* * * * * * *


When they finished eating, it was eleven o’clock at night. The story couldn’t sleep. Even if it was only four hours, she felt jetlagged.


“Shall we take a walk?”




They left the room and went to the beach in front of the hotel. Besides honeymooners, there were groups of families.


Everyone looked happy. They were barbecuing outdoors and laughing until the wee hours.


We walked wordlessly along the beach. There were no lovers holding hands, hugging shoulders, or kissing.


When there were no prying eyes, it was a perfect contractual relationship, and a s*x partner to roll around in bed with when he wanted, nothing more, nothing less.


Mu-hyuk stopped walking and stared off into the distance, his eyes taking in the sight of her sidekick. An extramarital affair.  A hidden son…….


Despite his life, he carried himself with dignity. His broad shoulders and high chin screamed superiority, but he was a very sweet man.


Sure, the story seems to be limited to one person, but… The story made him wonder,


“What’s in this man’s heart?”


He became her husband, but she knew very little about him. She didn’t know his elementary, middle, or high school, his friends, or even what he studied in college.


The only thing I knew was that he was a m*mber of a prestigious group that I couldn’t reveal to others, so I couldn’t know the most basic details of his personal life.


“How did he live? It must have been very hard to be unwelcome…….” and lonely.


Perhaps his life was more painful than she realized.  She couldn’t understand her feelings, but she could imagine how heavy the weight of his life must be.


‘I want to know, how he lived…….’


As she thought about it, she was taken aback.


Me? Do you want to know about his personal life? Why?


She was very surprised. He looked back at her.


“Is there something you want to talk about?”


“…Just, I have a few questions.”


“Ask away. I’ll tell you everything I can.”




“Well, we’re in a relationship, and if we don’t know things about each other, we might make mistakes in front of people, so we should share.”


“Well, everything about me is…….”


“I know.”




“I know everything about your life.”


“……When did you… get to that point….”


Did he do a background check on me? Seol-hwa narrowed her eyes and he ruffled her hair.


“Don’t take this the wrong way. The only people my age in Seoul who don’t know Seol-hwa are students from abroad. I’ve heard rumors about you as long as you’ve been famous.”


“Ah…. We were two years apart, so maybe we went to the same school…….”


I wonder if we went to the same school?


As I thought about it, I remembered that the neighborhoods where my in-laws and Seol-hwa lived were far apart.


“I went to Hwa-young Middle School and then S University.”


“Ji, did you say Hwa, Hwa-young Middle?”




“Then why don’t you remember? We went to the same school twice…….”


Seol-hwa doesn’t recognize the name Song Mu-hyuk.


“You’re not interested in that kind of thing, but I was known among the kids back then, and there were a few school violence committees.”




“My nickname didn’t just stick.”


If there was a school violence committee like that, you were a troublemaker.


“Thanks to my wealthy father, I was able to avoid dropping out of school, but I went abroad in junior high to finish high school.”


“So, you went abroad early?”


“I went to Eton College in England, and then I got into the business program at S University. The summer after you started at S, I transferred to York University in England. I finished my master’s program, and I was officially an executive.”


“Oh, right. So you went to school with me for less than a year?”


“Technically, yes.”


“……The first time you saw me, then.”


“The scenario I created is true, only the timing is different because it was the first time you sang at your middle school’s entrance ceremony.”


“I see.”


Seol-hwa nodded. He reached for her hand. Her eyes traveled to his hand. Her heart fluttered in her chest. He looked at her hand with an unreadable expression and clicked his tongue in a small way.


“Let’s go inside.”


She wanted to walk and talk with him a little longer, but he turned and walked away, somehow disappointed.


Back in the cabin, Seol-hwa felt nervous again. They’d had s*x several times, but as the night wore on, she wondered if they’d do it again.


What if he wanted to? She fidgeted and sat down on the couch, then got up and paced.


Just then, Mu-hyuk approached Seol-hwa with two glasses of wine, his heart racing.


“I’ll drink,” she said,


“and you?”


“Oh, I… I’ll drink too.”


There’s nothing like a drink to help you relax, she thought and downed it in one gulp.


