At this point, Seolhwa’s aura was triggered and she dreamed of ambition. She wanted to repay them for the scorn they had shown him.


She wanted to be so successful that one day they would come to her with money and beg her to spend it in her bank.




Why, did you need that much money? If you didn’t, you could have just given up on the new business.


Why……. did you need that money?”


Seol-hwa looked at his father’s picture on the wall. Seeing his father smiling with a carefree expression lifted her spirits.


She couldn’t break down. She quickly stood up and organized her father’s belongings.


I almost threw them away because they were his. However, I couldn’t easily throw away the items that had been stained by my father’s hands.


I took them out and put them back in the box after repeatedly putting them back.


After… I was sweating.


I’ve been packing all afternoon, and now it’s evening. I had to wake my mom up for dinner, but my whole body was tired.


‘The last drawer…….’


was the last drawer to be organized because it was small. She pulled out all of her dad’s drawers and shoved them into a box.


Then, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a small notebook.


“Huh? What is this?”


She flipped through the pages of her dad’s handwriting, which dated from exactly four years earlier.


At first, it appeared to be his diary, but then I realized it was a record of his research into new technologies. The narrative was rambling.


I opened the desk calendar on my desk and compared the dates. I picked them apart. I compared the dates to the few words he’d written.


And then I flipped through the days until he was about to go bankrupt.




[January 3, 2018: Anix Korea needs seed capital. So I invested privately. After the startup, I was supposed to receive a share of the investment in the form of shares, but I haven’t heard anything. Still, I have to trust and wait, right? This is the man who will marry my daughter in the future….]




What do you mean, you invested seed capital? When? When did you invest that kind of money?




[September 25, 2018: That’s weird. The technology looks like something we were working on……. That research failed… Youngwoo succeeded]


[January 20, 2019: There’s something strange about it, so we’re continuing to investigate]


[June 15, 2019: We finally found the body of Anix Korea’s technology, but since it’s already registered, we can’t prove that it’s Hae-rim Electronics’ technology……. But I still have to trust him, because he’s going to be my son-in-law….]




Seolhwa’s hands trembled. She sank to the floor in a heap. Tears streamed down her face. At the same time, a fierce anger surged.


Kang Young-woo…  Kang Young-woo…! You are a bastard…


“How…. How did this happen… How……. What an assh*le……. You tricked my dad and did this to him? Did you use me to get the technology? That love was a lie!”


Her heart tightened, a pain many times worse than when she’d been separated from him.


Dad, my dad.  He knew me and him hadn’t broken up! Surely, he would have shown him everything.


When she left to study abroad, Seolhwa didn’t tell her father that she had broken up with Youngwoo.


It was more of a cold war than a breakup, and they had slowly drifted apart, but Dad seemed to think he was dating Youngwoo.


That’s why I invested the initial capital and got fooled by him.


Why was I so stupid? Why couldn’t I see his duplicity? If he was such a bad guy, why couldn’t see it?


My heart was torn to shreds. I felt embarrassed and ashamed, ashamed and pathetic that the person I loved had taken away the person I cared about most.


I couldn’t breathe. My throat, which had been sore during the fire, tightened.




“Daddy…. Blackblack……. Dad… I’m sorry… I’m sorry… This is all because of me…


” Seolhwa breathed raggedly. Her tears formed a river, but she clenched her fists so hard that her nails dug into her palms as she tried to hold them back.


The tears were falling, and she was in pain. She deeply regretted that she had used her study abroad as an excuse to neglect her family.


Tears rolled down her cheeks like a waterfall. She had to see him now, or she would not be able to bear it without slapping him in the face.


When I searched for ANIX Korea to visit his company, the first article that came up was.




[Song Mi-jin, the eldest daughter of Song Myung-in of Myungsung Group, announces her engagement; the man who will become the son-in-law of Myungsung Group is Kang Young-woo, CEO of Anix Korea, who has a reputation as a hardworking young owner who has recently achieved great success with a breakthrough item in the semiconductor market].




With a thud, her heart dropped.  Seol-hwa opened her eyes and glared at the reporter. Biting her lip, she said,


“I’ll …… make sure he gets what he deserves, and I’ll never forgive him.”


