Chapter 2 Part 5




The mere touch of their lips made Caxias’s hair stand on end. It felt like blood was rushing through his head and his whole body was burning hot.

He eagerly caressed Ercilla’s body and explored her lips. He could hardly contain his excitement as he probed her soft, sweet mouth with the tip of his tongue. As he frantically sucked on her lips, Caxias undressed himself.

He let his half-torn shirt fall off the bed and pulled his trousers down. As his skin pressed against Ercilla’s smooth flesh, he felt her squirm and twist her body. To prevent her from escaping, he slid his hand underneath her waist and pulled her close. As their chests pressed together, he felt the excitement peak at the sensation of her soft and plump br*asts pressing against his.

“Uhh, huegh…”

Ercilla, who was having her lips taken away without rest, shook her head, feeling short of breath. Caxias caught himself from losing his reason and let go of Ercilla’s lips.

“Huaah… heuff!”

Ercilla gasped for breath with tears in her eyes when her lips were taken away again. Caxias licked and nibbled on her lips once more before releasing them.

“Haa, heut…”

As Caxias bit into Ercilla’s slender neck as she breathed heavily, he spread her legs with his knees. He could feel Ercilla’s body shifting slightly as she tensed. Caxias lightly tasted her trembling skin with his lips and slid down to her collarbone.

While still holding her waist with one hand, he brought his other hand between her legs. As her thighs were still pressed against his knee, he could feel Ercilla’s legs tremble. 

“It’s okay. I’ll be gentle.”

Caxias whispered while gently stroking her frightened waist. His hot palm closed around her fully exposed nether regions, stroking her slit with his fingertips.


Ercilla gripped his shoulders in surprise as Caxias’s fingers slipped into a place that had never been touched before. When she felt his hard, muscular upper body against hers, she was flustered and pulled her hand away from his shoulder.

Caxias spoke in a voice filled with laughter.

“Hold onto me. I won’t get mad even if you dig your nails into me.”

Ercilla’s anxious eyes turned towards Caxias’s face, which was descending onto her chest. His hot breath covered her soft skin, and his moist, full lips licked her skin.

At this moment. No matter what happens afterwards, for now, Caxias is Ercilla’s man. Ercilla grabbed Caxias’s shoulder, tears welling up in her eyes. She felt like it would be nice if she could die in his embrace.


Caxias’s fingers explored inside Ercilla, pressing and rubbing her here and there. Ercilla squirmed, bewildered by the stimulation she was tasting for the first time. In an instant, the fingers increased one and then two, and her inside felt full.


She squirmed beneath Caxias, bewildered by the growing pleasure, as he sucked hard on her saliva-soaked n*pple.

“Nngh…, aang, aht…! Ugh!”

His fingers slid over her slippery petals and pressed against the peak of her pleasure.

“Ahhht… ahht…!”

Ercilla’s body quivered as she reached her climax. Her memories of the time she drank the aphr*disiac and attacked Caxias were not clear, but the unfamiliar sensation dazed Ercilla.


“Ercilla, I’m going to put it in now.”

Caxias whispered, his voice low with lust. As soon as he finished speaking, Ercilla jerked her waist in response to the pressure on his pressed p*nis, but the tip remained, pushing against the tender flesh. Ercilla’s eyes widened at the sensation of her insides stretching open, even though she had been sufficiently lubricated.


A frightened look crossed her face, and Caxias lifted his head and observed Ercilla’s expression. He soothed her by stroking her pistil and cupping her cheek with his other hand.

“Shhh. It’s okay. Relax… “


With a tearful expression, Ercilla tried to relax. But each time the feeling of pushing and thrusting inside her made her feel strange.

“Aheugh! It feels s-strange, aang…!”

Caxias whispered patiently as Ercilla squirmed in panic.

“Almost, it’s almost all the way in. Just a little bit more.”

‘There’s still more?’

Ercilla knew he was already deep inside, but she didn’t think he would be so big and hot. She was afraid that her insides would tear apart as it widened.

“Ah, no… it can’t go any further…! Heuugh!”

As soon as she spoke, Caxias pushed his hips forward. Ercilla gasped as the shaft of his p*nis entered her deeply and widened her insides.

“Huuu…, ahh… nngh…”

Caxias’s desire, which filled her to the brim, moved with every breath he took. Her inside was so tightly filled that even a slight movement from Caxias made his p*nis twitch and stir inside her.

“No, don’t move, Your Grace… hnngh…”

With a frightened look, Ercilla clung to his chest, and Caxias stared at her with a heated gaze. He let go of her pistil that he had been teasing and grabbed her waist again, staring into her eyes.

“Kiss me, Ercilla.”


Trembling, Ercilla kissed Caxias on the lips. As he moved and she moved, their union made their bodies move, and a strange feeling filled her stomach.

“Heugh, no… Aht?!”

Caxias thrust hard, stealing her moaning lips. He wanted to wait a little longer, but he was already at his limit. Ercilla clung to his neck and moaned.

“Ah! Ahhh, Your Grace! Hngh, hnngh…!”


