Contrary to Yeonseo’s will, she was instinctively urging him on.

“Where did you learn this? It drives people insane.”

“No, hmph!”

“If you don’t believe me, open your eyes and see for yourself. See how you cling to me.”

Yeonseo barely fluttered her lashes. Taeheon was imprinted in her tear-filled pupils like a stain.

With his face slightly contorted in excitement, Taeheon filled Yeonseo’s world and made her day.


“Say my name.”

It had a different temperature than usual. When excitement was evident in his eyes, Yeonseo’s lower abdomen tightened.

“I don’t know…”

“If I were to tell you to do it slowly while saying this, how would you respond?”

Yeonseo gently brushed his cheek. She couldn’t take her eyes off him.

“Do you like my face?”

“I-I like it.”

Taeheon’s lips lifted slightly.

“This is… for real.”

He pursed his lips in a straight line, ran a hand through his hair, and sighed deeply.

“My name.”

“T-Taeheon… Woo Taeheon.”

Her two legs draped over Taeheon’s shoulders began to sway weakly. Her vision flashed.

A hot current pierced through Yeonseo. At the end of their intensified act, as she lay panting as she reached her cl*max, clear tears rolled down her cheeks.

Taeheon hastily swallowed her lips. His heavy breath brushed against her.




12:30 PM.

It wasn’t until lunchtime that Yeonseo opened her eyes. The hotel sheets were crumpled, clinging to her skin.

She sent a message to Yoonhae, saying she might be a little late, as she couldn’t easily get up from the bed.

The recent events had been so hectic that Yeonseo hadn’t been able to call Director Woo. Lately, she had been so preoccupied with funerals and other matters that she often neglected her duty to report about Mrs. Kang’s activities.

She had already made her intentions clear to Seungbin, so the next step was to talk to Director Woo.

No, it might be better to be completely be honest with Mrs. Kang and tell her everything right away.

If, by any chance, Director Woo decided to harm her, Taeheon would be there to help her, and he could easily lead her out of this darkness.

Maybe he would even help her seek forgiveness from Mrs. Kang. As she pondered these calculations, she hesitated.

She had a feeling that she would sink even deeper into darkness because of Taeheon.

Yeonseo blinked as she replayed yesterday’s events. It had been a night where everything related to Seungbin had been whitewashed. After their first s*x, Taeheon had taken her once more.

Only when she sagged like she was about to pass out did he pull away. Her entire body had felt sore, and her skin had tingled as evidence of his touch was found everywhere.

She’d expected dry s*x, but Taeheon had been relentless and persistent. His dual nature had shaken her. She wondered if he behaved this way only with her, leading to her getting her hopes up.

There was no way to suppress her feelings for him. Now that she had boarded the ship he had set sail, she might as well indulge in being Taeheon’s lover as a way to reduce harm until it ran aground.

This was Yeonseo’s only chance to be greedy, the only time she could be happy until the moment they part ways. Suppressing her emotions and spending the short time in melancholy would also be futile.

Yeonseo would never forget last night, and perhaps her time as Taeheon’s lover would be no different.

If it’s going to be unforgettable, it would be better to preserve them as happier memories, even if only slightly. To do that, she had to be the one to smile first.

With her resolution, Yeonseo got out of bed. The bedsheet that had been loosely draped over her shoulders slid down.

She pulled the sheet up to her chest and glanced around. She had thought he had left the hotel abruptly after their activity, but Taeheon was outside the bedroom.

She could hear his low voice on the phone, sparse and distant. She was a little glad that he hadn’t left, even though he must be quite busy.

She wouldn’t hesitate to paint a picture of hope, because even a grain of happiness would be enough to keep her going.

She clutched her aching waist and took a step. She peeked her head out of the bedroom door with only the sheets around her.

Taeheon was sitting on the couch, reading documents. Despite their intense activity until the early hours of the morning, he was impeccably dressed in a suit, unruffled.

It was unbelievable that this was an office rather than a hotel room. She heard footsteps coming from the opposite direction.

Yeonseo’s eyes widened in surprise as she locked eyes with the his secretary, who was heading her way. She hadn’t expected him to be here too.

“Have you woken up?”

The polite greeting of his secretary made it seem like nothing was out of the ordinary. Taeheon, who also seemed unfazed, didn’t take his eyes off the documents, and even spoke without looking away.

“You’re up early.”

It felt odd to go back into the bedroom, and it was embarrassing to respond casually, given the blatantly compromising situation of having slept with Taeheon. Yeonseo felt quite awkward about showing this situation to the his secretary.

While Yeonseo hesitated, Secretary Shin kindly extended his hand and said.

“Ms. Han Yeonseo, your clothes are here.”

“My clothes?”

“Yes. They’re the same size as last time. The innerwear was prepared by Team Leader Kim Hyunyoung. If you find it uncomfortable or if it doesn’t suit your taste, please feel free to let us know.”

