* * * * * * * *


I left the hotel at 2:00 p.m. and stayed up until 5:00. We had a late meal and started shopping. I thought he was going to buy fruit and flowers, but no.


He swept through the department store’s luxury section. He focused on brands that housewives his mom’s age would love.


“Oh……. It’s too much, Mr. Mu-hyuk. This is….”


“It’s a gift for my mother-in-law, and I can afford it.”


Seol-hwa was horrified at the price of the bag he chose. It was 8 million won per bag.


“That’s too much.”


“You’re becoming an in-law of a prestigious group, so don’t feel pressured, it’s just the basics.”


Even if he said that it was a hundred times worse because everything he had bought so far cost more than a small car.


But he wrapped the gift as if he couldn’t be satisfied. As if that wasn’t enough, he took her hand and led her to another luxury store.


“Pick something out.”




“You’re wearing the same thing you wore yesterday. We need to buy a change of clothes.”


“Oh, never mind… never mind.”


He even tried to buy her clothes, but she shook her head. Mu-hyuk’s eyebrows rose, and he whispered in her ear.


“Yesterday, I c*m on your clothes, and it’s indecent to wear them.”




She was afraid someone would hear. Luckily, he whispered it in her ear, so no one was listening, but she blushed bright red.


When he sat down on the couch and twitched, she couldn’t help but follow the clerk a little further inside.


“How do you like this outfit, I think it suits you.”


“How much is it?”


“I was told not to mention the price.”




“Our brand doesn’t have a price tag, just take your pick.”




The story does not know luxury. Although she never worried about money, she was very frugal, and all she cared about was singing, so she always wore the clothes and bags her mother bought for her. She wasn’t good at decorating.


The sales clerk quickly figured out the story: she picked out a few dresses and slung them over her arm.


“There’s a fitting room over there, you can change in there.”


When I finally got the clothes, they looked classy. Perhaps Mu-hyuk had tipped off the clerk to pick out something nice.


At that moment, she heard a familiar voice, which startled her.


[You’re meeting me in this place]


[I think it’s a surprise. Who are you?]


[Oh, it’s the first time we’ve seen each other’s faces, isn’t it?


This is Kang Young-woo. Mr. Young-woo, this is…….]


[Nice to meet you, I’ve heard a lot about you, I’m Kang Young-woo. Kang Young-woo! Then that woman was Song Mi-jin. The eldest daughter of the Myungsung Group!]




Seol-hwa’s complexion turned blue. Thump, thump, her body shook with nervousness.


“Is everything okay, ma’am?”


“Yes, may I try on all these clothes?”


“Sure. Make yourself comfortable. Just go over there.”


Seo-Hwa ran into the nearest fitting room. Luckily, the couch was some distance away, so she couldn’t be seen.


She walked into the fitting room nervously and sat down. I can’t believe we’re meeting here, we can’t be seen.


Song Mi-jin and Mu-hyuk, how close are they?


Just because they’re relatives doesn’t mean they’re close….


I don’t even know his position in the prestige group.


‘I wonder if I didn’t do too much research… I don’t know anything about him.


” They’re getting married soon, but I didn’t ask about his family.”


I don’t know what happened to his parents and blood relatives, and I don’t know if he’s the distant nephew of the chairman of a prestige group.


“I told you it doesn’t matter……. It’s just that if you can keep an eye on Young-woo by being a m*mber of the prestige group… Isn’t that enough?”


Seo-Hwa suddenly felt sorry for Mu-hyuk. I decided to use him for my revenge, but I had a guilty conscience.


[I’ve also heard rumors that you’re going to pair him up with anyone. I don’t know what kind of relationship he has with the chairman of the prestige group, but he’s a pain in the a$s.]


Before proposing marriage to him, I remembered the rumors I’d heard while researching:


…… He hasn’t done anything wrong to me, so is it okay to use him like this? Even if they were relatives, the idea of a man who once dated me becoming the daughter-in-law and son-in-law of their family side by side would be…….


No, let’s not do this. If you think about it, it will never end. Min Seol Hwa, you. We’re going to get revenge on your father. We’re going to give each other what we need.


We used to be in a relationship. It won’t matter if the world finds out.


‘Kang Young-woo, I won’t let you get married….’


