Shasha bit her lips tightly and swallowed. When her gaze landed on Edgar with a hint of resentment, he made a blowing sound and laughed self-deprecatingly.

“It may be an illusion, but if I think you want me, I feel like I’m going to lose my mind.”

A hot hand parted her w*t, slack p*ssy lips on either side. His upraised thumb pushed it upward a little further, and the man leaned forward.

Soon, the cl*toris that had emerged from its sheath beneath the other man’s hand was swallowed loudly into a salivating mouth.

Edgar eagerly sucked on it as his tongue caught the hard erect*on, an indicator of her ar*usal. He pressed his lips together and repeatedly flicked his tongue up and down.

His warm tongue rubbed recklessly against her tiny sensitive nub. As it rolled and sucked her in again and again, her twitching legs jerked and her toes curled in heat as she was on the verge of cl*max.

“There…ah…! Don’t…just…stop…!”

As he felt her p*ssy contracting and relaxing beneath his lips, his vision became dizzy from the excitement he felt. Edgar stabbed his tongue into the hole that began to convulse like an animal in heat several times.

Her sobbing voice begging him to stop rang ecstatically in his ears. He swallowed her juices sweetly, gripping her stiffened thighs tightly once more.

“Wait, it’s really coming out…hoo…!”

His merciless tongue lapped at the small urethral opening, as if responding to the urgent, raspy moans that expressed her need to come.

C*m, Shasha. C*m in my mouth.

Edgar flicked his tongue there intensively, his fingers quickly flicking her cl*t.

Soon, a l*quid that was closer to water than love juice poured into his mouth. He drank it as if it were nectar, and as if it were not enough, he held his cl*t again.


The relentless cunninggus finally stopped after Shasha’s legs went limp with exhaustion.

“Shasha, you’re so beautiful…”

Shasha’s legs trembled intermittently from the unrelenting sensation that spread from below.

Shasha slowly opened her closed eyes at the man’s husky voice. When she asked him to stop, he was insistent, and when their eyes met, she saw that he was even more embarrassed.

She could see that the body fl*id she couldn’t hold back had visibly stained his glasses. The shirt he was wearing was also soaked in one area, sticking to his flesh.

“…Take off your glasses. And your clothes too.”

Edgar’s pupils dilated at the tiny voice of horrific shame. For a moment, he foolishly opened his mouth, but soon nodded vigorously and said,

“Yes, yes! Shasha, I’ll get n*ked, let’s get n*ked!”

Just a while ago, he shyly avoided eye contact, but suddenly he couldn’t hide his excitement, like a dog seeing snow for the first time. He pondered her words several times and spoke.

“Let’s do it… Shasha’s okay with it.”

Aren’t you too excited cosidering you’ve already everything like biting and sucking except for penetrating, she thought to herself. Shasha swallowed hard as she watched Edgar unbutton his shirt with a smile on his face.

“But if I take off my glasses, I won’t be able to see Shasha clearly…”

Edgar, who was sadly muttering, wiped some bodily fl*id off his glasses with the corner of his shirt. It seemed like he was determined to kill Shasha with shame.

When she tightly gripped her lips and glared at him, his puppy-like eyes narrowed into crescents. Without any intention of engaging in a struggle, he carelessly discarded the glasses he was wiping and swiftly embraced Shasha with his bare body.

“It feels so good.”

Their bodies were hot, meshed together without any barrier, without any gap. The cute act of nuzzling her head around his neck was once again accompanied by stickiness.

The tongue that licked lustfully at her collarbone moved down to her bust line. He greedily grabbed both br*asts with his hands, alternating between sucking on the prominent peaks that emerged through his fingers. The other hand that had been cupping her br*asts slid down her body and stroked the moist loosened p*ssy between her legs.

“Slowly, hm…”.

“Yes, yes. I got it.”

Usually, he’s like a bum would follow his older brother. Although he verbally acknowledged her request, he shamefully did not slow down his actions.

Edgar’s hand boldly stroked her l*bia, his thick middle finger pushing deeper into her hole until she flinched.

Then, the small hand that was shaking on the blanket grabbed the shoulder of the man on top of her.

Hard, hooked fingertips poked and scratched here and there on her inner walls, as if assessing something. Slowly pulling out and pushing back in, Shasha’s flat lower belly trembled with the force applied.


Edgar’s eyebrows were bent into a smile in response to the sticky residue clinging to his fingers.

