Chapter 4- PART1




“Wow, wife?”


People were stunned. The one with the most crumpled face was Yoo Byung-ik, director of H Soju.


“Wow, I didn’t realize that had been said.”


The president of World Beer shook his head.


“My father-in-law won an award out of the blue, so I didn’t have time to officially announce it, but I’m getting married soon.”


“Well, that’s something to celebrate, then. Hehehe.”


“Thank you.”


“Ahaha. This, President Seo would have liked it more if he were alive. A prestige group… You’re going to be married to a big company.”




Seol-hwa was dazed, but she quickly grasped the impromptu situation.


“I suppose this is supposed to be a celebration of marriage, not an inauguration.”


“Well, may I join you?”


The World Beer President greeted him cheerfully and held out his glass.


“Mu, of course! Of course! If it’s for Mr. Song… Mr. Song, I’ll reserve a better place, hehe.”


“How about any place?”


The World Beer President squirmed in front of him. It seemed that his influence was greater than he thought.


He was a third-tier banker, so he thought he was just lending money, but that didn’t seem to be the case.


Mu-hyuk took the glass and downed it in one gulp, then put the glass in front of Seol-hwa on his seat.


It looked like she was going to drink her share as well. Her heart pounded pleasantly. It was then that I heard an uncomfortable voice say,


“Even if you are married. I don’t think it’s polite for an unauthorized person to join a meeting of business owners.”


The director of H Suzhou said to Mu-hyuk.


“I’m well qualified. I’m the sales director for Harriman Beer.”


“Sales director?”


“Yes. What’s wrong?”


Mu-hyuk raised his glass to his mouth. He drank with an intense gaze, and at the end, he stared at his drink with a grimace.


As if he had never tasted such a bad drink before, he put the glass away, and the director of H Shochu’s face turned red.


Sensing a bit of a chill in the air, the world beer boss asked for a toast.


“Sales Director? Haha. Mr. Seo has found a reliable partner! Of course, the sales director should be present. That’s fine, then!”


Mu-hyuk poured a new drink into his glass. He grinned.


“From now on, I’ll be the one attending the outside drinking parties, so you know that.”


* * * * * * *


That was the end of my first meeting as a manager. I was worried that the atmosphere would be quieter now that Mu-hyuk had joined us, but we got along better than I thought.


Even though we were running different businesses, he joined in the conversation without missing a beat.


As if that wasn’t enough, he offered to pay for our food.  It was a high-end Japanese restaurant, so the drinks were quite expensive, but he swiped his card without hesitation.


“Weren’t you just quietly watching from the back? You’re a sales director….”


“You’re not going to give me a seat after investing 8 billion?”


“No… It’s not hard to give you a position, but… You already… You have your own business… Hiccup….”


Seolhwa’s body became more and more drunk as she drank. Stepping out into the open parking lot seemed to clear her mind a bit, but her steps were wobbly.


“I’m good at business, so it doesn’t bother me so much, because I can control them all, no matter how many there are, and, let’s face it, it takes a certain amount of grounded salesmanship to hit the ground running.


Did you think a guy who’s been singing all his life could do it, and just tonight, I’ve had my fill of men’s drinks?”


His handsome brow is wrinkled.


“I’ve been coping… well, I’ve been coping… with it.”


“You do your business. I’ll advise you from the sidelines.”


“Why… why do you care so much?”


“Because I’ll lose eight billion if you go under. I told you. I never invest in shitty places.”


“…Not shitty…  He was too drunk to even talk to him now.


“Yeah, don’t f*ck up. Pick up the slack and show me what you’re made of.”


“We’ll see… I won’t lose either… Ah… shrug.”


Finally, just as she was about to stumble and fall, a strong arm wrapped around her waist. Her heart pounded, followed by a hot breath in her ear. His lips parted, and she shivered.


“It’s nice to be held like this, but I don’t have a thing for holding drunk women.”


His voice tapped quietly against her ear. The w*tness in his voice was enough to bring out her dormant libido.


A body that had been closed for five years could easily be opened, but today was the day to have s*x with him.


In her drunkenness, she put her arm around his shoulders, and his face came close to hers.


“You must be drunk……. I keep seeing you in two.”


