After telling his secretary to pay the singer he’d invited to perform today, Mu-hyuk headed back to the bride’s waiting room, only to turn around when his friends rushed in from the other direction.


“This is a big deal.”




“Since when have you been dating Min Seol Hwa, huh? And yet, you pretend to be a stranger in front of us? You fight because you want to make the other guy make a mistake, Chet.”


He brought up the last club incident to Mu-hyuk.


“In the first place, when you love someone, you want to keep them hidden and monopolize them.”


“love? Haha. Song Mu-hyuk is love… I’m definitely in love with him!”


The other users spread the story of their love to others, following the scenario created by Mu-hyuk. Mu-hyuk fell in love with Seol-hwa at first sight in Germany, and after a courtship, they found love.


“But……. They must have controlled the real press. How come there’s not a single reporter?”


“The prestige group’s secretary is so good.”


“I barely got the invitations. Do you personally check the faces on every invitation you send out?”


“You do?”


“Uh, they’re sending out invitations to friends. There are a lot of guys who didn’t receive them.”


“But everyone who came came.”


Mu-hyuk didn’t send invitations to his friend who fought with him. If he had known this, he would have chosen his friends appropriately, but he regretted that he had been living like a mad dog and dating just anyone.


‘Regret? I have regrets?’


Mu-hyuk was stunned for a moment. He thought he was a monster who didn’t know what regret was, but now he realized that wasn’t the case.


There comes a time when one’s own needs come first, and others are merely expendable, but that wasn’t the case for Seol-hwa.


Then I remembered the scene where he was spitting lewd words in front of me with the tale.    Mu-hyuk’s face immediately turned sinister.


He snapped his fingers, the sound of bones echoing in the air.


“It’s a pity I didn’t step on his snout then. No one will ever dare to tell a story in front of me again. No one…….”


Mu Hyuk’s steps turned toward the bride’s waiting room again. Through the slanted doorway, he could see a smiling Seol-hwa.


She was talking to her friends and smiling brightly. It was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, and it made my heart ache.


‘……I glow. I still… It’s just like that…….’


I suddenly remembered. Seol-hwa, singing in the large auditorium, looked like an angel.


Unlike me, with my demonic blood, she was clean and pure, and without wings, she looked as precious as if she had descended from heaven.


Wearing a white dress and looking nervous as she walked up to the podium, she was an object of admiration for many students.


She had been rumored to be a good singer since elementary school, so it didn’t take long for me to recognize her as Seol-hwa.


Her small, cute face, clear skin, and high-pitched voice were unmistakable. As she moved her tiny mouth to sing and moved in and out of the high register, she glowed.


It sounded so good that the people playing instruments behind her were mesmerized and forgot the beat.


[She’s so pretty. I want to get to know her.]


[They say she’s going to be big in the future. I should have gotten her autograph.]


[Wow, she has the best voice. What about her singing? Hey, Song Mu-hyuk, why are you so upset? No way! Do you have a crush too? Hahaha]


[Shut up.]


Moo-hyuk stood up before the song ended and ran out of the auditorium.


[Dirty, you’re not worthy of me…….]


Mu-hyuk constantly harbored negative feelings toward me. He walked out of the auditorium and leaned his back against the wall.


He was running away, but he had nowhere to go. The song of Seol-hwa seeped into his ears. It was a beautiful song that penetrated his heart more and more, and at once, his emotions became intense.


‘At ………Seol-hwa….’


I pondered for a moment, remembering the scene I had forgotten. The wedding planner approached Mu-hyuk and informed him that the ceremony was about to begin.


Mu-hyuk walked into the bridal waiting room. He reached out his hand to the girl in the white dress, just like before.


She shyly took his hand. Mu-hyuk pulled her around the waist and hugged her as hard as he could.




He dropped a kiss on her cheek as the photographer snapped pictures nonstop. He gently lifted Snow White’s chin and kissed her.


Many people whistled and congratulated them on their marriage.  At that moment, Mu-hyuk’s gaze caught sight of Young-woo.


His face was crumpled, his expression forced. He looked at his beautiful bride. For a moment, he wanted to pluck out his eyeballs.


Mu-hyuk felt like reminding him whose wife Seol-hwa was becoming. He slipped his tongue in and began to kiss her deeply, and then he bit her lip…..


The deep kiss was so naked that it surprised the guests. Their tongues intertwined and their lips moved enough to make her lipstick disappear.


