Episode 15. D-day 97(2)




By the time she was found, her lovely face had turned into a pitiful sight, like a thin, miserable mouse. And that appearance became a noticeable trigger in the eyes of the Emperor, who had a capricious temperament. The emperor, who had never shown the slightest interest in her until now, finally grabbed Sienna.




– Marygold! Who did such a horrible thing to Marygold!




Of course, none of the princesses raised their hands. They only offered feeble excuses about Sienna suddenly disappearing during hide-and-seek. The Emperor, who had been obsessively fixated on Marygold, chose to overlook the incident without further investigation.




My impression of that memory was simple. 




‘This place is full of scoundrels.’ 




How can they all be so heartless? They were all the same. They tormented the weak and kowtowed to the strong. 




Sienna was cruel to the maids and never said a word to the servants, but that had been her way of life since she was young. 




‘You’re the ones who turned her into a villain.’




To condemn her as a villain over such a matter, where had their consciences gone? It was when I clicked my tongue. A large hand firmly grasped my floating hand, as if in a lie. I could tell who the owner of this hand was.








I called his name in surprise, and his crimson eyes softened. Then a dazzling light enveloped my vision.








※ It’s morning now.




I had become somewhat accustomed to the wretched system window. I rubbed my eyes and sighed.




‘Another day has passed.’ 




Time seems to pass very quickly, or is it just my imagination? 




‘I haven’t done anything so far. I haven’t even had a proper meal. I thought I could finally eat thanks to Percy…’




I received a penalty. And when I opened my eyes again, a day had passed. 




Of course, Percy had come to my room without permission late in the evening of that day, but there was still time!




‘Could it be that this ‘penalty’ deletes a day in an instant?’”




I felt fear on my shortened lifeline, which had once again grown shorter. A voice, tender yet dripping with sorrow, made a whimpering, deliberate weeping sound beside me.




“Sienna, please open your eyes. Please wake up and comfort this poor brother.”








What kind of nonsense is this? I turned my head, but what’s going on? Prince Julius was sitting beside me, dabbing his eyes with a handkerchief and putting on a melodramatic show.




‘Why is he here the moment I open my eyes?’




No, this can’t be me waking up. This must be a dream.




‘Is this crazy guy even appearing in my dreams?’








The prince’s eyes widened at my muttering. He then threw his handkerchief and firmly grasped my hand.




“Sienna! You’ve regained consciousness.”




I might not have been so rude if it were someone else. But I instinctively pushed his hand away.




“Get your filthy hands off me!”




Could it be the very person who intentionally sent me this strange accessory to provoke the Emperor? Even though I didn’t know much about Julius, that single incident was enough to fuel his hatred.




‘I don’t even want to laugh in my dreams.’




But what’s going on? The bewildered Julius tilted his head as if nothing had happened. However, my palm tingled as if electrified.




‘Why does my hand hurt? It can’t hurt in a dream.’




I pinched my cheek and realized something astounding. ‘It’s not a dream?’




Moreover, I had control over my voice and actions, as if I could do whatever I wanted.




‘Why do I suddenly have this freedom?’




Now that I thought about it, I had been given this freedom when I trampled on Julius.








I was confused when Julius grabbed my hand again.




“Oh, Sienna.”




His hoarse voice sent shivers down my spine. I pursed my lips in disbelief, and Julius continued with a trembling voice.




“Yes, you must be confused too. I understand. We haven’t been this affectionate in greeting each other.”




I’m glad he knows that. I frowned and shook my hand.




“If you know, get your filthy hands away. I’m starting to want to cut them off.”




Julius spoke grandly, as if he couldn’t hear my voice.




“But I’ve realized something. I didn’t know you well. That’s why I want to reconcile with you. Let’s move towards a beautiful future together.”




Only a pervert like M would enjoy admitting they were wrong after getting a good beating. I couldn’t stand him, and I pushed his hand away from me with a fierce look.




“Stop talking nonsense and spill the beans. Do you think a sweet word or two will make me nod obediently now?”




In response to my words, Julius’s smile disappeared from his face. He glanced at me with an annoyed expression.




“…You’re a pretty stubborn one, aren’t you?”




That’s right. I let out a sigh of relief. I thought it was a good thing I didn’t open my heart to him.




‘If I fall for this, I’ll feel really dirty.’




Just as I was about to ask what kind of game he was playing, another set of choices suddenly appeared.




▶ Lie down




▶ Look around




‘Still, he seems to consider family, deep down.’




Compared to the violent choices that occurred to Percy and other people, this one was much more mild. I chose to lie down because I didn’t want to waste my mental strength.




‘I don’t want to use unnecessary mental energy.’




And maybe, if I don’t make eye contact with Julius, there won’t be any more choices. Just like I did with the maid.




‘Then maybe I can continue the conversation freely.’




While calculating that, Julius licked his lips from behind.




“The old Sienna used to be so simple. Even if she cried her heart out when we met, a word or two would make her smile again. It’s as if we could become a family.”




This guy was trash after all. He was exaggerating his behavior as if he were superficially reflecting on trying to understand Sienna. But even a fool wouldn’t fall for such behavior.




‘Villain sister was quite simple, wasn’t she?’




Now that I thought about it, the people who cheered for her when she persecuted Beth in the game weren’t followers of the villain but probably people mocking Sienna in their hearts.




‘The more wicked she acted, the more Daniel probably hated Sienna. It must have been fun for the people who hated Sienna.’




This was all a story from the game, and Sienna was not me. Yet, the more I learned about her malice, the more suffocating it felt.




‘Is it really necessary to hate someone this much?’




What had Sienna done wrong? It wasn’t her fault that she was born as the daughter of the empress, that she resembled the empress, or that the empress died tragically.




‘Even if it’s just a setting, it’s too cruel.’




I thought that and closed my eyes tightly. It was at that moment that Julius, who had leaned in close to me, whispered in a soft voice.




“But it would be nice if you could pretend to get along with me, right? I’m not joking; I want to cooperate with you.”








What reason did the prince have to kneel before the princess, who received nothing but hatred from others?




I didn’t want to make eye contact with Julius, but I had no choice but to turn to him because of his words. Julius shrugged his shoulders.




Then, as I opened my eyes, I found myself in a room I had never seen before. I tilted my head in confusion.




Just then, a clear voice echoed from the doorway.




“Have you awakened?”




That was probably the person who had persuaded Julius to seek cooperation from me.




A man who could be a source of strength for me just by his presence.




“Duke Percy Stewart.”




Whether it was because I hadn’t made eye contact with him or because the system was momentarily glitching again, my voice came out. In response to my words, he slightly lowered his dignified forehead and replied, “That’s a very formal title.”




After hesitating for a moment, I cautiously called his name.








Perhaps that was the correct answer, as warmth finally appeared on his face.




‘What’s the big deal about calling him by his name?’




And what difference did it make when I called him by that name? He was indeed a strange man.








Today, Daniel Bohan felt a strange sense of discomfort.




‘It feels like something is not going according to my will.’




He knew the cause of this discomfort. It was because of what had happened a while ago when Sienna was with him and Percy Stewart. Sienna had only had eyes for Percy, and she had directed vivid criticism at him. She had even come over and poured a teapot on the hired tutor who had come to serve tea.




Everyone in the Bohan mansion had either insulted Sienna or comforted Beth. Even the typically taciturn Count Bohan had treated her affectionately. But Daniel had felt something odd since then.




‘Why did the tutor go to serve tea to Princess Sienna?’




That wasn’t the tutor’s job, was it?


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