Taegyeom’s voice was low and deep. Leeseo bit her lip deeply. Taegyeom was always like this.

He’d back her into a corner, intimidate her, but in reality, he was waiting for her to get scared, to feel the panic, and then make a run for it. He didn’t really intend to do anything.

The moment she realized that Taegyeom’s shallow interest in her was just that, something wild and uncontrollable stirred within her. Leeseo impulsively reached out.

She wrapped her hands around his firm jaw and pulled him towards her. Lips that had been kept at a precarious distance are now pressed together.

Taegyeom’s body stiffened at her unexpected behavior. It was the first time Taegyeom had ever been agitated. A strange feeling of satisfaction spread through his body. He finally understood the reason why he had enjoyed making her flustered and taking such pl*asure in her reaction.

Leeseo slowly sucked on his lips. Contrary to the harsh words he often uttered, his lips were incredibly soft and warm.

Kwon Taegyeom could only let Leeseo do it as if he were merely observing. After a brief moment of tenseness, he remained unresponsive. She hesitated for a while, lightly licking his lower lip, then pulled away.

Slowly, she opened her eyes to find him staring down at her, his face expressionless. He seemed surprisingly composed for someone who had been kissed unexpectedly.

“Leeseo, did you have a drink?”

Taegyeom asked, squinting one eye slightly. Leeseo’s cheeks flushed.

How did he know?

While she had felt somewhat tipsy earlier, it had been hours since she’d had drinks with her friends. She even brushed her teeth and took a shower afterward, so she was puzzled about how he could tell.

Leeseo took a hesitant step back and put some distance between us. She unconsciously held her breath, wondering if he could smell alcohol on her breath or something.


She answered honestly but suddenly felt somewhat unjustly accused. After all, she couldn’t believe she was being questioned about drinking by someone who stocked his fridge with alcohol and seemed to be addicted to it. She glared back at him.

“But why does that matter? Can’t I have a drink?”

“With whom?”

She didn’t understand why he was asking who she had been drinking with, as if he would have any idea about them.

“Would you know if I told you who?”

“Well, not that it matters. I probably won’t know them anyway.”

Muttering lowly, Kwon Taegyeom’s expression changed in an instant. His hazel eyes took on a mysterious hue, and his fingers, which had been resting gently on Leeseo’s neck, tightened their grip.


Their lips met again. Unlike the awkward peck from earlier, this kiss held a different intensity.

With a firm grip on Leeseo’s jaw, his strong hand applied pressure, causing her lips to forcefully part. Between her parted lips, his hot tongue boldly intruded.

He pushed her lips open and entered, taking over her mouth in an instant. Their tongues entwined, swirling, coiling around each other and clashing amidst their heated flesh. The sound of saliva sloshing between them echoed, causing soft, whimpering noise.

She had never known a kiss like this before. She was taken aback by the overwhelming sensation, shocked to her core. She couldn’t think straight. Overwhelmed by the haphazard bursts of stimulation, Leeseo surrendered her tongue and quivered.

His tongue is now rooted deeply, as he aligned his hips with hers. A soft moan, almost as if in pain, escaped her throat. Startled by the sound she had made, Leeseo instinctively jerked her head back.

But Taegyeom showed no intention of releasing her, and instead, he pressed their bodies even closer, firmly. He held her chin in his hand, fixing the angle of her head, and delved even deeper.

He sucked until her lips were crushed and her tongue tingled. Saliva, unrecognizable, slid back and forth between them. Her vision blurred; he was like a kissing madman.

The kisses were fierce and unrelenting; as if he had to completely devour her to relieve his pent-up frustration. She swallowed his saliva, panting hard, not knowing when to breathe. As her breath became increasingly short and she reached her limit, Leeseo pounded on Taegyeom’s chest.

But Taegyeom didn’t pull away, though. Despite Leeseo pushing him away with all her might and shaking her head, he stubbornly followed her when she dodged and sucked on her lips. Eventually, he moved his lips to her neck.


