Her sidelong glance brushed Tristan off. Seeing that, Tristan raised the hand that he had extended and gently held Eliana’s chin.

“No. We are starting now. It’s only now that I am attracted to you.”

“That’s because of what happened earlier. Your thoughts will change by tomorrow.”

“Eliana, I’ve never had such a clear mind until now in my entire life. So the choices I make today are sincere.”

Tristan gradually approached Eliana. His eyes slightly widened, heading towards Eliana’s lips stained with a touch of red.

“Your Highness…”

Tristan momentarily paused and lifted his eyelids, gazing into Eliana’s eyes as he observed her lips. He whispered to Eliana, who hesitated after being called.

“If you have something to say, you should say it now.”


Without a reply, Tristan wiped the corner of Eliana’s eyes that were just fixed on him and briefly kissed her.


Elaina’s eyes fluttered as if she were dreaming in response to their brief kiss.

“Prince… I…”



“Just call me by name.”

Elaina, touched by his words, closed her eyes slowly. The brief kiss continued to deepen, evolving into a passionate kiss. Neither of them could think about why it had turned out this way. Their bodies and hearts were drawn to each other. Both desired it without anyone having to say it first.

Tristan laid Elaina on the bed and climbed on top of her. Tristan had never felt such peace of mind before. Everything in the world seemed beautiful and comfortable.



Chu chu.

Eliana called out his name while feeling his warm and moist lips spreading a kiss on her cheeks. She couldn’t believe it, it felt like a dream, and she wanted to confirm it repeatedly. Tristan responded faithfully to her.

As their tongues slowly intertwined, rubbing against each other, Eliana gradually sank into a dream-like state. When Eliana’s hand touched Tristan’s cheek, his lips made a sound as they separated. Looking into Eliana’s blurred eyes, Tristan slightly curved the corners of his mouth.



Tristan forcefully exhaled and swallowed Eliana’s lips. The sweet scent of Eliana tempted Tristan and made him lose his mind. Tristan buried his face in Eliana’s nape and sucked in, causing Eliana’s head to tilt back in pleasurable pain.


Seemingly out of his senses, Tristan passionately kissed Eliana, starting from her neck and moving up to her chest. Then, he lifted the hem of her white nightgown. As his hand slid into her inner thigh, her waist involuntarily rose.


Tristan gently pressed his hand against the flesh of her inner thighs, spreading them apart and plunging between her legs.

“Haa, haa. Eliana, why are you so w*t…”

Tristan buried his face between Eliana’s legs and sucked on the smooth flesh of her inner thighs. Eliana’s moans grew louder at the unfamiliar sensation.

“Ahh! Ah!”

Tristan’s fingers parted the flesh to the sides. The mucous membrane fell away, allowing a fresh rush of air. Tristan’s firm fingers caressed the tender flesh, circling around the cl*toris in a circular motion then moved lower, pressing his fingertips firmly against the protruding l*bia minora. As the fl*id trickled down and made it slippery, Tristan’s dexterity increased. His breathing became rougher and more excited.

With each of his breaths, deeply penetrating between her legs, Eliana’s breathing accelerated, feeling the heat rising as if her insides were burning. Overwhelmed and unsure of what to do, Eliana’s hips jerked, and suddenly, water gushed out from below, as if she were leaking urine.

“T-Tristan, just a moment!”

“Eliana, it keeps flowing endlessly. Can you feel it?”

“I mean, it’s… stop!”

Eliana tried to push Tristan’s head away with both hands as she raised her upper body, but Tristan was faster. Eliana’s flesh was being chewed and sucked into his mouth.

“Ah! What are you doing, Tristan?”

“Churup. Chup. Chup.”

Despite wanting to block out the unpleasant sound, her hands moved on their own. She tangled her fingers in Tristan’s hair, feeling the mess of his saliva and her own juices below her. Strangely, as Tristan pushed his tongue deeper and sucked harder, her legs spread wider as if urging him to go faster. She gasped and convulsed like she was about to die. Oblivious to any embarrassment, she responded eagerly as he sucked and licked. Then, overcome with an overwhelming desire to finish it off, she firmly grasped Tristan by the hair.

“Ah! Stop… Tristan!”

Lifting his head, Tristan’s mouth was w*t and glistening with Eliana’s juices. With his tongue withdrawn and a quick lick of his lips, Tristan climbed up Eliana’s body with a satisfied smile. Then, using his fingertips, he scratched down Eliana’s neck and drew circles on her chest, then down to trace the roundness of her br*asts, and then down to her navel.

“What, should I stop?”

Eliana’s expression froze as Tristan playfully smiled and spoke, his fingertips brushing across her nightgown. His golden eyes, slightly narrowed, still had a glint of intoxication as he tilted his head, as if savoring the taste. With disheveled hair partially covering his forehead and eyes, Eliana was certain that this untamed beauty was what people referred to when talking about Tristan.

Eliana’s voice escaped in a dreamy yet seductive manner as she gazed at Tristan’s face.

“Stop eating…”

“Then should I eat something else?”

