Chapter 12

The weight of Raygrain’s robe made it look as though it had soaked up moisture from the outside, and he appeared to have spent a long time outdoors. Scheuer, carrying the branch with her, cautiously circled around him, concerned that she had burdened him with an unnecessary task.

“You went yourself instead of asking someone else to do it?”

“Jess is coming back from the northern edge right now. If you don’t like this, I can give you more time. Until the deadline, try to find a bouquet in the east or west.”

Scheuer thought there would be at least one flower grown indoors. However, she realized that the area was even more barren than she had thought.

Scheuer hid the branch behind her, afraid that it might be taken away from her.

“This branch should be fine since this child has flowers too. Did you cut it yourself?”

“I did.”

“Thanks to that, this branch is looking better.”

“I don’t know. Regardless, it’s resolved.”

About to leave, Scheuer asked rapidly,

“May I use the mansion’s garden?”

Ragraine promptly nodded. Despite his seemingly cold demeanor, he had never stopped her actions ever since she came to the Grand Duke’s estate.

“Now that you’re the lady of this house, you can use it however you like.”

“Thank you!”

Raygraine didn’t linger and quickly strode down the corridor. Scheuer watched his retreating figure with a broad smile and then closed the door. Holding the branch close to her chest, she quietly commented, “Celly.”

Celly immediately understood what Scheuer needed. “Shall I bring the album?”

“A thick one would be good. If it’s a hardcover, even better, and make sure the ribbons and paper are not damaged.”

“Got it.”

“Oh, and a small flower vase too. I’m going to arrange the flowers.”

Celly, now fully comprehending her needs, arrived with the album. While she didn’t know if flower arranging would be effective, the fact that she could collect the bouquets received from him was not a bad thing at all.

Scheuer carefully folded the ribbon and paper into the album and noted the date and time below. Celly looked at the album and asked,

“What will you use the bouquets for?”

“Part of it will be used for flower arrangements…”

Scheuer carefully plucked a branch of red camellia and placed it in a vase. The flowers, which had hung as if they could fall at any moment, unexpectedly lasted quite a while. More accurately, they started to regain their vitality as soon as Scheuer touched them. It was as if the peaks had just been plucked.

The slightly crumpled petals slowly began to unfurl and gleam. Celly admired the red camellia and exclaimed, “Wow, it’s beautiful!”

Scheuer hurriedly plucked a few more flowers. This time, she watched in amazement as the petals unfurled so gracefully as if they were reborn. Moreover, these flowers emitted a subtle, moonlight-like glow from Scheuer’s hands.

It wasn’t very bright, but it would do in the absence of any other light source. Only then did Scheuer realize why she had taken up flower arranging.

Original Scheuer didn’t just pick flowers; she had certainly revived countless withering flowers. She gave them a new lease of life, and even imparted her newly discovered ability on the revived flowers.

Perhaps she had practiced flower arranging like Erina trained in swordsmanship, using the same technique to make the dying flowers thrive.

Even Celly, who was usually calm, couldn’t hide her excitement when she saw the glowing camellia.

“So this is what Netri meant when he said she cultivated flowers!”

Scheuer quickly gathered the remaining branches, and Celly, almost reflexively, collected them with her, asking,

“And you’ll use this light in the future?”

“Shall I get more vases?”

“No,” ShScheuereplied with a wide smile, holding the remaining branches.

“These need to be planted in the ground.”

Celly showed some concern in response to her words.

“Are you sure that’s alright? The estate garden has been neglected for a long time. Can you manage it?”

“Isn’t there a gardener in Blenga?”

“No, there isn’t. The northern region’s ground freezes, making it naturally difficult for flowers to bloom.”

Scheuer had anticipated it, but the conditions were worse than she thought. She adopted a serious expression for a moment and then let out a small chuckle.

“I’ll do it anyway. You don’t know until you try.”

Hiring the required personnel immediately was something that could be done even after they formally submitted the marriage registration papers. Scheuer placed the vase filled with flowers on the table and continued,

“For now, let’s start by clearing the land.”

Celly asked, “Who will do that?”

“I’ll gather the people. Celly, you can prepare flower seeds and basic equipment.”

Seeing Scheuer’s determined expression, Celly nodded earnestly.

Early in the morning, Raygrain, who looked even worse than before, visited. Scheuer stared at him and asked, “Have you deteriorated so much in just one day?”

“I climbed mountains looking for flowers this winter,” he replied. He ran a finger under his dark, prominent eye bags, and then got straight to the point. “There is a planning meeting for the expedition scheduled for this afternoon.”

Scheuer queried an eyebrow in a way that questioned how that was her concern. Jes gave her a subtle expression, as if avoiding a grimace, and continued,

“His Highness wants you to attend as well. What will you do?”

Scheuer was wearing cucumber slices on her face, trying to cope with Celly’s fiery temper since the morning, and looked at him with cucumber slices falling every time she nodded. Celly tut-tutted and reprimanded her.

“Her Highness hasn’t even submitted her marriage proposal to the palace, and she’s already allowing you to participate?”

“In principle, it’s not allowed, but considering the delayed schedule to the capital, it seems they have made an exception.”

“Can I put this on the table then?” Scheuer gestured to the chaotic flower vase she arranged.

Jes, whose fragile appearance had turned even paler and now appeared quite fearful, replied,

“It seems pretty when you look closely. I’ll put it up.”

He had just glanced at the vase as if it were something trivial, but he took it with a professional look and took it away. Upon his departure, Celly stayed by her side and, trying to stop cucumber slices from falling from her face, scolded her.

“Miss, don’t move around. They’re falling.”

Scheuer asked, “Why did you assign all of this today? Did you have a plan all along?”

Scheuer frowned. “It’s always held around this time, so when I saw you wandering around in the cold wind yesterday, I wondered how scared you must have been.”

Celly explained that the lords from the west, east, and nearby northern regions gathered to hold a meeting about demon extermination. While Blenga was responsible for all extermination tasks, there were so many missions crossing territorial borders that the meetings were necessary. Marath itself provided support, particularly by supplying necessary wizards for extermination missions.

“It would have been better if you’d submitted the marriage application in the capital more quickly,” she added with concern.

According to Celly, whoever became the Consort must be capable of surviving in the northern region. This was a directive that had been handed down through the generations in Blenga. Given the frequent need to vacate the castle due to extermination missions, having someone who could hold the fort was crucial.

“That means they don’t want the northern region to fall even if he dies,” Scheuer muttered, a hint of selfishness in her tone. She would have submitted the marriage application in the capital right away, but due to the frequent extermination missions, they couldn’t leave the northern region unattended for long.


“Smile Love”

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