Chapter 88 

“Kwon Tae-yeol won’t stay still either.”

Myung-hyuk continued with a brooding look.

“He’s not stupid enough not to know you’re behind it. He has been sued by his ex-girlfriends for illegal filming and sharing. He won’t let the 60th birthday party slide. If he finds evidence, he will sue you for defamation.”

“He’ll have to investigate to do so.”

“But if Mr Lee gets caught in the law and calls out your name….”

“Did you forget? Mr Lee is a dead man.”

Tae-seok raised the corners of his mouth slightly.

“Mr Lee’s wife already had a funeral a few months ago. Even the police wouldn’t have thought that the deceased was involved. Kwon Tae-yeol is utterly unaware that Mr Lee is alive.”


“He’s going to be a dog for the rest of his life.”

At Tae-seok’s words, Myung-hyuk shuddered as if he was horrified.

After a while, Myung-hyuk changed the subject.

“The chairman must have been shocked this time. The eldest son ruined ann important event.”

“Chairman Kwon is a cold-blooded man who abandons his beloved woman for his own benefit. How can he be depressed just because he was humiliated a little at the 60th birthday party?”

Tae-seok’s voice was numb. Myung-hyuk smiled bitterly.

“Right. How is Hyewon? She hasn’t been seen at public events since the 60th birthday party.”

“She’s mostly at home these days. She has become more fearful after the helicopter accident. Now she says her heart beats just looking at the plane. She officially resigned from the company.”

“It’s because the shock is big. Hyewon had a hard time when you were unconscious.”


Tae-seok shook the glass with a thin smile.

“I heard that the atmosphere in the house was chaotic and the wedding was postponed. There was a helicopter accident, and this incident, but are you just going to go ahead?”

“F*ck. I came back to life, but I don’t care about the atmosphere in the house. Hyewon is the most important.”

Tae-seok muttered in a languid voice.

“We’ll have a ceremony.”


Tae-seok, who returned to the company after lunch, called Hye-won first. He wandered impatiently around the office when he did not receive the signal even after several rings. When she finally answered the phone, Tae-seok nagged with a frown.

“Why are you answering the phone so late?” How many times do I tell you? If you don’t answer the phone, I will have a nervous breakdown.”

[I’m sorry. Someone from the company just came to sew a dress.]

It was only then that Tae-seok remembered that today was dress fitting day.

These days, Hye-won has been very busy. Because she had to choose her wedding dress again because of her visibly swollen stomach. Jewels, hair decorations, shoes and bouquets were also to be changed to match the dress.

[Tae-seok. I… I have to try fitting now. Everyone is waiting.]

“All right.”

Tae-seok, who hung up the phone, used his cell phone to check CCTV. Hyewon was in the dress room. With a hanger with a string of wedding dresses.

Laughter naturally bloomed around Tae-seok’s mouth, who was staring at the camera. It was very lovely of her to look at the dress by putting her flowing hair behind her ears. slender shoulders and plump lips Even the slightly swollen lower abdomen under the dress.

You look like a doll.

Taesuk wiped the screen with his fingertips. Then, with his eyes fixed on her figure, he pulled out his medicine bag.

He thought he went to work for no reason. He will just sit around at home and watch her fit into dresses.

It was when he poured the medicine into his mouth.

Suddenly, he felt as if he had made eye contact with her. Tae-seok paused in surprise. He swallowed the medicine without water, and he stared at the camera.

Am I mistaken?

Hyewon was busy moving again. After picking up the dress hanging in front of her, she carefully placed it on the bed. She then grabbed the skirt to take off the dress she was wearing.

However, Hye-won couldn’t take off her clothes easily. Hesitating, she smiled awkwardly. Then she slowly turned her back to the camera and took off her dress.

Like someone who knows the camera is there…

Tae-seok hardened.


Hye-won woke up to the sound of the bedroom door opening. She could hear Tae-seok approaching the bed.

After a while, he came into bed and hugged Hye-won from behind. Taeseok smelled of alcohol. She heard that the company arranged a light dinner for him, who returned after a long time.

