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“Secure the table properly.”

A deep, tickling voice slowly pierced Isabel’s ears. Despite its haughty and composed tone, Isabel’s body responded immediately.


Just hearing the voice made her body react.

It could be considered a severe case of one-sided love.

Her chest, pressed against the table, swelled even more, and her n*pples stood painfully erect. Her clenched b*ttocks tightened further at the thought of him watching.

“Don’t want to receive an apology?”


She lay flat on the round table, her arms outstretched and grasping the edges. The table was just the right size, perfectly fitting her body except for her arms and legs.


After a moment of silence, his praise came. It was a dry, matter-of-fact voice, as if critiquing the arrangement of an object. With each of his words, the space between Isabel’s thighs grew damp. To avoid any embarrassment like last time when her desire had leaked out, she tightened her b*ttocks again.

Because she liked Evan, she didn’t want him to see her like this.

Evan, who had been silently observing from above her head, took a few steps closer.

“Indeed, this was the problem.”

He muttered to himself as he discovered the issue. Then, he roughly lifted the hem of the dress that was covering her thighs.


Nothing covered her b*ttocks, and the embarrassment made them quiver, revealing the creases distinctly.

As she had removed all her underwear a while ago, the pale violet dress lifted up, exposing her sparsely marked white b*ttocks.

Just the sight of it swelled Evan’s lower half with pride. However, he pretended otherwise and delivered a resounding slap from underneath, making the exposed b*ttocks quiver. He enjoyed the sensation of their contact on his palm, slapping them a few more times.

“Lift your b*ttocks higher.”

The trembling b*ttocks, caught in his large palm, shook as Isabel raised them. It was not an easy task to press her b*ttocks upward against the smooth table.

Though it was an embarrassingly compromising situation, she was putting in her best effort to look good for Evan. The innocent girl was caught up in her own schemes, feeling the weight of her conscience.

The b*ttocks covered in pale lace reminded one of tempting, plump cabbage leaves.

Evan, who was positioned behind her, grasped her plumpness with both hands and kneaded it a few times. After receiving several slaps, the warmth in her reddened flesh increased.

Evan seemed to be trying to cool down the warmth as he gently caressed the mounds held in each of his hands before giving them a playful twist. She followed his instructions well, so twisting them wasn’t much of a challenge.

“Ah… Aah…”

Cat-like moans escaped her parted lips.

Despite Evan’s strong grip, Isabel was highly sensitive to pleasure, feeling excitement to the point that she struggled to keep her uplifted b*ttocks from dropping. She focused on receiving his touch fully while trying to prevent her lifted b*ttocks from descending.

“Well, then. Let’s examine a bit.”

With a polite and formal tone, Evan acted as if he were maintaining a gentleman’s composure.

“Haah… Yes.”

After grabbing and shaking her b*ttocks a few times, he spread the pliant roundness confidently. As a result, beneath the plump, fleshy mound, hidden beneath layers, a reddish core emerged, creating white foam as it quivered. When he pressed firmly on that area, pent-up desire flowed down in streams.

A sensual and lustful scent wafted up and tickled Evan’s nose. He couldn’t help but find Isabel’s wriggling in anticipation of the impending pleasure incredibly endearing.


Contrary to his feelings, Isabel’s forehead twisted, and her cheeks grew even redder. Eventually, her concealed secret was exposed as the suppressed desire flowed freely.


Evan bent his head further, swallowing the trickling desire. His gentle lips teased the sensitive area, and his hot tongue delved recklessly into her hidden space.

“Ha-ah, ah…”

Isabel’s slender waist writhed like a snake. The warm and smooth flesh parted her lips, entering and exiting, causing an unbearable tingling sensation with each movement.

His tongue seemed to pierce deeply, making her grip the table tightly with her hand. The white back of her hand appeared adorably reddened.

Delving into the narrow folds, he indulged in the desire to the fullest. His lips, now smeared with her essence, glistened with moisture.

Without retreating, he grabbed and spread the mound with one hand, using his elongated fingers to trace her most sensitive spot, before pressing it firmly again.

Isabel, her legs trembling as she alternately moved her feet in the air, turned her soles back and forth. When his nails reached the highly sensitive area, the sensation was so intense that it sent shivers down her spine.

“Uh… Ah…”

With each alternating leg movement, her b*ttocks quivered, releasing desire in a continuous stream. The area he touched and teased was her inner thighs, yet her chest felt itchy, and her n*pples stood erect against the table.

Evan, gripping her inner thighs, pressed his palm against her mound, whispering softly, “It seems I’m not quite ready to receive an apology. You’ve been keeping your entrance tightly closed since earlier, haven’t you? Hmm.”

The hot breath from his lips touched her small hole, sending a strange sensation coursing through her.

