“Uh, uh? Hah!”

Dazed by the blurring of her vision, Lauren immediately turned her head to accept the invading flesh. It wasn’t painful, thanks to the abundant lubrication, but every time his c*ck pressed against her sensitive insides and change its direction, animalistic moans burst out of her.

Alec chewed on her exposed nape and moved up and down, tightly grasping her thin waist.

Lauren’s body repeatedly half-swallowed and then completely swallowed Alec’s member. White foam formed on the wetness, and every time she moved, the sound of water gurgling made the atmosphere even more intense.

“Uh, I think I’m going to…”

“Do you even know what you’re talking about?”

“Hold on, uh, I feel strange!”

“Good. I’ve been trying to make you feel strange since earlier.”

Alec smiled smugly as he left a hickey on Lauren’s round shoulder.

With every thrust of his p*nis into her ut*rus, Lauren couldn’t help but let out an uncontrollable moan. She felt like her body was going to collapse somewhere.

Lauren hugged Alec’s neck tightly and curled her toes. Her trembling thighs squeezed Alec’s firm waist.

Alec was satisfied with Lauren clinging only to him and let go of Lauren’s body completely. He lifted her up and dropped her body all the way down. His t*sticles brushed against the wet junction. His c*ck plunged deep into her, down to the root.


Lauren cl*maxed, her whole body shuddering. Her vision repeatedly went dark and came back as every cell in her body trembled like a flame. At the same time, her convulsing flesh quickly contracted and relaxed, squeezing Alec’s member.

Khkk. Alec clenched his teeth tightly and fell on top of Lauren with her body in his arms. He began to hit her waist quickly.

“No, it’s too much. I can feel it too much. Ah, ahn, ugh, eua, huh!”

Her body had just reached cl*max and was shaking uncontrollably from the overwhelming sensation.

Sweat droplets running down Alec’s high nose fell onto Lauren’s cheek.

Lauren opened her eyes slightly. She saw Alec’s youthful face through her bright white vision. As soon as she saw his lustful irises that desired only her, she released all the accumulated pleasure and reached cl*max once again.

“Heuh, huh!”

Hot juices squirted out, and her insides shook. Alec kissed Lauren’s lips and quickly pulled his c*ck out. He looked down at Lauren and began to m*sturbate. As his big hand stroked his throbbing c*ck three or four times, a sickly white fl*id splurted out from the gap above the gl*ns.

It unevenlt poured over Lauren’s stomach and chest. Some drops even splashed onto her mouth, but Lauren, with her legs tightly closed, was blinking her eyes slowly without wiping it off.

“Aren’t you going to sleep yet, darling?”

Alec slowly stroked her slumped body and spread his legs wide again. Then he slowly took off his shirt. His perfectly toned upper body, with muscles perfectly defined between the open shirt, was revealed.

“Do you like my body? You’ve got such a hot look in your eyes.”

The now-shirtless Alec climbed onto Lauren. His skin, which had been as cold as a snake, was now as hot as hers.

“Let’s hold on a little longer. The night is just beginning.”

Alec kissed Lauren’s round forehead and smiled wickedly. Lauren looked at that smile without resistance.

Tonight, she wanted to be lost in the pleasure of that handsome man.

* * *

Lauren opened her eyes suddenly.

‘What time is it now?’

Lauren breathed a sigh of relief as she stared at the still-dark window. The smell of the dawn, carried by the cold wind, rustled the curtains.

‘Did I leave the window open?’

It was quite cold in the autumn dawn. But the reason she didn’t feel the chill was because of the heat that rose from the bed.

Lauren immediately checked the spot next to her. The man who had shared body heat with her all night was gone. Instead, she felt a faint magic power emanating from that spot. It seemed that this magic had warmed up the bed.

‘A spell that lasts for a certain amount of time would consume a lot of magic power.’

Lauren slowly got off the bed. As she put weight on her legs, traces left by the man from last night trickled down her thighs.

‘Ah, Alec!’

The sound of her voice that had hugged his firm body and screamed echoed in her mind. Lauren gathered her knees and sat on the floor. Last night’s chaotic actions flashed through her mind like a horse race.

‘I must have gone crazy!’

Lauren covered her face with both hands. She must have become a crazy woman just as the people said.

‘You’re lucky I’m as patient as I can be today.’

The words Alec had said while slowly moving his waist came to mind. Just like he said, he must have been careful, so her body wasn’t in bad shape.

‘And there’s a certain amount of magic power coming from my body, but not as much as that night.’

Lauren was slowly stroking her lower abdomen when she suddenly felt embarrassed and stopped.

Then she heard a rustling sound downstairs.

‘Is it my brother?’

Anxious Lauren put her arm to her nose and started sniffing to check if Alec’s pheromones were still on her. Sure enough, the markings on her body are found all over her. If anyone smelled this scent, they would immediately know that she had rolled around with a man all night.

