Chapter 86 

“Anyway, I’m glad you’re safe. Taeyeol was very worried. Me too…”

“I see. I’ve caused you both trouble.”

When Tae-seok politely replied, Executive Director Choi blushed again. That’s why she couldn’t detect the cold air between the three of them.

“When will you have your wedding?”

“It’s early next month.”

“It’s just around the corner. You must be excited. Where are you going for your honeymoon?”

Executive Director Choi seemed to want to continue talking to Tae-seok. Tae-yeol, who noticed this, pulled her arm.

“Let’s not do this in the lobby and go say hello to my father.”

“Shall we?”

“That’s great. We were going to go say hello, too.”

“Let’s go together.” Tae-seok grinned and said, Then, Executive Director Choi’s face revived, and Tae-yeol paused and looked at Tae-seok.


A look of discomfort was evident on Tae-yeol’s face. But he wasn’t as squeamish as usual. Chairman Kwon’s 60th birthday party was an event that Tae-yeol painstakingly prepared from the beginning of this year. Taeyeol was not a fool enough to ruin this with his own hands.

“You’re here.”

Chairman Kwon looked very happy when he saw his two sons who appeared with a bride-to-be.

They stood next to their father to greet the guests. Relatives’ attention was focused on Tae-seok, who had just recovered from his bed.

A worried voice asking for regards. Familiar faces. And unfamiliar faces.

Tae-seok responded to the guests with a mechanical smile. Hye-won, who was welcoming guests with a smiling face next to Tae-seok, suddenly opened her mouth.

“I’m going to the bathroom.”

Tae-seok nodded. He wanted to go with her, but he couldn’t move because he was busy with his relatives.

Hye-won, who is pregnant, has been in and out of the bathroom often recently. However, when he looked at her face at first glance, she didn’t seem to be going to do anything. Maybe the fact that she has to be in the same space with Taeyeol is not comfortable.

Tae-seok stared at Hye-won’s back as she was moving away. At that time, Tae-yeol, who stood next to him, spoke quietly.

“Why don’t you stop looking at me and show your sincerity?”


“I had a hard time preparing all this by myself while you were lying like a corpse in the hospital.”

“I think I’ve had a hard time.”

“What do you mean?”

“Somehow, it doesn’t have a luxurious taste. People who don’t know it will think it’s the birthday of a rich boy, not the chairman of the Mujin Group.”


Tae-yeol frowned. However, they couldn’t continue the conversation anymore because a guest appeared just in time.

“Congressman Min, are you here?”

“Oh, director. How are you feeling?”

“As you can see, I’m fine.”

“What a great mentality. I respect you.”

Tae-seok talked with the guest calmly. There were doubts and irritation in Tae-yeol’s eyes looking at his half-brother. Today, it was so annoying to see him only smiling leisurely.

What the hell are you up to?

“Today, I heard that you’re giving a congratulatory speech as a representative of the guests.”

“That’s it. I was chosen over the eminent friends. Hehe.”

“Among my father’s friends, is there anyone more eloquent than Congressman Min? I’m really looking forward to the congratulatory speech.”

Congressman Min burst into a pleasant laugh at Tae-yeol’s praise.

It was then.

Tae-seok, who pretended to listen to Congressman Min, saw Hye-won reflected in his eyes. She left her seat saying she would go to the bathroom, but unexpectedly she was still in the banquet hall. She put her head against some young man.

Tae-seok’s eyes narrowed at the unexpected sight. Tae-seok turned away from Tae-yeol and Congressman Min without delay.

“Excuse me for a moment.”

“Director, where are you going…”

He left Congressman Min’s voice behind and strode along. The distance from Hyewon was quickly narrowed.


Hye-won raised her head at the sound of the call.

“Do you know someone? Why don’t you introduce me too?”

Tae-seok stood in a sarcastic position and looked at Hye-won and the man alternately. He looked stiff as if he had a strange misunderstanding.

Hye-won finally opened her mouth with an embarrassed face.

“He’s the photographer who was invited today.”


The man bowed.

“I was taking pictures of her too, but she asked you to take it off. She said she would check to see if the pictures were deleted, so the camera…”

“Let’s see.”

Tae-seok reached out his hand in a blunt voice.

Tae-seok, who received the camera from the man, carefully checked each file. In the storage space, there were some photos of Hye-won.

