Chapter 5- PART 1


Her p*ssy that had only bitten his glans swallowed him whole as he thrust his hips forward.


The cold foreign sensation beneath was more than he could have imagined. There was no room for a single thread.


A wave of fear washed over him, and every muscle in his body seemed to stiffen. Her jaw twitched.   


“Ah… big….”


“I’ll get used to it soon enough, that’s good. This smell….”


He sniffed the alpine flesh with the tip of his nose. He rubbed his fingers slowly over her erect nipples, trying to ease the tension, and her body relaxed.   


Then she spread her crotch wide and hooked one leg over his arm. It felt like it was going to rip.   


“Ouch! Ouch!”


He pushed himself upward. Seol-hwa’s body was crushed against the couch.


The indecent parts were visible, followed by naked movements. Seol-hwa squeezed her eyes shut.   

* * * * * * *

 His voice rose with pleasure, his body writhing in the direction of his movements. He arched his back vigorously, even though the black flesh could no longer fit inside.    

After connecting on the terrace, they moved to the bed. She couldn’t tell if they’d finished yet, but she could feel the dampness beneath her p*ssy, white foam bubbling.

Our two naked bodies meshed seamlessly, showing off our most intimate places. They fucked without the lights off.

He watched her intently as if he couldn’t miss a single expression, voice, or gesture.

“You like it? You like it this much?”


It wasn’t a question of liking it or not, it was a question of tearing. Right now, Seol-hwa’s p*ssy was burning from the heat of the hot friction.

She’d expected him to be virile, but this wasn’t a man. He flipped her over, his hips thrusting up from behind, and her p*ssy made a slurping noise.

If it hadn’t been wet, it would have hurt.   

“You’re making me cum like this. I think I’m fucking you,”

he spat out lewd words. He spoke lewdly without pause, but she could barely breathe as the pillar of fire overwhelmed her.   

His hard, club-like p*nis poked at her point relentlessly. His pubic hair brushed against her ass.   

His legs trembled convulsively. She buried her face in shame as his fingers probed her exposed p*ssy.   

“Ah… ah….”

She bit her lip tightly and held back the pleasure. His cock, now a snake instead of a tongue, stabbed into her womb.

Her hole clenched against her will with each thrust of his cock, and then his eyes became as fierce as his body.

His heavy breathing soaked her ears, and his disheveled voice teased her ears as much as his body tempted her.   

The sound of his voice…   

His sweaty hands gripped the sheets, and he nibbled lightly at her shoulder, his tongue sweeping over the bite. His voice was raspy and wet.    


The crushing force of his thrusts pushed her back. The crown of her head thudded against him as she was pushed to the point where she could no longer escape.

Then he wedged a pillow between her head and the head of the bed. He grabbed her by the waist and spun her in a wide circle.   

“Beads of sweat trickled down the back of his head. The place where they joined was scorching hot, and he felt like he was going to pierce her womb as he rotated his hips from side to side.   

The rhythm intensified as his hips rose to their apex, his entire body twitching and shuddering with each thrust. My eyes flashed white.   

Gasping for air, she struggled to breathe. The extreme pleasure brought tears to her eyes, unable to control them.

She moaned as the pleasure surged through her. The p*nis seemed to harden even more.

Something as hard as a stone slammed inside him, and then his body stopped abruptly.   

His body slumped back onto the bed, his eyes glazed over, and his breathing ragged as he lay on his back.

Just when he thought it must be over…, the part of him that hadn’t fallen out began to swell.   

Seol-hwa’s eyes widened and his fists clenched tightly.   

* * * * * * *

 Mun-hyuk stared at her exhausted face, then traced the traces of his caresses across her body.    Her lips were curved, but her eyes were cold.

Seeing her so exhausted from the intense activity made him feel bad. I ran a hand through my hair nervously.   

‘Crazy asshole… Moderation,’

the demon in me finally said. The blood flowing in her body was demonic. Mun-hyuk put a blanket over Seol-hwa’s body and left the room.   

