She didn’t even bother to check to see if Taeheon had moved aside, and just desperately shoving herself through the gap. Then, she hastily closed the door.

In her frantic state, she was worried that Seungbin might be able to find her, so she pressed the door firmly, causing her ribcage to ache from the thumping and pounding of her heart.

She held her breath and listened, but she couldn’t hear Seungbin’s footsteps.


As a feeling of relief washed over her, her knees gave way, and her body slid to the floor. Yeonseo took deep breaths. Tears streamed down her face without pause.

“Huh, h-hic…”

Once the tears started, they wouldn’t stop. Yeonseo cried like a child.

Even though she knew someone was right next to her, even though she didn’t want to reveal her vulnerability and ask for help, she couldn’t help but cry. The accumulated misery had became too much to bear.

Ultimately, Yeonseo hadn’t foreseen that it would turn out like this. That’s why she had persistently rejected Taeheon.

She didn’t want to show him her vulnerability and reach out for help. She wanted to protect her pride.

So much for pride.

She thought about the days when she had tirelessly tried to protect her pride, a pride she had never truly established, in front of Taeheon. Like a rebellious teenager, she became wary of him.

Why? For what reason had Taeheon pushed me this far…?

Pretending to be Taeheon’s lover would only add to Yeonseo’s misery. She thought there was no room in her heart to throw herself off this dark precipice willingly.

No more expectations and disappointments. She didn’t want to become lonelier in this cycle of happiness and unhappiness. Because she knew the ending of this story. She could see herself getting hurt.

So… she….


If she opened and walked out of this door, Yeonseo would have to face Seungbin alone. On the other hand, if she stayed here, she’d be in that horrible sponsor-like relationship where she begs Taeheon for help and gives him her body when he wants it.

Yeonseo spoke up, her voice laced with tears.

“Alcohol, drugs… I think I’ve been drugged…”

She couldn’t finish her sentence and burst into sobs again. Taeheon remained silent until Yeonseo’s sorrowful cries subsided.

After a considerable amount of time had passed, he finally spoke.

“Should I take care of it for you?”

Taeheon’s calm voice quieted the chaos in her head. Her scattered thoughts began to find some order.

If she had woken up a little late, Seungbin would have taken her. No matter how much she struggled and resisted, Seungbin would have had her. Only when she reached such a horrifying and nauseating situation did Yeonseo look for Taeheon.

As she ran away, all she could think about was not wanting to be caught by Seungbin. Behind that desperation was the regret that she should have found gone to Taeheon first.

Her feelings she couldn’t bring herself to reveal all this time surged forward only after she reached a dead end.

She likes him.

Even if Taeheon had selfish intentions, even if was just using her to secure his inheritance, even if she ended up meeting her doom as Taeheon’s lover…

She likes Woo Taeheon.

At least if she chose Taeheon, she wouldn’t have to hide her attraction to him. Yeonseo slowly looked up at him. Under the dim light, Taeheon’s face looked a little more refined than she remembered.

“Is it too hard for you to say you need help?”

He was a man who could rule the world. According to Mrs. Kang, what Taeheon possessed was on par with his father’s power. Dealing with someone like Seungbin should be easy for him.

Even if they put that aside…

Yeonseo lowered her head, as if captivated or resigned, and squeezed out her words as if they were a heavy burden.

“Help… please.”

Why was it so difficult to say these words? Now that she had said it as Taeheon suggested, it didn’t seem like a big deal. As the words became verbalized, her desperation grew.

She squeezed her voice out, hoping Taeheon hadn’t changed his mind in the meantime, trembling with anxiety.

“Help me, Sir Taeheon. Please help me…”

Maybe…she’s a little late.

Yeonseo wrinkled her nose.

Did my voice tremble to the point where he couldn’t hear it?

Sp she repeated her words.

“Help me, please. Hmph…….”

“There’s no evidence you left the hotel, or went to Seungbin’s room. What do you think I was thinking when I heard you were in his room?”


Looking at Yeonseo shaking her head, Taeheon leaned down and grasped her chin gently.

“For the record, I’m the one who decides where this ends.”

She grabbed his wrist with both hands. A gust of wind blew through the forest deep inside Taeheon. Black water flooded his eyes.

Her breathing raced uneasily, like a rattling, half-closed door.

“……It’s not too late, is it?”

He stared at Yeonseo for a moment. His brow furrowed, as if he were about to reach out his hand to say something.

“You’re developing a bad habit.”

Straightening his hunched back, Taeheon walked away from her and sat down on the couch. Leaning back, his legs slightly apart, he looked a little tired.

His loosened tie dangled a couple of inches lower than usual, presenting the most disheveled appearance that Yeonseo had ever seen of him.

“What are you doing? You have to come to me.”


Yeonseo attempted to stand up as if she had realized something, but her legs felt weak, and she hesitated to fell back down. Taeheon’s fingers, tapping on the armrest of the couch, moved rhythmically, almost in sync with the seconds ticking by.

