Garrel came back again.

Melcy was wearing a light, airy dress. Her hair, tied up and twisted, flowed down every time she moved.

Garrel kissed Melcy’s hand.

“How have you been, Melcy?”

Garrel’s gentlemanly appearance and casual greeting made Melcy feel sick.

Melcy lowered her head and remained silent. Garrel smiled as if he knew Melcy would react that way.

Soon, he would take off her clothes and show his disgusting side, lusting after her. But Melcy couldn’t refuse him.

She kept feeling nauseous, but she closed her eyes tightly. On that shameful day, she thought of the coins Rufen had sprinkled on her body. And she closed her eyes while recalling their conversation. She pursed her lips.


“What? Do you want me to tell you how to please a man? Did you decide to sell your body to pay off your debts? You made a good decision, Melcy. Every time you spend the night with someone, you can earn three gold coins.”

“Garrel said he bought you for 200 gold coins? But Melcy, that’s only because I sold you well.”

“Don’t be too angry, Melcy. The world is dirty, and that’s why you’re here.”

“Did you really think that naive, high-minded human being sincerely did drugs?”

“Oh, I didn’t mean to upset you… Relax, I’m not that bad. I’ll tell you what you asked, so cheer up.”


Melcy woke up to Garrel’s sudden voice. She bit her lips and looked down at the ground. If she spent the night with Garrel today, all the money in her safe would be 35 gold coins. If she received a tip from Garrel, she could earn more money.

As Garrel kissed her lips, Melcy closed her eyes tightly.

“You’re quite calm today, Melcy. I wish you would cry again.”

Garrel looked at the mark he left on Melcy’s chest as he grabbed the neckline of her dress. The red mark was still there and he liked it. He wanted to make another mark on her body, but he remembered Rufen’s warning and stopped himself.

“Garrel… My, my chest.”

Melcy tried to say something in a trembling voice but gave up. Rufen’s words kept ringing in her head, but she couldn’t say them out loud. Tears filled her eyes due to unbearable shame. It wasn’t just a struggle to get out of an unavoidable situation. Seemingly noticing Melcy’s change of heart, Garrel urged her with a wicked smile.

“Do you want me to suck your chest? Touch it? Lick it?”

The words he whispered in her ear were incredibly obscene.

She should have said those words herself. And she had learned those words from Rufen.

Melcy shook as she undressed herself with trembling hands. Her hair, which was tied up neatly, fell down messily. She thought her disheveled appearance mirrored her own feelings.

After staring at Garrel’s face for a moment, she finally spoke. She had no choice but to do it because Rufen had promised her extra income if she satisfied Garrel today. Plus, if Garrel was pleased with her, she could earn even more money.

It was shameful to calculate every move for money, but it was inevitable. Besides, she would be with a different person starting tomorrow, so she thought it might be better to get used to the humiliation.

“Lick… please lick me.”

Garrel burst out laughing. Melcy’s mood plummeted again at the sound of his laughter. Garrel grabbed her plump br*asts with both hands. She looked adorable as she moaned and trembled at his obscene touch. His dirty words suited her embarrassed expression so well. How could he crave and tame this fragile body?

Garrel wanted to take this little thing home with him right away, but he had no way to avoid public scrutiny. In high society, reputation was everything, so he couldn’t bring her home.

Besides, Melcy Maxter had already been declared dead, making it even more difficult. Rumors had spread little by little, but that was only within the underworld.

Garrel let out a disappointed sigh as he inserted his finger into Melcy’s innermost part.

“Huhh… Hhng.”

Melcy tightly closed her eyes. His touch was repulsive beyond measure. But it was inevitable. Melcy endured and endured. When he pressed his finger on her cl*toris, she couldn’t help but let out a moan. Garrel smiled in satisfaction, and then it was pitch dark. Her body shook against her will.

She cried as she licked him and begged him to insert his p*nis.

It was the moment when Melcy gave up on being a Maxter. She trembled with shame and humiliation, but soon gave in. It was the first time she had ever uttered such lewd words, which should never be spoken by a noblewoman.

The sight of his c*ck between her lips suddenly reminded her that she had become a wh*re. Sold into a debt she didn’t even know they had….

It was cruel to think that she had to suck countless penises, moan lewdly, and satisfy numerous men, though there were only two men so far.

Yes, even if she lived like that for a few more years, she could find a peaceful life again. But she didn’t know what to do with her already ruined mind and life.

It was a truly bleak future.

“Ah… huhngg! Garrel, hic, deeper.”

As she was consumed by the cl*max that surged from her toes, self-loathing overwhelmed her thoughts. As the man’s p*nis filled her up, everything disappeared.

She felt relieved that she had endured another day.

Melcy stared blankly at Garrel as he stroked her hair.

“Today, you looked just like a prostitute, Melcy. You seem to have some talent, changing so much in just a few days.”