He went out onto the terrace with a cigarette and lit it. He blew smoke into the night sky. The smoke formed a long tail and scattered into the night sky.

The phone rang. It was my father’s secretary.   

“Tell him.” 

[Is this the hotel? The chairman has made reservations at the restaurant tomorrow, and he’d like to have a meal with the prospective bride and her family before the meeting.]

“I’m only going to see her at the meeting anyway, so why bother?” 

[I think it’s better to be upfront about this than to be awkward at the first meeting]

“So you’ve never been a father, and now you suddenly want to be a father? Okay, fine, I’ll be there at that time.” 

[Yes, and there will be a prospective son-in-law there]

“……Kang Young-woo…. He’ll be there too?”

Mu-hyuk’s eyes widened.   

[Since they’re going to be family, he’s instructed us to gather everyone together. Then, I’ll send the article to the hotel tomorrow]

As the secretary hung up, Mu-hyuk took out a fresh cigarette again. It was probably arranged by Song Mi-jin to emphasize my husband’s position.

She was a woman to be reckoned with. A cruel smile tugged at Mu-hyuk’s lips. He couldn’t tell who the cold gaze was directed at, but it was amusing.   

“Interesting. Whatever.”   

* * * * * * * *

 ‘Ah…. My neck hurts… How much did I scream last night?’

I was completely out of it. Had I passed out? Or did I just have a memory lapse from the insane pleasure? My head was spinning. My mind went blank, like a fuse had blown somewhere.   

Seol-haw rolled his eyes. The ornate ceiling said this was a hotel, but the seat next to him was empty again.   

“Where else did he go?”

he asked. She didn’t have the strength to lift a finger, but when she forced herself to grope, she felt nothing but cold sheets.   

‘I thought I was going to die… I can’t move….’

The idea that you could die having sex resonated with me. Now that I’d done it to myself, I realized that I could have enough accidents to make it a double whammy.   

My p*ssy throbbed. No matter how many times I went in and out, I could feel the heat from the sheets. I must be hurt…….   

I probed my p*ssy with my finger, but it didn’t sting. It was probably a laceration from intense sex. I mean, there’s no way a p*nis that big could have been in and out for hours and still be intact…….   

This wasn’t sex as Seol-hwa knew it. ‘

……This is a man with an animal libido…

“What am I going to do?” I didn’t think I could do it twice. Surely, we don’t have to have sex like this every day?”

Seol-hwa was deeply troubled. Not once or twice a week, but every day.   

The door opened and Mu-hyuk appeared.   

“You must be busy again today. My father wants to see you before the family reunion.”


She jumped up, startled, and ended up naked. His eyes landed on her breasts, but she quickly covered herself. He was so surprised that his sore muscles seemed to fly away.   

“The old man is in a hurry,” he said,

“I meant to say hello, but I didn’t realize it would be so soon.”   

Seol-hwa was perplexed: she had greeted him at his home yesterday, but she hadn’t expected to be at his home the next day.   

She didn’t have time to think about that when her body was aching from the cut. It was urgent.   

“I think Song Mijin told the old man that I went to your house to say hello.”

“Oh…. At the department store….”

I bit my lip as I remembered seeing Song Mi-jin and Young-woo at the department store yesterday.

I was finally entering their world. I was more nervous than guilty. These were the people I was about to meet, and I needed to be strong, but I felt weak before I even started.   

Seol-hwa clenched her hands tightly. She could only think of one thing. She thought of her father’s revenge. She steeled herself against her weakness.   

“This is a chance to rise in status, and you must not miss it….”

Mu-hyuk’s gaze fell on Seol-hwa’s face.   

“I think I’ll have to watch it anyway, can you act well?” Seolhwa nodded.   

“Of course….”

“You’ll have to be sure, the old man is very quick on the uptake. If you say you love me, he’ll object if he finds out it’s a contract marriage.”

“What time is the appointment?”

