Chapter 11


“Why are you here!”

Before I could even process her question, Sooyin lunged at me, grabbing my hair and shaking it violently. My entire body trembled as her hands moved erratically, and I winced in agony as my scalp felt like it was peeling off.

“Se-Yeon!” Ha-young and Jimin’s muffled voices called out. Seyeon’s mind raced as she tried to comprehend where she was and why she couldn’t see them.

She cursed and shook the hand that was gripping her hair. Wordlessly, she stood there, enduring both shaking and slapping.

“Bitch, why are you here?” came the harsh words.

Ms. Ha-Young, attempting to intervene, was rattled by Sooyin’s strength, and she narrowly avoided getting hurt.

“Stop it!” she yelled, shoving Sooyin’s body with all her might. Both she and the person standing next to her were taken aback, but not as profoundly as Sooyin.

The sheer panic in Sooyin’s expression was a spectacle to witness.  Jimin, positioned in front of the desk, wore a stern, disapproving look, seemingly questioning how I could have acted this way towards her, causing me to blush deeply to the nape of my neck.

I attempted to arrange my disheveled hair, but it matched the chaos in my heart. Even when I stood still, my entire head throbbed. The embarrassment was so overwhelming that it felt like I was dying of shame, and I bit my lip until it bled.

I didn’t even bother to get up and instead sat on the floor, cursing Sooyin with the word ‘slut.’

“Please, stop it!” I pleaded.

I screamed in confusion and fear. What had I done to deserve this? I couldn’t comprehend why she was calling me a slut and violently grabbing my hair.

“Please…” I managed to plead, urging her to cease her actions, to never cast her gaze upon me again.

“Why is it so loud?” Sooyin questioned, her voice filled with irritation.

I gasped at the sudden, mid-range voice behind me. How long had he been present? A shiver ran down my spine. Slowly, I pivoted around, and his icy stare pierced my heart.

Feeling ashamed of my disheveled state, I turned my gaze away, feigning an attempt to fix my hair.

“Why are you here?” he asked, his head tilting as he observed Sooyin, who was sitting on the floor, crying and pointing at me.

“Let’s go inside and talk,” he suggested. He brushed past me and stooped down, extending his hand towards Sooyin.

A rush of emotions surged to my eyes. Sooyin, who had been shaking her head violently a moment ago, as if she intended to rip my hair from my head, now took his hand like a pitiful heroine.

Her chest heaved with each breath, and she grasped his hand, attempting to stand. But her legs failed her, and he wrapped his arm around her shoulders, supporting her.

I watched them both walk into the president’s office, unable to close my eyes. It felt as if I had caused her pain.

It wasn’t until the door to the president’s office had been firmly shut that I slowly closed and reopened my eyes. Ms. Ha-Young was watching from the side, her lip bitten so hard that the taste of blood spread in her mouth. My head should have ached, my lips should have throbbed, but I couldn’t comprehend why my heart hurt so profoundly.

I gathered my hair into a bun, inadvertently tangling a handful of it in my fingers. The atmosphere in the room had turned as cold and silent as if I had been drenched in icy water. No one dared to break the silence.

I felt regret and shame for causing this uncomfortable atmosphere. I had hoped that after leaving the architectural firm, I would never have to see Sooyin again.



-I rose from my seat in response to the intercom’s request for a car. It was my duty to handle this, and I didn’t want to delay it due to the current situation.


-Ah, Cha Se-yeon, please fetch it.

The moment I heard my name, my heart sank. I halted in my tracks on the way to the bathroom.

“Yes. I understand.”

Jimin turned her head, her eyes silently inquiring if I had heard her.

“Yes,” I replied succinctly and entered the bathroom. My throat felt dry, and the look on Ms. Ha-Young’s face, whom I had encountered before entering the restroom, was a mix of curiosity and suspicion.

I’m unable to raise my face. I wanted to die thinking about the rumors that would go across the firm tomorrow, perhaps maybe within a few hours.

I was on the verge of leaving the company.  I smoothed my hair once more as I brewed my coffee. My hands were trembling.  

I started crying again when I remembered how he helped her up.    

“Seyeon, are you nearby?”

“Nope. I’m on my way.”

