Yeonseo looked up at him. Taeheon’s lips seemed sharper than usual, as if he were putting extra effort into them.

He reached down and gently stroked the corner of Yeonseo’s throbbing mouth. Nevertheless, despite her best efforts, Taeheon’s eyebrows gradually furrowed.

“It’s cute how inexperienced you are. Han Yeonseo, you’re truly something.”


Tears pooled in the corners of Yeonseo’s eyes as she continued with the act.

“You cry so easily.”

Yeonseo’s eyelashes fluttered. It felt more strange than disgusting. The sporadic breaths escaping Taehoon made her feel oddly excited.

As if Woo Taeheon, that man, seemed to be enjoying this…

Yeonseo rolled her tongue, trying different approaches.

“You’re quite good at this.”

Taeheon gathered her hair in one hand, exposing one side of Yeonseo’s neck. His gaze towards that exposed area was hot and lustful.

“You sound so dirty.”

Yeonseo tightly closed her eyes as Taeheon gently touched her lips, which had reached their limits.

“Do you think it’s too much?”


“Probably not, after all the days you’ve made me feel like an assh*le.”

Yeonseo thought about how to proceed while she struggled with the weight of him in her mouth. An idea flashed into her mind, and she used her hand to cup around his base for her to adjust her position.

When she looked up at Taeheon, his eyebrows were raised in surprise. He had tried to change the situation by suddenly attempting to grab Yeonseo’s head, but she resisted stubbornly for some reason.

She firmly held his agitated thigh, hoping that he would lose his composure in the end.

With a short curse, he ej*culated. Yeonseo, who was caught off guard by the strong reaction, pulled away and coughed violently.

The unrelieved tension splattered in all directions – on Yeonseo’s cheek, her clothes, and even on his pants.

Yeonseo, whose eyes had turned slightly red from the sudden outburst, kept coughing, so Taeheon offered her a bottle of water. She shook her head and covered her mouth.

“Stubborn as ever. Rinse it off quickly.”

“I… I didn’t expect you to do that all of a sudden. Ugh…”

“You think I did, too?”

“But, I did well, right?”

“I mean… you did well.”

Taeheon stood up and lifted up Yeonseo. She clung tightly to his neck, surprised.

He carried her to the bathroom and sat her on the edge of the bathtub.

“Wash up.”

Yeonseo nodded her head. She understood that she needed to clean up.

With no experience in this matter, everything felt awkward.

“I’ll help you wash later, but do it yourself for now.”

“Uh, I can do it myself.”

With flushed cheeks, Yeonseo watched Taehon’s back as he left the bathroom. Once the door was closed and she was alone, she felt a rush of heat.

She sat down on the bathroom floor, her face buried between her knees. Thanks to the surging thoughts in her head, Seungbin’s bad memories was pushed to the back of her mind.




After leaving the room, Taeheon headed for Seungbin’s room. As he walked through the half-open door, Seungbin was on the phone with someone and his face fell when he saw Taeheon.

He put his phone down and walked over to where Taeheon was.

“What did you do with Yeonseo? Where is she now?”

“Well, that’s what I want to know too. What the hell did you do?”

Seungbin’s temper flared up at Taeheon’s tone. It had been relatively easy to get Yeonseo to the bedroom by giving her a sleeping pill and alcohol.

Seungbin knew Yeonseo well enough to calculate that once they had physical contact, she wouldn’t refuse him anymore. Even though the order of things was reversed, it didn’t seem immoral to him to get  her drunk first, since they were going to have a relationship someday.

But things went wrong when Yeonseo abruptly left, and Seungbin had been frantic trying to find her. He urgently reviewed the CCTV footage and interrogated the guards in the vicinity.

Then he received a report that Yeonseo had left this room and gone to Taeheon’s room. He had suspected for a while that Taeheon might have bought Yeonseo. Today’s events only confirmed his suspicions.

There was no reason for Yeonseo to go to this lunatic’s room on her own otherwise. Something was exchanged financially, which is why Yeonseo is following Taeheon.

But, Taeheon coming all the way to Seungbin’s room by himself was quite unexpected. Taeheon wasn’t generous enough to go through this trouble just for an employee he hired.

“How much did you pay Yeonseo? How much did you give her for her to stick to you? After all, it’s me who paid off Yeonseo’s debt.”

“If I had known you were forcing it so much, drugging her, I should have gotten rid of you long ago.”


Seungbin hesitated for a moment as he was caught on something.

“Where’s Yeonseo’s stuff?”

Taeheon scanned his eyes and glance at the clutch, cell phone, and lipstick scattered on the floor.

He can confirm it was Yeonseo’s stuff. Taeheon had opened the clutch himself when they first saw each other at the party and slipped the card key into it.

From the scattered things, it wasn’t hard to picture what Seungbin had done. He likely have brought the unconscious Yeonseo in his room and harbored some sinister intentions.

Taeheon swallowed hard, suppressing his breath. Seungbin would soon leave for a distant place, but a situation requiring a more severe punishment had arisen.