There was a confident tone to his secretary’s voice, as if he had done this before. His voice carried strength, but still, it felt unfair to ask him to handle her clothes. Even if it was Taeheon’s order, it was an unwelcome errand.

“I’m sorry, I’m sure it’s a hassle for you…….”

“No, it’s not, of course it’s part of my job.”

His secretary, looking quite perplexed, made a grand gesture with his hands, appearing quite embarrassed. He was probably conscious of Taeheon’s presence.

“Thank you. I’ll wear them well.”

Yeonseo smiled and pulled the sheet over her head tightly from the inside. Taeheon’s consideration in leaving the purchase of her underwear to Hyunyoung was unexpectedly delicate, but it also seemed insensitive to make her face his secretary like this.

Woo Taeheon.

“Secretary Shin, you  can go back now.”


Taeheon’s voice dropped to a low tone, and the confident secretary’s shoulders instantly slumped. Yeonseo felt a strange sense of sympathy for the secretary crumbling under Taeheon’s gaze.

“You can go now and get room service to be prepared.”

“May I ask what menu you’d like?”

“Something light and comforting. Porridge or Korean cuisine would be good”

“Of course. I’ll arrange it accordingly. I’ll take my leave then.”

Secretary Shin gave Yeonseo a stern bow and left. The room fell silent, with only the sound of Taeheon flipping through the documents creating subtle ripples in the air.

Yeonseo was still standing by the door, unsure whether to leave or enter the room.

“You had a slight fever in the early morning.”


“Yeah, I gave you some medicine. How are you feeling?”

She had a low-grade fever all day yesterday. Perhaps it had broken out during the night. But, she couldn’t recall taking any medicine.

How did I take the medicine?

“Maybe the fever was caused by getting w*t from the rain yesterday, and then the drug Seungbin gave you made it worse.”

“I’m feeling better now. The fever is gone.”

“Is there anything else that hurts?”

“My whole body hurts. And there’s a bit of discomfort in a hard-to-explain place…”

Yeonseo spoke carefully, yet with a hint of boldness. Taeheon didn’t respond. He asks only the most curious questions and closes his mouth.

When Yeonseo turned to the shopping bag to get dressed, Taeheon finally spoke up.

“You look a little swollen.”


Yeonseo rummaged through her shopping bag and paused. Her ears perked up as she realized what he meant by swollen.

“When did you see……?”

“I think we should check it again. Come here.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Is there any point in being shy now? Come here and get into position. I’ll take a look.”

“You’re insane. Pervert.”

She blurted out in surprise, and her words came out hastily.

What kind of pose was he asking me to make?

Taeheon’s eyebrows shot up.

“We’ve already done crazy things.”

“I’m not swollen. I’m fine. I know.”

Yeonseo stomped off, grabbing the shopping bag and dashing to the bedroom.

She was nervous that Taeheon would follow her in, but the living room remained quiet. Yeonseo let out a sigh.


As she unwrapped the sheet bundled around her body, her slightly disheveled skin bore witness to the intensity of their actions from last night.

She hope it won’t be like this in the future. She worried that her entire body might turn beet red if this continued. With these thoughts in mind, she changed into her clothes.

She still remembered Taeheon thoroughly cleaning her body with a warm towel. So, she decided to wash up after the meal, not feeling particularly uncomfortable.

She chose a beige dress with a slightly longer hem from the two dresses she had. She put it on and returned to the living room where Taeheon was working, sitting a bit away from him to avoid disturbing him.

It wasn’t because she was afraid that Taeheon would check if she was swollen, but rather because she didn’t want to interrupt him in any way…

Clearing her throat softly, Yeonseo opened her mouth.

“Would you like me to organize these?”

She pointed to the papers scattered on the table and asked Taeheon. He nodded slightly in response.

“How should I organize these for you?”

“Each one needs to be organized by company. Do you think you can handle it?”

“Yes, I can do it.”

Yeonseo quickly flipped through the documents. It wasn’t difficult, as each one had a company logo at the bottom. She considered arranging them by alphabetically, but then realized they were contracts for orders, so she put them in order of value.

She had heard from his recent phone call that Taeheon was reviewing the documents to select subcontractors for the new project, which was why she organized them in this manner.

“After we finish our meal, you can head to Yongin first.”

“What about you?”

“I need to stop by the office, I have a meeting. I’ll head there in the evening.”


“Also, from now on, don’t contact Director Woo. I’ll handle that side of things.”

“Are you sure about that?”

“I said I would take care of it, Yeonseo.”

Hearing him call her ‘Yeonseo’ warmed her cheeks.

“Feel free to spend as much time as you want with grandmother. The caregiver’s salary will continue to be deposited as before.”

“Is it you who will be providing from now on?”

Taeheon set the documents aside and leaned back on the couch. He turned his head to look at Yeonseo.

“You’ll never see Seungbin again.”


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