Mu-hyuk wore his love as plainly as a mad dog’s nickname, but his gaze never left Young-woo.


* * * * * * *


Seol-hwa had to redo her makeup with five minutes left in the ceremony. She was too embarrassed to lift her face.


Her lipstick was gone and her hair was disheveled from Mu-hyuk’s kiss. Out of the corner of her eye, Seol-hwa saw the makeup artist and hairdresser look at her.


“I’m sorry, I don’t have time.”


“Retouching is common, it means the groom loves the bride,”


she said, but it was no consolation. The bride was about to walk down the aisle, and the guests were all sitting and waiting.


But they’re quick on their feet, so it didn’t take them long to adjust. The ceremony, which had been pushed back 15 minutes, began.


Mu-hyuk grabbed Seol-hwa’s hand and put it in his arm. He smiled softly, and my stomach dropped.


“This is rude, everyone is waiting for you….”


“He’s a crazy dog, he’ll understand.”


I was at a loss for words.  She just walked, careful not to catch her foot on her dress. You are standing at the front of the ceremony.


Since the bride’s father was not present, they decided to walk down the aisle at the same time. Sul-hwa’s heart skipped a beat as many guests saw them. Her mouth went dry.


[“The bride and groom are entering!”


Orchestral music sounded. He had hired many musicians for this day. I walked down the aisle to the music. He staggered as his heart fluttered down his leg.


The high heels she wore to match his height made walking more uncomfortable. But she didn’t fall, because he held her hand firmly.


Seol-hwa looked at the guests. Then her eyes locked with Young-woo’s.


“You’re at the wedding? Why?”


She was surprised. She hadn’t expected him to attend the wedding. I was stunned by the death stare, but I immediately looked at my mom.


“Don’t let her find out, just go to…….


But Seol-hwa’s worries were short-lived. Young-woo stood up and walked out of the hall.


Seol-hwa was nervous. Throughout the declaration of marriage, the exchange of gifts, and the greetings to both parents, she worried that Young-woo would come back.


The only time I was able to forget about it was when my friends sang a congratulatory song. As they sang, I sang along, mouthing the words.


The beautiful harmonies blended well with the orchestra, and the guests applauded. Young-woo didn’t show up until the reception was over.


It was a crazy day. I woke up in the early morning and didn’t eat until the afternoon.


“I should eat something.”


“…No, I can’t. I can’t eat like this. It’s not the first time I’ve worn a dress, and I feel bloated.”


“It’s all over now, we just need to change and go to the airport.”




“It’s your honeymoon now, You’ve been so busy we haven’t had time to see each other.”


“Oh…. Yeah….”


They hadn’t been to a hotel in a while. Since they’d just gotten engaged and scheduled their wedding, they’d been careful.


We didn’t want to show both of our parents that we were spending the night out, and we were.  We didn’t have sex after that first night.


‘……I’m nervous…….’


* * * * * * *


Our honeymoon was in the Maldives. Beautiful beaches, coral reefs, and emerald waters welcomed them. The tiring days seemed to fly by.


The accommodation was a luxury hotel pool villa, designed to be both luxurious and natural. It was built as a half-floating house, and the mysterious rooms had snorkeling access from everywhere.


“It’s pretty….”


“Glad you like it.”


There were stairs downstairs to the ocean, so I felt like I could swim in the middle of the night.


We had a private pool for privacy, and our room had an ocean view, so we could watch the sun rise and set from everywhere.


“We can swim here at night!”


“It’s a nude beach hotel!”




“No one’s watching, so who’s going to judge?”




He suddenly took off his top. After wearing a light summer outfit, his top was off, revealing his abs. Seol-hwa didn’t know where to look.


“Are you embarrassed?”


“No, I’m not. But….”


“What do you say? I’ve already slept a lot on the plane, so I’d like to have some fun.”


She didn’t know what he meant by fun, but when he unbuckled his pants belt, she gasped.


“I told you it’s a nude beach, I’m going for a swim, do you want to join me?”


He took off his pants in a flash. He was wearing only a pair of boxers, which thankfully didn’t make him nude, but they were made of spandex, which was embarrassing.


Her gaze immediately traveled to his lower body, and once again she was struck by his p*nis, her heart racing.


“Ah… no, I think I’ll just rest.”


“Then rest in the hammock, there’s plenty of sunshine.”


