The person who needs to take a break from the mental stress of audiovisual terrorism is not Edgar, but Shasha herself.

I am the victim. Besides, I didn’t even get a proper apology.

I’ve said it over and over again, but I’m starting to worry about where he’s going to be hanging out with his ungainly, hunched back.

Even though I searched the room, I couldn’t see any discarded clothes. Did he change his clothes?

When I remembered that the large pillow with feathers several times thicker than a normal pillow was used as a body pillow that was usually placed between Edgar’s gr*in, I couldn’t quite organize what I caught in my hand.

My grip loosened as the image of the man’s mangled face haunted my mind, even as he struck nervous blows.

Even if he had been pushed out of the line of succession, he really didn’t have the slightest sense of his innate position. Even if she claimed to be of noble status, she was nothing more than a mere employee, yet the usual Edgar who followed her, panting heavily like a large dog, came to mind.

She was born into a humble family and was ridiculed for being less wealthy than the rich commoners, making her noble status seem meaningless. Despite dressing as a maid and enduring months of effort to change the way she spoke, using formal language with the ladies she met at social gatherings… At the time, it had been quite a struggle, but now it reminded her of memories.

He is a demanding master, but perhaps because he took great care of her, there was some accumulated affection.

Even though I stand there like a fool, it’s clear as day that I’m the victim, so I don’t know why I should care so much. I think I’ve forgiven my helpless master even before I knew it.

“……Yes. He’s a good kid.”

* * *

And I found myself in this situation.

“Shasha… Hmm?”

Every time the man opened his mouth, the smell of alcohol eminated.

He never showed up when I was getting ready for bed, so yeah. No wonder, I didn’t want to see him for a while. Let’s not dwell on the embarrassment today. Let’s treat him as if nothing happened from tomorrow morning. Perhaps that would be good for him too. It had been a little over two hours since she had come to this conclusion and entered her room.

It was a quiet time for the entire Duke’s household as the master and the servants went to bed.

“Charlotte. Shasha, Shasha….”

The blue eyes of an uninvited visitor, calling my name in a pitifully mournful way, woke me up.

At first, I thought he was on his knees begging for forgiveness as he crumpled into a heap beside my not-so-wide bed.

Even though I was supposed to teach him basic manners like not to enter a room on his own, it was a situation where it didn’t matter.

… Actually, I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. How much did he suffer that he only stubbornly insisted on drinking sparkling wine with almost no alcohol content? Yeah. He’s still so nice. That was the first thought that came to mind.

“… I’m really sorry.”

Perhaps due to the alcohol, the polite language that had been corrected quite harshly came out again. There was no falsehood in that sincere apology. At this point, there was no need to look for any remaining resentment and worries.

Since I had already forgiven him earlier, I wondered why he was crying so much.

When I saw the man shedding tears at my words, I felt a little uneasy and quickly wiped his w*t eyelashes with my fingers.

He was actually older than I was, but I felt like I was comforting my younger brother.

“… I know everything. Mr Edgar.”

I know how embarrassing that must have been, but let’s put it behind us and get back to being normal. It’s not every day that I see you doing something stupid…….

Shasha was definitely saying that.


Edgar’s name rang sweetly from the lips that usually called him ‘Master,’ and his blue eyes widened as herwhite, slender fingers touched his cheeks and the corners of his eyes with a kind look.

Edgar blushed to the nape of his neck and mumbled something in a twisted tongue. He didn’t think he’d be forgiven for it, but Shasha had known all along, so he blurted out the same thing over and over, not knowing what to do.

Even though the content was a little strange, it was just like a drunk person talking. Perhaps because Shasha’s heavy heart had been relieved, or maybe because she was still half asleep, she accepted the situation more softly than usual without realizing it was a mistake.


Now you can go to bed in peace. That’s what she meant to say. Until the heat of his body suddenly wrapped around her skimpy chemise-clad body.

“Thank you, Shasha. And I-I keep getting like this when I think of you, so… I’m sorry.”

