Chapter 10 – Boundary (4)

Iz, who was asleep, opened her eyes in surprise when she heard the sound. How much sleep did she have? It was full of darkness outside.

The King’s army in this deep night?

‘Is the king of Delane here?’

But someone shouted again as if they were laughing at Iz’s idea.

“The King of Akram is coming! Run away!”

When Iz was told that it was the king of Akram, she got up in a hurry and felt the pain in her pulling stomach, and curled up. But it was not the time to pay attention to this pain.

Barca? Why?

She didn’t think he was just passing by. It was clear that he knew something and came here. Iz hurried out of the tent. Dozens of lights were fast approaching in the distance.

But where? Iz, who was looking around where she couldn’t see properly, heard the sound of a person running into the forest and immediately ran towards the desert.

‘I have to run away.’



Barca, who took the lead, drove the Yulcara, calling out Iz’s name like crazy. In the sudden army of the king, people living in the village of Border were seen rushing away. He shouted at the warriors.

[It’s a pregnant woman! Be sure to find it!]

The faithful warriors answered the king’s orders with strong answers, even though they had already heard it hundreds or thousands of times from Barca. Barca recalled the words of a merchant who visited him during the day.

[She was pregnant, but her hair was a different color. Even the color of her eyes. But under the sunlight, it glows delicately like gold…]

When he heard that, Barca decided to find the woman for now. In addition, the more he heard the story, the more strangely his heart thumped. As if someone was calling him.

Barca saw people running around. I don’t mean to kill you, but why are you running away? The warriors chased the Delanes fleeing into the woods. He, too, tried to head into the forest. Iz would have tried to escape to the forest in Delane, where she lived.

It was when he was about to get off the Yulcara.


His Yulcara shook its body and turned its head toward the desert. Barca was shocked by its behavior. Ever since Barca was tamed when he was 12 years old, it has always been a Yulcara who moves like his hands and feet. In this way, it was the first time he headed elsewhere, refusing where he wanted to go.


But Yulcara was unmoved. Barca was upset. Eventually, he jumped from above the Yulcara. Other words of the merchants during the day ran through his mind.

[She’s super skinny. Her stomach just popped out… She was eating the bread that someone gave her like crazy. To the point where you think she’s a beggar. It’s not the woman the king is looking for, but somehow I feel uncomfortable…]

Barca remembered the time when he had dinner with Iz. Even though they brought all kinds of dessert delicacies, Iz said that this was the most delicious, and she ate the most common dessert bread. He found it interesting to see how she ate well, so he imitated Iz’s way of eating for no reason.

It is a woman who has different hair color and eye color, but it kept bothering Barca. He felt like he had to check her face. That’s why he came here personally.

As Barca tried to take a step into the forest, he heard a loud noise coming from the desert side. When he turned his head, he could see lightning at the end of the desert.

‘Is it raining?’

The weather in the desert was strange during this year’s life. At first, an unprecedented amount of rain poured into the desert, filling the oasis. People rejoiced by trading food that had been abundant in the rain for a long time. But the joy didn’t last long. Even though it was a period of life from some point on, it didn’t rain anymore. Exactly since the time Barca started wandering through the desert in search of Iz.

As the oasis dried up quickly, food began to decrease quickly. As food became scarce immediately, the voice of resentment against the king increased. Hardin was busy calming each oasis in the movement of rising tensions again. However, Barca searched the desert all day long, as if it were none of his business, looking for traces of Iz.

It was raining when he hadn’t seen Iz since she ran away. But, it’s starting to rain at the end of the desert?


Barca looked at the dark desert. Then as soon as he saw that someone was running madly away from him, Barca didn’t hesitate to start running toward her.


“Huff, huff….”

Iz seemed to be able to wring out everything in her at any moment. But she knew that even if she did, nothing would come out of her. Because she’s already vomited a couple of times on the way.

Nevertheless, Iz couldn’t stop running. She had to run further. Further away from Barca. However, contrary to her mind, Iz’s body could not move quickly.


Iz, who was running on the sandy road, grabbed her stomach and exhaled. It must be about eight months now, but Iz’s belly was swollen like a full-term mother. Her breasts were filled with milk, such that even a slight touch would cause the milk to flow. What her chest and stomach had in common was that they hurt when they moved.

“It hurts…” 

Iz wept and walked again, holding her chest with one hand and her stomach with the other. Her eyesight has been ruined, and now it is a night without even moonlight, as if there are clouds in the sky. So Iz tripped over a stone because she couldn’t tell what was in front of her.


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