Truly, Bellek Oter was incredibly shameless.



‘You seem to be the most dangerous.’



Every time Isabella felt the urge to kick him in the shin and run away, she deliberately smiled even more brightly.



“Well, in consideration of your goodwill, just one glass.”



Isabella only pretended to sip the champagne, her lips barely touching the bubbly liquid. And to divert his attention, she made a dazzling proposal to the playboy Black Lion.



“There are too many eyes here. Shall we move somewhere quieter to talk?”



“Yes, if the young lady wishes.”



Then, she casually put down her champagne glass at the bar and dragged Bellek away.



“Ah…! I feel dizzy.”



She had to pretend to be drunk. He was probably waiting for the drug to kick in.



Isabella was putting her all into acting dizzy, as if she was possessed by an actress.



“You really can’t handle alcohol. Don’t worry and come this way.”



When she deliberately staggered, she could feel Bellek snorting.



‘As expected, he’s trash. I can feel at ease and mess with him.’



The direction he was leading her to had rooms where they could secretly meet. They finally reached a corridor where no one was in sight.



“Um, I have a favor to ask.”



“Just tell me anything.”



“Would you take off your mask? I want to see your face.”



Isabella looked at Bellek Oter with a wistful gaze. She felt Bellek’s gaze wavering.



“My face?”



“Yes. You must be handsome without a doubt. Just hearing your voice makes my heart… flutter.”



Isabella whispered, her face blushing.



“If the lady truly wishes.”



Excited Bellek looked at her with a sticky gaze and took off his mask.



“That’s enough, put it back on.”



Isabella, having confirmed his face, ordered with a stern expression.



“…Put it, put it back on?”



“I’ve seen it, so that’s enough, Bellek Oter.”






As she quickly changed her attitude, the Black Lion, no, Bellek Oter, who was dumbfounded, just made an uncomfortable fake cough.



“I heard that your father is involved in the black market.”



“…What do you mean……”



“You’re still using such dirty drugs. Are you stupid or reckless?”



Isabella held back her laughter as she looked at Oter, who had become dumbfounded.



“I heard that the royal family will soon crack down heavily.”






“If your tail is long, you’ll step on it.”



As she taunted him, Bellek’s face turned red and blue, he was on the verge of exploding.



“I thought I’d play with you since you’re so innocent, but you’re making a fuss like this. Do you have any evidence?”



Isabella calmly stared at his angry face.






“I mean, do you have any evidence? You haven’t even collapsed yet.”



He shamelessly dodged the question.



‘So, he’s going to play it this way?’



The answer was to fight fire with fire.



“Ah, so I just need to collapse then.”



“Are you threatening me right now?”



Bellek’s face hardened frighteningly.



“If you know, then shut up. Is there a need to spread rumors that you’re trash?”



“You, you wench……!”



She nonchalantly and shamelessly cast a threat.



‘This is too low level. Maybe I should go easy.’



Isabella grinned wickedly.



“Since you spoke informally first, I’ll do the same. Shall we verify with evidence then? That champagne you brought to the table hasn’t been cleared yet.”



“Tha, that’s……”



“I can stop pretending anytime, so you drink it fairly. We can see who is right, huh. If it’s a misunderstanding, I’ll apologize.”



Could it be a misunderstanding? Before regression, Bellek Oter had been disgraced for repeating such nonsense.



Moreover, it was obvious that he had intended to ruin Isabella’s fortune, having received Catherine’s support.






As Isabella fired rapidly, Bellek became speechless as if he had eaten honey. What should he do? Isabella had no intention of letting him off.



“Didn’t the wife of the Marquis of Richmond tell you? That I’m an incredible crazy woman.”



“What the hell……”



“You’re dodging. Perverts like you should be castrated so they can’t reproduce.”






“It’s a shame. I didn’t bring a knife today.”



Isabella seemed disappointed, Bellek stuttered in response.



“…Do you not intend to get married? I’ll spread the rumor to all my friends!”



“Go ahead, spread the rumor. I’ll report it to the royal guards. The Oter family fell into disgrace because of the stupid eldest son. Oter will surely fall.”






Bellek Oter was in a state of panic due to the unexpected bombardment. Well, he knew how to play dirty with women, but this was probably his first time being utterly humiliated.



‘I thought about choking him and kicking him in the crotch, but this tastes milder than I thought?’



Isabella was planning to give him a proper education at his level.



“Should I let you off just this once?”



“…L, lady. Calm down and, well, I’ll apologize for this incident……”



“Forget the apology, go to Richmond and tell them. Say you’re head over heels for me and can’t sleep without thinking of me.”



Isabella wickedly smiled as she poured out her instructions to him.



“And propose to me. About 2000 gifts? Make sure they’re all in good taste. Do it formally and make it look good.”



“…You mean, marry me?”



“Why are you blushing? Do you like being tormented?”



Despite waving his hands in denial, Bellek really looked like a pervert with his ears turning red.



“Don’t get me wrong. A cowardly bastard like you is not my type.”



“Then, why……”



“You need to satisfy your queen bee. That way, she won’t make more annoying moves.”



She was telling him to pretend to propose so that Catherine would think her plan was working.



“The day this gets out… you know, right?”



Isabella traced her long finger across her neck, speaking in a creepily low voice. He dropped his mask, unknowingly swallowing his dry saliva.



“Answer me.”






As Bellek lowered his gaze and managed to respond, she satisfyingly raised the corners of her mouth.



“I’ll go first. Come out later, will you?”



Isabella dusted off her hands as if they were dirty, then gracefully walked towards the central hall.



“Did you kill him?”



Geoffrey, who had been waiting at the entrance, asked with a gleeful expression.






Isabella replied curtly. Despite her safe return, Geoffrey still looked worried.



“Are you not hurt?”



“I’m fine, so don’t make a fuss.”



“It’s all good, but do it somewhere visible. I’m dying of curiosity.”



“I’ll try.”



She turned her body quickly and smiled brightly.



“Well, I have another target. See you later.”






Bellek’s legs gave out and he staggered out of the party. The taste of alcohol faded, and he felt as if he had lost his soul, unable to bear it any longer.



‘…How the hell did she know that.’



No matter how much he thought about it, he couldn’t accept it. The fact that the Count’s family was operating a black market was strictly confidential.



He remembered her face, laughing sharply and tracing her neck for a moment.



‘She’s not your average beauty.’



She was wearing a mask, but her presence was overwhelming. He remembered her dazzling beauty from the debutante ball.



‘She’s really sharp.’



Bellek Oter unknowingly trembled, raising the corners of his mouth.



‘…Considering she wanted me to propose, does she have an interest in me? That cunning she-cat?’



‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,’ he thought, still dazed despite the insult.



She clearly said he wasn’t her taste, but it seemed he only heard what he wanted to hear.



Bellek, realizing a new preference within himself, was inflating some sort of delusion.



Then, a creepy black shadow loomed before his eyes.



“…A she-cat.”



It was a voice so smooth it was seductive. As Bellek Oter lifted his gaze, he locked eyes with deep blood-red pupils.



Oter froze with a pale face. Barely regaining his senses, he found a man wearing a devil mask standing before him.



In an instant, every hair on his body stood on end, and he felt an intimidation he had never experienced before.



“…Wh-who are you.”






The man in the mask drew a long curve with the corners of his mouth.



“The devil.”



As soon as he finished speaking, a burning red light seemed to engulf them.

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