Rufen combed Melcy’s golden hair himself and kissed her lips.

Even with Rufen’s touch on her body, she stared blankly into space. The current situation was too unbearable. She still couldn’t believe it.

I spent a night with Garrel. And to make matters worse, I slept with Rufen too.

I couldn’t believe it. In fact, I didn’t want to believe it. To sleep with two men in just one day was beyond my imagination. The pain in my thighs and lower body was vividly felt. It was like a nightmare that was too real to be true.

Melcy stared blankly at Rufen, who was combing her hair.

“…Don’t you understand the situation yet?”

Rufen stopped combing and gently bit Melcy’s round shoulder. Even though he bit her lightly, there was a faint mark left on her white shoulder.

It must have hurt, but Melcy didn’t show any reaction. Rufen’s eyes gradually narrowed. He was about to raise his hand, but then decided against it. Garrel would come to see Melcy again in three days, so he couldn’t afford to leave any marks on her. And judging from Melcy’s current state, she needed a carrot more than a whip.

Rufen placed a purse on Melcy’s hand. The purse was heavy.

“Take it. It’s the price for your first guest, minus the money you spent on your makeup.”

Melcy opened the purse as if she were possessed. It was humiliating and dreadful to see the price of that shameful night being materialized like that; it made her feel like a wh*re. To think that I earned money by selling my body. I felt so numb.

It was horrible.

Melcy tried to ignore the tears welling up in her eyes. She threw the purse onto the floor.

“I don’t need it!”

Silver coins poured out of the open purse. Even a quick glance at the floor showed a large amount of silver coins rolling around.

“Are you sure you don’t need it? If you save up all this money, you can pay off your debt and leave.”

Melcy’s pupils shook uncontrollably at Rufen’s words. She stared at the silver coins scattered on the ground with blank eyes.

“By the way, there’s 300 silver in the purse.”

300 silver. In terms of gold coins, it’s just three gold.

She received three gold coins for sleeping with a guest once.

Melcy’s head went numb. Was she insane? She gave up counting how many men she had to sleep with.

“Ha, haha…”

What was even more pitiful was that she found herself calculating while selling her body on the floor.

Has her mind gone mad? But if she could earn 500 gold and leave this place…

“Ahh… Ahh…”

Melcy, who felt the end of her sanity, collapsed and cried like a beast. No matter how much she thought about it, this was not it. But Melcy found herself picking up the silver coins that had fallen to the ground.

She stared at the silver coins in her hand with a blank expression. She felt so miserable.

She threw the silver coins on the ground again and picked them up again.

“Next time, I’ll prepare gold coins for you. It’s your first day of receiving money, so it’s better to look like you got a lot.”

Melcy’s fingers scraped the ground, making a scratching sound, and blood dripped from them. It was disgusting to see herself throwing away the money and then picking it up again. A part of her was glad to be out of here, even if it meant selling her body. It felt so dirty.

Rufen grabbed Melcy’s hand as she picked up the silver coins. He wiped her tear-stained eyes and spoke in a soft voice.

“If you can get tips by flirting with guests, it’s your money.”

It was a humiliating thing to say, but there was a faint hope that she could leave earlier if she could get some tips. Thick tears fell on the back of her hand.

“And every time I sleep with you, I’ll give you a gold coin.”

Two gold coins fell on the ground. Melcy looked up at him with blank eyes. Her eyes were filled with horror. Rufen pulled Melcy towards him. He ran his hands across her white thighs and cupped her cl*t, which was still swollen from her vigorous c*mming.

“Ah…! Ah, I hate it… Huk…, Don’t do it. I, I hate it.”

“I’m paying for the cost of lusting after my slave, right now.”

Rufen nibbled on Melcy’s earlobe, then took it into his mouth and sucked. Melcy struggled with the strange sensation on her ear, but it stopped as soon as she felt the hot sensation on her b*ttocks. She didn’t want to feel pain. And she bit her lips because she didn’t want to feel Rufen’s hand messing with her below, but she was still overpowered by him.

“Melcy, you can’t hurt yourself. It’ll decrease your value. You need to be sold at a high price so you can leave here soon.”

Rufen’s finger, which had been teasing her by putting it in his mouth, went down. He put his hand under her soft silk dress. He pinched her n*pples, which were stiff and hard. He played with them as if they were toys, bouncing and rolling in his hand. She was overwhelmed by the feeling of helplessness—that she couldn’t do anything while being held by his grip.

