… Your Majesty the Queen?]

The maids who tried to bring Iz down again called for Iz in surprise. The dazed Iz pushed them away, and she staggered towards her child. When the maids approached her, wondering if it was because she wanted to see the child she gave birth to, Iz picked up her child in the cradle.

The next moment, the maids screamed at Iz’s behavior.

[No, Your Majesty!]


Barca was leaving the office and heading to the queen’s room. It’s been a week since he brought Iz. But until today, Iz was still unable to open her eyes.

A week ago, the day he rescued Iz from Wadi. Iz gave birth on the spot. The child who was so healthy that he couldn’t believe it came from a skinny mother’s body was a boy who seemed to have mixed the skin colors of Iz and Barca.

Barca didn’t have time to enjoy the joy of the birth of his own child. It was because Iz’s condition, which suddenly gave birth to a child in the desert, was rapidly deteriorating. It was clear that if he left her like this, she would soon hide.

But he couldn’t take her to Delane. Meanwhile, Delane’s relationship with Akram quickly deteriorated. Not long after it was revealed that Iz had fled and that he was looking for her, Delane announced that Princess Eloise had actually been in the kingdom and had recently married the crown prince of the neighboring country.

War clouds hung again between the two countries that the kingdom deceived Akram. In the meantime, if he takes Iz into Delane, it will be like putting his head on the enemy’s side. Then there is only one thing left. Taking Iz back to the capital.

But no matter how fast it runs, it will take three days. Barca is at odds. Whether to cross the desert with Iz, who has weakened, and his newborn child, or stay here. There was no time to ponder. Barca had to decide quickly.

He held Iz and his son in his arms. Then the Yulcara, who had not moved from the boundary, approached him and bent down. It was a move as if to get on.

[It’s impossible, Your Majesty! Taking them there…]

Barca started the Yulcara without listening to his men. It began to run madly toward the capital at a speed he had never seen before, as if it knew with all its heart. On the Yulcara’s shaky back, Barca held Iz and his son’s body as steady as possible.

Two days later, Barca arrived in the capital. It was thanks to the fact that they ran nonstop for a single moment since his departure. His Yulcara collapsed as soon as they arrived in the capital, and Barca immediately headed for the palace with Iz and the child.

Hearing that the king had brought the queen and the baby, all the doctors and herbalist Zano in the palace rushed to look after Iz and the child. Surprisingly, the child who hadn’t had enough milk from its mother for two days was healthy. Soon his complexion returned and he fell asleep soundly.

The problem was Iz. After everyone clung to her, she returned to her normal state, but she was still unable to wake up.

[Her body was in a very weak state. It seems that she had hardly eaten a proper meal. In that state, she was shocked and had to give birth earlier than expected, which must have put a greater burden on her body. And it seems like it was very difficult for her mentally…]

The doctor blurted out his last words. But Barca couldn’t urge him to speak properly. Only once did Iz open her eyes when he ran to the capital carrying her. Iz looked at Barca and she struggled to open her mouth.

“Just kill me… Don’t send me to Taz…”

As soon as Barca heard it, his heart sank. Only then did Barca find out why Iz ran away from him so madly. She listened to his conversation with Taz. It’s an inevitable lie, but those disgraceful and dirty sentences.

Iz closed her eyes again, only to say the words. And she’s never been able to wake up. As he headed to the queen’s room, he felt a pain like a knife cut deep in his chest every step he took.

The lies he uttered to deal with Urtalib’s work quickly returned as a snare that strangled him and Iz. Even Iz is dying.

Barca felt pathetic 

‘I shouldn’t have done that.’

No matter how false, he wasn’t supposed to say that. But now it’s no use regretting. Words have been uttered and cannot be taken back.

It was when he arrived near the queen’s room.

[No, Your Majesty!]

He heard the screams of the maids, and soon he heard the cry of the child. Barca immediately ran into the queen’s room. In one corner of the room, maids were holding someone, screaming. It was Iz, and in the hand of another maid a child was crying. The maid was in a panic and extinguishing the fire on the child’s clothes.

“Give me!”

Iz struggled frantically, took her child away from the maid again, and tried to put the child close to the burning furnace.


Surprised Barca ran and took the child out of her hands. Then Iz looked at Barca and looked as if the sky had fallen and suddenly shed tears.

“I shouldn’t… I shouldn’t…”

What on earth? Not knowing why Iz was trying to kill their child, Barca just looked at Iz with the child in their arms. Then Iz cried and said,

“Trash… I need to burn…”


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