“Seven in the evening. It’s eleven o’clock now, so there’s plenty of time, and I’m sure he’ll send a knight over here when he’s ready.”

The clock was ticking. She was meeting her in-laws and needed to stop by the hair salon and touch up her makeup.   

“I need to change, but first I need to go home.”   

Seol-hwa threw on a robe and climbed off the bed, but her legs gave out and she wobbled, almost falling to the floor before Mu-hyuk caught her.   

“Are you sure you can go in this condition? Shouldn’t we postpone the appointment?”

“It’s okay.”   

She felt extremely tired, but there was no time. She pulled her hand away from his and walked to the bathroom.   

She turned on the water in the shower. From now on, the real war is…    With a light sigh, she clenched her fists tightly.

Just then, Mu-hyuk walked into the bathroom, and Seol-hwa’s throat tightened in surprise. Even though she couldn’t see him clearly because the bathroom was equipped with a shower, she could see him moving around the bathroom.   

“What is he doing?”

The sound of the waterfall rang loudly in Seol-hwa’s ears.

He stepped in front of the shower and knocked on the door.

“Yes…. Why, why?”

he asked, his voice shaking with nervousness.   

“There’s water in the tub, so you can soak off some steam. I’ll check out, and you can take the hotel car home. If you’re ready by 5:00, you’ll have plenty of time, right?”

“Ah…. Yeah, yeah, I’ll do it,”

she said, wanting to soak in the hot water even if she didn’t, but he moved away.   

Seol-hwa heard him close the door and step out of the shower. His scent lingered in the bathroom.

The man I’d spent the night moaning and having sex with was back to his usual self in the morning.   

I felt a little empty, but I knew that he and I were only contractual, and there was no need to feel anything else.   

She got into the tub, tilted her head at an angle, and closed her eyes. She turned her head from side to side, wondering if this was a good way to get revenge, and then bit her lip in frustration.

“……Kang, Young-woo…. I can’t forgive you for betraying my father.”

I could take any criticism. For revenge, she could hide her purpose from Mu-hyuk, enter his family as his daughter-in-law, and deal with what would happen next.

Even if it was a divorce, she would humbly accept it.   

“Divorce? Ah, we agreed to have a contract marriage, but we didn’t set a time frame, did we?”

Why, did that just occur to her now? She’d been so focused on her contract marriage that she hadn’t coordinated a date.

Seol-Hwa slapped herself on the head. Before she went to his house to say hello today, she had planned to tell him that she would stay married to him for as long as he needed and that she would give him a divorce whenever he wanted.   

“Snowflake, that color is too bright, you should wear a beige dress instead.”

“Is that weird?”

I picked out a bright pink one, hoping to look cheerful, but my mom pulled out another one. At the salon, Seol-hwa got her hair trimmed and her makeup done.

She wanted to look like a well-groomed daughter-in-law for this special occasion.

“Yeah, I think I’ll go with this one, no lace.”

“Oh…. I can’t see my clothes. Okay, I’ll change again.” 

“Your face is swollen, what can I do, you look tired….”

“……Yes, I know.” 

“If I knew this would happen, I wouldn’t have sent you to Gangneung yesterday….”

“You look fine.” 

“You look tired, ah… It’s a big deal if you lose points.”

Mom was more nervous than Seol-hwa.   

“Mom, it’s a human house, you shouldn’t worry too much.” 

“How can you not care when you’re a chaebol? The fact that you allowed us to move in even though you know the condition of our house shows that it’s not a normal decision… Our house is indeed leaning.”

Seol-hwa told her mother that she had already been permitted to marry.

When she told her mom that she had given her permission to get married even though she knew she was the child of a bankrupt company, she seemed worried.

Marriage doesn’t always go the way you want it to.

“Mr. Mu-hyuk is doing a good job in the middle.” 

“Yeah. I believe in him. I have a very supportive son-in-law, and I feel like I have a son.”   

Mom liked Mu-hyuk a lot. The story was bitter. How upset she would be if she found out he was a contract marriage, and even more so if she realized she was marrying him to get back at Young-woo.   