He kept saying that he was going crazy, and added several times that he would take things slowly, as if making meaningless promises. But his words were cut short by a gasping breath and the sound of gurgling water.

“Ah, ah!”

Shasha couldn’t help but gasp as the tip of his fingers sank deeper into her hole, stabbing rapidly at her inner walls that was heated with excitement. Her toes curled instinctively as his palm, outstretched in sync with the speed, stimulated her core.

“Ah, ah, wait, hold on. Again, ah…!”

“It’s okay, Shasha. It’s okay.”

She had no idea what the hell was okay. The man’s voice, sounding desperately low, and the piercing noise overwhelmed her ears. Her body, which had already reached the cl*max once, easily reached its peak.

Edgar’s hands and wrists were drenched in a burst of love juice as he stabbed her violently, as if he was going to explode some hot lump that had accumulated in her lower abdomen.

Edgar forcefully pressed and twisted his bent finger at a particular point, and her body rigidly contracted, rapidly alternating between constriction and relaxation, as if aggressively nibbling on his finger.

She could feel the tingling sensation, as if his finger was a c*ck. With a flushed face, Edgar withdrew his finger with a few slow, lingering strokes.

His throbbing c*ck throbbed painfully, causing discomfort.

Edgar pulled Shasha’s limps, exhausted legs closer towards him.

He couldn’t be satisfied with just using his hands. Of course, even if he were to f*ck her as much as he wanted right now, this thirst would only get worse and wouldn’t disappear. The more he tasted Shasha like drinking seawater, the thirstier he became.

Edgar felt that he himself had become so attracted to her that he couldn’t resist it. The unfamiliar emotion gradually grew in his body and by now, it had become bigger than Edgar himself. As a result, the desire to have Shasha inside him became less important than the thought of her wanting to take him.


“….Yes. Shasha.”

The head of his c*ck, dripping with pre-c*m, touched the throbbing hole as if her cl*max was continuing.

The texture of his raw flesh was thick, hard, and slippery. Edgar rubbed the c*ck he held in his hand against her erect cl*t a few times, then impatiently pushed his gl*ns in.

“Swallow it well. Yes?”

His desperate plea was followed by a loud thrust.



It was like having his c*ck throbbing inside a sticky, narrow jar filled with honey. The warm, nibbling protrusions of the inner walls licked at his sh*ft, meticulously stimulating every vein. He pushed in greedily until my balls pulled taut, her insides clenched tightly, making him want to c*m right then and there. If he hadn’t come once in Shasha’s hand, he would have gone away as soon as he put it in, embarrassingly.

Edgar hugged the delicate female body and slowly bent her back. As he did, her reddened flesh seemed to accompany the release of his p*nis. Once again, when he forcefully thrust in, it felt as if the p*nis were being squeezed by the entrance that was begging for his c*m. His jaw clenched tightly.

“Hmm, Shasha…, Shasha. That feels so good. ahh…”

“Ah, ah…! Ed, ah, Master…!”

The merciless pillar roughly grazed against her heated inner walls.

Edgar’s eyes widened, increasing the speed of his waist movements. Clinging tightly to Shasha’s body, he withdrew the gl*ns to the extent that it hung precariously at the entrance and slammed it in forcefully with a single thump, repeating this motion several times. The bunched-up tip of the sh*ft settled deep inside her. Thump, thup. Thump. The sound of sticky contact made her whimper inside.

“Ah, yes…”

He immediately stood upright and grabbed her hips with both hands, vigorously thrusting his waist without pause. Her skinny b*ttocks were straddled between his kneeling firm thighs. Just like that, Shasha’s waist was floating and her hole was pierced.

It was not enough to simply have s*x or engage in bed activities. Edgar, with his eyes flushed, licked and ravished the trembling woman beneath him. He wanted to be intertwined with Shasha all day long, f*ck all her holes and f*ck her all night long.

It was violent, destructive, and contradictory, and it made my chest ache with need. But before he had a chance to savor the feeling, he quickly grew restless and feared that he might as well just melt into the sweetness of it all now that he was thrusting his c*ck into her uncontrollably.

“Ah… Aah…!”

“Hmm, Shasha.”

I want to touch more. I’m not satisfied.

His hand explored past the b*ttocks it was holding and found the junction. Then he rubbed mercilessly against her erect cl*t, which was right there in his hand, matching the pace at which he was thrusting his d*ck.

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