“Rob Lucci, do you want to dance too?”

Flickering flames crawled beneath the young man’s feet like loyal subjects paying homage to their revered king.

Dressed in a white training outfit, the young man’s deep and profound eyes declared war on the most gifted CP9 agent ever seen.

A name carries one’s reputation.

As Yang Ming uttered the identity of the person before him, Spandam and his group couldn’t help but reveal expressions of shock and astonishment.

“Six years ago, there was a major incident in a kingdom where pirates imprisoned soldiers and threatened the king to relinquish his throne. I heard that the World Government dispatched a 13-year-old agent named Rob Lucci, who single-handedly killed 500 soldiers and exterminated all the pirates to quell the situation. Is the person before us the same man?”

The World Government knows the art of balance well. By adjusting the annual allocation of military funds, they pit the Marines against the CP Organization which ensures that an increase in one side’s budget results in a decrease in the other’s.

This creates rivalry between the Marines and the CP Organization, and their personnel often vie with each other secretly. 

Rob Lucci, the rising star in CP has been the subject of rumors even among the Marines including Smoker and his team.

Smoker and his group had never expected their luck to be so bad as to encounter Rob Lucci while he was stationed on Enies Lobby. Normally, powerful agents like Rob Lucci wouldn’t spend extended periods of time on Enies Lobby.

In fact, Rob Lucci and his CP9 comrades had gathered on Enies Lobby under orders from their superiors, preparing to seize the Pluton blueprints from Tom, the master shipwright of the Capital of Seven Waters.

However, before this mission was assigned, Spandam had been exposed in a scandal, and now he was using Rob Lucci and other high-level agents to do his bidding, trying to eliminate these young Marines who had embarrassed him and caused a scene.

800 years ago, the World Government was formed by 20 kingdoms. Among them, nineteen kings and their descendants claimed to be descendants of the creators, enjoying all privileges and being referred to as the Celestial Dragons.

Each Celestial Dragon family had various vassal families, often acting as their proxies to amass enormous wealth.

Spandam was a member of the Roswald family, a subordinate family of the Celestial Dragons. Generations of male members of this family served within the CP Organization. Using his cunning and unscrupulous methods, Spandam had managed to secure the position of CP9 chief.

During his tenure, Spandam had committed numerous unsavory acts. He was well aware that if he were ever removed from his position, retribution would await him at the hands of others. Also, he would likely spend the rest of his life in prison. Therefore, he spared no effort in seeking revenge against Yang Ming and his group.

This was not surprising at all. The Celestial Dragon families were not united, and over eight centuries, they had many internal conflicts. Each Celestial Dragon family cared little if the Roswald family fell on hard times.

Rob Lucci seemed as if he hadn’t noticed his comrades’ miserable situation. He casually placed his hands in his pockets, and his eyes gradually became sharp.

He was like a wild beast suddenly awakened from slumber, his entire being exuding a palpable aura.

Yang Ming, clad in his white training uniform, stared unflinchingly at Rob Lucci, and their gazes clashed like sparks colliding.

Smoker’s group watched in shock, their breath held, and not daring to let their guard down.

“Without any flaws!”

“It seems like he’s casually standing there, but there are no flaws in his entire body!”

“Captain, can he really defeat such a monster?”

Everyone present held their breath, not daring to be careless.

When two masters confronted each other, it was a clash of their auras.

Everyone was amazed that Yang Ming seemed unaffected by Rob Lucci’s overwhelming presence. However, they didn’t know that Yang Ming was not actually engaged in a staring contest with Rob Lucci; he was observing the prize wheel on the roulette.


“Congratulations to the host for quoting a classic line from Naruto, earning one lottery chance. Would you like to activate the roulette wheel?”

Summonable Characters: Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi.

Ninjutsu/Taijutsu: Fireball Jutsu, Water Dragon Jutsu, Dark Step Jutsu.

Bloodline Limit: Ice Release, Magnet Release, Lava Release, Explosion Release.

【Sharingan – Single Tomoe】: A powerful dojutsu with heightened perception and predictive abilities to see and counter the opponent’s moves.

Yang Ming felt a cool sensation in his eyes, and his pitch-black irises seemed to be tainted with fresh blood as two single tomoe Sharingan symbols emerged. They rotated slowly clockwise.

Naturally, Rob Lucci was the first to notice the subtle change in Yang Ming. His thick eyebrows furrowed into a river shape between his eyes.

He had an unsettling feeling that the person before him was not as simple as he appeared.