It was sweet on the tongue and bitter at the end.


“This looks like wine, but it’s soju.”


“What? Wow, it’s not wine?”


Seol-hwa stared at the drink in surprise. It was a bias to think it was wine because it was served in a wine glass. Was it soju?


“Even if it’s colored like this, it’s just 95% pure ethyl alcohol with water and sweetener.”


“Ah…. I’m so embarrassed that I don’t have basic knowledge.”


Seol-hwa was embarrassed, embarrassed in front of him, but Mu-hyuk unexpectedly said something else.


“No, I saw it correctly. If you felt that way, it’s more like wine.”


“What does that mean?”


“It’s made using the shochu technique, but it’s just an imitation. The reason you felt it was wine is because it has more of the characteristics of wine than the characteristics of soju. From what I hear, it’s sold here as a substitute for soju.”




He stared at his drink.


“Do you know why soju is so expensive in other countries?”




“It’s because it’s tricky to make. If the alcohol level is off by 0.0001%, it makes a huge difference in flavor. Unlike wine and beer, which are made by aging grapes and grains, soju is an art form. Even if you try, it’s hard to get the flavor right, but Koreans are different. They’ve been making traditional liquor for a long time.”


How do you know so much?


Seol-hwa’s eyes widened at Mu-hyuk’s knowledge.


Seol-hwa stared at the barrel of traditional liquor and poured herself a glass.


She wanted to taste something that was sold like soju in other countries.


“…… I’ll try some more, I didn’t taste any alcohol at all….”


I poured myself a drink and put it straight into my mouth. I wondered if there was something different, but I still don’t know.


She poured herself another drink.


After repeating the same behavior a few times, she slowly started to get drunk. I saw two smiling Mu-hyuk looking at her behavior.


“I’ll get drunk.”


“I’ll drink more.”


Seol-hwa sat down and drank without eating. Mu-hyuk glared at her from the front, but she didn’t stop, wanting to find the difference.


“Don’t overdo it. When will you come to the Maldives again? It’s sold as soju in other countries… It stings.”


“My tongue, it’s loose…….,”


he smirked. I cupped my hands around my chin and watched his every move.


“I don’t know…de…. hiccup….”


“Oh no, I’m drunk again.”


“I don’t know how often I’ll see… I’m going to Korea… I’m going to make soju……. Hiccup.”


“The tip of your nose is red, like you’re a drunk.”


His words startled Seol-hwa, and she stood up and looked in the mirror. It was a lie.


Her cheeks were only slightly red and she felt hot. It was then that she saw his face in the mirror, his arms wrapped around her waist from behind.


“I can’t stand it when you’re this pretty…….”




He nibbled on her earlobe. His body felt like it was on fire from the alcohol he’d been drinking.    He bit her earlobe, then stuck his tongue in her earlobe and swirled it around.


His head whipped around and his shoulders shook. His hands slipped under my T-shirt, caressing my skin, and that alone was arousing.


“It’s my first day, so I tried to hold back, but I’m tempted to do it again.”


“Mmm… Mu…Mr. Hyuk….”


He seduced her with his lascivious voice. Seol-hwa’s head was spinning. He hadn’t even started yet, and she could already feel her p*ssy getting w*t.


Her juices were flowing. At the same time, her thighs tightened and her p*ssy clenched.


Seol-hwa panicked.


Oh….  My body…


She had already learned that her normally subdued libido could turn into a lustful sl*t at any moment in front of him, but she hadn’t expected to be aroused by him again not even a day later.


Her vision was blurry, her mind foggy. In my fading consciousness, I found his lips as if mesmerized by something, and a ragged gasp escaped me.


I was overcome by an intense s*xual desire.


He grabbed Seo-hwa’s head and pressed their lips together.


“Mmm. Aw…….,”


he said, slipping his tongue in and sweeping it across her er*genous zones. Her body felt hot like it was on fire.


His hot breath slid across my lips and between my lips, and my heart pounded like crazy.


The melting sweet kiss made Seol-hwa feel like she was about to lose her mind. With great urgency, he ripped through her clothes and grabbed her br*asts in his hands.