Seol-hwa grabbed her mom’s hand full of worry.   

“I’ll be good, don’t worry.” 

“Yes, you must be careful about everything you do and say, because you don’t want to be disliked from the start.”

“I will.” 

“Oh, by the way, I have something I made in a hurry if you don’t mind if I give it to you….”

While Seol-hwa was getting ready in the shop, her mom went to a nearby department store.    When she came back into the living room, she had two luxurious shopping bags waiting for her.

“It’s too small for what I got from Mr. Song, but take it. I don’t know if you’ll like this brand, but I have a gift for my in-laws.”

“Oh…. You don’t have to do this.” 

“How can you? Look at the gift Mr. Song brought yesterday. It’s not polite to pass it up.”


Listening to my mom’s words, I realized that even if you’re not going home to say hello, it’s polite to bring a gift to a meal.  

 I wondered what kind of gift it was. I wondered if she was going to give me something too extravagant, but I didn’t have to worry about that.   

“I didn’t want it to be too expensive. I made a light gift. A muffler for the inside man and a bottle of Yangju for the outside man.”

“Okay, I’ll give it to him.”   

Seol-hwa was thinking the same thing. It would be a negative mark if she prepared an expensive gift when she knew the situation was obvious.   

“Yeah. It’ll make me feel better, so please give it to her.”


Mom’s face brightened as she heard the doorbell ring.

“Uh, I think Song Xi is home. I’m coming out.”   

Her voice was full of excitement. Seol-hwa watched her mother’s excited backside with satisfaction.   

The door opened and Mu-hyuk handed her a large bouquet in his arms. Her heart fluttered as she smelled the flowers and saw how happy her mom was.  

 Mu-hyuk’s gaze fell on Seol-hwa, and his eyes widened. A slight smile tugged at his lips, and her heart skipped a beat.   

“Is it weird?”

“You’re pretty.”

“Good, we’re running out of time, so let’s go.” 

“Okay, let’s go. Mom, I’ll see you later.”   

Mom grabbed Mu-hyuk’s hand and looked at him with worried eyes.   

“We’ll take care of Seol-hwa.”

“Don’t worry.”   

The two left the house and took the elevator. Suddenly, Mu-hyuk grabbed her hand. Surprised, her heart skipped a beat.

He looked ahead, not breaking eye contact.   

“You should get used to it now.”


They had already had sex once, but it was awkward. A mixture of awkwardness and nervousness made her heart race like crazy.   

His cologne filled the elevator, and her nerves seemed to ease. The hand that held hers lightly was large and strong.   

Suddenly, she remembered an incident from her childhood. I remembered my dad scooping me up in his arms as I shivered in fear of a large dog, intimidating the dog.   

The dog broke free of its leash and charged into the elevator, biting my dad on the leg. It was a bulldog, and its teeth were very sharp.

All the while, Dad didn’t want to look down because he didn’t want to frighten the young Seol-hwa.   

He didn’t want her to see his bleeding leg the whole way, so he never limped in the ambulance.   


The story cringed. He had no one to lean on in times of trouble when the great pillar of his father had crumbled. Then, a hand gripped him.

His grip tightened, and she looked up. He was looking at her.   

“Don’t look like you’re going to cry. I don’t know about you, but I consider anyone who crosses my boundaries to be an enemy, so don’t be afraid, and don’t be surprised under any circumstances.”   

“Thank you, ……,” I said. 

“It’s early to thank you, but I have a lot of surprises for you today.”

“Why can’t you tell me in advance?”

“Because I want to, but I don’t want to say it out loud.”

For some reason, he looked lonely. He wasn’t the kind of person who would force himself to say something he didn’t want to say, but I was curious.

I caught the loneliness that crossed his soft face.

“I… I have to tell you something, too. We didn’t put a contract date on this marriage… How long we’re going to be married….”   

For a moment, his grip tightened.   

“Three years.”

