Chapter 10

He turned. Lynette followed his gaze with a bewilderment and suddenly realized.

A drink that will keep you from the cold. A drink that raises one’s temperature.

Come to think of it, other buckets containing the same liquor were mostly delivered to the barracks where the bed slaves were kept. It must have contained ingredients that warmed the body rather than simply being warmed by alcohol.

The knights who drank it were either releasing their excited lusts on their own, or holding a bed slave and enduring in the freezing cold with a hot body temperature.


She really didn’t mean to. However, regret was useless because she had already drunk it. She’d freeze to death if she didn’t drink.

However, as a result, Lynette went into a rut alone. Lynette was at a loss what to do with her abnormally heated body, trembling with shock and artificial heat.

He asked again, looking at such a Lynette as if observing her. 

“Are you going to solve it alone?”

From his point of view, he should have hoped that Lynette would take care of it herself and raise her body temperature and the warmth of the bed. But to quench her lust alone. She doesn’t know how to do it, and she has never thought of wanting to do it.

Before she knew it, the heat came to her eyes, and Lynette seemed to tear up.

“I-I don’t know. That’s… “

In a stuttering reply, Lynette bit her lips tightly.

What should I do? Can’t the heat go away like this?

However, she felt like her stomach was twisted when she stayed like this.

Even the breath exhaled by the abnormal heat was hot as if it were heated, and the mouth seemed to be drying up. Even if she ran out, this heat didn’t seem to disappear.

Lynette gasped and grabbed the blanket.

As if it had nothing to do with him, she felt so stupid to be like this in front of a man that she almost cried.

She didn’t want to be remembered by him for this.

She didn’t want to show him any uglier. She should go outside even if she freezes to death. At last Lynette begged desperately, breathing.

“K-knight. H-help me.”


“I-I think I’m going to wet your bed because of sweat. I’ll go outside. If you could help me a little…”

She barely keeps talking by moving her dry tongue. Her ankle was caught in a big hand.

Before she could scream in surprise, Lynette was taken in his hand and dragged away. In a moment, her body, dressed only in thin clothes, was laid down on a blanket in the middle of the bed.


“If you go out like this, you’ll die.”


“I have no intention of placing a frozen corpse in front of my barracks.”

His eyes seemed to have become accustomed to the gray darkness. Lynette looked up at him, lying under him, with a vacant, sweet stare.

Whether it was cold, he was wearing only bottoms and nothing on his upper body. Cold blue eyes were looking down at the trembling Lynette as if measuring the prey.

“A slave who doesn’t know how to sleep quietly and warm the bed, nor how to warm the bed by doing it alone.”

“Sorry, sorry…”

“Close your mouth and eyes.”

Is he angry. The flying voice was still like an emotionless blade.

Lynette kept her lips shut as she borrowed a long line of mistakes. She felt resentful of her trembling body that didn’t seem like hers.

She has never heard of him being bad with his hands, but it was no ordinary matter for ordinary knights to slap slaves. He would have been annoyed if she got in the way like this in the freezing weather when he had to save his strength.

‘It’s better like this.’

It’s such an ugly thing to be in a heat alone in front of the man you have a crush on and not knowing what to do. It would have been less miserable to end this situation with a slap on the cheek.

It was at this moment that Lynette closed her eyes, saying, “I wish I could just pass out like this.”


Lynette opened her eyes with a startled sound between her lips. It was because the thin clothes covering the body were peeled off.

Cold air rushed over the exposed skin, and she felt a strange sense of cooling the heated skin. Lynette tried to get up in a hurry because her body trembled with other meanings.

But he snatched her by the shoulder and pushed her down on the bed.


He reached into Lynette’s old underwear and grabbed her chest.

Lynette, who was struggling, was so surprised that she froze. The reality that was happening didn’t come into her head.

Meanwhile, holding Lynette’s round chest with both hands, a little larger than the women of similar build, he began to squeeze relentlessly.


It was weird. It was scary, pressuring and even painful, but there was a moan in her mouth.

A pearly white and elastic chest was weighed down between his callus fingers.

He squeezed Lynette’s chest with force like a snowball. The entire soft ar*ola was rubbed on the palm of the hand, giving a tingling sensation.

“K-knight, hn!”

She didn’t know what to do, but he suddenly put the areola between his index and middle fingers and rubbed it hard, squeezing her br*ast meat. Then, strangely, her whole chest seemed to be heated, and the tip of her chest rose to the top.

As Lynette struggled, wondering if the flesh had been torn up, he squeezed both chests more strongly and made her lie down on the bed again.


Lynette shook her head breathing in the field.

It was strange. Her head was dizzy and her whole body was poking her.

In the meantime, he let go of her chest, which he had been holding to the point where his handprints were left red, and pinched the n*pples. As he began to rub the tip of her pointed chest between his thumb and forefinger, Lynette twisted her body as if someone was stabbing her spine.

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