Chapter 85 

“Hm, ahngh. Stop now. Any more, no.”

Hye-won begged, not knowing what to do when his p*nis half-pierced in. Taeseok stopped inserting and reassured her.

“Okay, calm down and lie down.”

As Hyewon lay down, her back hole was exposed. The appearance of the an*s exposed through the b*ttocks and the cleft v*gina. A scarlet v*ginal swallowing an enlarged p*nis… This intense visual stimulation made him forget even the pain.

Tae-seok asked as he rammed his c*ck into the softly loosened insides.

“The bottom is sticky. Do you feel good?”

Every time he poked the open v*gina, the liquid came out. As the joint was slippery as if it were greasy, Tae-seok’s waist movement gradually accelerated.

“I’m going to be sucked in at this rate. Haa, do you want me to pierce it all the way?”

“Ah, hak. No…! Taeseok! Ahhnk!” 

Whether it was because of not having a s*x for a long time or because of hormones, Hyewon quickly reached a cl*max while shaking her body. Tae-seok didn’t last long either. The moment he saw her reaching her cl*max, calling him pitifully by his name, his patience was stretched to the limit.

Exhausted Hyewon collapsed on the bed. Tae-seok quickly pulled his p*nis out of her v*gina and stood on his knees. Then he brought his c*ck to her thick stomach.

His back wriggled with a strong sense of feeling. He groaned with his gl*ns stuck in her belly button.

“Haa, I’m going to c*m here. Ngh.”

At that moment, the viscous liquid that burst out with a sound covered her stomach. What was left flowed down slowly, soaking her gaping cr*tch. Tae-seok gasped like an animal for a while even after he had ej**culated.

The two, who released their s*xual desire after a long time, breathed heavily for a while.

First, Tae-seok, who came to his senses, picked up Hye-won’s p*nties while picking up his breath. And with it, he wiped the s*men off her stomach. Hye-won was stretched out, resting herself at his touch.

Tae-seok kept peeping at Hye-won while wiping off the traces of him sprayed on her body. A flushed face, open lips, wobbly breasts… Then, when he moved his eyes between the swollen belly and the lewd legs, he felt the balls of fire rising again. Tae-seok frowned as if he was in a difficult situation.

“What should I do?”

He smiled mischievously as he rubbed his head against her head.

“I think I’m fully recovered here.”

Hyewon’s face turned pale.


After being discharged from the hospital, the two stayed at home for a while. They were not separated from each other for a moment until they woke up in the morning and fell asleep.

For the first few days, Tae-seok did not go to work at the company, and whenever he had a chance, he lay down on Hye-won’s lap and was idle. Then, when he m*aned from the sudden pain, Hyewon took care of him day and night. No fever, no open wounds. He looked at her carefully and stroked her hair. He liked her gentle touch.

The two got to know each other by sticking together like that. Tae-seok, who belatedly learned that Hye-won loves games, brought her a new console game console that has been sold out several times and is difficult to obtain. Hye-won was even happy with tears. On that day, the two, who were immersed in the game all day, made childish bets like children. The loser of the game will listen to each other’s demands.

It was a match that both of them started expecting Tae-seok to lose. Unexpectedly, however, the bet ended in Tae-seok’s victory. Thanks to this, he was able to sit Hye-won between his legs the next morning throughout the video conference and put his c*ck in her mouth. It was not until the end of the meeting that Tae-seok entreated her.

And that night.

Tae-seok was reading until late and headed to the bedroom. When he lifted the blanket, he saw her lying on her back. Hye-won was upset all day because of what happened in the morning.

“Are you asleep?”

Kissing her round shoulders, he dug into the blanket. Hye-won then laughed when she gently tickled her side. Taeseok gently turned her to him and laid her down.

Gazes passed in the peaceful stillness. Hyewon’s eyes were warmer than before. Tae-seok patted her still young cheek with his finger. This simple day will continue tomorrow or the day after tomorrow… no. He wished it would last forever. 

Then, Hyewon opened her mouth.



“I love you.”