With each movement, his p*nis vigorously plunged in and out of the gradually softening v*ginal passage. Ercilla rocked her waist as she received the impact, feeling as if the world was turning upside down. Her vision went white as she realized the deepest, most intimate part of her was being pierced.

“Aaht?! Ah! Stop! Aang, Your Grace, no…!”

“Keugh, Ercilla… Uuhm.”

Ercilla writhed like a fish pierced by a spear, as Caxias pressed both of her thighs against the sheets and thrust faster and harder. Ercilla was taken aback and clawed at Caxias’s shoulders.

Light flashed before her eyes, and a chorus of voices that did not belong to her echoed through the bedroom. She was no longer conscious of the fact that she was sullying the bed that belonged to the real duchess.

“Ah! Ah, ah, ah, ah!”

Ercilla simply swayed beneath Caxias, sobbing at the pleasure she was being given. She was so overwhelmed by the repeated flashes of light in her mind that she found it difficult to remain conscious.

“Hng?! Ah, ahhh…! Ah!”

Ercilla’s body, which had been in agony for a long time, bent like a bow and shuddered in pleasure. Caxias pushed his p*nis to the hilt as he thrust into her like a madman.

At the moment when their stomachs touched and Ercilla’s innermost parts seemed to fully accept Caxias’s desire, with a sound of release, he ej*culated inside of her.


The hot liquid soaked her insides, spilling over her entrance. A strange yet lascivious sensation filled her stomach.

Ercilla looked at Caxias with a dazed expression. Caxias stared back at her like a wild beast that had not yet satiated his desires.

“You did well.”

What did I do well? But the question didn’t linger. Because Caxias kissed Ercilla as he rubbed his waist against hers as if rubbing his s*men into her.

Feeling a strange thrill in Caxias’s firm arms that embraced her, Ercilla embraced him back, as if he was hers in that moment.

In the strong arms that held her, Ercilla felt a strange shudder as she hugged Caxias back. At this moment, he was hers.

Caxias squinted his eyes as if satisfied and gently explored Ercilla’s mouth with his tongue.

He was happy. When Ercilla breathed a sweet breath in a pleasant sense of elation, he looked at her as if she were lovely.


Ercilla was once again entranced by the sweet sound of his voice. Caxias wiped away her tears with his fingertips and kissed her again.

I won’t let you go now. Never.

“Hnng, Your Grace… No… Stop! Mmph…”

“You’re calling me ‘Your Grace’ again, Ercilla?”

His low and obscene voice sent shivers down her spine. Ercilla wanted to call him Caxias too, but it was difficult to break the habit she had formed over the last two years.

Caxias smirked, teasingly touching Ercilla who was sitting on his lap with her back against his chest. He wanted to change how Ercilla called him, but that was just an excuse to indulge in his desire for her.

Fortunately, his plan worked and for the past three days, Caxias was able to hold Ercilla close. Thanks to that, Ercilla had become quite used to Caxias’s embrace and no longer flinched when he pulled her into his arms.

Now the only problem was Caxias’s desire. He already knew that his desire for Ercilla was dark, as if he had sprayed black ink. He thought that holding her would calm it somewhat, but this thirst only seemed to grow with each passing moment.

The pleasure he felt was unlike anything he’d ever gotten from any other woman, so Caxias had to use all his willpower to stay rational whenever he held Ercilla.

“… You’re so cute, Ercilla.”

Caxias whispered ecstatically as he turned Ercilla’s head, disheveled with pleasure, and kissed her lips. As he sucked on her soft lips and rubbed her swollen n*pples, Ercilla twisted her body to avoid Caxias’s kiss.

“Hnngh, aht! Your Grace! Stop…”

Ercilla, half-melted with pleasure, seemed oblivious to the fact that the p*nis inside her swelled up again. Caxias smiled in satisfaction and pulled Ercilla by the waist towards him.

It felt good inside her, slick with his own c*m. In that tight and hot place and yet ecstatically constricting, Caxias felt like he could continue forever.

“So good, Ercilla… More…”

“Ah, ahhh…! No, hnngh. So full! Ahht…”

Ercilla threw her head back as she heard the sticky sound of Caxias thrusting his p*nis into her. Caxias groaned deeply and grabbed Ercilla by the wrist, pulling her back.

Ercilla couldn’t escape and could only sob and rock her hips along with him.

“Do you like it here, Ercilla?”

“No! Hnngh, aang…! There…! No, aht! Ahh, aang…! Your Grace, hnngh!”

Caxias let out a laughter mixed with a groan as he lusted after the sobbing Ercilla. He had warned her multiple times not to call him “Your Grace” or “Duke”, but she kept repeating the same mistake over and over again.

‘This is all your fault, Ercilla.’

Caxias thought as he held her down on the bed and thrust into her from behind. Because she was cute, he would let her off the hook a little bit and would only sleep with her for the number of times he called him “Your Grace” or “Duke”.

It was clear that with just that, the number of times Caxias could hold Ercilla would continue to increase.

Because every time Ercilla was in Caxias’s arms, she would become desperate and would call him “Your Grace” or “Duke”.




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