She gasped again. Unlike his grip, his caresses were incredibly gentle. He kissed her, pulling her clothes off.


He felt a prick at her waist. His erect p*nis screamed for entry into the tight spot.


“Haah……. Folktale….”


He seemed to want to cool his heated body as quickly as possible. Her white thighs parted and his gl*ns sought her opening, already w*t enough to accept him at any moment.


Without hesitation, he pushed in with all his might. A small shudder ran through her. The place where he’d swallowed his c*ck was hot and slick.


He caressed her lips, her cheeks, the nape of her earlobe, relieving her tension.


She followed his lips closely, and then he bucked his hips with all his might.  His chin went to the sky and his breathing became ragged.


Then he jerked his hips hard. For a moment, his body shook without ej*culation.


He thrust his hips with all his might, and there was a popping sound. An embarrassing noise came from the place that was soaked with their juices.


His whole body tasted like honey. On the other hand, my body tingled with unbearable pleasure.


I was dazed. A hot ball of fire erupted before her eyes.


* * * * * * *


The honeymoon continued. At night, we’d head to bed as if we’d made a pact, and in the morning, I’d wake up to an empty bed next to me.


Why, if we were having s*x so intensely and passionately, would he not be there when I fell asleep?


It was very strange, but I couldn’t bring myself to ask. It seemed like an unnecessary invasion of personal space, so she slept alone in her bed.


Still, she had come this far, and she couldn’t just work. Today, she took a small boat out to sea.


Their room had ocean access and they could snorkel anytime, but they had traveled a bit far to see big fish instead of small.


The two of them donned their gear. They couldn’t hide their nervousness as they put on their gear, as opposed to just looking at the fish with goggles.


“I’ll catch it, you just have to hold on to me.”


“……I’m scared, but I’ll trust you.”


Hired skin divers were on hand for the two of them, so they could signal if they felt like they were struggling at any point.


We practiced beforehand, but I took a deep breath and put on my oxygen mask.


With a bang, the emerald waters swallowed them both. I grabbed his hand and gently waved my flippers.


I was less frightened because I had a rope around my waist to keep me from being swept away by the current.


The water wasn’t too deep, and we soon saw schools of fish. The colorful fish were beautiful, including striped ones.


I burst out laughing when I saw a fish swimming right in front of me with its mouth open.


The fish didn’t seem surprised to see so many people but instead swam closer.


“Mu……. I’m scared. There are so many…….’


Mu-hyuk waved his hand in front of Seol-hwa as she hunched her shoulders at the sight of so many large fish.


The strong current frightened the big fish and it hid its tail. The fish realized that Mu-hyuk was a strong man and shied away.


He laughed. Through the goggles, he could see the corners of Mu-hyuk’s eyes narrowed.


He came up behind her and put his hands around her waist, and then he moved his feet, and they moved even when she stood still.


She was happy. She hadn’t had time to laugh because everything had been so bad, but her chest was tight, and the firmness of his chest against her back was reassuring.


She turned her head slightly, and then he touched her lips with his fingers, and then he dipped his fingers into his lips.


She blushed and whirled around because she thought it meant a kiss.


Again he stirred his feet. A beautiful coral stretched out before him. It sparkled in the sunlight, like a jewel.


Ah, he gasped in admiration.  She gazed in wonder. Then he took her hand and squeezed it. His grip was strong as if he was worried that she might be swept away by the sea.


My heart sank.


* * * * * * *


At that hour, the headquarters staff was busy. A mix of SD Financial and Harriman Brewery employees were moving boxes.


The staff scrambled to follow the instructions given by the two owners. Over the next four days, a major cleaning was done, and new desks and utensils were bought.


All departments moved into Mu-hyuk’s building, leaving only the warehouse for management.


Secretary Park stood in front of the nearly 50-story building and looked up. Many things were going through his mind, but a bitter feeling lingered.


An arranged marriage. The story of borrowing 8 billion in exchange for a marriage was very unfortunate.


‘Even if it’s an unavoidable choice, is it okay to keep it a secret like this? Later, my wife will be sad if she finds out….’


In the end, they kept it a secret and held the wedding safely, but she was still worried.