And he pressed his lips against Eliana’s own. The slippery touch of his saliva slipped into Eliana’s mouth as well. Tristan’s tongue caressed every corner of her eagerly opened mouth.

Can something be this delicious. Can it be this sweet. Overwhelmed by the taste he had never experienced before, Tristan devoured it without thinking. Meanwhile, his hands hastily lifted Eliana’s nightgown and discarded his own pants.


Eliana was taken aback by Tristan’s hurried demeanor. But Tristan didn’t seem to have any intention of fulfilling Eliana’s romanticized imagination of their first time. Beneath her, Tristan’s c*ck felt like a rock. It was so much bigger and harder than she expected.

Eliana gasped at the sight of his c*ck standing erect against her navel and tried to pull her legs together, but it was too late. His gl*ns lined up with her hole, and slowly Tristan’s hips pushed into her with increasing force. Eliana dug her nails into his shoulders to hold back the pain.


While watching Eliana scream in agony, Tristan spoke harshly.

“Hold on.”

Eliana obediently nodded her head. As the gl*ns went in with a popping sound, she felt something explode. And finally, Eliana’s nails dug into Tristan’s back, along with her cries.

“Ah! Ahhh! No, I can’t… Take it out!”

“Haa. Hold on if you don’t want to see me go crazy.”

Her legs flailed, trying to break free, but Tristan slipped his hands behind her back and squeezed. Pinning her down, he drove the rest of his sh*ft into her, hard.

He kissed Eliana’s face, which was now pushed back so far that she couldn’t breathe properly. Unlike the harshness of his words, his kiss was warm and sweet, serving as an analgesic for Eliana. Like a devout follower surrendering to a deity, Eliana could no longer resist and completely yielded herself to the man who had penetrated her.

“It’s over now. You’re fine.”

“Ahuh, hah!”

Tears welled up in Eliana’s agonized eyes and fell. To prevent her from biting her lips in pain, Tristan quickly covered her mouth with a kiss. At the same time, he slowly began to move his hips. The scent of Eliana’s bodily fl*ids mixed with a peculiar excitement. The smell of blood is a way to make beasts go wild.

“Haah… Eliana, you will become my wife.”

“Hn! Ah, hang–”

“You will marry me, bear my child, and live by my side as Eliana Cerard.”


Eliana’s insides, which had never been touched before in her life, were incredibly cozy. His hot, throbbing d*ck slid in and out of her quivering v*gina as as if it were his mother’s amniotic fl*id. He wondered if Haiman was right, if Eliana was meant to be with him, and what was the real reason his father had chosen her as his daughter-in-law.

But he can’t afford to think about it now. The sight of Eliana’s br*asts bouncing in front of him made his mouth water. With a sucking sound, Tristan’s mouth plunged into Eliana’s br*ast.

“Ah! Ahh!”

Lost in the abyss, she cried out as her br*ast was sucked inside of Tristan’s mouth, rubbing against the ceiling of his gaping maw. The touch of his tongue, slick and soft and curling, traveled from the tip of her n*pple to her fingertips, toes, and end nerves. The pain that had been shooting downward was now cool, like scratching an itch. The erotic sensation in her womb about to spill out was intensified as her n*pples were ravished in his mouth and her lower belly tingled. Eliana can’t keep her mind off the sensation of s*x all over her body. She wants to give herself over to this unfamiliar sensation.

Tristan, who had been wildly suckling her br*ast, raised his head and spoke with a half-dazed look in his eyes.

“If you have a child, milk will come out here, right?”


“Then it’ll be even more delicious. Eliana.”

At that moment, Eliana’s spine stiffened.

“Tris… tan. Not yet… I can’t… I can’t!”

Eliana’s cry echoed emptily. Tristan’s hips jerked back, then plunged forward with a thud. A tearing pain shot through her lower abdomen as his hot pillar struck her deepest insides, and Eliana curled her upper body into a tight ball, clinging to Tristan’s neck.

His hips bucked and he began to ej*culate. Gradually, she felt his p*nis swell inside her. Then, with a loud bang, it exploded, spewing out his seed. It was a gusher like no other, filling Eliana’s womb.

“Haah. Haah. Eliana. Ugh!”

Tristan also experienced an insurmountable desire.

Crying out as if she didn’t know what to do next, Eliana, with her voice trembling, raised her hand and brushed against his eyes. Her arm was trembling uncontrollably, a pitiable sight. But there was an indescribable sense of satisfaction in Tristan’s eyes, seeing Eliana pinned beneath him, sobbing.

“No pregnancy. Hm…”

“What’s wrong with getting pregnant? We’re going to get married anyway.”

Tristan frowned. I can’t get pregnant even though I feel my p*nis still maintaining its size inside his body and nodding. Even though he could still feel his swollen m*mber inside him, which was the same size as before. There were many women who wanted to receive and eat my seed, but Eliana, who was supposed to receive it, had made him lose his enthusiasm by worrying about pregnancy.

“What happens if your feelings change?”

Her eyes, blended with resentment, were piercing Tristant.

“I will never abandon my child. You can believe that.”

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