The inquiry about my distance meant that I needed to expedite the delivery of the tea since I couldn’t keep the boss waiting. I stood outside the boss’s office with the tray in hand, heaved a small sigh, and knocked.

“Come in.”

He spoke, opening the door with an expression of hurt on his face. As I entered and stepped inside, I noticed two individuals seated on the couch, but something about Sooyin seemed off.

This wasn’t the confident Oh Sooyin who had been shouting at me moments ago, demanding to know why I was there.

She appeared to be sitting in an uncomfortable and unusual position, which was quite perplexing. Unconsciously, I placed the coffee cup in front of him.

Our eyes briefly met, but his gaze quickly shifted downward. He lowered his head and took a step back.

“First, apologize for being rude to my employee.”

“What did you say to me?” “…….”

Her head tilted sharply.

“You know damn well I like Mr. Sehyuk.”

Sooyin’s lips curled upwards, a shade redder than blood.

“What’s going on between you two?”

I clutched the tray so tightly that my knuckles turned white under his intense gaze.

“Come here.”


Sooyin’s eyes widened, and I found myself too shocked to utter a word. He extended his hand toward me, his eyes warm, and the corners of his mouth upturned as if he were gazing at the woman he adored.

I instinctively took a step back, realizing that his face was a façade, just like mine.

“Come here.”

I couldn’t help but come closer since his tone was scary. His fingers came out and pulled on my wrist, making my cheeks flush bright crimson.

He sat me on his lap and tightly hugged me around the waist to prevent me from escaping.  I was astonished more than she was.  

I scrambled to my feet, but he leaned down and kissed the nape of my neck, which tingled since it must have hurt.

The sensation of his soft lick tingles my toes. In anguish, I lean forward and sink my fangs into him.    


She tried hard to cover the sound with her molars, but it didn’t work. Sooyin’s eyelids flew wide, and a tear streamed down her cheek.

“Don’t you understand what you’ve done?” Sooyin questioned.

“…You’ve been so kind to me!”

Sooyin shook her head in disbelief.

“When I wanted to see you, you came, and we had drinks together!”

“What was that?”


Sooyin nibbles her lower lip and looks at me. Sooyin’s eyes welled up with tears. His tongue, which was still kissing the nape of my neck, instinctively rose to lick my earlobe.

His arms were firmly encircled around my waist, making it impossible for me to break free.  

“I don’t appreciate hands on my neck to the point of disgust, and if you’re thinking of spanking me, be prepared to be spanked in return.”


“And I’m not the gentleman you think I am.” 

His fingers crept into my skirt, growling like a beast. I grabbed his wrist to keep him from going any further.

As his fingers rubbed my inner thigh, I shuddered uncontrollably. I shook my head as I peered up into his eyes.  

The hand that had been stroking my thigh rose and grasped the point of my chin, where my lips lingered.

She pushed his shoulders away, but his tongue raced into her lips, tasting and devouring every inch as if he didn’t want her to cum.  

She shook her head and resisted at first, but as time passed, she enthusiastically responded to the kiss.

She thrust her br*asts at him, screaming for more, and extended her tongue out as far as it would go in a desperate gesture, whether Sooyin was watching or not.  

The sound of tongue on tongue engulfed the office, causing his lips to part in a trance.

With a strained breath, I opened my closed eyelids, and he carefully wiped the drool from around my lips. He wasn’t a softie, as he’d said. He was merely pretending to be for the time being.

I closed my eyes and rested my brow on his shoulder. A strong arm encircles my waist.    

“You don’t apologize?” His voice turned icy, and my shoulders trembled.

“I’m sorry,” I replied.

Sooyin’s apology caught me off guard, and I glanced at her. I hadn’t anticipated her bowing to me. Sooyin carried herself with pride.

He, who appeared to hold the world beneath his feet, didn’t seem content with her response.

“Will this suffice?” he inquired, caressing her hair as though handling a valuable object. However, his voice was cold enough to chill the air.

“You will need to kneel, won’t you?”

I attempted to signal him to halt, but his dark eyes bore a warning for me to speak up, to say something, so I remained silent.

After a brief pause, Sooyin tightly closed her eyes and descended to her knees.

“I’m sorry.”

“Sorry? Is that the demeanor of an apologist?”