It sounded like a countdown. Taeheon’s dark eyes swept over her, as if testing her.

“You’re not expecting me to go and fetch you after you’ve been tainted by someone else’s scent, are you?”


YYeonseo touched the floor with her hand. A sudden wave of embarrassment washed over her, and her ears turned warm.

Should I lower myself now and beg for his mercy?

“Yeonseo, I’m starting to get tired of this.”

The way Taeheon pronounced her name, without her last name, was as soft as silk.

His straightforward and unwavering voice was all the more intimidating in its stillness.

Steadying herself with her hands on the floor, Yeonseo moved slowly.

She crawled slowly, feeling her way to a somewhat distant place, all the while keeping her gaze at Taeheon’s expression, worrying about what might happen if he changed his mind and rejected her.

Yeonseo had chosen to become Taeheon’s lover, to be happy for a limited time, wondering when it would end, so she might as well take advantage of the opportunity to covet him now.

There’s a part of her that wants him badly beyond attraction, and she’s willing to stoop so low to take the chance he offers.

Yeonseo calmly accepted the fact that her feelings had grown so strong that she couldn’t contain them.

It seemed she might actually like him a lot.

And it wouldn’t be long before Taeheon would take notice of her feelings. It didn’t seem like she could hide it.

She had fallen like a fool for Woo Taeheon. It was the punishment for desiring someone out of her reach, someone she didn’t even know.

Yeonseo decided not to dwell on when this would end someday. She resolved to simply be present in the moment.

Before long, Yeonseo had reached Taeheon’s feet and straightened her posture, kneeling as if bowing.

“Come closer.”

Yeonseo moved even closer, almost between his legs.



She asked, wondering if she should go even close as she was already close enough to touch his thigh. Taeheon reached over and opened a bottle of water.

“You can’t do much as a drunk person.”

Taeheon lightly held Yeonseo’s delicate chin. Yeonseo swallowed hard, and tried not to let the water spill from her mouth.


The water finally overflowed and trickled down her chin and onto her chest. She shivered at the cold sensation.

Droplets of water pooled in the tomb of her smooth flesh exposed by her dress. Taeheon set the water bottle down and lowered his gaze to the small puddle.

“Do you want me to call a doctor? Would that be better?”

“It’s not that serious. I’m feeling better than earlier.”

It was her body that was drunk on alcohol and drugs, not her mind.

“What do expect me to do with a face that’s been chased by that jerk?”

“I’m just shocked. It’s okay. Let’s continue now.”

As things were flowing like this, she wanted to confirm her relationship with Taeheon as soon as possible. She needed something definite.

To do that, she had to give him what he wanted. Ironically, it was a give-and-take relationship, so this was the right approach.

“Have you ever done it? It doesn’t seem like you have.”

Done it?


“Even if you haven’t, try it.”

Taeheon lowered his head. Yeonseo froze, understanding the implications.


Taeheon didn’t answer. He casually rested his arm on the armrest of the couch, as if implying that he was waiting. At the very least, she had hoped he would take his zipper down himself, but Taeheon didn’t make a move.

“I don’t think I can do it….”

“Well, I’m not expecting much.”

“You’re asking too much from a complete beginner. I just almost got myself in trouble and…….”

“Who insisted on my help now?”

With nothing else to say, Yeonseo closed her mouth and straightened her waist. Her hand brushed against his firm thigh, sending tension rushing through her body.

With determination, she unzipped his pants. Sweat gathered on her hands as she pulled up the hem of his neatly tucked shirt.

After several awkward attempts, she managed to hook her fingers under his underwear band.

She had no experience in this area, but in life, you acquire most knowledge as you go along. She hadn’t thought the explicit jokes and dirty talk she learned from a former colleague at her previous job would come in handy in situations like this.

Yeonseo tightly closed her eyes. As a nurse by profession, seeing a person’s naked body shouldn’t shock her.

So, she should remain composed when faced with Taeheon’s body as well.

Yeonseo’s eyes widened at the sight of his half-swollen heat.

Can I really go through this?

Her tiny shreds of confidence vanished.

“Just try the tip. I’m not asking you to do it right.”


“If you’re disgusted, say so.”

“No, it’s not that…”


“Please stop.”

For some reason, it seemed to move. She lowered her head cautiously, knowing that delaying would only make it harder.

She cautiously accepted the unfamiliar texture, getting used to it little by little.

With a low sigh, Taeheon reached out and yanked Yeonseo’s hairpin out of her bun. Her hair, which had been neatly pinned up, came loose, the scent of her shampoo wafting languidly.

Oh, that’s a diamond.

Yeonseo cast a sidelong glance at the accessory which was casually thrown onto the carpet. Taeheon cupped her cheek to make her face him directly.

“You’re really not good at this.”


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