Ever since Yun Luo mentioned that the situation would be resolved in the afternoon, Ji Mo lost interest in reading the script and waited for the hot search online.


She made a lot of speculations. Could it be related to the female lead role?


The female artist in question seems to have some skills. After mixing in the industry for so long, no one has ever heard about any solid black material about her.


Since she couldn’t continue reading the script, Ji Mo decided to search for information about Jiang Feier. Many of the websites she found seemed unreliable. She glanced at it briefly and quickly lost interest.


During her search, she also watched some clips of Jiang Feier performing and found her acting to be quite good. This girl has a fresh and appealing appearance, and her acting skills are good. With the right backing, securing the female lead role would be easy. Now Jiang Feier can be considered a rising star, with a decent amount of fans following her.


Unable to find anything on Weibo or websites, Ji Mo returned to the forum again. Originally, she was just casually browsing, but she ended up stumbling upon a piece of news about Jiang Feier.


The news is not about Jiang Feier’s black material but instead about Jiang Feier’s visit to the hospital for medical treatment. A lot of people guessed that Jiang Feier suffers from depression. At the end of the news, it is also revealed that Jiang Feier tried to take her own life because of depression.


Ji Mo didn’t show any surprise expression upon seeing this revelation. There’s a lot of pressure inside the entertainment industry, and it is not uncommon to see some artists struggle with such issues. But if it involves suicide, that’s a bit of a serious matter. She just doesn’t know if this piece of news is true or made up by people.


Aside from this, there doesn’t seem to be any explosive news about Jiang Feier. Many of them appear to be baseless rumors. In the end, Ji Mo begins to think that the news about Jiang Feier being sick is true to some extent.


She still couldn’t figure out what Yun Luo was intending to do. She didn’t want to search for more information about Jiang Feier and decided to squat at home and play games.


Around two o’clock in the afternoon, just as she was drifting off to sleep, a hot search climbed up on the trending list unknowingly: #The Zhuo Rui you don’t know.


The title featuring Zhuo Rui immediately caught the attention of many people, and with Yun Luo fanning the flames behind the scenes, this hot search quickly climbed in popularity.


Initially, some netizens thought that it might be related to Zhuo Rui’s new job or work-related updates and that this hot search was just the usual exposure of his current job.


But when they clicked on it, they were greeted with densely packed long images and small texts. Suddenly, they realized that the situation was far from simple.


Today’s netizens are very sharp. They know some leaks are likely to be deleted immediately. So without reading the content of the news, they quickly saved it to their phones.


Once they had all the content saved, they began to read the lengthy text with images.


And upon reading, they were astonished. Their eyes widened, and their mouths dropped open, almost exclaiming in surprise. “What a big melon!”


The first sentence alongside the long image is: “The Zhuo Rui here may be a bit different from what you know. The one with a handsome appearance, liked by countless fans, and hailed as a male god, probably no one would think that he is this kind of person.”


What kind of person is Zhuo Rui behind the scenes? Take a look below to find out.


Tiantian: I am a fan of Zhuo Rui. To tell the truth, writing all this down took a lot of courage. After getting to know Zhuo Rui, I attempted suicide three times, all of which were unsuccessful, and I was saved by my parents. My parents never knew that I attempted suicide because of Zhuo Rui. I came forward to write this article because I really wanted to move forward and leave this behind.


Getting to know Zhuo Rui, being in a relationship with him, and eventually being able to be with him made me believe for a while that I was a lucky girl. Perhaps a successful star chaser. At first he was very kind to me, and we began a sweet and secret relationship. I never thought about making it public because it would cause him unnecessary trouble. I don’t know when it started, but I began to feel inferior. Thinking I wasn’t good enough for Zhuo Rui, I desperately tried to comply with his every demand. By this point, I believe you may have sensed something and realized that Zhuo Rui is a pickup artist (PUA) type of guy. Yes, he is a PUA…


In this narrative from the girl named Tiantian, netizens see how Zhuo Rui slowly turned this young girl into a lifeless puppet whose world only revolved around Zhuo Rui and was devoid of any ability to think for herself. Eventually, she was even pushed to attempt suicide under the influence of Zhuo Rui.


In the first few pages, it’s all about Zhuo Rui’s fans recounting what he did to them. They’ve all experienced suicidal thoughts, and fortunately, they were rescued. They speculated that there must be some who were not saved.


All the fans never mentioned these experiences to their families. They have been brainwashed by Zhuo Rui and dare not reveal even the slightest connection they have had with him. This is precisely the reason why Zhuo Rui’s actions have remained undisclosed until this day.


After reading the self-reports of seven or eight fans, netizens were surprised to discover that there were many more stories. These individuals were no longer fans of Zhuo Rui.


1. What a big melon!– melon means gosip or news

2. PUA– came from the American English phrase “pick-up artist.” In Chinese internet slang, the meaning of PUA can be associated with being “brainwashed” or “manipulated”. It refers to both the man and his manipulative techniques. It is done with the goal of seducing and having some sexual success with women. The man will employ the method of gaslighting, causing the woman to lose her sanity.

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