“……I’m sorry. Ms. Cha, I was wrong.”

It was likely the first time Sooyin had ever apologized to anyone in her life. I observed her trembling and clenching her fists, choosing to avert my gaze.

“You should leave,” he instructed.

I nodded, feeling as though I might suffocate if I remained in that room. It wasn’t until he released his arm from around my waist that I was able to rise to my feet.

I exited the room, collected my tray, and sank into my chair at my desk. I was aware that Ms. Ha-Young was watching me, but I simply gazed down at my desk.

Before she left the room, Sooyin had been on her knees, in tears.

“Se-yeon, what’s wrong with your face? Did something happen?”

“No, nothing happened.”

Ms. Ha-Young sensed that I didn’t wish to converse further, so she refrained from asking more questions. After a while, the door to the president’s office swung open, and Sooyin stumbled out.

Her face was a pallid shade of blue, and she seemed partially disoriented as she gazed at her reflection while making her way down the red carpet. I squinted my eyes in response to Ha-Young’s request to apply lip balm to her swollen lips.

“Se-Yeon has a cut on her neck.”

I promptly raised my hand to conceal the nape of my neck when Ha-Young offered me the lip balm. I couldn’t help but wonder if the marks were from when he had bitten the nape of my neck earlier.

“I think it’s from her,” Ha-Young remarked.

I had been concerned that she might find it odd, but the expression on her face indicated otherwise, much to my relief. I awkwardly massaged the back of my neck. Just then, the intercom on the desk buzzed, and Jimin promptly answered it.

“Yes, boss.”

“The coffee is cold; bring it back.”

“Yes. Understood.”

Before Jimin could complete her response, Ha-young abruptly vanished into the restroom. I observed her departure, then rose from my chair. My steps felt heavy, as though I were trudging through mud.

“Ms. Ha-Young.”


I neared Ms. Ha-Young, who was preparing coffee.

“I’ll take it.”

“It’s …?”

“I’ll bring it in.”

There was a brief pause.

“Are you sure?”

With a strained smile, Ms. Ha-Young handed me the tray. Perhaps due to the earlier incident, she refrained from asking any questions.

I was aware that she usually brought him drinks, but this time it couldn’t be helped. The hand clutching the tray trembled slightly. As I approached the boss’s office, my back and palms grew increasingly sweaty. I held onto the tray tightly to prevent it from slipping.

I wasn’t sure why he was assisting me, but I felt an urge to express my gratitude. My lips felt as though they were on fire, and I recalled his earlier kiss.

I extended my tongue and moistened my lips, experiencing a tingling sensation. However, she remained stoic in front of the boss’s office, her expression unchanged.

I couldn’t help but wonder about his intentions. Why had he behaved that way in front of Sooyin? Was it merely because he disliked her causing a commotion in the company?

No, that explanation didn’t quite fit his actions in front of Sooyin. I was uncertain about her thoughts. As soon as I knocked on the door, a low voice from inside beckoned me to enter.

The voice alone quickened my heart rate. I pushed the door open and entered, sensing that I was stepping into the cage of a starved animal.

My hold on the tray trembled as the door closed behind me. I approached him, his gaze fixed on the desk, studying the documents.

I concealed my hand as well as I could, gingerly placing the coffee cup on the desk to minimize any noise. I stole a glance to ascertain if he was occupied or deeply engrossed in his work before averting my eyes.

Throughout my presence in the room, his gaze hadn’t met mine even once.

While I walked over to tidy up the table, I paused.


I pivoted to face him.

“……Thank you.”

He looked up from his paperwork, and I turned my head to avoid his gaze. His face, devoid of the facade of kindness, appeared icy, and pained my heart just to witness it.

Nonetheless, I felt grateful. His actions in front of Sooyin might have been misunderstood, but she still offered an apology. To receive an apology from Sooyin, something I had never even imagined, was made possible by him, and I felt thankful for it.

He closed the file with an expression that concealed his thoughts, then stood up slowly.

I stood on the other side of the desk, watching as he advanced towards me. He came to a halt just within reach of my outstretched hand, his face wearing a cruel expression.

“Thank you for what?” I inquired, taking a few steps back as he clasped my wrist. My eyes widened, and I gazed up at him as he leaned down and whispered in my ear.