Seol-hwa gritted her teeth and decided that she would pay for using Mu-hyuk. Not rejecting him as much as he wanted would make her a more perfect s*xual partner.


Seol-hwa narrowed her eyes and looked at her reflection in the mirror.


‘I’m going to make sure the bastard’s two faces are exposed… And I’m going to avenge my father. Eat your heart out, and don’t look at anything else.’


She put on her most striking dress and strutted around in it. I couldn’t wait to see the look on Young-woo’s face when he saw me.


But Young-woo wasn’t there. Mu-hyuk’s gaze flew over.


“It’s pretty.”


“Are you okay?”


“Is that what you chose?”




Seol-hwa glanced outside the store.


“Oh, I ran into someone I know, but we got busy. You’ll see him later.”


“I see.”


Mu-hyuk pulled a card out of his wallet. Quickly, the clerk went to the register and swiped the card. The clerk put the rest of the clothes into a large shopping bag.


“I thought you were just buying a piece of clothing?”


“Clothes are important for business, not a luxury, but a means to an end. It symbolizes dignity and status, depending on what the other person is wearing. Clothes are a businessman’s pride. It’s not just a show of prestige, it’s the owner’s first indication of the value of his product. So the next time you buy clothes, don’t look at the price.”


“Ah……. I didn’t realize that wearing clothes was part of the business.”


“I have a lot to teach you.”


A sexy smile curved his lips, and when he said teach, it sounded s*xual, not business. Seol-hwa paced, feeling like she was having a strange fantasy.


* * * * * * *


There were no more red scabs all over the house.  Only faint marks remained. Eight billion to the bank to put out the fire and prevent the apartment from going to auction.


She’d sold all her other properties, but she was lucky to save this one.


Seol-hwa introduced Mu-hyuk to her mom. She immediately recognized Mu-hyuk at the time.


How could she not remember such a striking man? His impeccable height, sculpted face, and toned body were better than a model’s, and he glowed.


A smile broke out on her mother’s face as she looked at him with girlish glee.


“Take a bow.”


“Ah, even bow….”


Mu-hyuk bowed to her mom.  Even to himself, it looked like a solid bow. She didn’t hide her joy; she liked him very much. But when she received the gift, she was puzzled.


Seolhwa stuck her tongue out at the luxury boxes stacked under the couch.


“I heard from her that you proposed.”


“Yes, I want to marry your daughter. ”


“Oh, uh… ?”


“You’re going to be my mother when we get married, and I’d prefer to call you mother-in-law, but if you’re not comfortable with that, I’ll call you Ms. Song.”


“Oh! No, that’s okay, ah…. Okay. I’ll let it go. So, I can call you Ms. Song?”


“You can call me by my first name.”


“No. But I’m not calling you by your first name. Hoho….”


Seol-hwa heard her mom’s laughter from the kitchen. It instantly lifted her spirits. It had been too long since she’d seen her smile so brightly.


She was happy like she had a son instead of a son-in-law. Mu-hyuk was polite in front of her mother, matching her mood.


He told her that he had brought an affiliate that had been abandoned by the prestige group back to the top, and then showed off his skills in private. Seol-hwa was flattered.


The more her mom liked it, the more happiness spread in her heart. In the middle of the conversation, her eyes met Mu-hyuk’s.


His lips curled upward as he looked at her, and it looked very erotic.


‘There must be a few flying beasts in there…….’


Despite his seemingly gentle demeanor, he is quite the opposite. I found myself looking at him like a fool and shook my head from side to side.


She couldn’t stop looking at him. Her eyes followed him.


* * * * * * * *


The three of them went to the restaurant they had reserved. The upscale restaurant played quiet classical music, with the occasional opera.


There was a pleasant conversation between her mother and Mu-hyuk, so Seol-hwa let the music soak into her ears.


When her favorite song came on, she couldn’t help but smile. It was Habanera from the opera Carmen.


“L’amour est un oiseau rebelle…. Que nul ne….”


I recited quietly. Then, as if reading my mouth, Mu-hyuk looked back at the story.


“Carmen’s habanera.”




“……, How did you know?”


“I knew by the shape of your mouth.”


“Did you…. did you hear that?”


