Chapter 8 – Truth Revealed (7)

“Certainly… it seems like she had completely fallen for the barbarian king.”

“I told you so. She must have told Delane’s secrets while she was with the barbarian king!”

“That’s right. She studied with the princess, so she knows some of Delane’s military situation. And the secret passage to the palace… I’m sure she said all that.”

At the words of the maids, Iz blocked the sigh that was about to come out. Certainly, there was a time when she almost said such things without realizing it. Because Barca asked her to tell him her childhood story over and over again. In order to tell her childhood as Princess Eloise, the story of the royal palace was indispensable, so she almost told secrets that should not be revealed to the outside world several times without her knowledge. Still, every time, she quickly came to her senses and said nothing yet.

While thinking about explaining whether it was a misunderstanding or not, the leader opened his mouth.

“Yes, I understand the situation now, so I have to respond.”

“What are you going to do? What does the kingdom say?”

Then the leader lowered his voice and said,

“The reorganization of the army is ending quickly. The war will begin sooner than before.”

The women’s faces turned white at the word.

“What about us?”

When the war begins, they will be caught and put in prison. From then on, they will not be a maid, but a prisoner of the enemy country.

“And yet, the question is… I talked to Akram’s Chancellor about you. Whether you go back because you miss your hometowns. I’ll send new maids instead. I thought he’d oppose it. But unexpectedly, he allowed it easily.”


“Yes. When we go back, we can go back together. When you return to the palace, you will be rewarded for your hard work.”

At the leader’s words, the maids burst into tears of emotion. At the same time, they remembered the ornaments hidden in their quarters. Neither Iz nor Akram’s maids, nor the stupid ones knew what had disappeared. If they hide them well in their luggage and sell them in Delane on your way back, they will touch a lot of money that they cannot make from their maid’s work. The ladies looked overwhelming as if they were already pictured.

Then a maid asked the leader a question.

“Then what happens to Iz? She’s not going to go back…”

Then the leader waved his hand.

“Oh, you don’t have to mind that.”


“Anyway, His Majesty the King and Her Highness the princess used her as a discard card from the beginning.”

At that moment, Iz’s head went blank as if she had been struck by lightning.


The next day, Iz couldn’t get up. She said to Barca that he had been in the garden too long and had a mild heat stroke. She wanted to rest, she said.

“I thought you were hanging around the garden for too long.”

Barca seemed very worried. He ordered Zano to bring good medicine for heatstroke. At the same time, he wet the towel with his hands and wiped Iz’s body, which was heating up. The maids said they would do it, but Barca ordered them to go out, saying that it’s okay.

To think that the king was wiping her by wringing a wet towel. Actually, Barca was calm, but Iz didn’t know what to do.

But Barca didn’t last long. It was because there was a commotion outside and Hardin came to visit.

It’s Hardin who doesn’t notice when she’s with Barca. The fact that such a Hardin had come meant that there was something to be said.

[What’s going on?]

[Taz is here.]

[What? Why?]

In fact, it was not unusual for Taz to visit the capital. It was the time when the governors of each region were summoned to the capital. However, considering that Delane’s envoys were coming, they did not invite them while the envoys were staying. Did he come looking for me?

[Well, he made a good excuse by saying something about Urtalib’s urgent issue, but he brought Yulcara as if he couldn’t handle it. Probably…]

Hardin lowered his voice.

[I’m wondering if he’s here to make an offer to Delane’s envoys.]

Barca laughed at Hardin’s words. It wasn’t that he didn’t think Taz would do that. But he didn’t expect him to do such a stupid thing.

[Anyway, I think you should meet him.]

[Okay. Tell him to wait.]

Barca shook his head roughly. After all, it was Iz who seemed tired these days. So, unlike before, he stopped holding her roughly, and there were many days when he just hugged her. Besides, she was bedridden with heatstroke, so when he tried to stay by her side, he didn’t expect Taj to come.

He wanted to tell him to shut up and wait for about a month, but it’s better to clean up a poisonous mushroom quickly. There was nothing good about him staying in this palace for a long time. So he has no choice but to meet him and send him back quickly.

Barca came up to Iz and swept her hair and said. 

“I’ll come back as soon as possible. Take a good rest.”


Iz nodded helplessly. Once Barca is out, the maids will finally be able to do their jobs peacefully. They approached Iz. However, Iz waved her hand as if not to approach her. The maids didn’t do so. 

Then Iz shouted.

[Get out!]

When Iz made a loud noise in Akram language, the ladies became surprised and hurriedly stepped back. It was because it was the first time Iz shouted at them in this way.

As everyone disappeared and the room became quiet, Iz sighed and lay down on the bed again. She was sorry that she couldn’t overcome her irritation and shouted at them. But she really wanted to be alone now.

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