“You’re asking me what I want to thank you for.”

“Se, I want to thank …….,” he utters, the sound escaping from his lips. I attempted to twist my wrist to break free from his openly sneering countenance, but he clamped down on my wrist, causing me pain.

It was as if he were conveying, “Don’t even think about trying to escape.”

“For letting me apologize, is that what you’re thanking me for?”


Trapped between the desk behind me and him in front, I nervously fiddled with the hem of my skirt, feeling there was no escape.

“Ha, don’t,” she remarked.

“Why? If you don’t like it, run away.”

I bit my lip to suppress any sounds and held my breath. I hadn’t even noticed that he’d released my wrist. Instead, I clutched his clothes and let them fall to the floor. I looked up at him with teary eyes, my pleading gaze unwavering despite his cruelty.

“Meet me in the parking lot when you’re done.”


I didn’t say anything since I was worried I’d grunt. He rips off my flimsy panties in one stroke, apparently not enjoying my lack of response.  

My eyes widen with amazement as I glance up at him, and one corner of my mouth rises to the sky.    


He licks the finger that was toying with my skirt a moment ago, compelling me to respond. I shake my head as I stare at his saliva-soaked fingertips.    

“Come to the parking lot.”    

I nod, almost crying at the thought of having something other than my finger inserted if I don’t respond.

“Get out.”


When I ask for my panties, he puts them into his pants pocket.    

“You can go, Ms. Cha.”    

I glare at him, my neck turning crimson, and he smirks again.    

“People must be wondering what you’re doing in here that you won’t come out.”


“Can you imagine Cha Se-yeon f*cking the boss in here?”

“……I’ll go see.”    

I carefully placed the coffee cups on a tray and bowed to him, but he was already sipping the cold coffee. What a waste. Every step I took felt empty and hollow.

It wasn’t until I got outside that I could catch my breath, and even then, I felt a bit shaken.

I made a few mistakes, and the secretary didn’t say much about them, probably understanding the situation with my hair being pulled.

“See you tomorrow.”

“Yeah. Sorry about today.”

“That’s okay, go get some rest.”

Despite his cold demeanor, Jimin didn’t seem at all bothered by the day’s events. My steps slowed as I made my way to the parking lot. I could see his car in the distance, and then I realized that no one else was parked there, only his car. I glanced around and opened the car door.

“Get in.”

I jump in, and he pulls away, arriving at his house. I followed him into the house, feeling a sense of urgency. As I was taking off my shoes, he pushed me to the floor.

I stared at him, not knowing what he was doing, and he grabbed my ankle.

“What, what are you doing……. Hmph!”

The force of the ankle grasp spread my legs wide. In a surprise, I s*cked in a breath.    

“Ha, don’t!”

As he peered between my legs, I pushed him away with my hands and feet, as if he didn’t care where his shoes landed.

Because she wasn’t wearing underwear, heated air slapped her p*ssy when her skirt rode up. He raised the corner of his mouth to look at my split v*g*na.    “

Do you consider yourself a pervert?”

I reached down to cover myself, but his hand stopped me.    

“You’re not wearing panties, and you’re dripping.”

“Ugh. Get yourself off my way.”  

“Are you sure you’re not dripping everywhere?”


I’m curious if he’s correct about me being a pervert. Even with my legs wide out and on display, I’m getting wet down below. As he slowly lowers his head, I swallow hard.

It pierced at her inner walls, s*cking sideways as if it wanted to take everything out of her hole.  Her back arched with a piercing scream, her entire body convulsing, but he locked his lips to hers and wouldn’t let go.

He finally lifted his face when his entire body sagged.  I felt a thrill around my lips as I lay powerless on the cold floor, staring up at him. Knowing what it was, I bit my lower lip.    

“You’re a pervert.”    

I wipe my lips with my fingers as I watch him laugh, then turn my head away.

“Clean it with this. No amount of s*cking will get it off.”    

He takes a pair of shredded panties from his jeans pocket and tosses them at me.  As he sneers at me and asks why I’ve been so bad, I clench my jaw tight.

I sob as I see him stand up and walk back into the house. I wiped my eyes as I drew my skirt down to my waist.