True to his word, he slept through the flight. We landed in the Maldives in the morning, so it was too early for lunch. I didn’t know whether to sleep more or work.


It was a honeymoon, but Seol-hwa had brought work with him. Her notebook was filled with a long list of new liquors to be developed.


We realized that we had fallen behind and needed to develop new products to grow faster.


‘We need a more disruptive product… Let Harim Beer be on people’s lips again….’


The Korean beer market was already dominated by large companies. So Seol-hwa decided to target the soju market.


“What should we do? What are the stages of developing a new product…….”


She stared at her laptop, but couldn’t think of anything to do. Just then, she was splashed with cold water.


“It’s cold.”


She turned to look in the direction of the splash and saw Mu-hyuk swimming the butterfly stroke in the pool.


He stretched his arms out in front of her at the same time to pull the water down and hit it with the balls of his feet, causing a loud splash in the pool.


Seol-hwa finally looked up from her laptop and saw Mu-hyuk.


“You’re strong.” ….


I expected him to be strong because he had the kind of muscles that would make a bodybuilder cry, but he looked even stronger as he swam the breaststroke.


His trapezius muscles worked up and down as he moved his arms, and his broad shoulders made me gasp.


‘How thick and hard are his biceps underneath… And how about those thighs….’


The narrator was now staring at him. The sight of his wet body, hair, and drawers had me picturing him naked in my mind, and soon enough I was panting with excitement.


My mouth watered, and my heart raced as I remembered how he had laughed lewdly and shuddered.


“You’re crazy! What are you imagining?”


She scrambled to her feet and looked away, but her lower abdomen was already burning. Then she felt a trickle of juices running down her p*ssy.


The hairs on the back of her neck stood up. My heart was racing.


“She must be excited……. What can I do….”


Seol-hwe cried. She couldn’t believe she was thinking about sex while swimming. She was even more embarrassed that she was aroused.


Sweat beaded on her forehead and it was hot.  She didn’t know where to look. She turned away and looked at her laptop, but the screen was filled with his image.


Filled with…


He was standing behind her. His reflection in the blacked-out screen.


“Ah….,” he said,


“We’re on our honeymoon, work can wait.”


“Mmm, sorry.”


Before Seol-hwa could turn off her laptop, Mu-hyuk closed it and swept her into a quick hug. Her heart dropped.


“Look at your sweat. You must be hot.”


“Ah…. That’s right, it’s hot here,”


she said, her body temperature rising even more as he hugged her behind her knees and on her back.


I forced a smile to try to keep him from noticing, but it was no use.


“Ouch, Mr. Mu-hyuk.”


“Let’s swim, it’s boring alone.”




With a splash, water entered my mouth and nose. At the same time, I was startled awake by the cold water that enveloped my entire body.


The pool spun into a huge whirlpool, splashing water everywhere. For a moment, she hugged him tightly around the shoulders.


“I can’t swim!”


She couldn’t swim at all. She clung even tighter to his shoulder, trying not to fall into the seemingly deep water.


“……pa… I’m drowning.”


“It’s not deep. Stand up straight.”


“No. The water… I don’t want to.”


“Don’t be scared, I’ve got you.”


“I won’t let go, I promise.”


“Don’t worry. Even if I were a madman, I wouldn’t drown my bride, would I?”


Mu-hyuk tightened his grip on Seol-hwa’s waist and whispered reassuringly. Suddenly, Seol-hwa found the courage to stand up straight.


He was stunned again by the neck-deep water. Then he smirked.


“Ah….,” he said,


“It feels good to hang like this.”


His face was right in front of hers.


She tried to minimize contact with him, but she didn’t like the water, so she didn’t pull away. He smirked and looked at her. The atmosphere was eerie.




It was then. Something rumbling touched the snowflake’s belly. Gradually, it swelled to a solid size. Her senses became extremely sensitive.


He felt his heartbeat quicken. He was embarrassed, but he couldn’t hide his excitement. Sulihua immediately averted his gaze.


“Look at me. Folktale.”


He called my name, but I couldn’t see him, and I knew that if I made eye contact with him, we would have sex right there.


She tried to pull back, but his strong grip held her lower body together. She swallowed hard as he moved her body up a bit to match his height and pressed his cock against her p*ssy.


Drums rang in his ears. No, it was like an orchestra playing. A heartbeat so loud he could almost hear it. He gently took her chin in his hand.