When Yeonseo came to his room and burst into tears, Taeheon felt a deep regret as he watched her cry out. He regretted not stopping Seungbin sooner.

The night Yeonseo argued with Seungbin and ran down the stairs, the night she disappeared in a storm. Taeheon had plenty of opportunities then.

But he turned a blind eye to Seungbin’s heinous behavior, waiting for Yeonseo to reach out to him first.  He realized his regret now.

He had hesitated, even though it wasn’t that hard for him to bring a man down to his doom without a reason. The consequence of tolerating Seungbin’s wrongdoing had led to this situation.

Yeonseo had cried because of another man. Taeheon was the only one who could take him down. No, it had to be only him.

So, he took these unplanned steps. He had a genuine desire to strangle Seungbin without hesitation.

If Chairman Woo, who had always praised and stated that Taeheon be the successor to Sewon, saw this, he would be surprised.

“Pick them up.”


“You should clean up the mess you made.”

Taeheon instructed, looking at the scattered items on the floor. Seungbin blushed in disbelief.

“I don’t know what Yeonseo said but… I brought her here while she was drunk, and she suddenly ran out, so whatver she thinks, it might be a misunderstanding. So, tell me where Yeonseo is. I’ll meet her in person and explain.”

“Sounds fishy.”

“Why do you keep acting arrogant towards me? I’m your hyung.”

“Yeonseo is taking a shower right now.”


“If you have something to say, say it to me. I’ll listen and then decide whether to tell her or not.”

Even though Taeheon had somewhat openly explained his relationship with Yeonseo, Seungbin didn’t immediately understand and asked.

“Wait, Yeonseo is taking a shower? In your room?”

Seungbin’s eyes widened in confusion.

“You should give her time to wash up before we have s*x.”

“Wait a minute. So… that means…”

Seungbin’s malfunctioning brain struggled to piece things together, and it was rather pitiful.

“Now, do you have any idea whose belongings you’ve touched?”

“Woo Taeheon! Did you threaten Yeonseo?”

“Threaten? You are in no position to say such thing.”

The audacity of him to accuse after what he had done.

Taehoon sneered. Seungbin’s mind was a mess as he looked at the lips that arrogantly curved upward.

Why did Yeonseo? What made Yeonseo?

Why would she do it with that bastard Woo Taeheon?

For sure, Taehoon had slyly manipulated Yeonseo.

Yes, that’s right, that’s why she kept pushing him away.

Once his thoughts were clear, it was quick for Seungbin to decide on what to do.

He had to save Yeonseo. He was the only one who could save poor Yeonseo from the pit that Taehoon had set. Seungbin’s breathing became rugged as anger welled up inside him.

“You have no idea how much grandmother cherishes Yeonseo. If you mess with Yeonseo, even if you’re her grandson, grandmother won’t forgive you!”

“Well. I’d like to think I’d be more forgiving than someone who’s just going to dance around Yeonseo for a few more pennies of grandma’s inheritance.”

“Don’t act like you’re not involved. Aren’t you planning to profit from Yeonseo anyway?”

Taehoon turned his head slightly with an expressionless face.

“You’re wrong.”

“You’re just like me. You pretended like you didn’t care, but in the end, you reached out to Yeonseo because you wanted something. What did you use to threaten her? Her remaining debt?”

Seungbin had paid off her debt of 300 million won, but he hadn’t paid all of her existing debts so that he could onto her, keeping it in reserve for future leverage. He told Yeonseo that the process was complicated, but it was an excuse.

Taeheon probably had a similar thought. If Taehoon had brought up the debt she owed to the table and offered her a deal, it was understandable that she’d fall for it.

“You must know a lot about Han Yeonseo.”

“I know a lot more about her than you, who suddenly appear out of nowhere! What… what is it?”

Taeheon took a step closer, and Seungbin’s eyes widened in surprise. Taeheon looked down at Seungbin, close enough for their breaths to mingle.

Wet hair. A bathrobe that wasn’t fastened properly.

Seungbin must have run to capture Yeonseo in this state.

“So, Seungbin, how much do you know about me then?”


Seungbin’s facial muscles twitched.

Taeheon hadn’t been lusting after Yeonseo from the start; he’d just wanted to see Seungbin’s face when he’d gotten his a$s handed to him by seducing Yeonseo who was Seungbin’s potential partner. He had planned to make Yeonseo his own person after she had been Seungbin’s woman.

He had been delighted at the thought of destroying Seungbin. But when he began to want her physically, Taeheon couldn’t wait to make her his own.

He wanted to make Yeonseo exclusively his and possess her entirely. He wanted to keep her out of the reach of both Seungbin and Director Woo.

Even if their relationship would eventually grow tiresome, it was only right for her to belong to him once. His possessive nature extended to his belongings, and Yeonseo was no exception.

Yeonseo was the only person Taeheon had ever become so obsessed with. She was special enough for him to take matters into his own hands repeatedly. His patience with Seungbin was wearing thin.

“I wonder how I should get rid of you.”


“You should have recognized it before touching. You still don’t know who Han Yeonseo belongs to?”

Taehoon’s low voice sent shivers down Seungbin’s scalp.


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