Taeseok did not move for a moment as if he had hardened. Hye-won was blushing her cheeks red. She whispered in a shy but clear voice.

“I love you Tae-seok. More than anyone else…”

At that moment, Tae-seok finally felt like he had her completely.


Tae-seok and Hye-won’s car stopped in front of a hotel in the city center. Today was the day of Chairman Kwon’s 60th birthday party. Not only relatives but also acquaintances of reporters were invited to the public event. The hotel was bustling from the entrance.

“Are you sure you don’t have to buy me a present?”

“I told you. There are many customers today, so I won’t have time to talk to my father. We can just hang in there and get out of the event.”


Hye-won muttered with a worried look.

She was wearing a high-pitched Valentino dress and low-heeled shoes. The hair was turned up with thick waves, and accentuated with pearl-mixed hair decorations. Now in her 13th week, she was chubby enough to recognize that she was a pregnant woman at a glance.

“You look good, both of you.”

It was then that a familiar voice could be heard from behind. Tae-seok and Hye-won stopped walking at the same time. Taeseok’s eyes shone coolly.

“I didn’t expect you to return to your daily life so soon.”

Taeyeol stood where he looked back. With a strange woman with a graceful appearance.


“I’m glad you look healthy.”

Tae-seok and Tae-yeol shook hands. So polite that a stranger would mistake it for a meeting of friendly brothers. Then, the woman opened her mouth in a soft voice.

“Nice to meet you, director.”

Tae-seok’s eyes finally turned to the woman.

It was not difficult to guess who the woman was. Executive Choi was the managing director. A few months ago, there was a marriage discussion with Taeyeol. Judging from their appearance together at the official ceremony, it seemed that the marriage of the two was almost in the final stage.

A strange smile crossed Tae-seok’s lips.

“Nice to meet you, Executive Director Choi. It’s my first time seeing you in person.”

When Tae-seok asked for a handshake, Executive Director Choi blushed and grabbed his fingertips. When Tae-yeol noticed this, he felt displeased.

Tae-seok did not miss that appearance. Surprisingly, there was a serious side in Tae-yeol’s eyes looking at Executive Director Choi. A pure gaze that does not suit him as a playboy.

Hm, Tae-seok looked at Tae-yeol and Choi with interesting eyes.

Executive Director Choi, with long, straight hair, was not a conspicuous beauty like Hyewon. He had the feeling that she was modest, so Tae-yeol’s appearance was all the more unexpected.

This turned out to be fun.

“This is my fiancee. Hyewon. This is Executive Director Choi.”

Tae-seok smiled lightly and looked back at Hye-won.

“Nice to meet you.”

“I heard you’re pregnant. Congratulations.”

“Thank you.”

Hye-won gave a forced smile.

Pretending to be concerned about such a subject, coming up and asking regards.

She expected it, but as soon as she saw Tae-yeol’s face, she felt nauseous. Tae-yeol kidnapped herself to gain the upper hand in the battle for succession. And when the operation failed, he made her misunderstand that Taeseok killed Jae-kyung. Tae-yeol probably desperately wanted Tae-seok to die even when he heard the news of the helicopter accident.

She was shuddered by his shameless appearance, but today was Chairman Kwon’s 60th birthday party. It was an important family event day, and there were journalists everywhere. Showing her emotions on a day like this will only cause troubles.

Do you know what kind of man Taeyeol is?

Hye-won desperately tried to find her composure.

“I should have visited you once when I was hospitalized. What should I do?”

Tae-yeol covered Executive Director Choi’s waist as if he wanted them to see it.

“Of course, there was a lot of work at that time, so I was rarely in Korea. You know I’ve heard from Father and that I’m about to return in the fall.”

“It’s okay. Visits were restricted anyway. I wouldn’t have met you if you came.”

“I was really worried when I heard that I was in a coma. I’m afraid I’ll lose my only brother.”

“I can’t leave without saying goodbye to my brother.”

Tae-seok responded with a smooth smile. Tae-yeol’s forehead wriggled in a very meaningful tone.

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