* * * * * * * *


Seol-hwa vowed revenge on Youngwoo. After thinking and thinking and thinking not one but two days, she stood in front of his building.


A large sign stood on a tall building in the center of downtown Seoul, a place called Yolk Land.


The emperor of the tertiary financial sector, SD Financial, came to visit. Seol-hwa was in the shop window, all decked out from the early hours of the morning.


She liked it. She wasn’t good at beautifying, but she’d often been told she was pretty, and she looked pretty to me.


She held her head high and boldly headed to the man’s office.    She was escorted by the secretary to the president’s office.


When the door opened, the first thing I saw was a large sofa. A little further in, Mu-hyuk’s face filled her vision.


I swallowed hard with nervousness as he looked me up and down like I was a commodity.


“Did you ignore my warning and come to ……? I told you that mad dogs won’t let you go if they bite you.”


“I need a mad dog.”


“……need. And if I need it, it’s going to be money, but so what? I’m not one to lend money to a damn company.”


“I know, but first, look at Harriman Beer’s financial statements and decide. I’ve got a report on the first year’s sales and the potential for future growth.”


He flipped through it dryly and tossed it on the table.


“I don’t believe in paperwork, I believe in people.”


“Do I look like a failure in your eyes, too?”


“That’s not an easy floor to work on, you’re in the liquor business after all. You’ll have to start at the bottom, and it’s hard for a woman to deal with rough men.”


“Being a woman isn’t for this day and age. Yes, I said I believe in people, so please see my worth.”


“I don’t know what kind of confidence you have,”


he smirked. He could laugh at me all he wanted because all he had left was his father’s company and my body.


She’d spent the last two days checking up on him with all her contacts. They all said he was related to the chairman of the prestige group, Song Myung-in, but they didn’t have much information.


From what she could tell, he’d been divorced twice. It was clear that he was living a trashy life if the woman was paying the price each time.


[I’ve heard that he’s in a hurry to get married. He seems to have a constant stream of matchmakers because of his good looks, but he’s not dating anyone… It’s a contradiction in terms. He’s highly regarded as an executive, but his personal life is rumored to be messy.]


He was in a hurry to get married.  And I heard that the number of matchmakers is decreasing because of the rumors.


[I’ve also heard rumors that he’s trying to pair up with just anyone. I don’t know what his relationship is with the chairman of a prestige group, but he’s a pain in the a$s].


The story goes that every time we met, he used his lust for me as a weapon.


“The collateral I’m talking about isn’t just Harlem Beer,”


he said, his eyes twinkling,


“Even a showroom couple should be attracted enough to become s*xual partners. He seemed to sense that I had other intentions. A small smile spread across his lips.


“Yeah, guess what? I’m looking forward to it.”


“……get married.” His eyes widened.


“What? What did you just say? Surely I’m not mishearing you?”


“I heard you talking to some girl at the club, saying that you need to get married. I’m sure I’m a long way from the standards set by the prestige group, but if you don’t mind, I’d like to marry you.”


“The…… old man indeed has a light in his eyes to get to marry her, but he’s rumored to be so crazy that every marriage that comes in breaks down.


But I’m surprised he’s proposing marriage, not just a long-term s*x partner.” He needed my background. At the same time, it was the best way to make a big splash with Young-woo.


Seol-hwa sold her conscience. She’d made up her mind to be a bad girl.


“Why? You don’t want to? You said you were close to Chairman Song and your dad. Aren’t you the one in a hurry, like you said?”


“It’s urgent. Very urgent, because he said he wouldn’t give me my inheritance if I didn’t marry.”


“Yeah, well, you’re going to have to do it with me, because you’ve been into me since the beginning.”


“That’s true, you have a voice that makes my c*ck stand up straight.”


“……What do you want me to do, give you some time to think about it?”


“I’ll give you one test before I do that.”


“What test?” He searched her expression.


“I want you to sing a song. It’s Schubert’s Ave Maria.”




“Didn’t you sing it as a student representative at the entrance ceremony of University S? Ave Maria, Sing it.”


“……I mean, do you know me? Did you go to University S too?”


Snow White was surprised. How could he know which school she went to?


“Does it matter? Isn’t it more urgent to seduce me now?”


“Oh… that’s… Do I need to sing here?”