She struggled to open her mouth, and his lips brushed against hers. His lips were hot as if they had been burned.


“Then get drunk in my arms, not in front of the other assholes.”


* * * * * * *


At that time, Mr. Song sat in his study until late, lost in thought. His secretary, sensing his mood, cautiously spoke up.


“Mr. Chairman, what are you going to do?”


“……If he wants to get married, there’s no need to object.”


“If this marriage ends his wandering, I think it’s a good thing.”


The secretary, who had served him for a long time, felt sorry for Mu Hyuk’s wandering.


“You never know what he’s going to do, so I’m worried about what he’ll do this time.”


“Still, isn’t he a man of goodness? He’s a man who’s deep inside, even if he looks like he’s not on the outside.”


“I hope you’ve come to your senses by now……. Well, let’s start looking for a venue, It’s wedding season and I’m not sure there’s room.”


“Let’s start with hotels.”


The secretary pulled out the name of a hotel. Mr. Song shook his head slightly.


“Find a quiet place to do it. No good can come of my chores leaking out.”


“Yes. Mr. Chairman.”


The secretary bowed and hurried out of the study. Alone, Mr. Song pulled a photograph out of a drawer. It showed a beautiful woman holding a violin and smiling.


“Even if you’re a child from the outside world, you’re still a child in the end.”


* * * * * * * *


Mu-hyuk’s tongue darted around in his mouth frantically, and each time the story made it hard to breathe.


She couldn’t tell what was happening or where she was. All she knew was that the fluffy thing against her back felt like a bed.


My tongue and lips were rubbed erotically. At the same time, I felt a poke below my navel.


“Ugh….” “Ugh… ugh….”


Mu-hyuk grabbed the hem of Seol-hwa’s thin dress and pulled it off. The shedding hem revealed her flesh.


He sucked on her long, slender neck. His thighs buckled with the force of his sucking. Her body shuddered and shook.


For a moment, her mind went white. His heated lips slid lower and lower, nipping at her n*pple.    A new moan erupted from her as he took the erect n*pple between his teeth.




“I’m horny, or maybe I’m drunk. I can’t stand it when you’re like this….”


Mu-hyuk playfully bit her n*pple. Seo-lhwa’s waist curved in pleasure.




Mu-hyuk’s lips moved up, his tongue licking her auricle and probing inside. His c*ck was taut, ready to burst.


Mu-hyuk took Seol-hwa’s hand and guided it to his c*ck.


“Touch it. I’m holding back from c*mming right now.”


Seol-hwa, drunk from the heat he was giving her, was dazed. The world spun and he seemed to be in another world. He was thirsty.


He said he was patient, but she was impatient, clinging to his shoulder as if begging for more contact.


Her body was waiting for his caresses. Mu-hyuk looked thoughtful for a moment.


“I shouldn’t do this…”


“Ah… ah… ah…”


She gasped and opened her mouth as Mu-hyuk’s lips approached. When he began to caress her in earnest, a guttural cry erupted from her mouth.


Her toes tingled and her bottom tingled unbearably. Just the feel of his skin rubbing against mine was enough to drive me crazy.




“Aaah! Aaah! Aaah! Aaah!”


It was hot. My whole body felt like it was on fire. My body hadn’t been caressed in a long time, but I felt like I was lost in his ecstatic kisses.


I think it’s good, now…. I want to do it after a long time. Seol-hwa seduced him drunkenly and charmingly.


“I wanted to have a better first night, but you’re the one who ruined it.”


“Do it. I think it’s good. Now….”


“By tomorrow, you won’t remember a thing. That’s how drunk you are.”


“I… don’t care….”


“I was going to end it with pseudo-s*x, but if this is how it’s going to be, I can’t take it anymore.”


He stood up. He ripped open his half-off shirt. I could see muscles that would make my eyes pop out. No matter how drunk she was, the tiny muscles on his abdomen made Seolhwa’s eyes widen.


“I work out a lot, but it’s nice that you seem to like it.”




“What do I do now? My c*ck is already w*t….”


“I’ll start with a shower….”


“I don’t think a shower is urgent….”


“Aah! Uh… Where to…. ah….”


He gasped in surprise as his face came between Snow White’s thighs. Her eyes flashed white at the hot flesh against her l*bia.