“Ah… three years….”

“That should give you plenty of time, you won’t grab me if I tell you to.”


They were both speechless. The ride down to the first floor seemed long.   

* * * * * * *

The sedan drove through the outskirts of Gyeonggi-do, not the hotel restaurant. There were no restaurants around. It was just a mountain road with no restaurant or anything like that.   

All I could see was a beautifully built house, with no restaurant in sight.   

“A villa.”

“Oh…. I was thinking of a restaurant.” 

“The only time my family gathers together in a formal setting is at weddings and funerals, and there’s always one or two people missing, but today we’re here because it’s because of my father and mom.”

“……Heh, is that so?”

Seol-hwa cast her gaze out the window. The car was driving down a lush mountain road, and now it stopped in front of a huge mansion.   

Her jaw dropped in amazement. The all-white wooden villa looked like it belonged on a beautiful Mediterranean beach. Then a man in a suit approached.

“We have a visitor who arrived first,” he said. 

“It’s not even time yet, and he’s already here?”

Seol-hwa listened. It was still an hour away, and there were already people waiting for him…   

“The big lady and her husband arrived first.” 

“You must have been very curious. Chet.”

Mu-hyuk grasped Seol-hwa’s hand again, and the man in front of him widened his eyes in surprise.   

He should have pulled his hand away, but Mu-hyuk held it tighter and walked on. Seol-hwa swallowed hard and went inside.   

The meal was already being prepared. Several cooks had begun to set up and decorate the outdoor dining table.

They were going to have an open fire, so they added firewood and lit it. Seol-hwa followed him with a puzzled look on her face.     

She saw a man and a woman sitting at the table.  Seol-hwa’s heart sank.

“Song…… Song Mi-jin! Kang Young-woo! Why, are those two… Are they here?”

At that moment, Seol-hwa’s legs went weak and she felt like she was going to collapse. Gazes flew up.

The two gazes were different. Mijin’s was one of wonder, and Young-woo’s was one of disbelief.   

‘Is this… What’s going on? Are my relatives coming?’

Seol-hwa looked at Mu-hyuk, and Mu-hyuk whispered in her ear.   

“We’re half-bloods, and that’s the man who’s going to marry our eldest daughter.”   

For a moment, my mind went black. I thought they were relatives, just relatives……. But they’re siblings?

Seol-hwa and Young-woo’s gazes tangled in midair. Young-woo’s lips twitched.   

* * * * * * * *

 Her mother-in-law was none other than the chairwoman of the prestige group. Her hands trembled and she felt embarrassed, but she quickly regained her composure and began to sort out the connections.   

It was clear that the chairman had hidden his existence, as there was no official mention of a son in the group.   

‘Unwanted…… child…….’

This was why the chairman had handed over a failing affiliate to him, but since he was his son, he was given his share in advance.   

“Here you go, I didn’t feel comfortable meeting you outside, so I arranged it here. I don’t know if you like it.”

“Thank you, it tastes good.”   

At the outdoor dining table, with the right amount of light, fresh air, and colorful flowers, they ate a steak unlike anything they’d ever had in their lives.   

It was a world away from the one Seol-hwa had been living in. It was enlightening to see the food that the chefs must have prepared all day for just one meal.   

There were eight of us, but there was enough food for thirty. You didn’t have to taste the food to know that it was of the highest quality.   

Many of the dishes were so well-crafted that they would win first place in a cooking competition.

Although they were eating delicious food, most of them had hard faces as if they had chewed stones.

Everyone except the chairwoman and his second sister’s husband gave Seol-hwa cold stares.   

My mother-in-law, who hasn’t made eye contact with me, Song Mi-jin, who often looks at me coldly even when she doesn’t seem interested, Song Seung-yeon, who openly looks down at me, and Kang Young-woo, who is half mesmerized.

I can’t help but feel despised, but Seol-hwa acts like it doesn’t matter.  A glance at Mu-hyuk showed that he had been in this mood for more than a day or two.   