“Sure, because if you can’t make my c*ck stand up, I’m not going to take you up on your offer.”


How to get a guy to stand up with a song…  I don’t recognize this guy. I can’t sing anymore. How do I sing it?


I can’t get inside this crazy man’s head, but I still have to sing it, right? I’ve sung it hundreds of times in practice, so I don’t forget the words, but it’s a high-pitched song, so it’s not easy.


“Gratia plena. Maria, Gratia plena……. Maria, Gratia plena…….”


Seolhwan opened her mouth to sing the words. She could feel people staring at her, but she was intoxicated by the melody she was creating.


She sang for a long time. Was it desperation? Somehow, it came out uninhibited. Maybe it was because I dropped my range two keys…….


The office was quiet.


There was no noise except for the song of the snowflakes. Was he breathing? When I glanced up, I was met with his glowing eyes.


Her eyes traveled down to his lower body. She could see the bulge of his p*nis. Was he ar*used? Had she passed the test?


Then he reached out to her. He gently grabbed her head and guided her mouth to his p*nis.


“Next test. S*ck it. Make it cheap and I’ll take it.”


Ah, the bl*w job.  She swallowed hard and settled between his legs. When she slowly lifted her eyes upward, she found him gazing softly at her.


She could see the fabric rising in stature as much as his eager eyes.


‘I’ve felt it before, but it’s huge!’


His p*nis wasn’t just bulging above his pants, it was fierce like it was going to break through at any moment. Heat raced through her body.


I was embarrassed, not only because it had been so long, but also because it was the first time I’d ever been asked to do this.


I’d tried f*llatio once or twice when I was dating Youngwoo, but I’d never been able to finish.    Even though I have a small mouth, I don’t like the feeling of something being squeezed into my mouth, so I refused to do it.


‘I have to, I’m the one who has to seduce him,’


I said, but I couldn’t afford to be picky. Seolhwa bit her lip tightly and grabbed the front of his pants with a trembling hand, just a touch, and his c*ck throbbed.


Oh, why am I so sensitive, this man…….


“Okay, it’s just a little nudge, but I think it’s going to be hard. Take it out and hold it. I’ll leave the sucking and wiggling up to you.”




Impatiently, he tugged at her hair. She unzipped his pants, and with a pop, his p*nis popped out. For a moment, she was stunned.


“Oh my God, is it a man? Why is it so big?”


It was huge. It looked like it would never be able to match the size of European men.


Of course, I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, but I had seen the size of Westerners in a video my roommate had jokingly shown me.


It was long and thick, and even if I pretended, I couldn’t fit it in one bite. Would I be lucky to get half of it in?


“I’m a little bit,” he said,


“but it’s the kind of thing that’s hard to resist because once you get a taste of my c*ck, you’ll never forget it.”


“…Oh, I don’t want to know about that.”


“Of course you do. It’s an ability of your soon-to-be husband.”


“Is that part of the ability?”


“Of course it is. You’ll be amazed at my technique when we get down to it, and I’m going to give it all I’ve been working on…to my wife.”


The word wife stuck in his throat as he spoke. Wow, how easy it was to use the word wife, and certainly, as the rumor had it, he didn’t know where he was going.


As he led the back of the tale a little further down, the tip of my nose touched his gl*ns. I flinched.




“Don’t act so innocent. I know it’s not your first time, so s*ck it from the front. It’s a waste, isn’t it?”


Unlike his face, his mouth was lewd. I felt like sewing his mouth shut, but I wasn’t the one to do it.


She pressed her snowy hand against his p*nis. His p*nis was dripping w*t and screaming for entry into the tight space.


I gently squeezed his c*ck, my heart pounding with nervousness, and a thin gasp escaped his mouth.


“Mmmm… That’s good….”


With a thud, Cooper’s fl*id oozed from his gl*ns. I could feel his veins pulsating in my palm.    Cooper fl*id from his gl*ns soaked her palm. She stuck her tongue out and licked the gl*ns.


The scent of chestnut blossoms wafting past his nostrils felt indecent. It was embarrassing to even try to f*llatio in his office now, but how many times had he done this before, and none of the other employees had turned up their noses?


He was terrible at entertaining guests. She closed her eyes tightly and moved her mouth.


