“It’s my body and my mind. If you don’t like it, you can refuse.”

“If that information goes up top, the hero assigned to deal with you on that day will either be a woman or gay.”


Belze’s facade of maturity crumbled at the absurdity of it all.

“Anyone who’s in danger of falling for a villain is assigned elsewhere. I’m young, straight, and male, so I’ll definitely get a hands-off order to approach you.”

Seo really disliked that.

Belze was certainly an annoying and troublesome villain, but she was someone he needed to put under his watch and defeat, not someone to watch as she fought with others because he had been pushed away.

For that, he had to resist the urge. He wanted to remain as Belze’s opponent even if it meant that he would get hurt.

“It’s my life, I can do what I want.”

Meeting people privately is what it is. Of course, he had realized the awkwardness of personal relationships when he met Hugo, but it was the same, regardless of whom he met.

“…At least I don’t want to be the one to break it off.”

Nevertheless, he didn’t want to get out of her jurisdiction any more than that. So, he couldn’t accept an offer to cooperate with her with a 5 in 6 chance or a 1 in 6 chance of sleeping with her.

Even if he won, even if she was standing in front of his private cabin with her damp hair and robe looking up at him, he couldn’t…… do it.

Belze would have understood. Seo prayed she would understand. Wasn’t it Belze who had said she wanted to remain as his adversary even if her arm was broken? So, when Seo, who had been deeply lost in thought at that moment, was quietly grabbed by his forearm, Belze asked.

“Well then, how about temptation?”


“If conditional bets or monetary compensation doesn’t work, how about personal temptation?”

Well, if it was about hero ethics, then of course, it was a problem. But as far as heroic discipline goes, there’s some wiggle room. Temptation was something that could be done on the side, but it’s definitely ethically reprehensible, because you’ll be told, “You have no work ethic,” or something like that.

That’s what Seo should have said, but what actually came out of his mouth was something else.

“It’s risky but it should be okay.”

Upon hearing this, Belze stretched her neck and pouted her lips. Seo didn’t think any further and devoured her small lips.

He bumped into it first, then he opened his mouth and swallowed them whole. He twisted his face to align his nose diagonally as he touched her lips with his tongue, probing the opening. His right hand wrapped around her waist, while his left hand dug into her thigh beneath her robe. He stepped back with his left foot and body, guiding Belze further into the room, and with his right foot, he slammed the door shut.

In an instant, they tumbled onto the bed. Belze, who lay on top of Seo, didn’t react dramatically but gently planted her lips on his collarbone.

When something goes out of sight from the eyes, it goes out of the heart as well. Conversely, it’s difficult for something to go out of the heart as long as it remains within the eyes. A cruise, where you can’t escape by sea or air, was the worst place and the best opportunity, so to speak.

The second real kiss they shared was deeper and more intense than the first. It was uneasy at times, as their bodies moved, making it difficult to keep their lips locked, but they didn’t pull away easily, and their mouths moved back and forth between each other.

Seo sucked on Belze’s tongue as if swallowing it, and she playfully nibbled on his tongue as it ventured into her mouth.

It was more ticklish than what she had felt in his dreams, and at times, she found it hard to breathe. She had thought of it as a dream filled with realism, but now that they were actually kissing, she realized that the dream had been just that—a dream.

The strange sensation of hard teeth behind soft lips that could only be felt in reality.

She kissed his collarbone because she didn’t have the courage to kiss him on the lips, but it turned him on. Seo shifted his body, laying Belze beneath him, and started kissing from her lips, then below her lips, her jaw, her neck, and all the way down to her collarbone and the center of her chest.

He didn’t leave any marks, but when he pressed his lips a little harder, it felt like he was devouring her slowly.

Their two robes were quickly disheveled. Belze’s robe, which didn’t fit perfectly to begin with, spread apart even more, revealing parts of her body. The contrast with the white robe made her skin seem more alluring.

Wanting to bite, Seo nibbled lightly on the upper br*ast of her gaping cleavage. In response, Belze threw her shoulder up and cupped his cheek with both hands.

A pleasant smacking sound resonated playfully. It was just a little flirtatious gesture, aimed at diverting attention to herself.

“Why did you kiss me?”

“Because you were giving me your lips.”

“Before that.”

The “before that” referred to their first kiss. It was an uncomfortable question, and Seo avoided answering by touching her thigh. Belze slapped his cheek again. It didn’t hurt, but if she did it any harder, it felt like it might knee him in the chest.

“After kissing, it felt like my mood became clearer.”

“Clearer in what way?”

“Whether I wanted to sleep more or if it was a misunderstanding. Did you like it?”

“Not really. I just wanted to try it again since I was surprised.”

“Oh, really?”


That damn nonchalant “Oh, really.”. His attitude of not taking people’s words seriously was irritating. Belze, who was trying to pull herself up, was knocked back down by Seo’s hard body.

Externally, he didn’t seem very muscular, but when you actually hit him, he was sturdy. This was even more vivid than her dreams.