It was almost in his mouth, so he couldn’t have heard it. But he knew immediately what song she was singing.


His eyes widened, and his mom smirked.


“If your hobbies match, you’ll make a great couple.”


“I think so, too.”


“Well, what a wonderful groom you’ve found!”


“Ah…. I’m glad you like him, too.”


“Well, of course, he does, but I’ve been so busy I didn’t ask. If it’s a prestige group……. What kind of a refrain….”


“……I don’t think that’s for me to say.”




“I’d like you to see it for yourself at the meeting, and I’m sorry I can’t tell you now.”


“No. That’s not it. It’s okay.”


“Thank you for your understanding.”


What do you mean, is there anything to hide when you’re about to get married?


Seol-Hwa scratched her head, and then Mu-hyuk held out a plate of sliced steak to her.


“I like that song, but there’s another one that suits you better.”




She remembered what she’d done when she’d sung that song instead of the other one. She looked away from his hot eyes, and then he opened his mouth and sang a little.


For a moment, she doubted her ears:


“He sang a fragment of Schubert’s Ave Maria! ….”


No way! No way! he strained his ears even more. But he stopped singing and continued his conversation with his mother.


She looked at him, his lips moving under the bridge of his high nose. It was so erotic that she wanted to kiss him right now.


She couldn’t concentrate on the music after that. She couldn’t wait to hear him sing it again.


‘Unknown Man…….’


It was a day of wondering where his charms ended. But for now, all she had to worry about was that she had to go with him back to the hotel tonight.


‘I stayed out last night,’ she thought,


‘And how do I tell my mom?


* * * * * * *


Seol-hwa’s worries were unnecessary; somehow she managed to explain, and her mom gave her permission to stay out tonight.


“How did you get permission?”


“I told her I was going to see the sea.”


“The sea?”


“It’s not the sea, but the Han River flows in front of the hotel, so it’s something like that.”




“Why, are you nervous?”


“Oh, no.”


“You don’t have to be nervous. I saw yesterday what a hot girl you are, so enjoy yourself.”


Throughout the meal, I kept thinking about that first night. Seol-hwa didn’t show it, but she was nervous.


Mu-hyuk’s car headed straight for the hotel. The closer they got to the hotel, the more her mouth burned.


‘……There’s no avoiding it now, I just have to give him what he wants. This is how I repay him for taking advantage of him.’


* * * * * * *


When I walked into the hotel, darkness had fallen, and although I was already sober, I suddenly felt sick to my stomach.


My stomach rumbled with nervousness. I swallowed hard.


“Do you want to wash together?”


“Oh, no, I wash separately.”


“Okay. I’ll use the bathroom outside, and I’ve ordered some wine and some room service, so why don’t you take a shower and come out to the terrace.”


“Okay. I will.”


Seol-hwa grabbed a pair of underwear from home. In her haste, she left his shirt from yesterday in her room and packed her underwear in her bag.


My steps were heavy as I made my way to the bathroom. The thought of having s*x with him in my mind was hot and embarrassing.


They’d seen each other’s private parts, but it was still embarrassing. She squeezed the shower foam to create a rich lather and scrubbed every inch of her body.


Even her most intimate places were clean, just in case he licked them again…….


My face burned and my thighs tightened. To make matters worse, her p*ssy juice leaked out.


Seol-wua looked at her lower body with a dazed expression. It was just water running, but it felt like p*ssy juice running down her thighs.


‘Was I such a naughty girl? I haven’t even started yet, and I’m getting aroused just thinking about it?” She cried.


She stared at her reflection in the mirror. My face looked lustful with a hint of anticipation.


“Is this what it looks like to be …… sexy?”


Snowflake gently touched her lips to him. She remembered the lips he’d kissed, the way he’d sucked on them, running her tongue over them passionately, and her n*pples stood erect and taut.


Seol-Hwa shook her head.


‘Please, stop fantasizing…’


We’re a contract marriage! I just have to enjoy it like he said.


She washed herself almost militantly. She dried off, slipped into her underwear, and pulled a shower robe over it.


She figured she might as well just wear the robe, which she was going to take off anyway.


When she stepped out onto the terrace, he was still wearing his robe. Contrary to the story, his hair was not dried and stuck to his cheeks, making him look rather decadent.