While Leeseo exhaled and inhaled deeply with her chin up, Taegyeom did not stop kissing her neck. He ran his tongue deeply along her pulse point, causing a soft moan to escape from her slender throat.

The moan made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up, and Taegyeom let out a sharp breath. Something inside him snapped.

“Ah…! Wait, just a moment.”

Taegyeom’s body throbbed with excitement, and Leeseo stumbled backward as she was carried away, practically dragged through the air.

A large palm swept down her back. A dizzying current ran down her spine, and her stomach rolled like waves.


She felt something touching the back of her knee, her body jerked and tilted, and her vision flipped. He was on top of her, sprawled out on the fluffy bed.

With a weight pressing down on her, even her moans were cut off. Leeseo looked up at him.

“Wait, hmph……. Stop.”

Kwon Taegyeom seemed out of his mind. He was already strange, but now he seemed even more so. Her heart was pounding like crazy.

He lifted his head from her neck, where he had been sucking persistently. His pupils flashed white, like those of an animal in heat.

Leeseo bit her lips. Despite her fear, her heart was throbbing fiercely. The usually laid-back, easygoing man seemed impatient, and it disturbed her, and she had an urge to see him backed into a deeper corner.

Kwon Taegyeom’s gaze lingered on her lips for a while. He stared at them as if licking the saliva that made them w*t, and whispered softly.

“Now what?”

As he spoke, he pushed his hips deeper against hers. She could feel his hard, erect p*nis pressing against her thighs. The thick outline of his sh*ft, which had been rubbing against since earlier, was hard to ignore any longer.

Leeseo squeezed her eyes shut. She vividly felt something flowing out from deep inside her in response to the physiological stimulus. Her aroused body cried out for more stimulation.

As if sensing her inner thoughts, Taegyeom’s d*ck swelled and grew even larger, throbbing with increasing intensity. The weighty sensation of it pressed against her, as if it were some kind of threat, saying that since she had erected it, she had to take responsibility for it.

Looking into Taegyeom’s eyes, Leeseo slowly parted her quivering lips.

“……I did this to you?”

“It seems like it.”

He replied dryly, pulling Leeseo’s hand down and letting her feel the bulge in his pants.

“Check for yourself.”

Her fingertips involuntarily curled up. It was a sensation she had never felt before. It was stiff and hard, more like touching a metal rod than a human body.”

The outline of his p*nis was clearly visible through his suit pants, stretching all the way down to his thighs.

How could it be so big and hard?

She couldn’t take her eyes off it, both disgusted and fascinated.

Her head felt dizzy. It was as if it was filled with fog. It seemed so strange and unreal that he was touching Taegyeom’s p*nis, but the sensation of it rubbing against her fingertips was so vivid and dizzying.

It felt like she was being sucked into this man’s twisted and distorted world. Her body trembled and her breathing became difficult. She had never experienced anything like this before. A strange sensation that she didn’t know what to do with stirred and scratched at her insides.

Perhaps she knew that this would happen the moment she set foot in this annex today, the moment she saw Kwon Taegyeom standing at the bedroom window and just turned a blind eye.

“You seem to like it.”

Taegyeom gave a short sneer, never taking his eyes off Leeseo. He was amused by her stupefaction as she stood there with her hand on his c*ck, dutifully holding it still.

Is she really innocent or just pretending to be one?

The fact that he reacted to her clumsy touch like his c*ck was going to explode was even more ridiculous.

Taegyeom nervously grabbed Leeseo’s wrist and pressed his lips to hers again.


His tongue slithered inside like a snake, sweeping across and swimming in her mouth. Twisting and turning, he sucked and nibbled on every inch of her, then grabbed her with one hand and squeezing her a$s with the other. Everywhere Taegyeom’s hand touched, a fierce sensation swirled.

His saliva dripped into her mouth like honey. Unable to swallow it all, it trickled down the side of her jaw. She sucked and swallowed until her jaw was sore, then her lips parted.

Leeseo gasped for breath, and while trying to catch her breath, she suddenly felt him lift up her dress.


The wide, flowing material of the dress did nothing to hinder his movement.


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