“Ah, ah…!”

As he rolled his tongue and sucked it up, the small body that couldn’t stand the torment of being teased at this small sensitive point convulsed with excitement.

The speed of his upward and downward thrusts grew faster.

Her white br*asts shaking in sync with it, her reddish n*pples standing stiffly, her purple irises filled with moisture, and her sweat-soaked hair were all frantically imprinted in his mind.

Edgar relentlessly stroked her throbbing hole that became even more sensitive. He grabbed and rubbed the cl*t in his hand, increasing his pace until his balls slapped against her b*ttocks. A high, breathless moan heated his brain.

“You, ah, it’s too fast, hic, it’s weird…there, no, ah!”


With a high groan, the pillar seemed to be bitten off as if it were about to break. Edgar rocked his hips a few times as he felt the tightness, then hastily withdrew his c*ck from the last thrust and jerked it until it hurt.

More than the previous cl*max, a sticky coating of c*m coated her visibly opening and closing p*ssy. Several jets of c*m shot out onto her swollen cl*t and hole. Every time the thick and sticky fl*id splattered, Shasha’s thighs twitched.

Instead of being stretched out by the feeling of weakness after ej*culation, Edgar lifted up the woman, who was lying in a weakened state, and pulled her into a strong embrace.


* * *

“Shasha, did you not sleep well yesterday?”

Everyone who saw her asked her about it, perhaps it was because of the tired expression on her face.

“Uh, I had a little trouble sleeping.”

Of course, there was only one answer she could give.

In fact, she didn’t just have a little trouble sleeping, she didn’t even sleep for an hour. No, even if she had only missed sleep, she wouldn’t have been this tired.

Shasha awkwardly smiled at her colleague who was looking at her with concern for reasons she couldn’t bring herself to say and quietly put what she was holding in her hand into her pocket.

‘That crazy bastard….’

The words, which had grown harsher over the day, were directed at her master.

What was in her hand was a potion that Edgar had given her in the morning. It was small enough to fit between two fingers, but it had a dazzling golden color that looked like it was made of gold, and it was undoubtedly top-notch.

It was only used for deep wounds such as severe lacerations, gunshot wounds, and crossbow wounds, but he gave it to her as a mere potion to recover from fatigue. She roughly estimated its value and strongly refused to accept it, but in the end, she lost again to his pitiful eyes.

“Are you going to see the Master? Today’s schedule is even busier than usual. You ate breakfast early, did you stay up late again?”


“Well, it’s not that strange. Should I take care of the tea tray for you for now?”

“He didn’t pull the string, so you can go ahead and… hmm. I’ll see if he’s going to wake up and I’ll ask him separately.”

Since her master was someone who slept a lot and had probably stayed up all night, he probably wouldn’t be able to get up until late evening.

‘So there’s no need to boil water for tea for no reason.’

Shasha swallowed her words inwardly and walked up the stairs as slowly and quietly as possible.

She knows what state Edgar is in even without open his door and paying him a visit, but how could she explain it to the others if she didn’t have to go and see him. She had no intention of doing anything that would make her stand out due to her laziness at work.


Although having s*x was quite a strain on her body that has experienced it for the first time, it was less painful than she thought it would be. However, for some reason, he cried once and then clung to her again, so she doesn’t know how many times their bodies overlapped.

To be honest, Shasha herself didn’t have much to say since she had enthusiastically accepted it from the beginning, or rather, almost from the beginning… But when she remembered that he didn’t listen to her when she begged him to stop when she reached her physical limit, she became resentful.

It was bearable somehow, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t painful.


Even now, her n*pples were sore, her back was aching, and the area between her legs felt numb. It was a struggle to regain her balance with every step she took. Her whole body ached as if it had been beaten.

Why was Edgar’s room on the highest floor? With each step she climbed, it felt like her hip joints were creaking.

Thinking of the man who was probably fast asleep, an impulse to just chug down this bitter-tasting gilded bacchus (energy drink) came to her. But soon enough, her small-town conscience got the best of her, knowing that i would just be a waste, and Edgar would just shrug and say it was fine.

‘Yeah. No need to drink it. I’ll just sneak this damn thing and get out of here.’