It added to his s*x appeal. When he smiled, my stomach seemed to melt.


‘……Wake up. The more awkward you are, the more aware of him you’ll be.’


Seol-hwa didn’t want to be a sloppy woman; he was a man who enjoyed himself, and I was a woman who had been in a relationship.


Tonight’s s*x was part of the deal, a test that had to be passed.  Room service had already arrived, and there were light snacks and wine on the table, with flowers in full bloom beside them, decorating the table nicely.


He opened the wine and poured two glasses side by side. He lifted the glass with his large hand and held it out to her.


His lips curled into an arc, and a dark charm emanated from them.


“Drink. To our pact. A toast.”


* * * * * * *


I felt like I was having a very strange experience.  I had only sipped the wine lightly, but already I felt drunk. The slightest movement made me nervous.


I was physically fit, but I felt like I was going to collapse at any moment.  It was his charm, not the alcohol, that made her intoxicated…….


He loosened the straps of his robe. So when he moved a little bit, you could see his chest and abs.  His chiseled chest and muscular abs were amazing.


The sight of his gorgeous muscles made me feel an intense thirst. Her throat burned. She gulped and swallowed, but that only made her thirsty again.


He stared at her.  They were showered and ready for s*x, but he didn’t reach for her. His eyes were full of heat as if he could eat her alive at any moment, but he held back.


“I made a quick guess, but I don’t know if it’s right.”


He pulled a small box from under the table and held it out.


Seol-hwa cocked her head.


“What is it?”


“Open it.”


She opened the box, which revealed another small case. The box contained a pair of rings.




“You’ll need it to pretend you’re in love in front of other people. Weirdly, you didn’t have a ring when I proposed to you.”


“I see.”


“Try it on. I roughly measured the thickness of my finger, but I don’t know if it’ll fit.”


“When did you get this ready?”


“When you were sleeping.”




So, you got this ring this morning when I was drunk and sleeping?


Seol-hwa took the ring and slipped it on her finger. Her eyes widened. It fits like a custom ring.


It wasn’t too tight, not too loose, and it looked like she’d made it herself. She slipped the ring on her finger and held the rest of the box out to him.


He shook his head and clicked his tongue.


“That’s not right, put it back.”




“Put the ring in the box and come here.”




She slipped the ring off her finger, put it in its case, and walked over to him, her heart pounding as she approached his side. He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her into his lap.


Surprised, he gently brushed her wrist, touching every finger.


“You’re pretty. I think you used to play the piano.”


“Uh, how do you know that?”


“Because I saw you.”


“Come to think of it, you said you saw me singing when I entered University S.”


“I went to the same university, although I missed more days of lectures than I attended.”




I was stunned. He went to the same university as me. I’d never forget a face like that, but I didn’t know him at all.


“Well, you were never interested in anything but singing, so I’m sure you don’t remember much more than that.”


What does that mean, this isn’t the first time you’ve seen me in college.


Seol-hwa looked at him with narrowed eyes.  All of her attention was focused on the sensation of his fingers on hers, and she was curious about the memory she no longer knew, but Mu-hyuk didn’t seem to want to talk about it.


He brushed his lips against the back of her hand, and there was a ring on her finger and the same ring on his finger.


Then he stuck out his tongue and licked a long line from the back of her hand to her wrist. Farrar shivered as his w*t, hot tongue caressed her wrist.


“Tell me… I want to hear more…..”


“That would be boring, wouldn’t it? There’s nothing wrong with getting to know you slowly.”


His hand moved to her curly hair. He touched the ends and curled his fingers around them.  His supple fingers brushed her lashes, passed over her lips, and stroked under her chin.


Snow White’s eyelids drooped of their own accord.


“Mr. Mu-hyuk….”


“I have something more urgent right now.”


I couldn’t concentrate on his words anymore. His high nostrils collided with mine. Seo-Hwa felt like his throat was burning.


My throat was dry as if I were standing in the middle of a desert. His heartbeat quickened.


“Folklore… sing a song. A song just for me…….”


“G… now?”


“Yes. I want to hear it. Your song….”


The low, watery voice rang softly in his ears. It was Snow White who wanted to hear the aria he had briefly sung, but she opened her mouth to do as he wished.