When something slimy touched her mouth, Melcy reflexively moved her body back. She felt disgusted by his kiss but was jolted back to reality by Rufen’s giggling.

“Melcy, if you’re not trying to piss me off, kiss me.”

How dare he ask for that.

Melcy couldn’t bring herself to kiss him with her eyes open. She reached out with her eyes tightly closed.

“Don’t act like a bitch and open your eyes.”

She opened her eyes at Rufen’s annoyed voice. There was nothing Melcy could do in the face of violence. Melcy barely kissed Rufen’s lips. The eyes that met hers were fierce.

His tongue probing inside her mouth was gentler than the hand that had begun to poke mercilessly downward again. Melcy gasped for breath as the kiss grew longer.

Rufen tugged at her robe, stripping her n*ked, and he forced her hands to reach up and grasp his c*ck. The dirty and wriggling hot object gradually grew in size.

The silver coin she had barely held in her hand fell to the ground and rolled. Melcy stared at the coin that had slipped out of her grip with a blank gaze.

“…Ah, aah.”

“You can do a lot with your mouth, Melcy.”

Rufen thrust his c*ck into Melcy’s mouth. Melcy gagged, unable to breathe, as Rufen’s c*ck filled her mouth. She wanted to bite it off, but it was too hard to chew because it was tightly wrapped in her mouth. Besides, his ruthless threat of pulling her tooth one at a time when it touches his c*ck also terrified Melcy.

Rufen grabbed Melcy’s round head and moved it for a while. She was pushed against the wall and gasped as she received Rufen’s g*nitals in her mouth.


Rufen ej*culated in Melcy’s mouth. The hot liquid that filled her mouth left an impression on her.

“Melcy, you should be happy about it.”

There was a threat in his soft words. Melcy remembered licking the floor and barely swallowing the s*men that filled her mouth. The horror of the first day was still engraved in her heart. Rufen gently stroked Melcy’s hair.

“You’re nice, and you’re smart too.”

His compliment felt like mockery. Melcy felt nauseous, but she forced herself to lick and eat what was on her hand.

Rufen spread Melcy’s thighs with both hands. The bright red entrance twitched and spewed out love juices. Rufen aimed his c*ck at Melcy’s entrance and pushed it in with all his might. Melcy’s screams of pain echoed through the room, but he was more concerned with satisfying his s*xual desire.

“Huk…! Ahh! Ah!”

People came and went through the open door, but no one looked back at Melcy’s painful cries. The silver coin that fell on the ground looked so pitiful. No, her situation was more desperate than the coin.

At least the coin had some value, but what was her value? Was it to spread her legs like an animal and mate? Melcy cried and scratched Rufen’s shoulder with her nails. He casually grabbed her hand and put it in his mouth.

“If you cry prettily, you’ll get more money. If you act like that, you won’t get any tips.”

“Huk… sob.”

“Cry, Melcy.”

Rufen placed some money on Melcy’s chest. Her eyes were filled with amazement, but she soon bit her lips. She didn’t want to moan underneath him. But, but…

“Ah, ahhng…!”

“No, that’s not it. It’s obvious that you’re faking it. Melcy, relax your body.”

Rufen pressed Melcy’s flat stomach. He felt her delicate body, which had become softer than before, and pushed his c*ck inside. Melcy’s vision turned white and black repeatedly.

Is it crazy that she’s enjoying his merciless thrusts inside her? Melcy was afraid.

“Huhmph… Huaahng! Ahhng, ah!”

She cried underneath Rufen. Whenever he was satisfied with Melcy’s moans, he put more coins on her chest. Melcy was too caught up in pleasure to see what he was doing. Her vision flickered. She just moaned and shed tears every time Rufen thrust into her.

After the rough s*x was over, she lay on top of countless gold and silver coins. Only then did she realize that she had moaned like a prostitute under a man. Her face turned red with shame and self-disgust. She didn’t even know how many times she had reached cl*max. She felt ashamed of herself.

“Nobles love gossip. You did well.”

Rufen left the room after saying that. She felt humiliated and disgusted with herself, but was soon speechless at the sight of the enormous amount of coins.

Despite the heartache over losing her dignity for money, Melcy trembled with humiliation as she picked up the money. She brainwashed herself, convincing herself that it was an unavoidable necessity.

In reality, she knew well that selling her body to earn money wouldn’t change the fact that she would eventually leave this place. Her vision blurred again as tears fell to the ground.

Still, this road that is not death, where does it lead. Even though it was a path she didn’t know why she had started, she found some comfort in the fact that she could see an exit.

* * *

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