It was a novel suitable for all ages that barely had any kissing scenes even after about 100 episodes, but how did it end up like this…… The genre is definitely weird here. Maybe it’s because of the influence of hyper-reality1a term used to describe the blending of physical and virtual reality to create a new, immersive experience that is more real than reality itself..

The man’s firm hand suddenly grabbed her erect n*pple and rubbed it as he pleased. He slipped it between his fingers and bit his lip as he sensually caressed her entire br*ast.

It was only when she entered the novel that she finally saw the characters come to life and become so three-dimensional

This explicit touch made him realize that Shasha’s body was very sensitive to his obvious touch. He stared at her heated earlobe as if they were unnecessarily fluffy. His large blue eyes were still sleepy, but they seemed a little dangerous in a different way than usual. But her thoughts were soon interrupted by Edgar who was eagerly devouring her n*pple.

He used his fingers to rub the tip that was already fully erected, and his thick tongue actively stimulated it. Her chest bounced uncontrollably as he sucked hard and flicked the nub with his tongue up and down. The act of licking and sucking instinctively without any technique was more sticky and erotic than any other caress.

Edgar’s hand touched the dull underwear. With a bold touch that didn’t hesitate, he pulled it off before Shasha had a chance to cry out.

“……Shasha, did you end up like this because I sucked your br*asts?”

His mouth was so honest that it was almost creepy, as if he was speaking as soon as he thought of it.

His mouth, which seemed to say whatever came out whenever he cried and told her not to hate her, was so honest that it was almost embarrassing.

Edgar licked his lips as his gaze traveled up Shasha’s white legs to the underwear hanging around one ankle. His broad hands spread her slightly closed legs apart. Edgar’s throat let out a loud growl.

He looked at her shiny c*nt, then picked up the glasses that had been left on the bed, put them on, and unbuttoned his pants. Without taking them off, a darker-than-skin-colored sh*ft peeked out from between his unbuttoned pants, along with his underwear.

It looked even harder than it had this morning, and Shasha flinched at the sight of it. Her eyes widened at the sight, and his gl*ns spat out a thick stream of pre-c*m.

“I ended up like this because I sucked on Shasha’s br*asts.”

His dark voice stuck to her eardrums. His words were overly explicit, as was his heavy breathing.

A large hand gripped the thick sh*ft that rose toward his stomach beneath his neatly buttoned white shirt. If you were looking from behind, you’d never know he was unscrupulously inspecting his c*ck.

Edgar gazed in fascination at the n*ked woman with nothing but his c*ck on display. He could see the hole between her spread legs squirming adorably under his lustful gaze.

……F*ck. Swallowing dryly with a low murmur, Edgar tore his eyes away from the red flesh with difficulty, then crawled onto his knees and straddled Shasha’s body, bringing his gl*ns to her saliva-slicked n*pples.

“Ah, wait a moment, Master… huhmm.”

His pulsing c*ck, which trembled with a soft yet firm presence, pressed against her. She purple eyes fluttered open at the sight of a p*nis pressing against my chest, right in front of her nose. The innocent reaction aroused Edgar even more. But he pretended not to notice it and rubbed his gl*ns against her n*pples.

That was the kind of man he was. Pretending to be gentlemanly to Shasha, yet always apologizing.

Even though he knew that he was being sloppy, he had no intention of fixing or stopping it. Because Shasha was kind. She always knew that she was losing and gave in to him.

“That’s weird, ah…!”

“It’s okay, Shasha.”

As if that wasn’t enough, he grabbed the base of his sh*ft like he was aiming for it and thrust it widely upward her br*asts. Slick slick, lustful slapping sounds followed. The n*pples, which were already red from being sucked so hard, were sticky with his pre-c*m.

“Hmm, it’s weird…”

Her mouth, which kept saying the same thing like a parrot, was cute. Her hands, which was shaking awkwardly, grabbed his pants. It was a nice hand that didn’t push him away, so Edgar’s sincere eyes curved into half moons.

It’s been strange for a long time.

The man who pounded his d*ck against her chest lowered his upper body and pressed his lips and deeply
kissed her lips that were biting and chewing, as if to convey his unspoken sincerity, saying that he had violated you like this in his imagination every time.

Her tongue was tingling from the kiss that felt like she was being devoured.

His c*ck was still ravaging Shasha’s br*asts. Her n*pples brushed against the crack of his gl*ns, and a satisfied groan escaped from the man’s throat. The erect n*pples were grinding against the hole of his c*ck. It was obvious Shasha was being f*cked, and he’d come several times before.

