Chapter 9

Lynette, who paused, pulled herself a little more. In order for the bed to be heated by body temperature, it will have to be close to a certain extent to be effective.

Then Lynette began to worry whether he was too cold to sleep.

‘I’m going to freeze to death like this…’

Rather, it was okay to move when she was removing the bucket and extinguishing the candle, but as she lay still, her body temperature seemed to drop further.

Lynette curled up reflexively and tried to maintain her body temperature by putting her hands under her armpits. Nevertheless, the tremors of the body did not stop.

In the end, the silence was broken as if the tremor had been transmitted.

“Don’t you know the meaning of heating the bed?”

“Yes, yes?”

“If you stay in the corner, will the bed be heated?”

The man, who she thought was asleep, spoke in a slow voice.

Lynette blinked, surprised by the voice flying from the side. He added insensitively in the dark.

“Closer. Unless you want to freeze to death.”

Lynette, now close enough to touch his skin with the slightest movement, carefully laid back and covered herself with the blanket. They were so close that he could be seen even in the dark, now he was silent and his eyes were closed.

Relieved, Lynette followed him and carefully closed her eyes and tried to sleep.


But the tremor of the body didn’t stop. Somehow, the cold seemed to get worse as time passed.

Lynette sighed and rolled herself up even harder to stop the chill seeping into her bones. But it was of no avail. Her body kept trembling slightly.

“You can’t stop shaking.”

There was a murky voice, as if he had woken up.

“I-I’m sorry.”

Lynette snapped her teeth and apologized. She thought he was already asleep because he didn’t talk for a while, but she guessed he woke up because the bed shook.

‘What if you kick me out…’

She could see him turning his head obliquely in the gray darkness. Lynette, who was shaking thinly, made eye contact with the blue eyes staring at her as if hunting.

She was sorry for waking him up from his tired sleep. On top of that, a sense of danger as if she was about to freeze to death was added to it, and Lynette shivered.

“Drink what you bring.”

“I-if you say what I brought…”

“It’s a drink to endure the cold. I don’t want to open my eyes with a frozen corpse in the morning, so drink it.”

Then she remembered the small bucket that Machi had given her to deliver to the barracks.

Lynette stumbled to her feet, found the bucket she had brought, and hurriedly drank it. She had heard that only knights drink it. She had to drink at least to warm up her body.

“Cough, cough!”

The liquid was very strong. The liquid that went down the esophagus was bitter and the finish was a bit sweet.

Whether the alcohol was right to prepare for the snowstorm, and after swallowing a few sips in a hurry, it seemed to generate warmth little by little.

Only then did her mind return a little. Lynette, secretly sighing with relief, laid down on the bed again cautiously.

Whoosh, whish-.

She could hear a snowstorm in the distance. Lynette closed her eyes in the silent air and heard a harsh sound.

Perhaps because she drank alcohol, she felt drowsy. Still, as her body temperature went up, she started to feel relieved.

It bothered her that she was lying on the same bed with him alone.

Her consciousness was all turned to the side with the thought that she would like the cold to go away a little. Lynette regulated her breathing, belatedly worrying about touching him.


Did the expectations come again? For some reason, her heart started beating a little faster.

Her heart is in trouble when her body stops shaking. Nervous that he might find out, Lynette pressed the palm of her hand against her heart.

“I wish I could fall asleep quickly…”

But something was strange.

After a few minutes, no matter how hard Lynette tried to calm her heart, she suddenly noticed that it was beating faster and opened her eyes.

Her face was red, and her mouth was dry. Her heart was beating like crazy and somehow hey blood felt hot.

“Oh, ugh.”

Lynette awkwardly wiped the sweaty nape of her neck and made a moaning sound.


Lynette opened her eyes wide with astonishment at her sound.

Words couldn’t be pronounced properly. Moreover, it was clear that her hand had only touched it, but her whole body heated up sensitively, and she reflexively shuddered. Her head was also a bit dizzy.

Perhaps the bed shook again, but he opened his eyes again and looked at her. As the blue eyes looked at her, Lynette stammered and apologized in such embarrassment.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m a little weird…”

Alcohol seemed to be the problem. Was drinking too much alcohol on an empty stomach not it?

It’s already midnight and she had woken him up twice already. Lynette knew very well how important a good night’s sleep was for a knight.

She was so sorry that she seemed to have caused him trouble, and she felt ashamed that she was suddenly sweating and blushing in the middle of the night.

Lynette tried to get off the bed, scrambling away the stuffy blanket.

“I’ll go down and sleep on the floor. I’m so sorry to interrupt your sleep…”

“Do you know how to do it alone?”


At the sudden question, Lynette paused and looked back.

Emotionless blue eyes stared piercingly at her. His gaze was cold and cold, as if observing a beauty from the top of a high mountain.

“You’ll be able to fall asleep only if you warm up your body.”


“Didn’t you drink it knowingly?”

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