“Ah… no! I’m ready! P-please. Hurry. Please.”

Isabel pleaded, her b*ttocks quivering at his suddenly cold words. The ar*usal that had been building up from his teasing fingers was now flushing her with desire. She longed desperately for the thick p*nis to enter her, more than just his fingers.

The sound of a slap!


His hand painfully woke her from her daze.

“You naughty girl, then you should get your posture right. Not just let your juices flow.”

He stood up and mercilessly smacked her tender b*ttocks with his thick palm. Even though Evan had come for an apology, Isabel felt like she was being scolded.

Nevertheless, Isabel didn’t protest. After all, this was all her doing.

“Ah… yes! I’ll do… my best.”

She said so, but she was already in an excited state as if her breath was about to run out. It wasn’t just her b*ttocks on display. The dress, flowing down from her shoulders, barely covered her chest. Her plump br*asts jiggled as they pressed against the wobbling table. Each time, her lower belly tightened in response.

Standing above, Evan’s eyes saw every detail of her petite body. Without even putting his hand inside the dress, he grabbed the lumpy br*asts in his palm. Thanks to the pushed-up dress, her crimson n*pples protruded and appeared hardened.

When he gently twisted them with his fingers, Isabel’s upper body, lying on the table, wriggled. Being in that position on the table, not knowing where he would touch next, made the pleasure intensify.

“Ah… aaah…”

She made cat-like sounds again.

“I’ll take another look at your p*ssy.”

As he spoke, he inserted his fingers into the tight hole. Since it had been dripping with her ar*usal since earlier, there was no difficulty in entering.

“Ah… ah!”

With three fingers rapidly teasing the narrow passage, Isabel couldn’t help but moan. The relentless stimulation of an already sensitive spot was driving her to the brink.

Squish, squish.

The table gently moved back and forth, intensifying the lewd sounds. With one n*pple firmly held in his hand, the lower part was in disarray.

Despite the humiliating position, Isabel couldn’t resist the pleasure, so she simply surrendered to his movements. The elegance she had grown up with as a noble was completely absent in this situation.

Evan quickly teased with his fingers and then spread her thighs wide. He skillfully explored her moistness, and when he found her cl*t covered in golden hair, he twisted it firmly. With a sharp gasp, her ar*usal dripped from her trembling thighs, wetting them.

“Tsk, you’re soaking w*t all over. You really have a lot of fl*ids.”

His words were like a distant echo to Isabel. No, the more he scolded her, the tighter her lower abdomen clenched, and her desire only grew stronger.

“Ah… ah… please, please… just apologize now, just… apologize.”

In the end, she couldn’t bear it any longer and begged.

Her sweaty and sticky body adhered to the table. Only her arms and legs moved, exposing her lewd mound to Evan’s eyes. Actually, anyone entering this bedroom would have a clear view of her.

On the floor, petticoats, panties, and silk stockings were scattered everywhere, making it look far from a lady’s bedroom and rather lascivious.

Her star-like eyes shimmered with a dazed look, and her white cheeks flushed pink. Evan couldn’t bear it any longer when he saw her like that.

Somewhat brusquely but with delicate care, Evan swiftly removed Isabel’s dress. The underwear that had covered her lower half was already taken off earlier, so her pure white skin was illuminated in an instant.

Evan hurriedly removed his own clothes. As he became n*ked, he grasped and released his b*ttocks vigorously. Red fingerprints blossomed like flowers on his skin, even smoother than a boiled egg.

“Isabel, you should use your mouth a bit.”

Evan was speaking quite rationally, unlike his erect p*nis pointing proudly towards the sky. His well-defined chocolate abs subtly trembled with each step he took. At the same time, his thick p*nis throbbed as it pressed heavily between his legs.

In a few steps, he stood in front of Isabel. A thick and substantial p*nis with prominent veins protruded, but to Isabel, it looked like a tempting morsel.

Isabel opened her mouth wide, but it wasn’t enough to fully accommodate the p*nis in front of her. The p*nis went inside her mouth without hesitation, filling her throat noisily, and a tear trickled from her eye.

“Ah… ah…”

Unable to fully take the p*nis in her mouth, saliva dribbled from her open lips. Even though only about half of the sh*ft had entered, it felt like it might suffocate her.

“Open your mouth wider. You have to suck on my balls too, and it’s tricky like this.”

Evan leisurely thrust his hips while speaking. His thick and hot flesh filled Isabel’s mouth to the throat.

“Suck well. I’ll really make you gag later.”

With determination, he lifted his upper body over hers. Despite being a giant in stature, he only needed to slightly lower his upper body to grip Isabel’s b*ttocks.

Isabel, lying face down on the table, and Evan bending over her, were a lewd sight in and of themselves.

