Chapter 8

The only thing that wasn’t ready was Lynette.

Unexpectedly isolated, Lynette was at a loss and bit her lips.

She can’t go outside because of the snow wall surrounding the barracks, and the head towel that covered her face has also disappeared. In this situation, he and she have to be in the barracks alone……

Lynette secretly folded her arms and rubbed them against the cold air felt near the leather wall. It was because a small piece of fur was allowed to slaves, so she only wore a thin piece of clothing.


A strange feeling rose with a hopeless mind.

The fact that they’re in the same space. The fact that it became her only moment that no one else would have experienced.

No woman would have shared his barracks because he had no bed slaves. The other women were helped by him just like Lynette, but none had time alone with him as it is now.

So, it’s only when Lynette becomes special and unique.

Although this is a blizzard whim and coincidence, he didn’t choose Lynette.

The meaning of this situation was pathetic, but her cheek became a little hot. Lynette lowered her head and rubbed her cheek with the back of her hand to avoid making it obvious.

This heart that makes her happy is inevitably precious. The path of the love given to her was so clear.

She dared not ask for anything from him. She didn’t even expect him to know what this meant. It was enough for me to take in this situation, even through such a trivial coincidence.

Just enough to remain as a memory that she will never forget.

“Turn off the light and lie down.”

Then, his slow voice flew in.

Lynette looked up in astonishment. Come to think of it, it was already late at night.

Oil candles lit up the barracks where darkness fell. The weeklong snowstorm was so long that they had to save supplies.

Before she knew it, she was walking to the bed that occupied one side of the barracks. Although she knew that he went to bed early during the snowstorm to save his physical strength and body temperature, Lynette was torn as she approached with a hesitation to extinguish the candle.

‘Shall we lie down together…?’

There was nowhere in the barracks to sleep except on bunks.

The tabletop and chairs were too hard and narrow for a cold night. But she’s not even a bed slave, can she lie next to him?

He seemed to mean nothing more than that, as if he had merely allowed an isolated slave a corner of the bed to lie on.

Under the moist, moist silver hair, the sharp eyes were indifferent without a change, and the mouth was obstinately closed in a straight line.

Lynette, who was carefully examining his mood, saw his thick, long eyebrows flickering wearily, and her face flushed for no reason.

He didn’t even look her in the face. He’s just a knight who’s always been kind to slaves. She felt ashamed because she felt like she was giving meaning to herself and was delusional.


Before blowing out the candle, Lynette eagerly dragged the bucket into the corner without her asking. It was because she didn’t have the courage to take a seat next to him and lie down.

In the meantime, he didn’t add a word. Eventually, Lynette hesitated and carefully extinguished the fire before the candle was finally worn out.


The barracks were soaked in darkness with a slight burnt smell. It was a whitish darkness rather than pitch black, perhaps because of the snow that filled the outside.

Relying on the look in her eyes, Lynette stammered and reached the bed.

The bed was larger than expected because it was tailored to the body of the knights with the magnificent bones. It was three times larger than a bed made of individual bags used by slaves.

The bed made with twigs and animal hair was not soft, but it was much more comfortable than usual.

However, Lynette lay on the opposite side of the corner of the bed, occupied by the beautiful man.

With her back to him, she curled herself up in the corner, and carefully covered the blanket up to her stomach. It was warmer than outside the bed, but it was not very warm. It was because he didn’t apply, so there was no fur.

Snowstorms are so cold that slaves are given a piece of fur. There were no cold weather supplies here to withstand the cold.

Lynette’s face turned white when she noticed him later.

He was an undefeated knight, a man of a different build from her, so he might not feel the cold very well.

Even in this cold weather, he took a bath calmly, and even now, he seemed to have no problem seeing that he was not shaking at all even though his hair was wet, let alone thick clothes.

But things were so different for Lynette. Her body began to tremble thinly, and even when she slept, she felt colder because she didn’t even have a head towel on her head.

It was a disaster.

It doesn’t show at all on the outside, but maybe he’s cold too. In fact, the reason why she dared to lie together on the bed was to add a little warmth.

Although she was very nervous, Lynette mustered up courage as the cold would freeze her body at this rate. It was because the cold air of the blizzard was transmitted to the air that now touched her face.

The snowstorm on the first day was the strongest, so she had to stay warm tonight no matter what.


The cloth underneath the body was rubbed. As she narrowed the distance, he was now close enough to reach her fingertips when she stretched out her arms.

That should be enough, said Lynette as she began to warm herself again.


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