As I sat up, I noticed the floor was dripping wet, and I strained against my panties as hard as I could.    

** * * * * *

I was so uneasy with him sitting cross-legged on the couch, checking to see whether he was going up to the second level that day.

She wasn’t wearing any pants, and her bottom itched at the slightest provocation because she’d s*cked them down in the car.

My bottom hurt from simply sitting there. In pain, I twitch my little toes. I want to ask him why he’s sitting so still, but I’m too shy to say anything.

He seemed to be contemplating something. I lowered my gaze to the source of the sound of his fingernails meaninglessly tapping on the couch.

I’d previously found him so fascinating that I’d stared at him for an extended period.

Even those little things were good. My heart was full and I was happy every day.

“What was that time you said you were sorry for me?”


His eyes sunk deep.

“What was it?”

I asked, feeling goosebumps in the heat just talking about how cold it was.

“……I thought it was a dream.”

“Even if it was a dream, how am I supposed to interpret you saying you’re sorry?”


“You’re sorry for me?”

I clamped my mouth shut. Even if I had ten mouths, I couldn’t say anything. I know now that I shouldn’t have, but at the time I thought it was for the best.

I was so young, so young. I made excuses for myself. It was a time I could never get back. He was sick, and I was sick.

I looked sadly at him as he stared at me with a face as hard as stone.

“Sorry? There’s something you shouldn’t say to me, and that’s sorry.”


“There’s something you shouldn’t say in life, and that’s throw it away when you’re in the most trouble. How dare you say sorry, or like me, or any of those stupid words, ever again.”

I wanted to scream that I knew, that I didn’t want to be a burden to you, that I wanted to tell you everything, but it wouldn’t change anything. We were already hurting, and it would only make it worse.

“If you love me, it’s not me, it’s the money.”

“Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned money when we broke up. Stupid Cha Se-yeon.”

“Don’t be mistaken. The as$hole Han Se-hyuk is dead.”

But in my heart, I wanted to say that the good Han Se-hyuk lives on. Tears formed in my eyes. I remembered the disgusting words about not crying and quickly lowered my head.

“How dare you, I’ve become so great that something like you can’t even look up. Don’t even think about looking up. Do you understand?”


“Wash up.”


The back of his head flickers as he coldly stands up. Realizing it was tears, I quickly pressed the back of my hand to my eyes.

A tear fell from the corner of my eye.  I entered the bathroom and stood in front of the shower. As the cold water touched me, I wailed quietly.

My chin trembled as I stood under the water.  I didn’t bother drying myself with a towel, so I just wore a shower robe.

I ran my fingers through my wet hair. He’s seated on the bed when I get out of the bathroom. He does not inquire as to why I am late. Instead, he looks me in the eyes.    

“Come up and sit down.”

The snow swayed in the wind like branches.    

“Come up and sit down.”    

I made an unintentional step back. His black brows drew together.    


Don’t waste time, he added quietly. He remains motionless, observing, no matter how many times I pause and walk away.

His already swelling p*nis nodded upward. I took a deep breath and climbed onto his lap.    

“You move,”

I hold his shoulders with both hands and pull his knees up. I felt like if I let leave, I’d penetrate him all at once.

Slowly, he shook his head.    

“I can’t.”  

“Then why don’t you lay there all night?”

“……It’s too big.”

He s*cked dryly. For a brief period, his eyes became animalistic.    

“Sit down,”

He stated,

“And if you shake it and make it cheap, I’m done for the day.”

I stared at him, opening and closing my eyes, unsure what he was saying until my eyes widened.    

“So shake it hard.”

He sat on the bed as if he would never get up. Something hot touched him as the hand on his shoulder loosened and his legs gave way, and he slid down to sit up.

In frustration, I pulled my legs up, and he let out a gasp.  I clenched my teeth and gazed down at him. Because she hadn’t dried her hair, water spilled across her chest.

She reached out and grasped her hair’s ends.    

“You gonna be like this all night?”

He was colder than he had ever been. Unlike my own, which had been bathed in water so cold that it made my chin shiver, the hairs on my body stood on stand at his freezing temperature.  

I leaned in and ran my hands up his stomach. I hiccup as I lower my head down to see down.

