“Don’t run away this time. And if you happen to receive magic, don’t try to erase my memory. Can you promise me that?”

Lauren nodded her head at Alec’s question.

“Okay. And if you try to put a cheap value on my body again, I’ll let you know what the real deal is, so be prepared.”

Alec crawled onto the bed slowly like a predator aiming for prey, kissing Lauren’s ear.

His knees dug between Lauren’s legs.

Without using much force, her white legs spread apart. Huh? Alec examined Lauren’s expression as she lay there. Her expectant pupils and slightly parted lips were unmatched in their lewdness.

“To think I was worried about whether you were really a werewolf or not.”


“What kind of creature acts so vulgarly? Hm?”

Alec unbuttoned his sleeve and rolled it up to his elbow. The muscular forearm, with its clearly defined muscles, was revealed, and the veins that protruded looked strong.

“Well, if the ability to captivate a man is also a skill, then you must be a deity too, right? Isn’t that so?”

Alec tilted his head slightly and sucked on her hot breath. At the same time, he skillfully untied the scarf knot that Lauren had wrapped around her neck with one hand.

“Mm, huh.”

“Such a delicious smell has been emanating from the carriage.”

Alec’s lips gradually descended and licked the thin neck that had been covered by the scarf. Every time her throat, which was breathing heavily, trembled, Alec barely swallowed the impulse to bite down on it.

Soon, his large hand untied Lauren’s dress. The fabric that had been pressing against her chest disappeared, revealing a mound of white flesh.

Alec immediately put his mouth on her pink n*pple. As he nibbled on the erect n*pple, Lauren moaned and writhed with her thighs trembling.

“Ah, ha!”

Every time his hand massaged her br*ast and stimulated her cl*toris, a pleasant sensation spread throughout her lower abdomen. His hand went down her body along the stem of that pleasure.

The sound of the dress being removed was heard under the bed before long. Because she’s wearing only white stockings, her body shivered in the slightly cold indoor air.

“Are you cold?”

Alec tilted his head as he admired Lauren’s body. In his right hand was a stripped underwear. The thin strip of fabric was soaked with Lauren’s juices.

“You’re wearing something so wet. I’ll warm you up soon.”

Alec’s mouth lifted and his firm fingers dug into her entrance.


“Damn it. You’re still so tight even after you took mine last time.”

Slowly, the invading fingers spread the passage open, caressing each fold.

“Uh, huh, deeper.”

“Poke deeper?”

“Hmm, yeah.”

Lauren twisted her waist as if squeezing it. What kind of monster is this? Alec sucked on Lauren’s ear as he poked three of his fingers.

“Wait a bit. Your favorite spot can’t be reached by fingers.”

Every time his fingers stimulated Lauren’s insides, her v*ginal walls tightened around his fingers. Her juices leaked from the junction and trickled down Alec’s bloodied wrist.

“What a waste.”

Alec removed his hand from below and licked the juices that flowed down from his elbow to his wrist. His provocative appearance, staring straight at Lauren and sucking his fingers clean, was irresistible.

Lauren couldn’t take her eyes off of Alec’s appearance. Unlike her, who has was lying down n*ked, he had the skill to excite his partner even though he hadn’t even unbuttoned a few shirt buttons, wearing nothing but a slight air of indifference.

“Hurry up…”

With her two legs, Lauren pulled Alec, who was standing on his knees around her waist. In an instant, Alec’s body poured over Lauren’s and he supported his body with his arms.

“Are you in a hurry, darling?”

Alec said, his hips grinding against hers. Something hard touched the front of the hole that had been gaping for the man. Ha, it was just a slight touch, but a tingling sensation shot through her body, making her head spin.

Lauren reached out her arm and checked Alec’s p*nis. A huge flesh that couldn’t be grasped with one hand wriggled in response to her contact.

“Ha. Are you touching it?”

Alec wiggled his hips, and the p*nis in her grasp moved back and forth as if m*sturbating. The hot heat felt on the palm was satisfying, but Lauren hoped it was scratching her belly instead of the palm.

Lauren wrapped her thighs around Alec’s waist and grabbed his waist between her thighs.


“Aah, are you urging me to push harder?”

Alec, who was already close to his limit, plowed straight into Lauren’s entrance. His deep crimson gl*ns pushed through her tender flesh and slowly invaded. It was easier than last time, but the tightness inside that threatened to cut off his c*ck was still there.

“Hey, are you holding your breath?”

Alec held Lauren’s cheek, which was twisted in pain, tightly. His thumb dug into her lips and opened her teeth.

“Ugh, ha. Ah!”

Lauren’s breath, which she had been holding in, burst out. At the same time, her lower body relaxed and a gap was created. Alec didn’t miss it, slamming his c*ck into her in one swift motion.