Tae-seok’s hardened mouth gradually eased. He was going to delete it, but he thought it was a waste. Certainly, each photo seemed like a work because it was a snapshot from the hands of a professional artist.

Tae-seok returned the camera to the man after a long time. And he took his mouth to the man’s ear.

“You can take a picture.”


“The picture of Hyewon.”

He spoke in a low voice that only the man could hear.

“Take a picture and send it all to me. Don’t leak it to the outside world.”

“Oh, I see.”

Tae-seok gave the man Mr Park’s contact information and turned around.

As the man hesitated and left, Hye-won, who was watching from a few steps away, asked.

“What did you say?”


“Didn’t you threaten him not to film me?”

“What do you think I am?”

Tae-seok looked disappointed. Hyewon looked at him quietly.

“Why… Did you follow me? Weren’t you talking to the guests?”

“The kid who said she was going to the bathroom is looking at something with hed head against a strange man. How can I not be bothered?”

“Here we go again. There’s no man who wants a pregnant woman…”

“You don’t know that.”


Hye-won blushed embarrassingly. Taeseok gently smoothed her hair that fell over her cheeks.

“And you, you don’t look pregnant yet.”

“Lie. My stomach came out like this…”

Tae-seok lightly ignored her words and reached out his hand.

“I’ll take you to the bathroom.”

“I can go alone. You’re busy.”


Tae-seok mumbled, kicking his tongue.

“It’s like a child put out by the water, and I can’t put my mind at ease.”


Hye-won was dragged to his side without hesitation.

Slowly their fingers were entangled, and the palms of the hands touched. As soon as she felt his warmth through her hands, she suddenly couldn’t breathe. Hye-won lowered her gaze obliquely so as not to let her know her true feelings.

But she couldn’t hide her rosy cheeks.


Following the congratulatory speech of the National Assembly member, the representative of the guest, the presidents held a toast. And when the dinner started with the performance of the guest singer, the atmosphere was ripe.

“Next, it’s your turn to watch the special video.”

The event was hosted by a famous freelance announcer. The announcer’s eyes were on Tae-yeol.

“In fact, this video was produced by Kwon Tae-yeol, the eldest son of Chairman Kwon Chang-wook and former CEO of Mujin Department Store. Please give him a big hand.”

Tae-yeol, who got up from his seat, responded to people’s applause. He was sitting at a table in the center with Chairman Kwon and his wife, and Executive Director Choi, a bride-to-be.

“A video dedicated to his father, prepared by the eldest son himself. Let’s watch it together. The title is <Dear My Father>”.

After a while, the banquet hall was darkened and the large screen was lit.

The video began with a calm acoustic guitar performance. Smiles bloomed on the faces of those who were watching the video. This is because Chairman Kwon’s childhood photos filled the screen one by one. Then Tae-yeol’s narration began. It was a letter from a son to his father.

The video showed a quality comparable to that of an expert. A selection that adds emotion to the beautiful visual beauty. In particular, the scene where the young child in the faded photo intersected with the wrinkled Chairman Kwon’s current appearance touched people’s hearts.

Chairman Kwon, who was watching the video without saying a word, shed tears as if he was deeply moved. Joo-hee tapped her son on the shoulder with a proud face, and Tae-yeol looked back at Tae-seok with a smile. However, Tae-seok was only smoothing Hye-won’s hair with a languid expression.

After the middle, the video went to the climax. The background music became more magnificent, and Tae-yeol’s voice flowing through the audio also flowed into a new wave.

[When I reach the same age as my father…]

It was then that the video suddenly darkened.

When the music suddenly stopped, people who were immersed in emotion looked puzzled. Then, the angle shook wildly, reminiscent of a movie shot with a handheld technique.


[Ah! Ahngh.]

The woman’s communion filled the banquet hall. At the same time, images of men and women tangled in nudity were displayed on a large screen. People’s eyes widened with astonishment.

“Oh my!”


The camera focused on showing the woman’s bobbing bre*sts. Judging from the composition, the video must have been filmed by a man riding on top of a woman. Her face was unrecognizable because it was not filmed, but the video was so explicit that her n*pples and p*bic hair were visible.

The woman at her peak struggled and called out the man’s name.

[Haa, there. Ang! Heuk! It’s good! Ahh, Tae-yeol….!]

At that moment, everyone’s eyes in the banquet hall were focused on Tae-yeol. Tae-yeol was watching the video with a blank face.

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