Unable to restrain himself, he pulled the lace of her bra straight down. Her br*asts spilled out of the white lace.

Leeseo tightly closed her eyes. The cool air conditioner air was chilling against the flesh of her br*asts as they jutted out of her bra.

Exposing a part of herself that had never been seen by anyone in front of him made her toes curl in embarrassment. When she tried to cover her chest with her arms, Kwon Taegyeom’s eyebrows furrowed in dissatisfaction.

“Why are you covering?”

As if annoyed, he forcefully removed Leeseo’s dress, tossing it aside. Then, with a wicked touch, he pulled down her bra straps. With each surprised movement, her br*asts swayed enticingly. Taegyeom’s gaze became even more intense.

He lowered his head abruptly, as if seized by a need he could no longer resist. His mouth opened wide, taking in the fullness of her br*asts. The creamy, soft texture of her skin was drawn into Taegyeom’s mouth.


Leeseo’s neck arched toward the sky. A soft sob escaped her lips as he sucked on her br*ast, which naturally made her feel w*t underneath. Her stomach tightened around his navel, and heat pooled in it.

Taegyeom was so absorbed in sucking on her chest that deep hollows formed on his cheeks. He felt like a dog that had been starving for days, or a b*by suckling at its mother’s br*ast. Whatever he was, he was no longer a free and lazy man.

The leisure he had always worn like a weapon was gone, and he was greedily devouring her n*pples. The sight of him sucking and devouring her n*pples was almost too good to be true.

What was it that turned him on so much, did he always look at me like that, even when he was sleeping with other women?

Her body stiffened at the unexpected thought. She was no stranger to men’s private lives, but the mere thought of Kwon Taegyeom sleeping with another woman sent her spiraling downward. Her mind wandered to the image of him frantically sucking on other women’s br*asts, kissing them, and eventually f*cking them, just like he was doing to her now.

She shook her head and expelled the depressing thoughts away. She felt ridiculous and pathetic for imagining Kwon Taegyeom having s*x with other women while he was sucking her br*asts so eagerly.

Just then, Kwon Taegyeom, who had noticed Leeseo’s change in demeanor, lifted his eyes to stare at her without removing his lips from her br*asts. Even though he was staring at her so intensely, he didn’t stop moving his tongue.

Suck, slurp, lick. He sucked on her br*asts as if he were inhaling them, and each time he did, her hips jerked involuntarily. The sound of their flesh rubbing against each other was incredibly obsc*ne. It made her wonder if he was doing it on purpose.

He flicked his tongue at her, watching her reactions closely. With his long, crimson tongue, Kwon Taegyeom licked her erect n*pple. His eyes were too erotic. Leeseo covered her face with her hands as if she were going to cry.

“Lights… Put them off.”

She’d rather hide in the darkness, the light from the overhead was too bright.


Dismissing her pleas, he yanked down her underwear. Flustered, she gripped his biceps, pulling her upper body halfway to her feet. Her br*asts, transparently w*t with his saliva, bounced lasciviously in the bright light.

“Turn the lights off, it’s too…… bright.”

“That’s why it’s better. Just bear with it.”

“No. I’m embarrassed as it is, and I’m the only one……. like this.”

Leeseo looked down at her messy appearance with a frown. Her dress, which had been taken off, was under the bed like a rag, and her bra, half undone, dangled from her shoulder strap and hung from her arm.

Her n*pples, which he had sucked with fervor, were swollen and red, throbbing with heat. It was frustrating and unfair that she couldn’t even undo one of Taegyeom’s buttons until her last remaining panties were stripped off.

“My d*ck is about to penetrate you, Leeseo, and you should get a good look at it. It’s no fun doing it with the lights off. Don’t you think?”

Kwon Taegyeom muttered shamelessly with a face that was as indecent as his words. His tone was gentle and soothing, making Leeseo doubt if she had heard him correctly.

Her lips parted in disbelief. Gradually, the heat rose in his face until it reached the tips of his ears. She glared at him with reddened eyes.

“You’re a pervert.”

“Oh, no. I didn’t realize.”

He said in a nonchalant tone.