Lauren threw her head back, her legs trembling. Along with the pain that felt like her body was being pierced in half, a pleasure equivalent to that pain came to her.

His massive c*ck completely penetrated her belly. Her internal organs were pushed up and she felt like she was going to vomit.

“Ha-ah, uuh.”

Lauren breathed irregularly and held onto her lower abdomen. On top of her flat belly, the shape of Alec’s p*nis that he had pushed in protruded like a lump.

“You’re checking mine.”

Alec poked his hand over Lauren’s hand that was feeling her lower abdomen. She could feel Alec’s flesh pressing against her already cramped stomach.

“Uh, no, stop. It’s too tight.”

“Sh*t. You need to ease up. I’m going to explode.”

Alec sighed deeply with a composed expression. Then, as he looked down at Lauren, his eyes met her tear-filled, quivering eyes.

The once confident woman’s face had crumbled into pleasure. Her eyebrows drooping and and her eyes teary. Her slightly parted, moist lips that let out soft moans.

“Alec” When those lips whispered his name slowly, his body stiffened rigidly.


Alec clenched his teeth and frowned. He almost froze in place like a virgin experiencing this for the first time, not moving for a moment.

“Damn it.”

Alec immediately kissed Lauren and began to move his hips. Ugh, ah, hah! Every time Lauren moaned, Alec’s tongue, which was flicking inside her mouth, swallowed all her voice.

Ugh. Finding herself struggling to breathe, Lauren tapped his shoulder. Alec parted his lips for a moment and studied Lauren’s flushed face.

“Haah. This face is too good to just look at.”

Alec’s c*ck, which was stirring inside, came out with a swoosh. Alec picked her up and carried her out of bed, standing in front of the mirror so she could face forward. Her legs, which were hanging over Alec’s arms, spread out on both sides.

Lauren trembled as she saw her clear reflection in the mirror.

“No, I don’t like it. Huh, stop.”

“See that? You’re squirting while waiting for me.”

True to his word, her drenched p*ssy pulsed in anticipation of the man, and with each thrust, a trickle of unidentifiable juices leaked from her hole and dripped down her b*ttocks.

Alec’s throbbing red c*ck, which was visible below, was trembling as if it wanted to poke her hole right away. The veins jutting out of the shaft were taut.

Lauren closed her eyes tightly. The sight in front of her was not only embarrassing but also obscene, making her body rise uncontrollably.

“That…’s not me.”

“Of course not. Our wolf is going to be a very proper lady.”

Alec’s gaze fell on the note attached to the mirror.

“Wrap the scarf twice and tie it, check the buttons, check the boot laces, and clean the apron.”

Alec lowered his hold on Lauren’s body as he read the note. The tip of his shaft slammed into her gaping hole and slid all the way inside.


A sudden insertion. Lauren opened her eyes wide. Her reflection in the mirror was more than arousing, it was shocking.

“What should I do? Unlike the note, you look disheveled today.”

Alec slowly shook Lauren’s body up and down. Lauren shook uncontrollably and tears fell off her cheeks.

“I don’t like it. Huh, nooo.”

Lauren hit Alec’s arm that was spreading her legs open with her flapping arm. Contrary to her words, she squeezed Alec’s c*ck mercilessly and then released it repeatedly. A trickle of her juices spurted out and dripped onto the mirror as she watched his c*ck plunge into her at breakneck speed.

“So stubborn.”

Alec admired the scene in the mirror while licking his lower lip with his tongue. He thought about putting a mirror like this in his bedroom too.

“Uhng, I hate this.”

Lauren began to squirm, and Alec searched her face in confusion. She really doesn’t like it.

“Oh, no. Sh*t.”

He carefully put Lauren back to bed and comforted her.

“I’m sorry. I went too far.”

“Sniff, I hate you.”

“Yeah, I admit it. It was my mistake.”

“You’re so bad. Sniff.”

Lauren hit his shoulder again.

“I’m really sorry. Just let it out.”

Alec pulled the blanket over Lauren. He c*ck was still angry, but calming her down is the priority now.

A mood that seemed to signal the end of the act. Disappointed, Lauren reached out and grabbed Alec’s still-erect p*nis. Hmm? Alec’s expression changed subtly.

Lauren buried her face in his chest. Her cheeks and ears were red.

“…You have a talent for making a man’s heart race.”

Alec chuckled crookedly and immediately climbed onto Lauren’s body.

He pierced her empty belly with his hot, hard shaft.

Thump, thump. The small bed creaked and screamed with each of Alec’s rough thrusts, the head of the bed coming into contact with the crown of Lauren’s head, which had been pushed higher and higher by his wild movements.

Then Alec reached out and grabbed Lauren’s head. His hasty movements slowed down, and he hugged Lauren, changing their position. Lauren sat facing Alec.

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