‘He grew up strong in there…….’

He looked amazing in a new way. The chairman continued.   

“Since it’s still early, I’m sure you have a short time to prepare for the wedding, but I was worried that you might be disrespectful to your in-laws.”

“Oh, it’s not.” 

“Good. Since we’re in a hurry, we’ll leave out everything.”

“Yes. Father.”

“You must have been very surprised, but I’m glad you took it well. I don’t like to talk about our family, so I told him to keep it a secret, but I don’t want him to feel bad that I didn’t want to tell everyone our family story.”

“I was a little surprised, but it’s okay. I already knew that Mr. Mu-hyuk was a member of the prestige group. Don’t worry about it.”

Just then, Seol-hwa heard a snicker in her ear. Seung-yeon whispered to her husband.   

[“Don’t worry, I caught it. The family is falling apart, and they have a prestige group in-law?”]

 [Hey… honey….]

[Why, did you say something I couldn’t?” ]

[That… still…….]

Her husband was stunned. It was clear from the first glance that she was being held captive. Still, it was his seat, so he didn’t say anything more, but the way he looked at her was unnerving.   

It was then that I heard Mu-hyuk’s blunt voice. He scratched his ear with his finger, suddenly itching.   

“Where do you hear that buzzing sound? I think there’s a mosquito?”

He smirked and looked at Seung-yeon. Seol-hwa’s gaze fell on Seung-yeon. Seung-yeon opened her mouth as if to say something more, but her husband grabbed her hand.

“Is that anger? Well, if you lived in that house as a bastard, you wouldn’t have a good relationship with the children of the headquarters….”

At least the chairman was present, so he didn’t seem to raise his voice.   

“Since we’re all here today, I’m telling you all to do as I say,”

Mr. Song said as he set down his fork and the family all looked at him.   

“After you get married, come into the house.”



“Honey, what does that mean?”

they all said in surprise. Seol-hwa was also surprised.

“I thought they were living separately?”

Mu-hyuk’s face contorted.


“One year, and then you can separate.”

“People who want to get married and move out, can’t you see they’re sticking their necks out? And you want me to live in that house for another year….? I don’t know why you’re saying this all of a sudden.”   

Mu-hyuk loosened his tie in frustration.   

“It’s a custom in my family. It’s no secret that you’re from the prestige group, but moving out is like an unlearned behavior. Do you think there’s a chaebol family that kicks their kids out as soon as they get married?”

“I want you to look at the expressions of the other families and tell me. Look. They look like they’re about to fall apart at any moment….”   

Chairman Song looked very uncomfortable. The person in the middle was Seol-hwa.   

Muhyuk was about to say something more. Seol-hwa grabbed his arm.   

“That’s what I’ll do. If it’s my father’s will, I’ll follow it.” 

“Hmm……. You’re quick to decide!”

“Instead, I have something to tell you.” 

“What is it?”

“I need to get back to work, you know, to run the business my father left behind.” 

“Ah, Harriman Beer, you said?”

“Even if I get married, it’s something I have to do.” 

“Well, of course, I’m not such an uptight father-in-law. Look at that. Your firstborn is also on the path to management. You can work for as long as you want, even if it’s just for a year, it’ll go by in the blink of an eye.”

“Okay, thanks.”   

I was a little surprised, but living with my in-laws for a year wasn’t something I had to think about, since I’d be outside most of the day if I worked, so I wouldn’t have to deal with other family members.   

However, those who frowned a lot, like Mu-hyuk, were showing their discomfort.

‘I don’t care…….’

I thought it was good. Looking at Young-woo’s scarred face, I laughed.

There was nothing better than being around Young-woo a little longer, getting on his nerves, finding evidence that he had betrayed her father.   

Youngwoo, who had been mesmerized earlier, glared at Seol-hwa as if to kill her. She met his gaze and popped a slice of meat into her mouth. The taste of the meat was delicious.   

‘My goal is your downfall. You’ll see. I will expose your duplicity.’   

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