There was no avoiding the firm eye contact, his eyes blazing like the sun overhead. There was a desire in his eyes that could not be hidden.


My throat burned. Her hands were ice-cold from the tension. She squeezed his hand tightly. His fingers intertwined with hers in her tight grip, his hand so warm that it soon warmed her entire fingers.




He leaned his upper body forward, and she held her breath. Their lips overlapped. He parted them with his tongue and traced the lining of her mouth.


The soft, electrifying kiss made her legs go limp. His lips twisted, angled, and kissed her deeper. His hot, curling tongue caught hers lightly and sucked hard.


He gripped her shoulders and kissed her devouringly. She couldn’t breathe from the hasty kiss. His tongue swirled wildly inside her mouth.


His already wet body seemed to ooze Cooper fluid at the tip. It was only a kiss, but it made Seol-hwa’s body boil. Shivers ran through her body.


Her mouth felt like it was melting on his hot tongue. He nibbled on her lip and slowly licked it with his tongue.


“Haa……. I’m just sucking on your lips, but they’re melting. Can you feel it?”




His hand slipped up the skirt of the snowflake. Her head swam. He cupped her clit and gave it a light squeeze.


They hadn’t even begun to have sex yet, and her body seemed to throb with pleasure. Then I remembered moaning like a lustful wench in front of him.


“I’m going to put it in, right here, and I’m going to gyrate my hips like crazy, is that okay?”


he whispered, nibbling on his lips with his teeth.




Even without being asked, his cock was hard and ready to be inserted. Her pupils were dilated and her cheeks were already flushed.


At the same time, she was mesmerized by his erotic smile. The juices pouring from her p*ssy made no secret of her desire.


“Tell me….”


His tongue licked at Snow White’s earlobe. A wet noise pounded lustfully against her hearing.


“Folklore……. ”


Ah… ah… ah… ah…”


His soft voice fanned her desire ferociously. She buried her face in his shoulder. Then his muscular chest rubbed against her breasts.


Her whole body tingled. His hands dug into more intimate places, and her waist twisted. His fingers slipped between her p*ssy lips, pistoned, and she tightened around him.


“Hot. Here, by the way, you’re biting down on my finger, I’ve been waiting a long time for this.”


“Aaah! Aaah….”


He slipped another finger in. And in and out, and in and out, and in and out, and fire flashed in his eyes.


Seo-hwa hugged him tightly around the shoulders. It was the moment he realized that he could make violent movements with his fingers.


Ding, ding, ding.


Two thick fingers swirled inside. The fingers bent and stabbed inside her v*g*na without ejaculating. Snow White’s thighs spread wide.


He thrust at different angles, irritating the v*g*nal mucosa, and then slipped out.


No, no, no.  This is not enough. He swallowed savagely as his finger slid in and out, not missing a beat as he studied her expression.


“You’re going to need something bigger and thicker, aren’t you?”


“Well, just… Do…..”


He wanted to taste even more paradise, and desire filled his mind with lust.


“I’ve fantasized about it sometimes. What would your innocent face look like when you were aroused? ”


“Uh… What do you think?”


I was amazed at his mental strength to answer these questions at this point. The heat was rising like crazy down here, and it seemed like the only way to hear his true feelings was now.


Demon? I didn’t understand what he was talking about, why, this was a man who rarely referred to himself as a demon, but the question flew off into space as he ripped off Seol’s panties, and then her drawers as well.


The sight of the two pairs of panties floating on top of the pool was indecent. Snowflake was embarrassed, but she looked forward to the pleasure that would come next.


He chuckled and pressed something large between the holes in the tongue.


“Hmph! Big, big… Ugh…….”


The bulk threatened to tear the holes apart. A muffled scream escaped Seol-hwa’s mouth.


The stretched spot was so tight that not a single hair could fit inside.


“Tighten…. ”






He slammed his hips hard into her hole, driving it in firmly. There was a crunch of flesh against flesh, and the enormity of the thing slammed down. Snow White groaned.




As if to reward her for her patience, he quickly stabbed at her inner walls, the crushing sensation more vivid than usual.


The embarrassing sounds rattled her ears, but she was too busy trying to keep up with the man’s pace.


The deeply penetrating cock pounded into her. Moans escaped her lips as he thrust in and out of her, his vigorous strokes threatening to overwhelm her.