“Ah~ Ah~ Ave~ Maria~ Ah~.”


As she began to sing, his hand slipped between her thighs and groped for her panties. She shuddered.


He pressed his thumb firmly against her cl*t, and her juices poured out. No, new juices flowed into her already w*t p*ssy.


“You’re aroused,”


he whispered in a sexy voice, licking her earlobe with his tongue. Then a shuddering wave of desire surged through her.


She breathed in shallowly, unable to call out his next move. Her thighs tightened, clutching at his robe.


“Touch my c*ck, too.  I looked up through the loose robe at the hard nape of his neck, and his eyes widened like a freshly finished wine.


His pupils, red with heat, seemed to have already reached their limit. I must sing again, I thought.


I can’t make a sound without losing my voice, but I move up an octave and sing the first note.


“Ah~ Ah~ Ave~ Maria~ Town!”


Their lips overlapped before the word was finished. He grabbed her around the waist, tilted her chin up, and plunged his tongue deep.


Instantly, the snowball burst into flames. Like fireworks, the popping sparks became desire, fueling her libido.


The heat was suffocating, a rush of heat that soon made it hard to breathe. Seol-hwa drew in a ragged breath.


The harder he thrust his tongue in, the more ragged her breathing became. Lips above, lips below, his fingers tempted her.


He rubbed his thumb over her cl*t through her panties. It was sticky. A thirst for unfulfilled desire seemed to drive her to her p*ssy instead of her mouth.


A body that knows a man. A body that had already experienced the pleasures of s*x and wanted more. A p*ssy that was his to tear open and sting.


She never thought she had such a strong s*x drive.


“Surely, he hasn’t drugged me?”


she thought, mistakenly. His kisses and touches fueled her desire. Her tongue felt like it was melting. It was so hot it seemed to melt into his mouth.


When their lips parted for a moment, he spoke in a lustful voice.


“Do you want me to put it in you, just say the word. I’ll whip your hole until it’s ragged, and I’ll f*ck you until you’re dripping with c*m.”


Vulgar language poured from his mouth, but there was no malice in it. Despite the lewdness of his words, his eyes were desperate.


I don’t know why I felt that way, but he seemed nervous now.




“Do what?”


“Go here…….”


Snow White’s eyes were wide and he couldn’t finish his sentence. He grabbed her body and gently laid her down on the couch.


“I’ll know when you’ve finished.”


“Ugh… ah….”


He ran his fingers up and down her panties. Her thighs were spread wide and disheveled. The panties were soaked with her juices and looked like they would drip onto his fingers at any moment.


He couldn’t hold back any longer. Resisting this temptation…  Hiding my shame…


Every second counted. Finally, the lustful words came out of her mouth.


“Put it in me, fill me with yours, and……. Give me a shake……. Mmm!”


Their lips met again. He was on top of her, sucking frantically on his lips, his body jerking backward.


His thick scent wafted to her nostrils as he grabbed a handful of her hair and kissed her.


Uh-uh-uh- the licking of tongue and tongue was lascivious.


His tongue coiled and tangled like a snake, sucking hard enough to pull it out, drawing out hidden desires.


It was dizzying. Nothing existed but the sensations of his kisses as he explored every inch of my mouth. It was too much.


The robe parted, and his hands grasped her br*asts.


“Ha… ha… ha.”


His lips moved frantically downward. His lips moved down along the nape of her neck, unclasped her bra, and nibbled at her n*pple, flicking it with his tongue.


Seol-hwa clenched her teeth and swallowed a moan. Mu-hyuk flicked her n*pple with his tongue and cupped her other br*ast with one hand.


A monstrously sized p*nis peeked out from under his undone robe.


“Haa…… ah….”


Seol-hwa alternated between moaning and sighing. At the same time, she breathed in deeply at the blunt gl*ns against her p*ssy.


It was incredible. It barely touched her entrance, and he couldn’t fit inside.


“Narrow. This is the best….”


He grabbed the gl*ns and inserted it into the hole.


For a moment, my thighs twitched slightly. I gasped at the sheer size of it.


“Big…. Ewww….”


“It’s a little bit, but it’s good. Hold on. It’s slippery, so it goes in and stays in.”



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