Melcy’s small entrance opened to accept his huge p*nis. Herriot took a long breath as she watched her swallow his c*ck while trembling, and gripped her shaking chest.

He wanted it from the beginning. He coveted his master despite his humble status. He wanted to become someone who could be with her. But that was just his dream. Melcy was not interested in him. He was just livestock. When he was tied up and given as a gift to another nobleman, his misery was beyond words.

“No, no, no–!”

A scream-like sound hit Herriot’s ears. He didn’t care about Melcy’s situation.

If he had known she would die so uselessly, he would have at least tried to touch her body. He had imagined countless times of coveting her. Now that the dream he had dreamed of had become a reality, Melcy’s feelings or situation were of no concern to him. He was eager to release his pent-up desires.

He thrust up and down the cramped passageway with abominable force. Melcy’s body twisted and she felt pain all over her body. The intensity of the sensation filled Herriot with a strange emotion.

Her thighs trembled. Melcy’s body stretched as she cl*maxed lightly. Antonio gently caressed her face as he watched her swallow another man’s c*ck.

“Right, a bitch need a man’s c*ck.”

Tears soaked Antonio’s thighs as Herriot slid in and out of Melcy.

“Melcy, you should smile. Your master is rewarding you now. Why are you crying? I’ll fill your p*ssy with something else.”

Antonio pulled Melcy’s head. He gently wiped her face, which was messed up with saliva.

“Are you crying because one is not enough? If you don’t smile, I can only feel sorry for you.”

“Sob, hmmhp….”

How can she force herself to smile while being penetrated by someone else? How can she be told to smile?

Her mouth was free, but she couldn’t say anything. Melcy was afraid of Antonio. With his eyes full of lust, it seemed like he could do anything.

Melcy became genuinely curious about what was in Antonio’s head. He seemed like a completely different person from the one she knew. He also seemed insane.

Melcy forced a smile. She couldn’t see her own face, but she didn’t doubt that her expression was uncanny.

“Wow, our cute puppy actually wants to eat someone else’s c*ck?”

Antonio lifted one corner of his mouth and laughed. It was an obvious sneer. Melcy’s hand trembled. Even though she repeatedly shook her head, Antonio didn’t listen. Warm tears kept flowing down her cheeks.

“Haha…huh, sob. Hic.”

She tried to laugh out loud, but in the end, there were tears. Her head was mangled by Herriot’s c*ck pounding inside her.

His hand groped her chest. He tightly squeezed her erect n*pples. Her waist bent sharply backwards. Every time he thrust his p*nis hard, her body fell downwards. It felt like she was walking on a groundless floor. Thanks to Herriot, who held her waist tightly, she could barely keep her body up. But even that was disgusting.

Herriot straightened Melcy’s waist. Her br*asts heaved with each upward thrust, and she could clearly see his p*nis sliding in and out of her p*ssy. The love juices flowing from her p*ssy dampened her thighs.

“Haahnng, huh, humh.”

Antonio looked at this scene while sitting on a chair. It was so embarrassing. She felt like she was going crazy. In the meantime, the terrible thing was that liquid was leaking from her v*gina. Has she really turned into a bitch as Antonio said?

And she was even more aware of it when she felt a strong cl*max.

Melcy’s thighs trembled. Hot breath poured out of her mouth. His inner walls clenched around Herriot’s c*ck. His thrusts slowed down. And instinctively, she realized that Herriot had ej*culated. Melcy couldn’t believe that she received the seed of a commoner. She bit her lips tightly to keep herself from screaming.

She wondered what Antonio was thinking when he saw her face like this.

“…It seems like your face is saying you need two c*cks right now?”

Antonio grabbed Melcy’s collar. Her head was forced down by his strong grip. He pressed his dirty lips on her.

“Hmm, hmmp.”

Melcy shut her mouth tightly and turned her head, so he slapped her cheek.

“Open your mouth.”

Melcy trembled and opened her mouth. His tongue entered her mouth.

“Melcy, I didn’t plan on giving you a reward, but I can’t resist.”

Melcy shook her head like crazy.

“No, no. Please, no.”

But Antonio didn’t listen to her words. He just picked her up and held her, Herriot’s c*ck sliding out from behind her. C*m and juices ran down her thighs. Antonio laid back on the bed and positioned his c*ck at Melcy’s entrance.

“No, no…”

And he thrust it in one breath. Her slippery and wet walls clung tightly to his p*nis.

“Hmm, you seem to enjoy it more than you say, Melcy.”

“Ugh, no… no.”

Melcy’s head was already a mess. She couldn’t hear Antonio’s words. Her body shook with the intense movements below. Each hard stab to a sensitive spot that had only been there for a short time made her lose all sense of reason.

“Sir Herriot.”