‘What a bad guy. He left so much on me!’

Normally, she would have gone downstairs right away to greet Dustin, but Lauren chose to take a shower first. If she went down like this, Dustin would think she had become a lewd woman.

Lauren soaked a large towel in water and wiped her body dry. Every time she saw the red marks that he had persistently left, her face turned red, but she didn’t have time to appreciate them.

She quickly put on the dress she had washed and covered her neck with a scarf. Yesterday, Alec had nibbled on the Seal at the nape of her neck, so his marks must be obvious.

‘That should do it.’

Lauren checked her outfit in front of the full-length mirror and left the room. Normally, she would have greeted the portrait on the wall, but today she had to lower her head and go down to the first floor without looking at her foster mother’s face.

Thud, clunk―

She heard quite a loud noise coming from the kitchen.

“Just wait a minute, big brother. Let’s eat now…!”

Huh, why is he here? Lauren couldn’t speak and blinked quickly. The person in the kitchen was not Dustin, but Alec.

“Sounds good, are you going to call me big brother from now on?”

Alec, who was wearing only pants, was making a simple omelet. Every time he shook the frying pan, his back muscles twitched, and the snake tattoo on his back wriggled as if it were alive.

As Alec moved the fully cooked omelet to a plate, he chuckled.

“I see I satisfied you quite a bit last night. I’m quite pleased.”

“That’s not it! I thought you were really my brother…”

Lauren stopped trying to explain and bit her lips. Alec, who was already lost in his delusions, was giggling as he said, ‘It was worth serving you all night.’

Meanwhile, his skill in preparing omelets and coffee was remarkable.

“Well then, why don’t you have breakfast prepared by this big brother, Lady?”

Alec pulled out a chair and tapped the table.

Lauren took a deep breath and sat down on the chair. She had a lot to say, but the first meal she’d ever been treated to wasn’t bad.

Lauren stretched her neck and waited to see if her brother would come home today, but then remembered his conference trip and relaxed into the meal.

As Lauren pressed the omelet with a knife, the runny egg spilled out, making it look delicious.

“You’re better at cooking than I am?”

Lauren raised her eyes and glanced at Alec. He was like a snake-like man who only knew how to make money, but he was also good at cooking. It was a completely different image from what she had imagined.

Alec felt her gaze while cutting the omelet with a knife, and smirked.

“Why, are you surprised at this brother’s cooking skills?”

Hmm, not bad. Alec nodded his head as he took a bite of the omelet. He said it was more delicious than a 34-sillon 9-cents bread loaf. He was a man with a long aftertaste.

“Well, it’s edible.”

Lauren cleared her throat and quickly looked away.

Every time she saw his thick lips slurping the omelet, she remembered how it felt when he licked her skin and her body temperature rose.

“Hmm? Your pheromones have gotten stronger?”

The golden eyes that were looking down at the coffee cup turned to Lauren.

“Why, did you fall in love with a man who cooks well?”


“If so, I’m curious why you showered this morning.”

Alec pointed his fork at Lauren’s damp hair.

The fork pointed at Lauren’s lips, then down to her slender neck.

At the same time, Alec’s Adam’s apple slowly bobbed up and down. Did he put this damn mark on purpose? Because there’s no unattractive corner anywhere, anyway.

‘It’s a shame that she wiped all my pheromones off.’

Well, that could be buried again. Alec’s eyes sank darker than strong coffee. Despite spending the night devouring that pale body, his throat felt dry. Alec put down the fork and swallowed the hot coffee to quench his thirst.

“Didn’t you catch a cold? I opened the window.”

“Uh…I’m okay. The bed was warm.”

She should say thank you for casting a spell on her, but she couldn’t bring herself to speak. It was ironic that a once-revered deity could be so stingy. Lauren bit her lips tightly, filled with self-reproach.

“I had to ventilate the room. If I kept smelling your pheromones, I thought I would never leave the bed.”

“Don’t bite yor lips”. Alec lightly tapped Lauren’s bitten lips with his fingers. Startled by his touch, Lauren dropped the fork.


A strange tension hung over the table.

Alec handed Lauren an unused fork and took a sip of coffee himself. Lauren’s throat was just as parched. Lauren followed suit, bringing the coffee to her lips, but quickly pulled away.


She wasn’t used to hot drinks, and in her carelessness, she burnt her tongue. As tears welled up in Lauren’s eyes, Alec abruptly stood up and went to the kitchen.

When he returned, he had a small piece of ice in his hand.

“Here, try this.”

As Alec inserted the ice between Lauren’s lips, he said. With his other hand, he lightly grasped her chin to keep her from turning away.

Lauren obediently opened her mouth, making an ‘ah’ sound. At the same time, she naturally scrutinized Alec’s facial features, one by one.

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