A solid body tightly pressed against hers. She shivered at the damp bass sound ringing right next to her ear. And the difficult-to-ignore strong presence felt on her thigh.

“I’m sorry.”

Once again, I hear the apology, which has now lost its meaning.

When he lifted his head from his shoulder and looked at me, his bright eyes were full of affection. Why didn’t I know this? His deep desire was so intense that it overflowed, and his gaze itself felt tingling.

He kept apologizing like a broken machine, but he never laid a hand on her.

So, why do you keep apologizing over and over again…?

“I really can’t stand it anymore.”

With that, his warm lips, filled with the scent of alcohol, swallowed her dazed and bewildered lips as if it had a mind of its own.

“Um, this is a bit…”

…No, it was not just a bit wrong, but very wrong.

* * *

It feels like I’ve gone back and forth between heaven and hell several times in a day.

The sweet poison of a dream that tormented him became a premonition. Edgar tightly embraced the dizzying female body and repeated the pointless act of loosening his grip, as if trying to relieve the pressure that might break her.

Kind Shasha forgave his pathetic self. He wanted to hold her small body tightly and, beyond that, the destructive desire to swallow everything followed, but he was afraid that she would break like a glass doll.

His gl*ns, already drenched in pre-c*m from the moment he touched her, pressed against Sasha’s p*ssy through the fabric.


Sasha felt her tightly pressed body squirm under the brute force of his thrusts, as if he were trying to penetrate her through the fabric. Her eyes spun again and again at that small reaction. The alcohol had long since worn off, but his eyes, drunk on something else, sank deeply.

This reality didn’t compare to his dream. Overwhelmed, he turned his head again and again, swallowing sweetly through his moist saliva. Feeling Shasha’s moan from her throat, he sucked on her tongue recklessly.

When he ran out of breath from the eager kiss, he pulled away for a moment then stretched out his own tongue long and wrapped it around Shasha’s mid-air.

Her purple iris became a little cloudy. Watching her eyelashes flutter a few times at the first taste of simulation was close to ecstasy. The lewd man had long ago realized that his crush had no past lover or fiancé.

Despite his feelings of guilt and betrayal, Edgar’s c*ck stirred in the image of her face every time he thought of her, and he even dared to imagine the lewd lower hole that had become sticky because of him. The image of himself probing it with his c*ck or tongue, her purple eyes clouded with desire, would make him c*m again and again just by thinking about it.

As if telling him to stop the deep kiss, Shasha tapped his chest and Edgar reluctantly pulled away. His chest ached at such a small rejection, the result of years of unrequited love.

He couldn’t force himself to have her. He could never do that.

He knows Sasha doesn’t like him, so this is a bad idea. Except, despicably, instead of keeping a gentlemanly distance, he throws himself at the sweet Sasha. Please don’t reject me.


The voice gently coaxing her with a tender heart was quite pitiful even to his own ears. Embarrassment flickered in his eyes as he looked at her flushed face, almost contorted with tears. Like a dog in heat, he showered her white, helpless face with bird kisses. Until she reluctantly gave in.

Edgar let out a small sigh of frustration and simply squeezed his eyes shut, ignoring the warmth of the hand on his neck. It was an unbelievable moment that he had longed for since he realized his feelings for her.

The regret that it should have been like this from the beginning, along with a sense of amusement, crossed his mind.

As soon as the unspoken permission was given, his pathetically shaking hands tore off the thin chemise that he’d been holding on to for dear life.

* * *

A hot face landed on her exposed br*asts that bounced back reflexively. Shasha was still trembling, but she couldn’t push away Edgar who boldly approached her and faced him again.

She thought it would be bad if she accepts this animal, which is so young and delicate that it doesn’t match its size, as his already-bad habits will get worse. But she couldn’t reject him coldly when he clung to her with sincere feelings.

In fact, it had been a long time since she had given up on rejecting him after seeing him cry on his own.

She felt like this habit wouldn’t be fixed forever after this incident, but she stopped thinking about the future because her reckless master’s fingertips touched her exposed n*pple.


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