“This is……. This…….’


There was a slurping noise as his hot tongue slipped carefully down the hole.


Her hole was so w*t from when they’d started kissing that it wouldn’t be hard to take her at any moment.


Seol-hwa’s shoulders slumped at the slimy feeling.


Oh, this is weak… It was weak. Even when she was dating Young-woo, she had only received a c*nnilingus a handful of times, so she was embarrassed.


But she knew how weak her body was to this. When he spread his teeth and gently bit her cl*t, she almost screamed out loud.


He didn’t just suck on it, he licked it and then lightly nibbled on it with his teeth.




“That’s pretty, I just put my tongue in there, but tighten it. What about this dripping place?”


He slipped a finger between her l*bia. He circled it once, then stuck his tongue inside, sliding it in and out like a piston f*ck.


A slurred voice escaped her as the stimulation spread throughout her body, and her heart raced as he changed the angle of his face and probed her hole.


Seol-hwa exhaled sharply. His breathing quickly became ragged. He stuck his tongue between her cr*tch crack and pushed hard.


Then her thighs tightened as if in spasm. The rubbing lower body moved deeper.


“Haa….” “Ahhh….”


Her mind seemed to be paralyzed. She could feel his c*ck, hard and erect, but he didn’t remove his pants, concentrating on her caresses.


Heat raced through his veins, his caresses becoming more and more dreamlike.  He lost his pace. The flames flickering in front of her eyes were driving her crazy.


His thick fingers slipped between her parted lips, his tongue pressing lightly, saliva pooling. His w*t fingers brushed the tips of her n*pples. The slickness made her shudder.


I can’t stand the sound of that voice.  He spat out a small expletive and lurched upward, biting her tiny jaw and slicing through her lips.    In an instant, two tongues intertwined.


As one, they quickly became slimy and rubbed together. His hand clutched at Snow White’s br*ast.


The heat and rough kisses jolted him out of his senses, and the deeper he sucked on Snow’s tongue, the more it seemed to fall off.


With a crunch, he pulled at her waist, and their lower abdomens pressed together, rubbing against his hard c*ck.


A sexy voice assaulted his eardrums. His gasping breaths kept the story alive as he swayed on top of me.


* * * * * * * * *


My head throbbed, dazed. I couldn’t remember what had happened. I think I was in bed with him…


Her eyes were stiff and her whole body ached. She forced herself to open her eyes. All she could see was a window with a bluish light streaming in.


She woke up in a flash. She tried to sit up for a moment but then lay back down. The world was spinning.


‘It’s a real hotel. Did I have s*x with him? I’m pretty sure I fondled him…….’


Seol-hwa looked at her clothes. She wasn’t n*ked, thankfully, but she was wearing his shirt. Hadn’t they had s*x? She couldn’t remember.


She didn’t feel any discomfort down there, but it was still a slimy feeling. I lifted my hand and saw the whitish mark.


“S*men……. Ah……. Did we have s*x?”


She was embarrassed, suddenly remembering her drunken seduction of him. Why, had she?


No matter how drunk and needy I was. How long had it been since we met……. She groped for the seat next to her, but it was still warm, so where did he go?


She wanted to check what time it was, but her stomach churned when she stood up.


“I must have had too much to drink.”


She had a bad hangover. Just then, the door opened and she saw Mu-hyuk’s figure. I tried to pretend to sleep, but our eyes met.


“Are you awake?”


“……ah……. Yes….”


He crept closer to Seol-hwa, his heart racing. There was a loud pounding of drums. I craned my neck to hide my hungover, swollen face and was enveloped in his shirt.


The smothering scent of his cologne assaulted her nostrils.


“You slept well, my arms must have been pretty warm.”


“Oh, no, no, no, I’ll get up.”


She tried to push herself up, but his hand caught her, and he laid her back down on the bed.


“More sleep. You must have been up all night throwing up.”


“Throw up?“


She wanted to crawl into a rat hole. She ran to the bathroom, grabbed the toilet seat, and screamed as the memory of throwing up flashed through her mind.


It was embarrassing to think that she had shown her dirtiest side while caressing it in front of such a perfect man.


“Thanks to you, our first night together ended with some serious fondling.”


“Mmm… sorry.”