I can’t believe that thing is inside me, no matter how hard I try. I’m amazed it didn’t tear.  I reach out and grab his c*ck more out of bravery than anything else, knowing he won’t move until I do what he commands.

As I grasped the shaft tightly, astonished by the heat and writhing in my hand, he let out a little groan.

I gazed up at him, my eyes trembling. His eyes are black and jet-black, with unreadable thoughts. His eyes are fixed on me, but I know I’m not in his head, so I sigh.

I elevated my hips to bring the glans in line with the v*g*na.  I was anxious because I’d done it before in the first place.

My gut shivered as I realized how deeply it had penetrated and churned my insides.  I stiffened my legs as I s*cked dryly.

My hips sank, inch by inch absorbing his. I lifted my hips as pain surged through my stretched v*g*na. I cried out to him, but he just stood there watching.

He does not comment.  I instantly knew that I would have to swallow eventually. I lowered my hips gradually.    

“Ugh… huh… ouch!”

My inner walls were full of his p*nis. My thighs shivered. She clenched her jaws and exhaled heavily. Sweat was beading on my brow from having just swallowed his.  

Now that I’d swallowed, the next question was if I could wiggle and f*ck him if he was correct.

“Are you going to stay up all night?”

He inquired, and instead of responding, I elevated my hips as if I were about to move. Then I sat down again.

A mild heat spread where there was simply pain at first. It was amusing, but it also made me hungry. The more I worked, the more forcefully I moved my tiny waist.  

With each up-and-down motion, my br*asts jumped and jiggled. I sat and stood up, and before I knew it, I was moving my hips back and forth in a smooth rhythm.

I could hear them smacking against the water the more I did it.  With longing, I swung my hips lasciviously.

I’d given up fretting that it’d burst through my womb and down my throat. I sobbed and bucked my hips till my throat was full of air, unable to look at his cold face.

For the moment, I could forget about his fiancée, Sooyin, and everything else that was bothering me.

No, I moved rapidly, as if I wanted to forget. My gut was burning. I squeezed and released his p*nis as if it were going to break or explode.  

The sensation of money around her body seemed to melt his brain.     

My eyes welled up with tears. I shuddered as I collapsed against his chest. He altered his position at the same time.    

“Did you go by yourself? Do you think I’m going to cum like this? Shake me all night.”

“No way,”

He stated this while pushing his legs over my shoulders.  His body nearly crumpled in half. The body that had just reached its peak responded angrily to his invasion.    

“Haat, no. No……. Hmph! Stop!”

“You didn’t make me cum, now it’s just beginning.”

He bit her n*pples brutally, repeatedly pushing his c*ck into her hole. I believed her body would split in half from the strain.

She bit and drove her claws into his shoulders out of sheer terror.  But he refused to back down. He poured his weight into it, pulled himself out as far as he could, and then, boom, boom, boom! He pushed it in.  

I was frightened of breaking, and I wanted to shatter even more.

“Aah! No more…! No, no, no!”

I shook my head, dizzy with delight. I’m not sure what I’m truly thinking, whether I don’t want to be broken or if I do.     

I’m growing increasingly confused. As his p*nis pierced its way inside, the body folded in half bounced up and down like an amusement park ride.  

Crazy isn’t even close to describing it. He pounded, and pounded, and pounded. I pounded away like a beast.

I don’t know how much time passed.  His throbbing p*nis swelled up inside me and then slid right out. With cum on his palm, he woke up as cold as ever, curled up in a ball, breathing hard.

The world was black.  His unrestrained body shuddered.  It was only for a moment, as he rolled over, that I opened my eyes.    

“I told you we were just getting started.”

I closed my eyes wearily, feeling his body on my back. Just like that, our fourth night was over.    

* * * * * * *

“Oh, my back.”    

He stroked my thighs and lower back, leaving no dry area. He held me nonstop today. Thankfully, he allowed me to eat in between.

It was dawn, and there was no wind, so I flicked my hair back as I felt him get closer to me. As we climbed up the hill to the high school, I let out a big sigh.

She was so exhausted that she couldn’t even lift her face.  I heard footsteps when I arrived in front of the gosokwon. The sound of pounding feet caused me to look up, and my face sank.

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