Chapter 23

“Anessa, that young Lord Procyon. He’s no longer just a rising star. He’s a comet, to say the least… more like a well-meaning disaster.”

The young head of the Procyon family has now become a person even the monarch of a nation shows great favor. The military might be an independent place, but Leonard, the head of the Lefevre family, had an extensive information network. Schloitz Procyon. They said that this young head of the family didn’t hesitate to go on various dangerous missions, putting his life on the line.

And he had survived them all.

Getting him all kinds of promotions and various achievement 

Every year, the number of medals that the king could confer upon the knights was limited, and all of them seemed to go to the young lord.

Why did his young daughter, of all people, get involved with such a young man? It was also known that Vlandea had berated the young lord when he was younger.

So Anessa and Leonard knew very well whom Vlandea’s guilt was directed toward, even though Vlandea never talked about it, so they never brought it up either.

“But Leonard, in the end… it was a good thing that Vlandea didn’t bring that young man here, wasn’t it?”

“Well, that’s true.””

If Schloitz Procyon had abandoned everything and come to Lefevre he could have risen to the position of commander of the Lefevre family’s knights with his genius talent.

But no matter how great the head of the family’s knights was, it couldn’t compare to being among the unprecedented hero like he is now.


“Anyway, it’s better that our Vlamdea  and Lord Procyon are no longer  involved with each other, Leonard.”

Since then, no one mentioned the name “Schloitz Procyon” to Valndea. Leonard and Anessa were no different. They knew about the story that Schloitz Procyon had gone blind due to his stepmother’s poison when he was young because the physicians of the family who came along with Vlandea in the Red District

Not mentioning such a sad story, which could be considered a weakness, was also their way of showing consideration for Schloitz Procyon.

Their baby who had suffered from an incurable disease was getting healthier every day, which was their joy, so there was no need to pay attention to the other people. The Lefevre family was huge, and there were thousands of subordinates to take care of.


Enricor, after tidying up the documents, sat down and said.

“Valndea said she sent my Opats to Tatiana Rosienne.”

(tl note: If you happen to still read in the previous chapter that Vlandea has sent a letter to Tatiana, please know that it was supposed to be translated as “package” instead of a “letter”. Otherwise, please disregard this note.)

“Ah, the one you’ve been researching and developing.”


Opats is a new artifact that Enricor is currently developing together with the other scholars that can be used in subduing monsters.   

Enricor had adapted very well to the academy. Especially when he created the Opats with the family’s scholars, it was something even Leonard found impressive.

“The family’s scholars seem to think highly of you.”

Enricor’s expression became a little awkward.

“It’s because of the power of the Lefevre family.”

Originally, Enricor’s blonde hair flowed long, like Vlandea’s, but it had been cut off to use for experiments.

The Lefevre family, commonly referred to as the “Direct Lineage of the Tower’s House,” had a unique power that had been passed down through generations.

It was the power of purification.

It was the power to purify water just by touching it. That’s why Leonard, as the head of the Lefevre family, occasionally received requests from the king to purify the lands in the west that had been successfully conquered by the military.

Over a decade ago, too many monsters had poured out, and too many people had died. It had become a hellish place with corpses piling up and not enough land to bury them.

Thanks to Leonard, who lived there and gradually began the recovery, the people living there could drink clean water. They could also slowly start farming the land.

For centuries, this power of purification had been utilized in this way, but Enricor, who had taken an interest in his studies at the academy, produced meaningful research results.

“Should I propose the use of Opats to the military? I’m still young and Opats are unstable though.”

“They may be unstable, but it’s a place where many people die every week. It’s a matter of life and death for them. If you can prove the effectiveness of the defense barrier, they will surely welcome it.”

“We’ll need more research, though.”

Enricor ran his fingers through his newly trimmed hair and added, “Father, it seems that Hector is right about the monsters being Homunculi.”

“One of the many theories.”

The theory that monsters were not abandoned demons but discarded magical artifacts of ancient sorcerers had been around for a long time.