Looking at the clock on the table, it was close to midnight. Hye-won blinked her sleepy eyes and went back to sleep.

Then, Tae-seok opened his mouth.

“Since when have you known?”


Hyewon answered back as if she didn’t know.

She noticed at once what he was asking. But she shut up because she wanted him to say more.

Hye-won lowered her long eyelashes and smiled a secret smile. Then Tae-seok stood up unexpectedly and turned her.


A strong grip grabbed both of Hyewon’s wrists. Then he pressed it down onto her sheet, her cheeks turning rosy.

“Tell me when you’ve known. Before you get in trouble.”

Tae-seok muttered with his hot lips.

“All the bodyguards have been sent out, but there’s no way you won’t take action. I already knew. CCTVs were installed indoors…”

Tae-seok’s hand, which was smoothing her lips, dug into her pajamas. Tae-seok rubbed her chest and slowly went down.

“As you were discharged from the hospital and I was adjusting to the newlyweds’ house, one or two caught my eye. At first, I was going to say something to get rid of it right away… but then Tae-seok… ah… ugh.”

Hye-won bit her lips while looking down at the Taeseok between her thighs. It’s because his tongue is stuck in her secret place.

“Haa, you were sick… I couldn’t speak. Then… heuk. I completely forgot about it.”

“You’ve forgotten?”

Taeseok opened the crack with his fingers. Hyewon rolled her legs as his tongue wet her thick, fleshy p*bic area.

“Ah…! I’m going to have a baby soon… When the baby is young, I thought I might need it… Tae-seok, there. Ha, don’t lick it…”

“So you’ve been pretending you didn’t know?”

Hyewon struggled as she grabbed the sheet. She hardened her cl*toris sorely against his tongue. At one point, her whole body convulsed at the pleasure she felt as if her center of gravity was splitting.

“Ahhk… Haa…!” 

Hye-won’s body drooped at the intense cl*max. Only then did Tae-seok lift his face from her cr*tch.


He licked his lips and sat next to her. He pushed his bulging gr*in into Hyewon’s face and pulled down his pants.


A spring-like g*nitalia struck her on the cheek.

Hyewon blinked her eyes in confusion. Her cheeks tingled from the sudden touch. Tae-seok rubbed the hot head of his c*ck against her lips.

“Open your mouth.”

“Mph. Ugh. Hm.”

The sound of digging through the damp tongue filled the quiet bedroom.

Taeseok shook his back regularly. He rubbed his gl*ns all over her soaked mouth and inserted them deep into her throat.

He let out a moan as he surrendered his body to the feeling of being sucked in. The er*ct p*nis wriggled like a snake in her mouth. As she choked, she slowly brought it out.

“Suck the one hanging underneath.”

A large, heavy testicle filled her vision.

Hesitantly, Hyewon stuck out her tongue. She licked it and held it in her mouth. The surface felt like soft but tough leather, and the inside was filled with something elastic.

Hye-won tried moving her tongue deeper.

Taeseok’s breathing became more and more rough. Her moist tongue licked him, breathing like a beast. Excited, he grabbed the back of Hyewon’s head and pulled her toward him.

A bulging scr*tum squeezed her cheeks. Hyewon moved her tongue again. She licked up his gl*ns and poked his ur*thra with the tip of her tongue. 

“You’re so pretty.”

Tae-seok stroked Hye-won’s cheek with his heated hands.

When he met her eyes, it felt like electricity was flowing through his whole body. Watery eyes, full eyelashes, flushed cheeks. Her bre*sts poking out of her negligee bobbed every time she moved her head.

Unable to bear it any longer, he pulled his p*nis out of her mouth. When he saw her lips, which had swollen from fondling his p*nis, he had a strong urge to c*m. Tae-seok aimed his bulging p*nis at her mouth.

“I think it’s going to come out, so stick out your tongue. Hurry up. Ha…!”

When Hye-won opened her mouth, hot liquid was sprayed on her tongue.

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