The unexpected stimulus caused him to open his hazy eyes, which had been closed tightly for some time, and he saw her long, dense lashes that were tightly closed in concentration. As if sensing his gaze, their eyes met for a moment, and then her mouth that had been connected to his fell away with a sticky sound.

His half-lowered blue eyes stared intently at her from very close. The man’s hot breath suddenly felt unfamiliar.

She’d never imagined she’d feel sexually attracted to Edgar, but the hungry pupils that held her were more exciting than having her chest caressed and showing the gap between her spread legs. She felt the heat that had accumulated in her lower body with excitement as those hungry eyes took her in, and her hole twitched uncontrollably.

“You probably don’t know how much I’ve been waiting for this moment.”

A sighing whisper settled in the corner of my eye. When she raised her head a little dazedly, his w*t lips touched hers.

As if sensing Shasha’s excitement, his big hand wrapped around her flushed cheek. A light kiss also fell on the other cheek that his hand didn’t touch.

Edgar stared at her with a face so innocent that it was hard to believe that he was still pressing his ugly erect p*nis against her chest without stopping, as if she had lost her mind by stabbing the inside of her delicate mouth with his tongue just a moment ago as if they were having oral s*x. There was a gap between them, and for some reason, Shasha’s heart was pounding, so she reached out and hugged Edgar’s neck tightly.


Edgar’s ears perked up at the sound of Shasha’s voice. Her gaze fell on his ears, which had become red and swollen, almost as if they were burning. Suppressing a moan, his voice had lowered slightly as he called out to him.


Like a dog on a leash, the man responded obediently and waited quietly for her next words.

Seeing him like that made her want to say something coldly like, ‘just to get it over with.’ Of course, she couldn’t bring herself to say it because she knew that if she did, he would be more hurt than if she told him to stop now.

But it was only now that she seemed to realize his unchanging, endlessly watchful gaze, just like usual. Suddenly feeling heart suddenly felt strange and erratic, Shasha, instead of speaking, moved her hand towards her chest.


His dark red p*nis was fully in her white hand, and it was hotter and harder than she’d expected. Her hands quickly became sticky due to the pre-c*m that was being poured out haphazardly.

The man swallowed a groan as if he’d been suddenly attacked, and his massive upper body jerked up. The p*nis in her hand twitched unscrupulously before her eyes. The moist and trembling tip of the p*nis hole was so creepy that she raised her nails as if to punish it, and the veins popped out on the back of his hand as he grabbed his arm. Through the open shirt, I could see his hard lower stomach twitching again and again.

“…Master, have you been looking at me like this all these time?”

The excitement she was feeling actually made her feel like she was being strangled, so her voice came out hoarse. She looked up at the man who was in heat and erecting his d*ck against her with a cold expression that she may have made up to hide it.

Her face contorted with excitement, shame, and guilt, she clasped the bloody pole in her calloused hand and wiggled it slowly. She placed the veiny pillar in her cupped hand and stroked it slowly.

The horny dog ​​remained silent for a moment, but instead of answering, he placed his hand on top of the small hand and started shaking his waist arbitrarily.

“……Yes. There was, khk, never a time when I didn’t.”

Soon after, several jets of thick white c*m shot out.

Even as Edgar urgently thrust into her, he grabbed Shasha’s hand and frantically rubbed the tip of his c*ck against her palm.

“It’s ridiculous to imagine c*m like this in your hand. Always.”

Edgar laughed bitterly and moved down on top of Shasha, who was rather stunned by his frank answer. And as if spreading her white thighs wasn’t enough, he gently spread her interlocking l*bia to both sides. Her hole twitched at the unexpected contact.

In response to this sudden movement, Edgar naturally laid Shasha down, who had hastily raised her upper body. The hand that soon touched the upper part of her slightly hairy c*nt, revealing her cl*toris wrapped in clitoral hood. As the skin was pulled back and exposed to the air without any special contact, she shuddered with excitement.

“And here, I wanted to keep rubbing and sucking until you asked me to stop, no, even if you asked me to stop.”

“Wait, there…ah…!”

His thumb, which wasn’t covered in her juices, pressed down on her cl*t, slightly stiff, and began to rub it lightly. Adding circular motions and pressing down firmly as if to leave a fingerprint, the tiny bit of flesh quickly became hard and erect.

Before he knew it, Edgar gathered some fl*id from her throbbing hole and casually spread it over her p*ssy. Then he grazed her cl*toris at a tantalizing angle.

Shasha’s thighs trembled at the regretful yet painful movement. As much as she wanted him to roll her sensitive points around with his hard fingers just like before, she couldn’t bring herself to ask him to do it.

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    a term used to describe the blending of physical and virtual reality to create a new, immersive experience that is more real than reality itself.
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