Yun’er: I am an actress. When I met Zhuo Rui, I had just debuted. I was in my early twenties that year. As a senior, Zhuo Rui took great care of me. It was at that time that I fell in love with this man. Every move he made would stir my heart. Unknowingly, I walked into the trap he had woven and fell into the abyss. I don’t know when it started, but Zhuo Rui became my everything. I felt very inferior and thought I wasn’t worthy of him. I could only fulfill his various demands since I couldn’t stand to see him frown. These past few years have been a blur to me, with me completely losing my ability to identify myself and always living in self-denial. Even when Zhuo Rui asked me to accompany investors, I went. They had a great time. Every time I came back from those events, Zhuo Rui would praise me for being great, and I would feel very happy, thinking that I could finally help him. Occasionally, when I was clear-headed, I thought about escaping from Zhuo Rui’s control, only to realize later that I couldn’t escape at all. In Zhuo Rui’s hands and those of the bosses he asked me to accompany, there are numerous photos of me. I can only continue my life in this blurry state. There are many female artists like me who are controlled by Zhuo Rui. I say all of this because I want to break free. I don’t want to stay in this industry anymore. Even if I’m scolded and cursed by thousands of people, today I will expose Zhuo Rui’s crimes. No need to doubt what I said, I have called the police and kept the evidence.


Next, several artists using pseudonyms shared their experiences.


After reading this, netizens were in a state of extreme shock. Especially Zhuo Rui’s fans, who initially found it hard to believe.


At this moment, an unexpectedly hot search appeared. Jiang Feier is withdrawing from the industry.


They clicked into it and discovered that Jiang Feier was openly criticizing Zhuo Rui, and her bold behavior shocked all netizens.


@Jiang Feier: I am also a victim. I have attempted suicide many times but never succeeded. A lot of people say that I have depression due to work pressure. I do have depression, but not because of work but because of Zhuo Rui. Every time I survive, I’m pushed back into the abyss by Zhuo Rui. I don’t want to live like this anymore. I have already given the evidence to the police. I don’t want to pretend anymore and keep a facade of elegance and beauty. It’s really tiring. You can scold me however you want. I will keep this Weibo until the day Zhuo Rui is punished, then I will delete it and find a place to live where no one knows me.


Jiang Feier’s Weibo and private messages were flooded with attacks from Zhuo Rui’s fans. They all thought they were working together to make up stories to defame Zhuo Rui.


At this moment, news of Zhuo Rui’s arrest became a hot search topic. The fans seemed to grasp the situation. They no longer had the confidence they had before. Aside from some crazy fans, they all became very silent. After the silence, there came a mass of unfollows.


Zhuo Rui is finished. Not only is his future destroyed, but jail is also waiting for him.


Ji Mo was also shocked as she took a bite of the melon.


“Sure enough, there is something off with Zhuo Rui. I knew there was something off with him, otherwise his aura and eyes wouldn’t make me so repulsive.” After reading everything, Ji Mo finally understood why she was feeling repulsed with Zhuo Rui. He is indeed that kind of person, and there are really many like him at the end of the world. They view women as playthings, for entertainment, and something that they can control whatever they want.


Ji Mo looked at Jiang Feier’s Weibo, which had been flooded with messages. Compared with the situation before where people scolded her, now there are more people comforting her and pitying her. But there are also some people with dark hearts who still continue to scold Jiang Feier. Regardless of whether she is a victim or not, they will scold her for being a bitch. How could a normal person be controlled by Zhuo Rui and engage in such acts? A lot of voices saying that she was acting like a victim appeared.


However, they soon got overwhelmed by those who felt sorry for Jiang Feier, and they helped Jiang Feier counter the scoldings.


But Jiang Feier’s private messages would undoubtedly be filled with these dirty remarks.


Ji Mo connected her phone to Yun Luo: “Are you talking about Zhuo Rui’s matter?”


“Yes, the one who stole your role is Zhuo Rui. He failed to achieve his goal and hates you. Jiang Feier is also a victim.” Yun Luo’s voice was filled with indignation. If Ji Mo was easily deceived, Zhuo Rui might have succeeded. Yun Luo was quite scared.


Ji Mo felt the other party’s protection, and her heart began to beat rapidly.


She felt that she must have been influenced by the shameless and unethical System No. 444. If it weren’t for 444’s influence, she wouldn’t have any thoughts about Yun Luo. It’s definitely like that.


“What about Jiang Feier?”


Yun Luo: “After I understand the situation, I talked to her. She came forward voluntarily. This girl also has problems in her family. Her father and stepmother are using leeching off her. For a girl who is extremely lacking in love like her, it’s easy to be deceived and manipulated by someone like Zhuo Rui based on his appearance. She also wants to use this to break away from her family. I will arrange for her to go abroad afterwards as a thanks for her by standing up and providing evidence.”


Ji Mo speculated that the other girls who were willing to provide evidence and testify were probably persuaded by Yun Luo and were promised certain conditions. This is a good thing for those girls who were victimized.


“Then you have offended a lot of people this time.” Zhuo Rui’s matter involved not only Zhuo Rui and these victimized girls but also the investors and bosses. “Ms. Yun, will this affect the Yun Corporation negatively?”


“They are not clean to begin with, so what if I did it? I told you, I’ll give you an explanation.” Yun Luo said, “The people I care about shouldn’t be bullied. Those things before were just small fights and they can be forgotten, but I can’t stand Zhuo Rui.”


Hearing Yun Luo’s voice, Ji Mo felt her heart beating so fast that she couldn’t control it.


Ji Mo felt it was somewhat ridiculous to suspect that Yun Luo had a crush on Zhuo Rui before.


But when she thought that Yun Luo was interested in her, she panicked a little and realized she was lying. If she had no feelings for Yun Luo, it would have been fine. Unfortunately, she did have feelings for Yun Luo, which made her very conflicted.

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