“It’s because I grew up unloved.”

It was clearly a meaningless and random bullshit, but for some reason, Taegyeom’s words left Leeseo’s mouth agape and it dawned on her that today was Taegyeom’s mother’s death anniversary.

“Your panties are w*t.”

Taegyeom, who had already completely removed the panties from Leeseo’s ankles, subtly chuckled as he held them up. The white fabric had become transparent from the fl*ids that had flowed from her body.

“It seems like your taste isn’t that high-class. Just because some lowlife sucked on your chest, you’re soaking your panties like this.”

His eyes, dark as a beast’s, gleamed as he unhesitantly brought the hand clutching her underwear to his nose. The white lace rubbed against the bridge of his nose, and he inhaled deeply. His broad chest puffed out.

Leeseo snatched her damp panties out of his hand in horror.

“What are you doing! You’re d*sgusting…”

“I was wondering how you smell, Hyun Leeseo.”

He shamelessly retorted as if he regretted nothing. Leeseo’s eyes fluttered in confusion.

This pervert. He seemed even more twisted than I thought.

“Don’t get all worked up. I’ve got a much bigger problem than that, so just relax.”

Taegyeom pretended to soothe her dryly, but then he grabbed her a$s and pulled her down. Leeseo was sprawled out on the bed again. As he spread her legs open, Taegyeom positioned himself between them and looked down on her.

Taegyeom paused for a moment and stared between her legs. His expression seemed both angry and excited. The silence was overwhelming, and the moment felt like an eternity.

His gaze was so intense that she could feel exactly where his eyes were focused. It was as if he was licking and biting that area with just his eyes. Against her will, her insides trembled and her exposed g*nitals twitched obscenely. She felt so embarrassed and ashamed that she wanted to die.

It was dizzying to realize that she had finally spread her legs in front of Taegyeom’s face. aegyeom’s appreciative gaze roamed relentlessly over the shameful places she had never shown anyone else. She couldn’t move as her legs were held in his tight grip, spread wide open on either side.

This position… it’s too much.

“Don’t look at me so closely.”

Leeseo tried to squeeze her thighs together with all her might, but it was useless. She just looked ridiculous, squirming her b*ttocks in front of him.

Taegyeom glanced up for a moment, and Leeseo froze in shock. She sensed an instinctive danger and a foreboding moment.


She gasped. Startled, Leeseo’s eyes widened in horror.

“You’re crazy……!”

He buried his face between her spread legs. Leeseo’s eyes couldn’t be any bigger at his action. It was an act that went beyond her comprehension.

As Leeseo squirmed and struggled, Taegyeom lightly pinned her down with his left hand. He stuck out his tongue for a long lick of her fleshy mound that had become w*t with her secretions. The scent of her ar*usal was intoxicating as it wrapped around his tongue.

He lifted his head slightly and used his index and middle fingers to gently spread apart her shy l*bia. The soft flesh squished under his fingertips, revealing her pink opening in a provocative manner.

As his gaze lingered on her private area, the narrow slit throbbed with need. The sight of her oozing fl*ids and her trembling b*ttocks mixed with embarrassment and excitement made his spine tingle.

Taegyeom brought his lips to her p*ssy like a magnet. Her hips jerked upward as he wrapped his entire tongue around her sensitized v*gina and pressed down firmly.

“Ha, don’t……. Argh.”

Her lower belly clenched from the stimulation. Pressing her down on her flat stomach, he prevented her from moving as he sucked in her juices like a thirsty dog. It was unbelievably sweet, to the point where he wondered if it came from a human body.

Taegyeom buried his lips even deeper. His bright red tongue wriggled like a snake, digging into the crevices and bursting the spring.


Leeseo sobbed, her face contorted into a face that looked like it was about to cry. Her back rippled uncontrollably and her toes curled at the sensations she’d never experienced before. The stimulation was too much.

Stop. It’s weird. Please.

Incoherent words poured out of Leeseo’s mouth, but Taegyeom just buried his head deeper, showing no sign of hearing anything. Leeseo couldn’t take it anymore and reached out to grab his hair, but Taegyeom didn’t budge.


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