“Why did you come to seduce me?”

This time, Seo asked.

“I came for you.”


“I wanted to because I was annoyed.”


Neither of these are good reasons for Belze to seduce Seo. When he asks the question in a deliberately cheeky way, she laughs at him, knowing his intentions.

“There’s a lot of guys in my organization who fell for Hye-na. They say that day was so fantastic. I honestly didn’t believe it, but then I saw you, I thought it might be possible for you to kneel at my feet.”

As she spoke, Belze lifted her knee and pressed it against Seo’s side. The robe that had covered her legs like a dress flowed down, revealing only her underwear.

The corners of his mouth tilted upward, and a look of provocation crossed Seo’s face. Since she had come under the guise of ‘seducing’ him, he thought he could return the favor.

“It may not go as planned. You might cling to me too. I’m planning to sleep with you again, just like you are with me.”

He wrapped hollow words in a facade of misery. A heart that doesn’t want to lose and a heart that wants to be touched. Feelings you want to hide and desires you’re less ashamed of because they’re already out in the open. Haunting memories and moments of excitement.

He covered these emotions, tangled messily together in carefully chosen words, with the packaging of competitiveness. That way, it was somewhat bearable.

But it was also genuine. Good experiences embrace even the bad moments and leave only the enjoyable ones. He hoped to make it as enjoyable as possible so that the other person would think it was good and want to do it again. That way, his self-esteem would be filled, and the embarrassment in his dreams might disappear. He even thought that this might be the reason it was created, but still, the goal was clear.

With the same thought, their kisses intensified. Seo’s left hand roamed Belze’s thigh, and his right hand spread her robe wider. Her cleavage was exposed, revealing an unremarkable bra. Seo slipped his right hand behind her back and easily undid the hooks of her bra.

Meanwhile, Belze reached into Seo’s robe and touched the lower side of his chest under his arm. Her first attempts at caressing were clumsy fumbles and palm rubs, but Seo was responding well.

His upper body twitched and his throat rumbled as if he wanted to make a sound. The tips of his ears seemed to prickle.

Belze burst into laughter and wrapped her legs around his waist.

“You always say you’re sensitive to me and yet, you’re not that innocent, are you?”

“…You’ve never touched me before.”

As if it were an embarrassing complaint, Seo let out a fake grunt of displeasure, so Belze touched him a little more deliberately.

His body isn’t as soft as it looked, but it was firm, and as she pressed her palm against it, it grew hotter and hotter, and she didn’t want to pull away.

The places Seo’s hand touched were the same. But, he was more skillful, so it felt slightly more intense.

Before Belze knew it, Seo had completely exposed her chest. He pushed it up from below, gathered it in the middle, and teasing both n*pples with one hand, exploring her chest from various ways.

“Aaah, aaah, aaah.”

Each touch still made his body tingle as if his skin were a conductor. With a few pieces of clothing between them, Seo’s swollen c*ck brushed against her, making her sensations even more sensitive.

Normally, sensations became dull with familiarity, but on the bed, they seemed to grow more sensitive as time passed, and even nonexistent sensations echoed.

“Ah, ahhhhh, ahhhhhh, ahhhhh… Don’t, don’t do it so much.”

“Don’t you like it?”

“But I’m the only one making the noise….”

Moreover, every time the stimulation intensified, Belze’s hands involuntarily moved away from his body.

Belze grumbled in a low voice that it wasn’t fair, but Seo remained indifferent, not feeling any regret or dislike.

His groping was more exhilarating than he’d expected, but he enjoyed watching Belze react to each touch. He loved hearing the high-pitched squeals of pleasure that escaped her lips as she squirmed from the tickling sensation.

She wanted to slap the hand that was groping her sensitive spot but watching Seo quickly grasp his hands as if he didn’t want to let go, as if he would miss something, made her heart ache.

“I’m satisfied too. It’s just that, I make less noise.”

“I mean, it’s just, hmm.”

“So, you feeling more isn’t my fault.”

He leaned down and nibbled on her br*ast, and her body jerked. It Just the feeling of his lips touching his chest was almost unbearable, but when his tongue teasingly played with the n*pple, it was agonizingly delightful.

Unable to withstand the sensation of his slick tongue licking her n*pples, Belze grabbed Seo’s head with both arms and pushed him away. Reluctanly, Seo lifted his head with a hint of disappointment, ran his tongue slowly over his lower lip.

Even though his forehead was already slightly damp with sweat, when the crimson tongue extended to lick her n*pples, it became a distinctly seductive sight. The thought of that tongue licking her n*pple made the tips of her br*asts clench and tingle.

Belze shuddered and tugged at his hair.

“Don’t make that face.”

“What… you’re not making sense. What’s wrong with my face?”

“A seductive face.”

Perhaps taken as a joke, Seo let out a muffled laugh.

“Well, if it gets you excited, that’s a good thing. Are you w*t?”


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