Zzzz, zzzz.


She moved her head awkwardly, barely moving her mouth at all, and swallowed repeatedly, unable to control the coofer fl*id that was spreading in her mouth.


The act of swallowing made her breathing even more ragged, as she was forced to s*ck on his c*ck.


“Mmmm…mmmm…mmmm…. You’re good at it, though I don’t know who taught you,”


a voice with a tone that Seolhwa liked rang out from above. With just the right amount of strength and softness, the voice seemed to gently caress her ears.


She blushed. The image of herself s*cking on a man’s p*nis so early in the morning was lewd.




“Ha…umm…okay. Deeper. Put it in.”


“Oh… It’s not going in….”


“Just a little… more….”


He grabbed Seolhwa’s head and pushed it in a little further. Then it was in, right up to her uvula, and she tensed.


She was worried that the huge chunk of flesh would poke her uvula and make her gag, but he stopped halfway in.


“Ugh… ugh… Folk tale…. Seolhwa….”




He kept calling her name. Then his hand came up to her br*ast and squeezed it in one motion. Despite her large br*asts, his hands were so large that they were held in one hand.


With nowhere else to turn, her hands found their way to his thighs.


Then I was surprised again by my rock-hard thighs. Was it muscle? I couldn’t tell when I put on the suit, but when I touched them, they were huge.


Embarrassed that she could think of anything else now that she was biting into his.


“Let’s do this, or die,”


Seolhwa pursed her lips. Then his touch grew more intense, squeezing her br*ast.  She opened her mouth as wide as she could and s*cked on his c*ck. His back jerked slightly as he s*cked harder.


“Mmmm… good….”


He slapped it up until it made a puck sound. Tears pooled in my eyes as the pain stabbed my throat. My jaw tingled, but it wasn’t painful enough to kill me.


“Ugh…ugh…ugh…ugh…ugh…ugh…ugh…ugh…ugh…ugh…ugh…ugh. ”


“Uhhh… okay.”


He said okay, but he didn’t like it. At first, Seolhwa’s head bobbed up and down lightly, then he moved his hips, and each time, Seolhwa’s eyes flashed.


At the slightest slip, his p*nis threatened to touch her throat. But he was skilled at f*llatio, and he made no mistake.


He just needed to keep her mouth wide open, but she didn’t need to shake her head.


She groaned, even though it was a fairly clumsy f*llatio, and there was a hint of lust in her charming voice. It was sexy.


His excited voice was as good as any man’s she’d ever heard. At the same time, it was enough to stir up her l*bido, which had been shut down.


Suddenly, her panties were dripping with her juices. She was stunned and embarrassed by the change in her body.


I’m getting ar*used…  At the sound of this man’s voice…


The sound of his voice was making her panties slowly w*t. He didn’t seem to have noticed the change in her yet. That was good.


I didn’t want the man who had offered him a marriage contract to find out that I was that ar*used.


Fortunately, he hadn’t slipped his hand under her skirt to touch her p*ssy, but her burgeoning br*asts were squeezing in his hand.


Her n*pples squeezed and her br*asts swelled with excitement.


“S*ck me harder, harder. Mmmm… Mmmm… Mmmm…” “Mmmm… Mmmm… Mmmm…”


I did as he said and s*cked hard. Then Muhyuk’s movements became a little more intense. Without feeling nauseous, I inhaled the full p*nis in my mouth, black body hair touching the tip of my nose with each movement.


I had to s*ck in air to breathe, but every time I did, I felt indecent. It’s weird to think about it, but his body hair felt smooth like he was taking care of it.


‘Am I crazy, have I been such a naughty girl? Why, even thinking about this…….’


She closed her eyes, but even closing her vision couldn’t block out his sexy voice. Even the sound of his inhale was seductive to her highly developed ears.


I’m the one flirting, but somehow I feel like I’m the one being seduced.


“Mmmm… Hmmm….”


He panted like a beast. He was a beast. He looked strong, like a mad dog, like a dog that, once bitten, wouldn’t let go.


His hips arched higher as if he were about to ej*culate. Then the snowball in his hand burst into flames. Her eyes popped open with heat.


Her underwear was drenched in moisture, soaked with his juices. His grayish body hairs kept brushing against my nose, making it hard to breathe.