“Well, it doesn’t matter, I had  fun.”




I remembered him licking between my crotches. Yikes, my face heated up. Heat rose again from down there. Seol-hwa shivered with nervousness.


Yesterday, she’d said she couldn’t get drunk, but this was different. Her vision was blurry. Her stomach was still rumbling from the hangover, and she was worried that he would ask for s*x.


But to her surprise, he didn’t put his hands on her, not until he was dressed.


“Don’t worry. I held back well yesterday, do you think I’m going to pounce on you as soon as you wake up?”


“Oh…. Yeah….”


“Even a dog in heat can be a bitch, but you should see the mood.”


He let her sleep a little longer and then stood up.


“You can rest easy, I’m going to sleep too.”


Mu-hyuk opened the door again while I was sleeping.


“This is a hotel suite, and I can’t stand sleeping next to you, so I’ll sleep in the guest room.”


He closed the door and left.


Seol-hwa felt her body relax. She stroked her face with her hands, and a rich scent washed over her.    She closed her eyes and sniffed his shirt.


“Ah… yes. This scent…….”


She closed her eyes once and opened them, and a strong ray of sunlight pierced through the curtains. Her head still throbbed, but the pounding was gone.


Snowflake stood up carefully. Then she listened. It was eerily quiet. It was as if she were the only one in the suite.


She slid off the bed and cautiously pushed open the door to a spacious parlor. Her eyes widened. It was indeed a suite.


‘This is what a suite looks like….,’


she thought. When she was dating Young-woo, she had stayed in small hotels, so she had never seen anything like this.


Seol-hwa was dumbfounded. After a short walk, she saw the guest room.


‘If I open that door, he will be there, the man who will be my husband….’


My heart was racing. Why is my heart racing like this…


Just then, the door swung open. My heart plummeted. Mu-hyuk came out of the door, tying his tie. His eyes met Seol-hwa.


His eyes widened and he looked her up and down. There was a trace of heat in his eyes.


“She’s wearing my shirt……. That’s weird.”


Seol-Hwa said,


“Aha! She stood in front of him, now wearing a shirt that showed her thighs.


“Oh, I’m sorry, I’ll give it back quickly.”


She practically ran back into the room. She patted her burning cheeks and tugged at her hair.


“Why are you so self-conscious? Calm down….”


She went into the bathroom and locked the door. She knew she had to take off his shirt to shower, but for some reason, she wanted to keep it on.


She took it off and buried her nose in it. Then she let go of the shirt in horror.


“Get a grip……. Folktale……. This is not the time, is it?”


She took a shower and put on yesterday’s clothes. After washing in the cold water, she felt somewhat refreshed. Mu-hyuk was waiting for her in the parlor.


She held out her neatly folded shirt to him. He was wearing a new shirt from somewhere, but she thought it would be a good idea to give it to him.


“Wouldn’t it be nice if I could wash it for you?”


“Oh, that… would it?”


Seol-hwa put his shirt in her briefcase. It was a little funny to have a man’s shirt in her briefcase, but she wasn’t in the mood to think about that now.


She glanced at her watch. Oh, it’s 2:00 p.m.! It’s already past checkout time! How much was that for one night? Just as she was thinking Mu-hyuk spoke up.


“Are you going to take some hangover medicine?”


“…A little later. I can’t even drink water right now.”


“Eat it. It’ll help.”


He twisted the cap off the vial and held it out to Seol-hwa. When did you buy this?


Oh…. Since it’s a hotel, I can always tell the front desk and they’ll take care of me. Considering his sincerity, she drank the medicine.


The cool, sweet medicine felt good down my throat, and my stomach felt like it was going to explode.


“Oh no, I think it’s past checkout time….”


“It doesn’t matter, I’m booked until Sunday anyway.”


“What? Sun… Sunday?”


“You think it’ll only take one day to figure it out? It’ll take two.”




“I’m too energetic to figure it out in one day,” he smiled.


He stared at Seol-hwa. He certainly looked strong. Even a lighthearted joke like that couldn’t hide the intensity in his eyes.


“I’d love to get n*ked and make love to you right now, but I don’t think we should waste time. We’re very busy today.”


“Well. What do you mean….”


“Don’t you have to go to say hello to my soon mother-in-law?”


