“Your storytelling… If I heard the whole story of your life, my tears would form a river.”




Despite the fierce sarcasm exchanged, the two seemed to be quite friendly. Of course, whether they were friendly or not, Anita wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.




Professor Evan, noticing the growing weariness on Anita’s face, coughed softly.




“Well, he’s kept you waiting for nothing. You can deliver this to Building 4.”




“Building four?”




Unfortunately, Anita was clueless. It was too much for Anita, who was still unfamiliar with the locations of the buildings she visited every day.




Sensing this, the professor tugged on Edmund’s arm and pushed Anita aside. He looked pleased to have gotten rid of a nuisance.




“You’re supposed to be the student council president and help the new students, aren’t you?”




Moments later, Anita and a disgruntled Edmund walked out of the lecture hall, Anita clutching a thick stack of papers in her arms.




“Give it to me. Let me carry it.”




Anita’s pupils fluttered as she casually handed the papers to Edmund, who held out his hand.




“What is it?”




Across the hall, she saw a familiar figure. At this moment, he was the person Anita wanted to avoid the most, and the person who would get her in trouble if she did.




It’s easy enough to walk past him and pretend like he’s not there, but it’s still not easy. But she also didn’t want to run away like a thief with his foot in his mouth. As a result, her choice was to hide. Rolling her eyes as she searched for a place to hide, she did the next best thing and grabbed Edmund’s arm.




“I’m sorry.”




Anita tried to hide behind him, but Edmund was quicker to tug at her. He snatched her arm and before she knew it, he was shoving her behind a wall. What she thought was a wall opened with a snap.




The door slammed shut before Anita could protest, suddenly trapped in a dark space. Trapped in the darkness, Anita could only stare in confusion, unable to say anything.




How many times have we seen this situation before?




“I was scared of him.”




Anita shuddered at the sudden voice from the darkness. Judging by the direction his voice came from, Edmund was standing behind her.








I didn’t understand why he was acting so strangely in front of Rutger just a few days ago, and why he was acting like that now.




Had Rutger gone to see Edmund about that?




No. Anita quickly dismissed the notion; there was no reason for them to have any friction. They hadn’t had much contact in the first place.




“Did something happen?”




“Yes, a lot of things.”




But there was something else in his tone. Anita glanced back at him without realizing it. She wanted to get a closer look at Edmund’s expression, but it didn’t take her long to realize it was useless in the dark.




“Hang in there, it’s dark, but if we go out now, we’ll be in a lot of trouble.”




Anita agreed, though he didn’t give me a convincing reason why. A shiver ran down my spine as I imagined Edmund and I emerging from the darkness and running into Rutger.




“What the hell are you doing here?”




Anita’s ears twitched as she listened to the sounds of the noisy sound outside in contrast to the quiet of the warehouse. The woman’s voice, unusually clear and cheerful, was somehow familiar.




The woman’s voice was unusually clear and cheerful, and Anita almost answered without realizing it.




“…Why are you a morning person?”




This time I had to bite my tongue. I thought she was gone, but she was still there. At the sound of the unrecognizable voice, Anita let out a long sigh. She hadn’t meant to, but now she was eavesdropping on Liliana and Rutger’s conversation.




“I’ve been asked to organize the upcoming fundraiser.”








“You should come.”




It was an uneventful conversation, which was a good thing. Anita knew that meddling too much in other people’s personal lives didn’t end well.




“Why would I.”




“You keep doing this. You say you’re going to help me, and you can’t even do this?”




The conversation was moving in a direction that only Liliana and Rutger knew. Feeling uncomfortable, Anita took a step back. It wouldn’t completely block out the sounds of the conversation outside.




Anita’s back was blocked by something.




“This is a very familiar situation. Don’t you think?”




Luckily, she didn’t step on Edmund’s foot this time, as he grabbed her shoulder to stop her.




“Yeah, it’s kind of like that.”




It was a curious comment from Edmund’s point of view, but it didn’t sound light to Anita, and my situation hadn’t changed one bit. I’d even declared war on Ruther, telling him to stop appearing in front of me to settle the score.




“If you come, we’ll collect some donations. “If you were born handsome, try putting it to use.”








I don’t know how much longer I’m going to have to live like this. I feel so pathetic, running away like a sinner at the sound of his voice, at the sight of a single hair, at the sight of him talking to someone.




What was the point of hiding?




Anita reached up and grabbed the doorknob of the warehouse. I should just get out. It’s not like she heard anything they couldn’t hear. Just as she was about to open the door, there was a thud and something fell to the floor.




“Sorry… I dropped this.”




It was a stack of papers Edmund had gotten from his botany professor. Unbound papers fluttered and flew everywhere.




“No, you can pick them up. We can organize them together.”




The hand that had been on the doorknob fell off. Anita unceremoniously stepped away from the door, bent down, and groped the floor for the papers.




“You’re getting in trouble for my mistake.”




“I didn’t see it that way, but you sound very sorry.”




Anita’s laughter suddenly rang out above her as she struggled to find the paper in the dimly lit warehouse.








“how come you saw him?”

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