Secretary Park remembered Young-woo, who attended the wedding. He didn’t usually pee in the direction of Anix Korea, so she didn’t really care how he lived, but then he heard that he was getting engaged to Song Mi-jin, the eldest daughter of Myungsung Group.


Whether it was coincidence or fate, I was shocked that the man who proposed to Seol-hwa was the one who was going to start a family with the man she once loved.


[Uncle. I didn’t realize he was the son of a famous group],


Seol-hwa said after the ceremony.


Of course, Song Mu-hyuk was such an obscure person that it was hard not to recognize him.


But it was clear that if given the choice again, she would make the same choice. With nothing to lose, she was desperate.


[Yi, do you have to get married?]


[I’ve already received the investment, and I know the person I’m going to marry]


[He, do you think that makes sense? He’s my brother-in-law, even if he’s half-blood]


[…… I just want him to say yes, I don’t look at anything else, I don’t care if people criticize me and say I’m a bad woman]




[Please believe me]


Secretary Park could no longer argue with her choice. Once she told him that she didn’t care who her husband would be, he couldn’t argue with her anymore.


She became very curious about what kind of man Mu-hyuk was.


“What kind of person is Song Mu-hyuk? Even if his nickname is Mad Dog, how can he propose to someone who was once his sister-in-law’s lover?”


Just then, she heard the excited voice of Ms. Seol from the accounting department.


“Secretary Park, I still can’t believe we’re moving to such a clean building.”


“It’s like a dream, I think our boss is done with all the hard work, and I’m sure he’ll pay more attention to our welfare.”


“It’s like a dream, I think our boss is done with all the hard work. The wife of SD Financial, even if it’s the third largest bank, it’s the number one in private banking, right?!”


“That’s right.”


The man was successful enough without the prestige group’s frame. The ability to turn around a dying affiliate in a few years was something to be admired.


Mr. Park glanced at the SD Financial building, and then at the other buildings around them.


“I’ve seen this picture before…….”


There were several private banking signs all over the other buildings. JT Money, MI Savings Bank, Hanju Capital, and other so-called tertiary financial names dominated the landscape.


In another building, there was a private banking sign on every floor. I was intrigued, and so was Ms. Seol.


“This must be a private banking district. It’s kind of creepy. It’s not like there are gangs around like there used to be….”


“Well, yeah. It’s a little strange, but I guess it’s not against the law to be on the same street, after all, playing with money is part of the business.”


Just then, the pickers for the boss’s office arrived, so the two hurried into the building.


* * * * * * *


After a week-long honeymoon, they returned to Korea. Mu-hyuk’s limousine was waiting for them at the airport.


Seol-hwa’s attention was focused on the company. She should have gone straight to her in-laws to change into her hanbok and say hello, but she realized she still had time.


“Hey, Mr. Mu-hyuk. Do you mind if I go to work for a while?”


“It’s 1 pm. I have a few hours left when my dad gets off work, so I think I can go.”


“Okay, let’s go to work then. I want to make sure everyone moved in safely.”




Mu-hyuk’s car drove straight into downtown Seoul. Seol-hwa was filled with anticipation.


The last time she’d seen her building, it was brand new, and she was glad that her employees would be able to work in a clean building.


She could feel her gaze on her face, and when she turned her head, she saw Mu-hyuk staring at her. She felt like her heart would burst every time.


‘……Dropping……. I feel stupid….’


His eyes were dripping with honey. There was no way that could be true, but his eyes seemed to be filled with tender emotions.


The car sped away and entered the city of Seoul. The roads were deserted as if the relocated company wanted to see them.


We arrived at the company less than an hour after leaving Incheon Airport.


“Pull over at the main entrance.”


At Mu-hyuk’s command, the driver pulled up in front of the bronze statue in front of the company. Seol-hwa nervously got out of the car.


At that moment, tears blinded her. When she saw the names of [SD Finance] and [Harim Brewery] standing side by side with Mu-hyuk’s company name, she cringed.


The sight of a business name made of brass castings instead of the dusty, crumbling one caused mixed emotions.