With his p*nis still in Isabel’s mouth, Evan reached out and firmly squeezed her b*ttocks. White flesh bulged between his slender fingers. Beneath his firm chest muscles, Isabel trembled all over.

“You can’t have your lower hole empty, can you? You’re not satisfied with just one.”

He reached his hand a bit further and lightly probed inside her private area.

“Uh… ah… ah…”

Under Evan’s body, Isabel let out a seductive moan. It felt strange to be completely filled with his mouth and private parts.

Evan, with his feet firmly planted on the floor, rocked his hips back and forth again. Each time he made a squelching, lewd sound, his veins bulged, and saliva coated his p*nis.

Isabel’s body quivered. She wished for more than just teasing; she wanted Evan to use his thick and large m*mber to satisfy her cravings. Her mind was filled with lewd thoughts, and her whole body burned with desire.

“Ah… please…”

During the brief moment when his g*nitals were withdrawn, Isabel used the hand that had been holding onto the table to grasp his p*nis.

“What are you doing?”

Evan’s eyebrows furrowed, and his voice became stern.

“I can’t take it anymore… please, give me this.”

Both of her hands were full of his p*nis.

“You’re quite naughty, Isabel.”

“Yes… yes… I’m a naughty girl.”

Isabel’s words lacked strength. She had no intention of protesting against Evan’s words.

“If Theo finds out about this, he’ll be quite surprised.”

“Oh, please. Please don’t tell him, My Brother.”

“Don’t worry about that. We are in a contractual relationship, after all. There’s no need to tell Theo.”

Even as he spoke, Evan didn’t stop his fingers from teasing her private area.

“Yes, so please… please, put it in quickly.”

Isabel trembled all over as she pleaded. Once her body had tasted pleasure, it didn’t know how to hold back. And now, in front of Evan, she felt no shame.

“Oh, poor Isabel.”

Evan turned Isabel over and laid her down. Her n*ked body on the table looked even more disheveled and provocative.

Her red lips were moist and lewd, tangled with saliva and s*men. Seeing this, Evan felt an irresistible desire once again.

“Suck this one more time. It’s your favorite.”

He pushed his already enlarged and throbbing m*mber back into her mouth. Her narrow opening stretched wide, eagerly taking in the flesh that seemed ready to burst.

The stimulation she provided caused Evan’s chest muscles to flex, and his small n*pples stood erect. He grimaced and slowly lowered his head, holding the tip of his p*nis against her mouth.

Suck, slurp.

While sucking on her perky br*asts that protruded into his mouth, Evan used his large hand to vigorously explore Isabel’s private area. The already w*t place gushed with ar*usal between his fingers, like a burst of springwater.

“Ah… ah! Uh… chuu… chuu… ah…”

The sound of her moans and the sucking on his p*nis filled the bedroom.

Isabel trembled as Evan squeezed her legs open and thrust his thick fingers inside. Her mouth was full of his m*mber, so she couldn’t say a word. Instead, she flailed her arms and tightly gripped Evan’s back.

“Don’t bite. If you keep doing that, I might scold you again.”

Evan spanked her private area with a smack, making a w*t, slapping sound. Some of the pent-up ar*usal splashed in all directions. It was because Isabel had bitten his p*nis out of excitement.

“Ah… ah…”

But instead of causing pain, it only fueled Isabel’s desire further. Even with the slightest stimulation, she writhed her hips and restlessly moved her b*ttocks on the table.

“Now, let’s apologize on the other side as well.”

Evan furrowed his brow and stood upright. It was because he felt a pleasurable pressure on his p*nis due to being deeply embedded in Isabel’s throat.

The p*nis, having pierced through the tight passage, lightly brushed against Isabel’s flushed cheek. S*men was thickly mixed with saliva, creating a sticky texture.

In just a few steps, he moved between Isabel’s spread legs. Already intoxicated by pleasure, her entire body exuded a peculiar and lascivious energy. Underneath the golden mound drenched in ar*usal, her red inner flesh quivered as if beckoning.

Thrust, thrust, thrust.

The thick and erect m*mber, now fully aroused, roughly entered the narrow opening. The relaxed space eagerly swallowed the hot flesh, hungrily devouring it. A tingling sensation akin to pain surged through Isabel’s body.

Evan plunged his sh*ft inside while firmly gripping the engorged cl*toris. The exhilarating sensation sent shockwaves through her spine and pounded her core.

“Ah… ah… ah…!”

Isabel’s ecstatic cries echoed through the bedroom. It was her second org*sm ever, following the one from yesterday.

“Next time, make sure to be without underwear. It’s annoying.”

Evan said calmly as he thrust his hips forcefully.

Today marked the second day of their contractual relationship, initiated for Isabel to receive apologies.

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