Her heavy steps were more mental than physical.

It was too late to undo what she had done. Pretending not to know was the best option… But seeing herself trying to feed him the soup she had personally prepared for breakfast, even if it was a mistake, made her regret it deeply.


A sigh escaped from her lips as she thought about it. Standing in front of the familiar door, she absentmindedly counted the gaps between the handles wrapped in elegant engravings.

Didn’t I just wake up from a dream in the middle of the night? Why did it suddenly turn out like this? She consciously tried to escape from reality. However, when she forcibly faced reality due to her aching back that complained in agony, everything suddenly went dark before her eyes.

If you look at the situation roughly, it’s like the chairman’s son and a low-level employee. No, not even a low-level employee, let’s think of something more extreme. Yes, the son of a nobleman and a slave. What she had thought was excessively extreme turned out to be surprisingly close to reality, and it felt like she had just poured cold water over herself.

Reality is not like a terrible soap drama. There was not even a snort in the old-fashioned drama setting. The delusions began abruptly in the morning and ended with meekly accepting an envelope of money from the Duchess.

‘If it’s going to flow so predictably and childishly, then I’d rather not.’

Perhaps in reality, she would just be quietly and neatly dismissed without a letter of recommendation.

‘Oh… that’s quite scary.’

Yes. As she had keenly felt even after her transmigration, reality that comes right before your eyes is scarier no matter what. First of all, Edgar wasn’t an overconfident general manager who wouldn’t take no for an answer, even if it was a parachute1someone being hired or promoted through the influence of a high-ranking official; so maybe like a nepotist. He was just a well-bred nobleman. It was impossible to expect him to measure his words and actions like someone who thinks things through.

Shasha quietly grabbed her head. What did Edgar want to do? In this vertical class society.

Her mind had been stretched to the breaking point last night, thanks to the countless heartfelt confessions she’d heard. But that didn’t mean it was a problem that could be easily brushed aside with a simple I see.’

Did Edgar want to date her? Did he want to treat her like a courtesan wielding power? She had thought about it, but what followed was a pair of wounded blue eyes.

On the contrary, Shasha felt like that was the reality of this world, but she didn’t think Edgar would be like that.


After reaching the cl*max several times, she had fallen asleep like a sullen faint. Her eyes, which had closed inexorably when it was dark outside the window, opened again in the bluish light of dawn.

Before she could feel relieved about it, her heart almost stopped when she met a pair of eyes. She probably hadn’t slept much, judging by her tired face, and memories that must have been just a moment ago came to mind. It was fortunate that she didn’t scream.

The long eyelashes right in front of her fluttered heavily, even at a glance.

“You can sleep more.”

A lazy voice fell on her ear.

Edgar was lying on one side of Shasha’s narrow bed, twisting his body and resting his head on his arm. He didn’t look comfortable with his back slightly bent like a shrimp.

He seemed to have just been staring at Shasha as she lay there. His drowsy pupils were a little hazy, but ironically, they looked clearer because they were right in front of her. Shasha had been staring at them for a while without saying anything.

For a moment, they didn’t say anything to each other, and then a cautious hand approached and pushed her hair behind her ear.

Edgar seemed to hold his breath for a moment as he touched her.

She only stiffened for a moment, but when Sasha didn’t seem to object in particular, his sleepy eyes folded softly. His eyelids were heavy and his eyes were almost closed, so he looked harmless enough.

“… The sun will rise soon.”

For some reason, Shasha felt a little hot and avoided his gaze. Then, she opened her mouth as much as possible, but realized that the sun would rise soon, so she got up.

No, she tried to get up. Edgar moved his hand that was reaching out to Shasha and gently grabbed her. She lay down again and faced him.

“I, no, what I mean is, whatever it is that I want from Sasha…, whatever it is, I’m not going to force you to do anything.”

Probably not forever. That won’t happen. His low voice quietly echoed in the early morning.

Edgar touched Shasha’s ear again, as if it was a habit. The man’s fingers gently brushed the fur of her earlobe.

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    someone being hired or promoted through the influence of a high-ranking official; so maybe like a nepotist
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