“I should be able to erect that sign with my strength…….,”


she thought, clenching her fists. Even though she had moved the company for the sake of her face, not her strength, she vowed that one day she would erect the building under her power.


She believed that if she became the best in this industry, she would be able to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with him. She was determined.


Then Mu-hyuk came to Seol-hwa’s side, gently wrapped his arms around her shoulders, and spoke in an affectionate voice.


“It’s nice to have a pair of company signs.”


Several employees rushed over to announce their arrival. It’s hard to tell who works for whom. The office was tidy, if not yet organized.


Harim Beer’s office was set up just downstairs from Seol-hwa.


“You’ve been working hard.”


“No, I did all the hard work with the people you hired.”


“Did you?”


“Yeah, we were just organizing.”


Aside from the exaggeration, the employees were excited. They seemed to love the new building, and it was gratifying to see their genuine happiness.


Seol-hwa toured department after department. The 45th and 46th floors were all Harim Beer: General Affairs, Administration, Sales, Marketing, and Production.


Curiously, the business strategy office was in front of Mu-hyuk’s office, not Seol-hwa’s.


“Secretary Park, isn’t there something wrong here? Why is the business strategy office in front of the SD Financial CEO’s office?”


“Oh, that’s the order from over there.”




Seol-hwa scratched her head.


“The location was all ordered by the CEO of SD.”


“Hmm…. I can’t tell the difference if you leave it like that. It looks like SD Finance runs Harim Beer, doesn’t it?”


“I don’t know what’s what, but there’s another Harim Beer CEO’s office next to the SD CEO’s office, so I guess it doesn’t matter.”


Seol-hwa glanced at the business strategy office and then at her own office. Mu-hyuk’s office was closer. Seol-hwa’s steps led her to the office of the CEO of Hae-rim Beer.


That’s when her eyes widened.


“This…. office is too big.”


“Well, I’m a little surprised, too. I didn’t expect it to be this big.”


Seol-hwa’s jaw dropped in amazement. This could have been a president’s office. Not only was it spacious, but the desk, gadgets, and sofa were top-of-the-line.


“It’s too much….”


“It’s not too much, I’ll be entertaining a lot of guests in the future, so it’s nice to have a nice office.”


“Ah…. I’m surprised.”


“I have a bigger surprise for you, this way.”


Seol-hwa followed Secretary Park to the closet, where there was a door.


“……Wait a minute. My office. What happened to it? Was it always connected by a door like this?”


Seol-hwa’s office was next to Mu-hyuk’s, but when they walked in, they realized that the two rooms were connected by a door in the middle.


This meant that they could go to and from each other’s offices at any time without having to go out into the hallway.


“It took me a week to drill this wall, so the furniture came in late, and I’ve been organizing it since yesterday.”


“So, you’re saying that the wall is now intact?”


Secretary Park nodded. Seol-hwa gently turned the doorknob and opened the door, revealing Mu-hyuk’s desk.


She was surprised again: it was set up side by side with his desk. Then, she saw Mu-hyuk’s face.


“Do you like it?”


“No, Mr. Mu-hyuk…. This is….”


“I’ll have to look at it often in the future. I won’t have to go out into the hallway.”






What does that mean?


Of course, since we share the same building, we’ll probably run into each other once or twice, but he said it as if we share an office.


“That’s the business strategy office of Harim Beer…….”


“Because I have to work there.”




“I’ll be involved in the management of Harim Beer.”




Seol-hwa was stunned.


“I’m the sales director of Harim Beer, did you forget?”


“Oh, that’s ….. Isn’t that a meaningless position that was given to you because of the investment money?”


“No. I’m going to keep meddling with you.”


Seol-hwa and Secretary Park looked puzzled. Seol-hwa asked Mr. Park to leave the room and then approached him.


“What are you thinking? You’re busy enough with your own company, what do you mean, meddling?”


“Do you think my meddling hurts your pride?”




I knew I didn’t have what it took to be a manager. I’d never held a part-time job outside of singing in my life, so I knew I’d be lacking a lot.


But Seol-hwa was confident. The people who grew up with Harim Beer stood by my side, and there were many stories from my childhood that I picked up over my dad’s shoulder.