Her hips shook with the stimulation he was providing. The pleasure was multiplied many times over.


He grabbed her hips with both hands, bracing her body against the pool wall, and thrust upward with all his might.


Pleasure shot through his body. She couldn’t keep her mind off his savage thrusts inside her. Her heart pounded.


The pit of my stomach felt like it was being bitten by a hot stick. Her mouth dropped open in shock, her body convulsing with the exhilaration of his actions, her lips already mangled with pleasure.


The pleasure she was feeling was unlike anything she’d ever experienced before, and the harder he thrust, the more he pressed against her point.


Puck, puck, puck, the pool water splashed back and forth with each blow. At the same time, ragged breaths panted in her ear, her breathing as urgent as his.


His cock was hard, but satisfying. The deeper he dug, the louder he moaned:


“Folktale… Mmmmm, Folktale… Folktale… Folktale….”




Veins bulged in his forearms. With each hard thrust, her body rose, and then his head was between her breasts.


His tongue nipped at her nipple, and the hairs on his body stood up in goosebumps of pleasure.


Snow White’s back twisted. His lips moved up from her breast and overlapped her lips. His ragged breath filled her mouth now.


He grabbed my entire tongue and nibbled on it with his teeth. Her breath caught in her throat, and she didn’t know if she should breathe or not.


Then his tongue slipped out of her mouth for a moment, but then it was back in again as she caught her breath, and she was lost in a kiss so intense it made her body shiver.


When she swallowed, he pulled his lips away and arched his back. Flesh slammed against flesh, a steady gurgle of water, and he thrust inside her roughly, as if he were thirsty.


I’m going crazy… His head felt like it was going to explode. The heat rose to the point of melting the brain water.


Seol-hwa was experiencing the ultimate pleasure. For a moment, he stared at her with unreadable eyes. Then a damp voice spoke to his forehead.


“I won’t stop, not even if the world ends.”


The languid voice was insistent. It was as if he’d forgotten for a moment. His sex was like a war, and once it started, it was over.


She nodded, determined. Then he swept her up and carried her out of the pool.


They switched places, still connected below. They were worried about being seen, but there was no one here but the two of them.


A fluffy hammock was draped over their backs. It was big enough for both of them to lie on, so there was no discomfort.


His p*nis throbbed beneath her p*ssy. I could see the nervousness in his eyes. It was within reach, but his liver was burning.


He peeled off Seol-hwa’s wet clothes. Now completely naked, he grabbed her breasts. Then he pinched her nipples and arched his back a little.


He ejaculated once, but my eyes were drawn back to his bulging p*nis. He gasped, barely able to breathe as it filled his entire hole.


He sucked on her earlobe and caressed her earlobe with his tongue. The violent clash of pleasure made her come.


The slurping wet noises and the tangles of semen on the two pubic hairs were obscene. She gripped his shoulders tightly.


Naked sex in the hot sun was the first they’d had since they’d become a couple.


* * * * * * * *


She opened and closed her eyes, and it was evening. She didn’t know how much time had passed, but it was dark outside and the moon was high.


She reached out and groped for the seat beside him. He wasn’t there. Even after all the passionate sex they’d had, he’d never been there afterward.


“Where did he go?”


She wanted to sit up, but she couldn’t move. I didn’t have the strength to lift a finger. My bones creaked and screamed at the slightest movement. I’m hungry…….


I went down and starved myself for two meals. I didn’t realize I was hungry when we were having sex, but when I woke up, my stomach felt like it was going to rip.


‘I need to eat something…. ‘


Even if you’re a contracted couple, you’re supposed to have a glass of wine, set the mood, and have sex on your honeymoon, right?


But they had sex like animals from daylight.


Seol-hwa buried her face in her pillow in shame. The sex in the hammock was intense. At the same time, it was indecent, and she felt ashamed.


She closed her eyes to go back to sleep, but her mind was getting clearer and clearer. The seat next to her was empty.


“Where did he go?”


Of course, this was a multi-room hotel, but he didn’t look like someone who would leave his bride on her honeymoon to sleep elsewhere.


She waited for him for a moment, then stood up impatiently. I made a groaning sound.


I put on my slippers and pulled on my nightgown. My legs gave out with each step, but thankfully I didn’t have a throbbing laceration on my p*ssy.


She glanced around the room and spotted her laptop on the table.


“Huh? Who left a laptop here…….?”