I swallowed hard, which only made him more excited. His fingertips tugged lightly on the snowflake’s jaw, a bitter chestnut flavor he could never get used to.


The jaws opened and his c*ck slid deeper.


“Can you take more?!


I gasped at the deepening movements that stung my throat. I clutched his thighs and hung on. The sound of s*cking on his c*ck echoed through the room…


tsk, tsk…


No matter how hard I pursed my lips, the sound wouldn’t go away.


“Mmmm… Mmmm.”


Mu-hyuk was rapidly ramming his c*ck into his mouth. Seolhwa grabbed his thighs and tightened her grip on his mouth.


A rush of breath poured out. Seolhwa’s lust burned like a fire. The more ar*used he became, the more dizzying her mind became.


“Ha… ha, ha, ha….”


Heat surged from deep within him. The heat pulsed through his veins. She barely swallowed the saliva that had pooled in his mouth, but the ferocity of his c*ck throbbed even more.


He thrust a little harder, and then he came to a sudden halt, spurting a powerful jet of c*m into her mouth.


Snowflake was pleasantly surprised by the hot c*m that hit her throat, her throat tickling from how hard it spurted.


“Haa… haa… haa… haa….”


He gasped, and as he slowly withdrew his c*ck, a trickle of unswallowed saliva ran down her chin. I couldn’t tell if it was c*m or Cooper’s fl*id.


‘I swallowed his c*m…….’


My mouth was filled with the smell of c*m. It was the first time I’d ever swallowed a man’s c*m. I thought it would be gross, but the odor quickly faded.


“Are you… done?”


Seolhwa’s wiped the saliva from her lips and tried to pull herself up. But she couldn’t get up.    She was at eye level with him. Their eyes met, and the tension returned. His eyes burned with lust.


“Sloppy, but satisfying.”


“So, is this our agreement?”


“Of course.”


Seolhwa patted her chest.


“So, what do we do now?”


“I’m in more of a hurry than you realize. There’s no need to wait, I’ve already found a place for the ceremony and a house to live in, all I need to do is move in.”


“Ah…. But it’s still a marriage, so we need a ceremony, a wedding dress, and a date.”


Even contract marriages require preparation, but listening to him, it sounded like it would be done as quickly as baking beans over a fire.


“I’ll do everything you need,” he said in a strong tone.




“Aren’t you signing with me because you don’t have any money? Get rid of your useless ego. You can feed your ego with my money.”




It’s obvious that he’s a big businessman, but 100 or 200 million won’t be enough for his family. I didn’t even have enough money to save my apartment, which was about to be auctioned off.


“Is there anything else you want to say?”


“I want this agreement to be between us, and I want it to be about love, not money, in the eyes of others.”


I had some dignity left, and I wanted to keep it a secret, even though I was getting married in exchange for the contract.


If Harriman Beer, which was about to go bankrupt, repaid the $8 billion, rumors were sure to follow.


“That’s what I want to say,” I thought. I was relieved.


“As you know, my father’s 49th birthday is coming up, and talking about marriage is…….”


I needed time to explain to my mom that when he came to the funeral, I treated him like a stranger, so how was I going to get around that?


Just as my mind was racing, he grabbed Seolhwa’s chin and turned her around.


Their gazes met, and he looked at her gently. The line of his lips tilted upward.


“I’ll wire you the eight billion, and I’ll be there to say hello before the ceremony.”




“Why don’t you attend the 49th as a son-in-law?”


“Joe, that’s great, I guess….”


That’s all I was hoping for. If we set the wedding date for after the 49th, we’d have a month or so, so I’d try to squeeze in a viewing and wedding somehow.


“I’ll come up with the scenario of how we got married, so leave it to me, and you put out the fire. I’ll deposit the money this afternoon.”


“I’ll do it.”


I decided to leave it to him for now. She didn’t have time to create her love scenario with him right now.


“We’ll set the wedding for 49 days from now, but first, let’s see if we’re compatible.”


Seolhwa’s eyes widened. No, he wasn’t the kind of man to marry without a match.




she replied, and he smirked. Then he gently brushed his finger across her lips, just a touch, but it felt like a caress.


“Look forward to it. It’s going to be a great night.”

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