“Stand tall when you need to. Sometimes you need to bite your opponent, but it’s also part of being a manager to stay low, wait for the right time, and see the opportunity.


Have you ever thought about how many people are on your shoulders? Even the smallest business is responsible for feeding hundreds of people.


“If you put your ego first, you’ll crumble in a crisis. It’s a jungle out there, a place where the weak are eaten and the strong are made to eat.”


“……By the way, ….”


The words stuck with me. What are the chances of a story that’s still a sunshine chick surviving in a jungle?


Now that Harim Beer has the backing of a prestigious group, the big guys are going to be tough. It was obvious that they would try to stifle its growth in some way.


“Sometimes, the medicine you put in your mouth works better. I’m there to advise you, but the decision is yours. Remember what I said when I loaned you 8 billion? I never lend money to a company that’s going under.”


“Again. The only reason I’m actively helping you is because…….”


Maybe that was his calculation all along, and that’s why he lent her the huge sum of 8 billion. As passionate as he was in bed, he was a hard man at work.


That’s why he’d risen to the top of private banking so quickly. ….


He grabbed Seol-hwa’s chin and stared into her eyes.


“Do you need another reason?”




He stepped closer to her and ruffled her hair. Then again, she saw the pity in her eyes. No, it wasn’t pity, it was desire.


Slowly, his lips moved closer. Her lips parted effortlessly, and he slipped his tongue in. She blushed and felt his kiss.


His tongue was sweet as he gently tugged at her lips. Her heart thumped in her chest and warmth rushed through her body.


I was kissing him and he was flying through the air. I felt light as a feather and floated around. I closed my eyes and tried to control myself as best I could, but my body trembled.


This kiss. It was so sweet, I felt like I could give myself over to him.


‘Don’t be sweet, just be normal,’


I wanted to say, but the hand around my waist and the dry lips on mine stopped me.


These hands, so firm and trusting, maybe I’ll never forget them, even if I part with him.


“No, no. Get your folklore straight. You’ve failed at love and you still trust a man? This man and I have a strictly contractual relationship. He gets what he wants, and I get what I want through him. Don’t let any other feelings get in the way.”


I made up my mind, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stop my heart from fluttering.


My waist slid further back. With a bang, her back touched his desk, and she gasped in surprise.


‘No way, you’re trying to do something here again.’


Just then, his secretary knocked on the door. His lips parted in surprise at the sound, and he looked at the door with a frown.


“Who is it?”


“You have a visitor. Mr. President.”


When the secretary came in and announced that he had a visitor, Seol-hwa spun around.


“I-I have to go,”


she said, but where was she supposed to go?


It felt strange to go back through the door she’d come in, and it felt strange to go out through the hallway.


As I was fumbling around, Mu-hyuk grabbed Seol-hwa’s hand and started walking. Before they knew it, Seol-hwa had entered her office.


“What are you so worried about? Just be yourself. You’re my wife, and I’m the new groom who would give you my liver and gallbladder.”


Angry, my face was hot. I couldn’t help but feel my heart pounding in my chest. Just as his face was turning red. The head of the accounting department, Ms. Seol, walked into the office.


* * * * * * *


It was Yoo-jung who came to Mu-hyuk’s office. Yoo-jung’s face was pale.


“Do you hate me?”




“How could you not send me a wedding invitation? I even checked the time of your arrival.”


She was a friend of ten years, but she had been misunderstood in front of Seol, so she was removed from the guest list.


“How did you know I was coming to work today? Ha.”


“I was expecting your wife to be here first, not you.”


“You’re a ghost. Shouldn’t you be a fortune teller, not a model?”


“My hobby is character study, and I got your wife’s character right away.”


Her voice quickly returned to its normal tone. Yoo-jung smiled and looked at Mu-hyuk’s expression.


From the look on his face, it seemed like there was another reason.


Sometimes her curiosity could get the best of her, but since they had been friends for ten years, she tried to laugh it off.


The secretary brought out the tea, and just as she was about to take a sip, Yoo-jung smiled and opened her mouth.


“So, how does it feel to be married to the first love you eve

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