The laptop was still on, and it looked like he hadn’t been gone long. Seol-hwa cautiously went out to the terrace that connected to the pool.


A long terrace ran along the sea, and at the end of it stood Mu-hyuk. He seemed to be on the phone with someone.


It was rude to listen in on a phone call, but her eyes didn’t miss him. She listened. Her acute hearing didn’t miss a single note of his voice.


‘What are you talking about……. Now….’


* * * * * * *


Mu-hyuk checked the time. The time difference between the Maldives and Korea was four hours. It was 5 p.m. in Korea. He immediately called his assistant.


[Mr. CEO, what are you doing at this time?]


“We need to move the headquarters of Harim Beer.”


[What? What do you mean…….]


“Move Seol-hwa’s office next to mine, clear out the office downstairs, and move all the other departments.”


The secretary chose her words carefully, but the corners of Mu-Hyuk’s mouth twisted sullenly. He didn’t want to be made to say it twice, so a blunt answer came out of his mouth.


“That’s right. It’s a vacancy anyway, so it’s better than having another company take over.


Just make arrangements to come to work with me after the honeymoon.”


[Yeah, sure. I wonder if he was talking to Harriman Beer….]


Bam, the profanity was about to come out, but I held it back because it felt good. It’s because I don’t have a clue, and that’s why I have an assistant who does one thing and does it well.


“I’ll do it today.”


[Alright, alright, time is going to be a little tight, let’s hurry]


“Move the office, leave the warehouse office where it is,”


Mu-hyuk instructed his secretary and hung up the phone. At that moment, he sensed a pretense.


Mu-hyuk looked up and down at Seol-hwa’s figure, clad only in a nightgown. It seemed to have heard the call.


His eyes widened in surprise. There was no need to explain.


“Mr. Mu-hyuk….”


“It’s been bothering me since last time. No matter where you look, there are only rice paddies and fields, but you can’t call it a headquarters, can you?”


“I was going to move later when I made money.”


“Since you’re married, you should have a nice office.”


It bothered me the whole time. I was surprised when I went to pick her up the other day. I hadn’t realized that the headquarters was a warehouse on top of a rice field, even if it was tilted.




“You’re the daughter-in-law of Myungsung Group. You’re the wife of the head of SD Financial, the number one financial institution in Korea’s tertiary sector. Wouldn’t people laugh at you if you worked in a crumbling warehouse?”


“…… Is that… going to happen again?”


Seol-hwa narrowed her eyes. She was worried that he’d say no, but he didn’t.


Worrying? Worrying about how I feel about the other person?


Mu-hyuk’s lips twitched with laughter. Mu-hyuk looked at Seol-hwa’s lips as they opened slightly.


He held back the urge to kiss her right now.


“Then, I’ll pay the rent….”


“What do you mean, a married couple can’t pay rent together?”


“It’s business to business, isn’t it? You can’t do that, you have to separate business from pleasure.”


It was a story that didn’t have anything to throw away, so even though she was blind from the beginning, Mu-hyuk’s eyes folded lightly.


Mu-hyuk walked over to Seol-hwa’s side and grabbed her hand, holding it in his. When he saw her dry lips, he couldn’t resist and lightly stole it.


“If that’s what you want to do, by all means.”


* * * * * * *


Was my favor a burden? If so, I needed to comply with her opinion. Mu-hyuk’s reason for helping her was only to ensure that the eight billion investment was not wasted.


Suddenly, I saw Seol-hwa’s toes exposed beneath her knees. It was supposed to rain tomorrow, and by nightfall, the temperature had dropped enough that she could feel the chill.


Of course, the reason she was cold could be something else…


Her white toes looked cold. Mu-hyuk gently grabbed Seol-hwa’s shoulder and led her inside.


It was then that a gurgling sound came from her stomach.




“Oh, did we miss two meals? I tried to wake you up otherwise, but you woke up fine. Let’s eat first.”


“It’s nine o’clock, is that a meal?”


“Whenever I want it,”


She laughed quietly. The story reminded me of the fun I had with her listening to old music. I wonder if she remembers that our connection was 15 years ago…


She didn’t seem to remember at all, but it didn’t matter. It was a memory he wanted to forget anyway, and he wanted to cut it off so badly that it would kill him.


Mu-hyuk’s lips curled into a wry smile, but his heart swelled hotly at the sight of Seol-hwa drinking coffee.


r wanted?”

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