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“Don’t be afraid. The horses here have all been trained. The horse I’ve chosen for Miss Ji is very gentle.” The staff of the equestrian club patiently said. People who come to learn to ride horses for the first time will usually feel scared.


Since Ji Mo came with Yun Luo, his patience was high, and he explained every detail to Ji Mo.


In truth, Ji Mo is not feeling scared. Even if the horse is not gentle and jumps wildly, she can ensure her safety. But she wouldn’t express that she is confident, lest people think she is trying to show off.


If a child of luck does this, he will attract attention and earn everyone’s applause. If a cannon fodder does this, it is easy to fail in showing off, be ridiculed, and give people a bad impression. As a little cannon fodder, she feels that she should be humble and not be eager to stand out. Being transparent is safe.


Besides, she is not the type of person who likes to be in the center of attention. The last time she did it was when she was on the live variety show. At that time, she had no choice but to do it. She didn’t want Zhuo Rui to take advantage of her.


The staff led her while holding the horse, and Yun Luo rode alongside her.


Yun Luo: “Is it simple?”


Ji Mo nodded. “It’s alright, this horse is very gentle.”


Yun Luo could tell that Ji Mo really wasn’t scared, but she still felt a bit worried. After all, she was still on a horse, and a slight mishap could lead to injury. So, she didn’t rush the staff to let go of the reins.


“Let’s walk for a while, wait until you get used to it, and then try it on your own. I’ll be by your side, no need to worry.” Yun Luo said with patience and told Ji Mo many pointers based on her experience in horseback riding.


Ji Mo listened attentively. Actually, she was a little itchy to run with the horse. The horse is not a wild one, and it has been tamed. In this case, she should have no problem riding the horse according to the teachings of Yun Luo and the staff.


Yun Luo had a thoughtful expression on her face as she asked. “When your crew starts filming, can you bring the horse with you?”


Ji Mo was taken aback for a few seconds and quickly understood Yun Luo’s intent. “It should be okay.”


Renting a horse is also a big expense. You also have to invite the staff of the equestrian club for assistance, which is another expense. If there are actors who are willing to bring their own horses for filming, it is equivalent to bringing their own props. As long as it doesn’t disrupt the shooting schedule, it should be okay.


“Since we’re learning about how to ride a horse now, you can choose a familiar horse from here. When it’s time for shooting, ask the people here to send them to you. Building a bond with the horse will ensure smoother cooperation when filming. Come to think of it, many of the horses here have participated in filming.”


Ji Mo had thought about this too. Using a familiar horse for filming would undoubtedly make things go smoothly.


“If you agree, let’s settle this. I’ll inform my friend later.” Yun Luo said. “For now, let’s keep walking, pick a horse later, and cultivate feelings first.”


Ji Mo watched as Yun Luo earnestly planned for her and felt that she couldn’t say the words “this might be too much trouble”. Yun Luo was putting so much effort into helping her. If she refused, the other party would certainly be disappointed.


Forget it. To be honest, she just didn’t want to refuse. She admitted that she couldn’t refuse.


Yun Luo was indeed very happy because Ji Mo accepted her kind gesticulation. If Ji Mo didn’t have any feelings for her, she would have refused.


After a while of horseback riding, Yun Luo escorted her to choose a horse. As a first requirement, the horse needs to have a decent appearance. If a horse can be in an equestrian club, it is generally of good quality.


“It’s best if they have experience in filming TV dramas.” Yun Luo mentioned her requirement, and the staff took them to another area with a serious expression.


In the end, the two of them chose a relatively suitable horse.


Yun Luo has a special horse at the equestrian club. This horse has been with her for many years. The horse’s care and daily meeds at the equestrian club were her responsibility. It’s equivalent to keeping her own horse here.


This time, Ji Mo rode the newly chosen horse without needing assistance from the staff. In order not to make people feel shocked, she contained her excitement and did not run the horse. She sat steadily and chatted with Yun Luo side by side.


“You can use this horse for now. I’ve already made arrangements. When the foal is born, you can come to pick one. It’s good to develop a connection while the horse is still young, so that the cooperation will be more smooth.”


Ji Mo: “Do you want to leave a foal for me?”


“Yeah.” Yun Luo replied, “Don’t you like it? From the way you looked just now, you probably wanted to ride out on a horse to play, right?”


In Yun Luo’s eyes, Ji Mo wasn’t truly a cute and soft girl. She had long found out her personality based on Ji Mo’s expression during the long time they spent together.


Ji Mo softly asked, “You could tell from that?”


“We’ve been together for so long, and I can’t see it at all. How blind am I?” Yun Luo leaned closer to Ji Mo, and the warm, fragrant breeze wafted over, brushing half of Ji Mo’s face. “For example, now you don’t refuse the things I give anymore. That means you won’t refuse me either, right?”


“If you don’t have any feelings for me, you will definitely refuse, just like you refused Zhuo Rui before.” Yun Luo smiled charmingly. She had been testing Ji Mo again and again and realized that Ji Mo didn’t reject her, so she became more and more bold. She moved closer to her. She would be a fool if she didn’t seize such a good opportunity.


Ji Mo felt that the person she maintained after working so hard had collapsed in front of Yun Luo.


“Then I need to work hard to earn money. Raising a foal is not easy.” Ji Mo felt that she was finished. She had fallen into the trap of love encouraged by 444, but she couldn’t bring herself to refuse.


The smile on Yun Luo’s face didn’t fade from beginning to end. Her voice gently reached Ji Mo’s ears. “Don’t work so hard, I’ll help you raise it.”


1. Foal– young horse

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