Chapter 2 • Starting


Her slightly parted lips let his tongue enter without resistance, it searched unfettered for her tongue.


She was stunned for a little bit before realizing what he was doing. She pushed him out with her tongue. But in doing so, fell into his trap. He was stronger than her so he overpowered her easily. Deepening the kiss till the point where she couldn’t breathe.


When he noticed she was out of breath, he pulled away, giving her a little space. Pecking the tip of her nose, he said dotingly: “Silly woman”.


“I…” Tao Zhi wanted to say that she was not stupid, but was overwhelmed by their proximity. They were so close they were sticking to each other.


He moved even closer and she could feel his breath on her become heavier.


He actually feels suffocated and can’t breathe, right? How could he call me the stupid one then? Thinking this way, she blurt out. “Aren’t you the silly person?”


Tao Zhi’s whispered very softly but then, the two of them were intimate. How could Qu Xian not hear her words.


He wasn’t annoyed. On the contrary, with unparalleled patience, he said. “What Niangzi means is that is still have many things I don’t know yet, right? I hope to explore and learn these things together with Niangzi”


Saying this, he lowered his head and took one of Tao Zhi’s n*pple in his mouth.


Tao Zhi only felt a moisture on her chest and the feeling of being sucked on.


It made her shiver uncontrollably and try to curl up.


Qu Xian was not satisfied. He bit the n*pple lightly and asked curiously: “Why are Wifie’s br*asts bigger than mine? And why are they so soft? The taste is even better! Wifie, this is one of the things I don’t know.”


T/N from now on, Niangzi will be translated as Wifie.


Tao Zhi thought that what he said was very embarrassing. She wanted him to stop talking but was too shy to speak up. She made to cover his mouth and was restrained by Qu Xian. He moved over her, interlocking their fingers to restrain her movement.


That annoying mouth was still going down, kissing her abdomen and navel bit by bit.


She felt itchy every where he touched.


Seeing that he was about to reach her intimate place, she freed one hand and made to push him away but soon realized that her strength was too little.


Instead, she tried hard to cover it with her hand.


Qu Xian didn’t struggle with her. He simply took her other hand and placed it on his lower abdomen.


Feeling the hot hard stick, Tao Zhi held it unconsciously.


Qu Xian grunted and she hurriedly let go.


She began to panic. She had felt it. There was something on his body right there.


He said innocently again: “Wifie, look at it. What Wifie touched just now is the p*nis between my legs. It is my intimate place. But Wifie’s here is different from mine. I’m curious what Wifie’s intimate place looks like. Can you let me take a look?” Tao Zhi was so ashamed that tears were about to fall. She couldn’t believe he actually asked to see that place. Was it something that people could talk about so easily?


But his hands had disobediently run to that place already.


She wanted to push him away. At the same time her legs clamped up together.


But all these resistances were in vain. His strong hands pulled her thighs apart and found her little clam, exposing the sensitive pearl inside as well as the petals.


His fingers gently slid from the pearl to the petals, making her feel very itchy.


The tears in her eyes turned into gem shaped teardrops and slipped quietly from the corners of her eyes.


In her heart, she felt that Qu Xian was bullying her.


Qu Xian gently kissed away the little teardrops. Tao Zhi could hear his slightly excited tone as he said: “Wifie’s here looks more beautiful than mine. Its like a flower. The pink is soft and tender, It looks like it has an inner layer. Wifie, be good and let me take a look.”


She felt rather flustered and shook her head unwillingly.


Qu Xian pretended not to understand. He kissed her a few times and thanked her for allowing him.


Tao Zhi was a little annoyed. Her frustration made her want to cry. Within these few minutes she had felt a lot of emotions. Prominent among which were annoyance and shame.


Suddenly, he rubbed a spot down there and she felt her whole body turn rigid. A hot current gushed out from her private parts. Thinking that a man was down there, she couldn’t help but try to cover it up with her hands.


She wasn’t fast enough though. His big hands gently peeled aside her petals and exposed the flower heart.


His index finger provoked it drawing with it a silver thread strand. The cl*toris shank and shuddered, Looking rather pitiful.


Qu Xian first suppressed his excitement and moved to comfort his little Wifie who was crying: “My lady, don’t cry and don’t be ashamed. Look, there is also l*quid in my place. We are quite similar down there. Check it out.”


He brought Tao Zhi’s hand to his meat stick. At the tip, she could feel a little pr*cum l*quid. Her fingers were a little w*t from it. It couldn’t possibly be pee right?


Tao Zhi began to think, not realizing that someone began to control her hand to stroke his meat stick. When she came back to her senses, it was too late to withdraw  her hand.


Qu Xian giggled. His rascally appearance was akin to that of a child. He didn’t look any older than her at this point in time. It was said that he was the youngest scholar to pass the imperial exam in this dynasty. It was just that this scholar was rather embarrassing and very playful tonight.


At this moment he moaned and said. “It feels very hot and uneasy here. Only Wifie’s fondling can relieve it. Good lady, please help me again!”


Tao Zhi was a bit puzzled. She didn’t know where the fun was in stroking up and down like this, and she began to feel a little sleepy.


When she began to yawn, Qu Xian caressed her lower body, driving away her drowsiness. He inserted a finger in her little hole and argued that it was only fair to reciprocate.


Tao Zhi was angry, but her body felt limp and she couldn’t feel strength in her limbs anymore. The finger thrust into her. In and out. Faster and faster. The waves pushed her to release a low moan. She felt like she needed to use the toilet but the thrusting made her lose sight of her ability to speak. Soon something flowed out of her body and she felt immensely tired.


Qu Xian’s hand had already begun stroking his rod. He moved faster and faster until he released on her stomach.


Tao Zhi felt something hot splash on her body but at this point, she was too sleepy to care.


Qu Xian got up and went out to get water. He took a handkerchief and wiped her body.


Tao Zhi refused to wake up throughout the cleaning process.


Qu Xian smiled at her willfulness.


After cleaning her up, Qu Xian gently pulled her legs apart and inserted a small jade white pill into her flower hole.


She was still a virgin and Qu Xian couldn’t bear to hurt her. Fortunately, the play just how had made her slit wider a bit and the pill was able to smoothly enter.


After doing this, he took her in his arms and laid down together with her.


His little Wifie was young, had a petite stature and her v*gina was extremely tight,


for the sake of their intercourse in future, he had prepared this pill in advance in order to nourish her.


He learnt about the existence of this pill in his previous life. Fortunately, he could spare her the pain in this lifetime.


Thinking of what the future held in store for them, he sighed deeply and hugged his little wife tighter and finally fell into a peaceful dream.


Author’s note


The male lead is not serious like Tan Hua Lan or even the ancient Chinese people. This is because both the heroine and this author have terrible taste ;D


Besides, the goal of this novel is sweetness and meat.


Translator note: I couldn’t help laughing as I translated this chapter. The terms used to describe were… hahahaha





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