What’s happening right now?

The only thing that was certain was that someone else’s p*nis was about to enter her anus.

Herriot pulled the tail of her anus out, sending tingles down her spine from the intense stimulation behind it. She didn’t want to feel the strong pleasure that was coming.

I really don’t want this, but my body betrayed the will of it’s owner.

Tears dripped from Melcy’s eyes. Cold liquid was sprayed on her b*ttocks. Herriot’s finger pushed the liquid into her assh*le. It was easy to move his finger around since it had already been stretched for a long time.

“Ah…! No…! No, stop–!”

Melcy wriggled violently. But it was a pleasure for Antonio, too, as her insides tightened significantly with each movement.


He moaned briefly and grabbed Melcy’s hair.

This woman seemed to have no idea how she was stimulating men right now. Antonio lifted his waist. Melcy’s resistance decreased. At the same time, Herriot’s p*nis penetrated her anus.


Melcy screamed in pain. Two penises began to pierce her front and back. Her body trembled violently. Every time one went in, the other came out. Each thrust produced white foam. The bubbles popped with a crackling sound every time their bodies collided. She couldn’t regain her senses due to the dull pain and the corresponding pleasure that came with it.

Am I really a wh*re?

Even the prostitutes in the red-light district wouldn’t feel ecstasy with two c*cks.

Melcy’s face was stained with tears. At the same time, an insane pleasure swept through her body. It felt like her body was being shattered into pieces. And she felt like she was losing her mind due to the intense sensation.

Melcy clung desperately to Herriot. As both penises entered her at the same time, she reached her cl*max and her love juices flowed out. Her inner walls contracted and tightly squeezed both c*cks.

“Ugh, it’s too tight.”

Antonio briefly stopped his thrusts and let out a long sigh.

“Huhhng, huh, huhm, huh.”

Antonio licked Melcy’s tears from below.

“Khuk, Melcy.”

Melcy’s pure-white body was now covered in marks left by the two men. They went deeper and deeper, as if they were trying to destroy her. It was overwhelming. She couldn’t breathe properly. In the end, she gasped for breath while sobbing.

“If you’re not going to moan, I’ll block your mouth too. You should cry prettily.”

“Huh, huhnng… ah! Aaahngg.”

Melcy had no choice but to do as he said.

“Hmph, huhk, hmmng, hhnng.”

As I moaned out loud, I had the illusion that I was really enjoying it. No matter how hard I tried to regain my senses, I was still a prostitute who loved receiving two men’s c*cks.

“That’s right, you’re such a good girl.”

With a choking sound from the collar around my neck, I understood how low I had fallen in their eyes.

To them, I was not a human being.

* * *

Melcy cried for a long time when she returned to her room.

Everything was so disgusting that she couldn’t bear it. The feeling of two penises penetrating her body was still there. The feeling of two hands groping her body was so vivid. Melcy had reached her cl*max many times that day while receiving the two men’s c*cks.

Many times, countless times.

Even animals wouldn’t enjoy it as much as I did.

She messed up her hair and tore off her clothes, knowing that it would only become a debt later.

She shattered the mirror into pieces. Looking at her distorted face reflected in the broken fragments, she smiled bitterly.

I’d rather die. The thought of wanting to die strongly overwhelmed her.

She spent her time crying even on days when she didn’t receive any clients. Her situation was miserable and terrible. She knew that Rufen wouldn’t like seeing her like this, but she couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. She rested for more than two weeks without receiving any clients, but her condition didn’t improve. It only got worse.

Regardless of Melcy’s feelings, she dressed up today to receive a man.

I wonder if I could have enjoyed this life more if I had been born a commoner. Would I have enjoyed wearing the dresses that nobles wear, applying luxury perfume, and such? Melcy muttered to herself, imagining strange things.

“Melcy, smile.”

Tears continued to flow from her broken tear ducts. Rufen wiped away Melcy’s tears and placed a cold ice pack on her eyes.

She had thought about running away before.

At night, two men guarded her door, and during the day, Rufen watched her all day. She couldn’t breathe.

She couldn’t even take a bath alone, and no one could be around her. Even the mirror had become moveable after she broke it. The room was spacious, but there was nothing in it except for a bed.

She couldn’t even be free in death.

Melcy habitually bit her nails. Then suddenly she became anxious. When would she earn money to escape if she rested like this? In the meantime, her debts will pile up.

She was disgusted with herself for having such thoughts. Melcy’s mind was deteriorating to the point where reason no longer existed. She had built up intelligence, wisdom, and nobility until now.

“Let’s go.”

Rufen’s words interrupted Melcy’s thoughts. She wondered what was the point of her past glory now.

He took her hand and led her away. Her legs gave out and she sank to the ground as she faced him.

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