Opats, the gem-like objects made from the hair of the Lefevres’ direct lineage, continued to produce research results.

The ultimate goal was to combine Opats with the Holy Sword itself. It seemed like it would require a significant effort, but if successful, it would leave an unprecedented mark in history.

Leonard gently ruffled Enricor’s hair and asked, “Do you find your research enjoyable?”

“I do! And Hector said he would come to our family once he graduates.”

“That clever lad?”

Leonard felt somewhat perplexed. Hector was of noble birth from a lower family but was incredibly intelligent. He never missed an opportunity to move up the ranks. Of course, Enricor held the position of top student. 

In any case, Leonard had thought that Hector would naturally go out to the royal court and make his mark.

“It seems you had gone to the academy to recruit talents for our family. It’s good to see you working hard”

Enricor scratched his head.

“Vlandea mentioned that she might enter a convent later… So I thought we should raise the family a bit more.”

“I see. She’s not planning to get married. Is that okay?” Enricor curiously asked

“It’s fine. Vlandea will be with her mother and me, so you can go live on your own.”

“What? Do I have to leave?”

“Then should we all live together?”

“No… but still, Vlandea has been receiving marriage proposals non-stop.”

“I heard she hasn’t replied to any of them.”


Enricor looked genuinely puzzled.

“It’s strange. Vlandea isn’t getting married, and nobody seems to be worried. But when I said I wouldn’t get married, you even threatened to disown me.”

“Vlandea and you are different.”

“What’s the difference? People always say we look similar.”

“Vlandea is much more mature than you.”

“On what basis?”

“People have to experience love at least once.”

“Has Vlandea experienced love?”

Leonard didn’t answer and just chuckled. A question mark hung over Enricor’s head.



“Who is it?”




“Leonard Lefevre?”

“This insolent boy.”

Leonard pinched Enricor’s cheek but didn’t give a straight answer.


A few weeks later, Tatiana Rosienne safely returned from the monster-infested area, contrary to the original story.

How did I know? It was because the Rosienne family head came with an enormous amount of gratitude gifts. The Rosienne family head, who had a cold and authoritative impression, although he was quite handsome since he was the heroine’s father, personally came to pay a visit. Due to that, I had to personally greet him.

The Rosienne family head was a man with a cold and authoritative demeanor. However, perhaps because he was the father of the female lead, he was quite handsome. Despite his characteristic imposing gaze, the Rosienne family head lowered his stiff head.

“Lady Vlandea Lefevre.”

I was slightly taken aback by his demeanor, which was completely different from what I expected.

“I am deeply… grateful for saving my daughter’s life.”

Despite his cold appearance, his voice was trembling slightly at the end. It made me deeply suspicious. In the original story, he was described as a cold character when dealing with Tatiana…

“I promise, under the name of Rosienne, that we will repay the favor. You are the savior of my daughter’s life, and we will definitely return the favor in the future.”

“Alright my lord”

I was bewildered, but I gave a response for now. If the Rosienne family has something to repay me, that’s fine.

‘But still, it’s a bit strange to think that her love towards her daughter will change later.’

Of course, feelings can change over time, but it will take a few more years to reunite with her biological daughter, Luri.

As I sipped my tea, Lord Rosienne asked a question.

“Lady Vlandea, if it’s not too impertinent, may I inquire about that artifact?”

“Where did you acquire such a thing?”

Lord Rosienne’s head showed a great deal of curiosity about Opats. Well, anyone would be curious about it. I didn’t give a clear answer, only saying that it was under the jurisdiction of the family scholars. It seemed like Rosienne’s head would visit my father secretly, but it wasn’t a bad thing.

After Lord Rosienne left, I followed my usual schedule. Lately, the weather had been warm, so tea parties among the noble ladies were frequently held. Thanks to that, there were occasional small tea parties at the Lefevre mansion.

But in reality, it was a place where prominent figures in society gathered, each one is highly regarded in the upper society

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