“Oh! I forgot to call my mom! What am I supposed to do, I didn’t even call her yesterday… That’s a big deal.”


“I answered the phone, I told her you were out of town.” Seol-Hwa was taken aback,


“When did you call her?”


“When I was panting under you.”


The tongue-in-cheek remark made my face explode. The n*ked words he spat brought back memories of his tongue between his crotches. Heat spread quickly through her body.


“She didn’t ask you are you?”


“I said someone you’re dating.”


“What?! Mu-hyuk, are you serious?”


“I’m someone you’re going to marry soon, so of course I’m going to say we’re dating, doesn’t that make sense?”


“By the way…….”


I hadn’t told my mom that I was seeing someone yet, but she beat me to it.


“We’re going to get married anyway, so let’s not get into a pecking order or anything.”


“Yeah…. Okay. So, how did we meet?”


“You want to hear the scenario I made up?”


My w*t tongue stung between my teeth. He must be crazy. I wanted to kiss him, he was so gorgeous it made everything else in the world seem monotonous.


But Seol-hwa stared at him dryly and answered.


“Yes, I’ll listen.”




“Our love affair was quite accidental. I had always loved opera music, and I saw you singing, and it was love at first sight. After that, I was persistent in my courtship, sending you flowers. You were curious about who was sending you flowers, so we decided to meet. You were also attracted to me at first sight. After that, we gradually opened up, and I would look for you whenever I went on business trips to Germany, and we became passionately in love.”




“The love I met while studying abroad.”


The five years she’d spent studying abroad had been a good time for her to consider himself a lover, but she needed a little more detail.


She glared at him and touched the inside lining of his mouth with her tongue, and it burned like crazy. Her eyes never left his lips.


“I proposed to you, but you put it off because you wanted to study more. Let’s say I showed up at your father’s funeral on my initiative, and you pretended to be a stranger in front of your mother.”


“Not bad.”


“You didn’t know my background while we were dating. I think it’s more believable that you found out after your father died.”


She tried to picture his setup in her head. He and his friends sometimes busked. Their busking in Römer Square in Frankfurt, Germany, attracted many tourists. The idea was obvious enough.


“…… would be great.”


Seol-hwa agreed: their first meeting was a coincidence, a series of coincidences leading to inevitability and a relationship.


They locked lips to create a more perfect scenario. She hadn’t accepted his proposal because her dreams came first, but after returning to Korea, she’d permitted him to marry her.


He hadn’t found the one he was looking for, but he’d pushed through with it. Should I be relieved now?


He glanced at her. His eyes, with their narrow slits, were charming. His heart fluttered violently as if it had been bombed.


“We can always make up. I’m coming back to this hotel today to formally greet your mother, and I expect what I put off last night. I expect it today. I expect it to drive me insane.


I’ll give it to you.”


* * * * * * * *


“Mom. It’s me.”


[What happened to you? Were you in a relationship?]


“Yes, actually, I met someone when I was studying abroad in Germany. I was planning to just have a relationship, but he kept proposing to me. I was hesitant because of my dad’s job and my inability to sing, but he proposed again, so I think I’m going to get married.”


Seol-hwa told her mom the same scenario she had created with Mu-hyuk, thinking that she might be upset, but she was not.


For the first time in a long time, she heard her mom’s cheerful voice.




[I’m glad. I’m worried that there’s no man in the house since your dad left, but it will be a big help if you get married. I only wish I could have introduced him to your dad when he was alive… Were you with that man yesterday?”]








[Yeah, I am relieved if you choose to get married. I’m sure there are a lot of challenges in the business, and having a spouse by your side will help a lot].




“I’ve been thinking about it.”




[Are you going to eat dinner at home?]




“No, we’re going to eat out, I’ve made a reservation at a restaurant, and we’re going to go over to your house to say hello before then.”


[Yes. I’ll make a simple meal, and you can bring him over. I’m so excited. What kind of man is my daughter marrying?]


I didn’t have to look at her to know she was excited. Her voice was very excited. She was depressed after losing Dad, but she was happy that a new family would be created.


When I hung up the phone and turned around, Mu-hyuk put his arm around Seol-hwa’s shoulders.


“Let’s go. We have to buy a gift for my mother-in-law first.”

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