That’s why, when they first met, Rob Lucci had intentionally used provocative language to agitate Yang Ming’s nerves and had allowed his CP9 comrade Jabra to take liberties. His goal was to verify his internal suspicions.

Unfortunately, Jabra had proven to be useless and had only discovered that Yang Ming had advanced swordsmanship related to flames. He hadn’t uncovered any other abilities.

With black leather shoes firmly planted on the ground, and leaving behind uniform shoeprints, Rob Lucci suddenly accelerated and shot forward. With his Rokushiki technique, he moved at a speed of four hundred meters per second that almost created an illusion of vanishing from his original position.

Yang Ming’s single tomoe Sharingan spun rapidly. The high-speed movements of a normal person which were too fast for the naked eye to catch. It appeared slowed down to half speed in the presence of the single tomoe Sharingan, making everything clear and visible.

“Second form! Rising Blaze!”

“Storm Leg!” 

Yang Ming swung his sword diagonally upwards, delivering an arc-shaped strike that collided perfectly with an adjacent crescent-shaped strike.

The scorching flames shot up just near Rob Lucci’s forehead are nearly incinerating the black hat he wore on his head. A few burnt strands of hair fell in front of his eyes, carried away by the wind.

Rob Lucci firmly planted his left leg while his right leg, surprisingly, was as hard as steel. When his standardized longsword clashed with Yang Ming’s blade, he didn’t falter; instead, a series of crisp clashing sounds which resembled a battle of weapons that resonated.

“Clang, clang! Clang, clang! Clang, clang …”

Leg and blade continuously collided and created sparks.

The CP9 agents originally thought that Rob Lucci could easily defeat the young man before them.

However, the scene unfolding before their eyes completely shattered their expectations.

“How is this possible? Rob Lucci is actually being blocked by a kid!”

“If the information is correct, this kid is only seven years old!”

“When I was seven, I was playing with mud in the fields. This kid already possesses such strength at seven years old. Either I’ve gone mad, or this world has!”

Jabra crawled out of the rubble, looking battered and bruised. He had initially wanted to seek revenge on Yang Ming, but watching the intense battle between Yang Ming and Rob Lucci, his determination waned.

“Can I really get revenge against a monster like this?”

Jabra took a cold breath, a chilling sensation running up his spine. Even the burns on his body seemed less painful at that moment.

Rob Lucci’s shock continued to grow.

Initially, when Yang Ming faced his relentless attacks, he seemed somewhat flustered.

However, Yang Ming’s growth rate was astonishing like a precious gemstone constantly being polished and refined, gradually revealing its extraordinary qualities.

Coincidentally, Rob Lucci was acting as that whetstone.

Yet, Rob Lucci didn’t seem displeased; in fact, he seemed to savor the experience.

A genius of this caliber, if he were to be torn apart, it would undoubtedly be a magnificent sight, wouldn’t it?

Rob Lucci had spent years operating in the dark side of the world, witnessing countless betrayals and killings. The darkest aspects of human nature had been displayed before him without reserve.

In countless nights of slaughter, Rob Lucci had already developed a ruthless and unfeeling disposition. However, at this moment, he felt an unusual sensation—a burning desire to dismantle the young man before him.

Yang Ming felt the icy aura emanating from his opponent and immediately saw Rob Lucci retract his right leg, and bending his fingers.

For most people, mastering the Navy’s Six Techniques was already a challenging task, let alone making improvements on top of that. However, this difficulty was only for ordinary individuals.

The reason geniuses were called geniuses was that they could achieve what others couldn’t.

Rob Lucci was undoubtedly a true genius. Not only did he master the Navy’s Six Techniques at a young age, but he also incorporated his own understanding into them, elevating the Navy’s Six Techniques to the level of an art form.

“Finger Pistol! Yellow Lotus!”

Yang Ming’s pupil suddenly shrank while constricting into a needle-like shape.

Even though he could clearly see it with his single tomoe Sharingan, Rob Lucci’s finger snapped instantly, and a wound appeared on Yang Ming’s body. The speed at which Rob Lucci fired his Finger Pistol reached a staggering twenty shots per second. Despite seeing it, Yang Ming couldn’t avoid it.

“Iron Mass!”

“Dragon Scale!”

“Dragon Roar!”

All of this may sound lengthy, but it all occurred within the blink of an eye.

Under the protection of triple defenses, Yang Ming withstood the enemy’s relentless barrage which resembled a rock by the seaside enduring wave after wave and standing firm.

As Rob Lucci strained his fingers, firing Finger Pistols almost to the point of cramping. His face remained expressionless, but his giant pupils betrayed his true emotions.

“Are you a monster?”

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