The words pierced her ears like a compliment and an insult at the same time. She felt her mind collapsing. Her vision blurred, and she felt dizzy. Breathing became difficult. Somehow, the very act of scrambling to get out of this place made her look like a wh*re.

Melcy felt it was unfair, but she kept her lips sealed, knowing that she thought of herself as a prostitute too.

Besides, even though Garrel had already ej*culated once, he laid Melcy back on the bed. She was terrified by Garrel’s attitude, which seemed never-ending even after one round, but there was nothing she could do about it.

Melcy spread her legs and reached out her hand.

“H…hold me, please.”

It was disgusting to have to act like a prostitute for someone who was sexually humiliating her, but it was inevitable. If she wanted to get out of here as soon as possible, there was only one thing Melcy had to do.

“When I first saw you at the Maxter Marquisate, I knew you could spread your legs like this.”

Garrel groped Melcy’s p*ssy. He pulled out his fingers that were covered in s*men from inside her. Even at that act, Melcy moaned and gasped for breath. Garrel examined Melcy’s p*ssy thoroughly, as if he were conducting an examination. His long and thick fingers explored every inch of Melcy’s insides. Her thighs trembled.

“So this is what your lewd p*ssy looks like, Melcy.”

Garrel brought his tongue to Melcy’s entrance.

“W-What are you… d-doing?”

Something wet and squishy probed her insides. Occasionally, a hard tooth scraped Melcy’s cl*toris. Her mind went blank. Every time his tongue stabbed and licked her deeply, she felt a gush of fl*id pouring out. Melcy wanted to cry. She didn’t want to feel like this.

“Hahhng, huhh, ahhng!”

She writhed in pleasure, gripping the sheet tightly. When Garrel began to suck on her insides with his lips, she felt like she was going insane. She was engulfed in a torrent of pleasure.

“Stop…! Stop!”

Her head felt like it was going to explode. She wanted to close her legs, but they were held firmly apart. Tears welled up in Melcy’s eyes.

“Ah! Ah…!”

As she reached the peak of pleasure, Melcy realized something was pouring out of her below. She felt ashamed at the thought that it might be urine, and tears fell down her cheeks. She knew she had to act like a prostitute, but her mind was blank. She couldn’t act rationally.

How could she do this in front of someone else? Spreading her legs was terrible enough, but it was more horrifying to think that someone had seen her urinating in front of them. To pee anywhere was like being an animal.

Although her status had already been dragged to the ground, Melcy had lived as a noble for a longer time. Even though her body bent, her spirit didn’t yield easily. So, while she recognized that it was unavoidable, mentally, it was too tormenting for her. She didn’t want to be like this.

“Bad! That’s too much… Hmph. I said I didn’t want it…”

Melcy hit Garrel’s chest in anger. She was too scared to even check what the damp liquid was. Garrel rubbed Melcy’s c*nt with his fingers. When he held up the transparent liquid, Melcy was relieved to know that it wasn’t urine. But that relief soon turned into self-loathing. Garrel stretched the slippery liquid with one hand and put it in his mouth.

“It tastes good, Melcy. Your c*nt is delicious.”

Melcy wanted to die. Urinating was already terrible enough, but to hear him say that it tasted good made her want to cry. She didn’t want to believe it. Garrel inserted his p*nis inside her again. His erect p*nis reached its cl*max without even moving inside her.

Her mind went blank with the explosion of pleasure. Despite feeling shame and humiliation, she was swept away by the pleasure. She knew it was an unavoidable situation, but seeing herself enjoying it so much, tears welled up in her eyes once again, flowing down her cheeks.

“Haahng–! Ahh!”

“Tell me, Melcy. What do you like?”

He pulled out his p*nis, which had been penetrating her insides. It was still hard, and she was unable to tell him what she wanted. Garrel’s fingers poked at Melcy’s p*ssy.

“Say that you like Garrel’s c*ck. Melcy.”

Her lips didn’t move. Although her insides were clenching around Garrel’s fingers, they didn’t give her as much pleasure as his p*nis did. She twisted her body in frustration but hesitated to say what he wanted her to say. She was afraid that if she said it, she would truly start to like his c*ck.

“Quickly, Melcy.”

In response to the voice urging her on, Melcy muttered her words hesitantly, rationalizing that she was only doing it because Garrel had paid her.

“I… like Garrel’s c*ck.”

Garrel pulled out his fingers that were stirring inside her and inserted his p*nis back into her entrance. Before the second round of s*x was over, Melcy reached cl*max and lost consciousness.

The thrusting didn’t stop even when she had fainted, so she occasionally regained consciousness, although those moments were brief. For a regular noblewoman like her, s*x was an incredibly intense activity.

When Melcy opened her eyes, she couldn’t figure out whether to laugh or cry at the sight of the gold coins scattered around her.

After much deliberation, Melcy finally burst into tears. She sold her body for money, and her love for money made her situation all the more pitiful.

Tears poured out of her eyes.

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