Garrel had barely suppressed the impulse to take Melcy as soon as he saw her for the first time today. He planned to slowly tame her. He could easily make her beg just by looking at her.

“As expected, Melcy likes to m*sturbate, doesn’t she?”

Melcy quickly shook her head.

“Then how do you want to do it?”

Melcy couldn’t open her mouth in front of Garrel’s expectant face.

She didn’t know how to please a man. She only learned about s*x from books, such as how to tighten her abdomen when a man enters her or how to ride on top of her husband when he’s tired during s*x, but never to kill her husband’s mood or to reach cl*max before him. Moreover, she learned that talking during s*x was vulgar, and even moaning was frowned upon.

She stood up and stumbled over to Garrel’s knees. He was momentarily surprised by Melcy’s unexpected behavior, and her b*ttocks trembled under his touch.

“Are you so desperate to be penetrated? But this position is difficult the first time.”

Suddenly, Melcy’s body leaned back. He spread her legs wide open and pressed his p*nis against the slippery entrance. When the blunt end touched her, Melcy closed her eyes.

She vividly felt the man’s p*nis digging inside her. She screamed from the suffocating pressure. It hurt so much, yet it felt like the flesh inside her was going to break apart as he dug even deeper.

She couldn’t believe the words of the prostitute, who said that s*x with a man was a pleasant experience.

How could this be enjoyable when it was so painful? The love juices were telling her that this act was supposed to feel good, but it felt similar to the sensation when her back hole was penetrated.

Melcy, who had been screaming for a while, began to cry.

“Sob… sob…”


A low moan escaped from his lips. Despite having been teased inside so much, it was still tighter than he had imagined. Even though he had only entered halfway, her hole seemed to push his p*nis out as if it had reached its limit. He tried to hold back until Melcy’s body got used to his p*nis, but eventually he pushed it all the way in. It was the limit of his patience. The feeling of conquest rose as he realized he was taking Melcy’s virginity.


Her v*gina, which was chewing on his p*nis, was so lovely that he caressed her entrance. He gently kissed her lips as she shed tears, as if it was difficult for her. And when her crying gradually subsided, he began to move back and forth inside her. The flesh that had been pushing him out was now pulling him in, trying to prevent him from leaving her body. He laughed at the sight.

“Khkk, what a wh*re you are. Clinging like this. Don’t resist, Melcy. I won’t let go, so there’s no need to pull me in like that.”

Even though insulting words were pouring into her ears, Melcy couldn’t regain her senses from the growing pain. However, even that pain was soon replaced by pleasure as Garrel’s p*nis hit her weak spot. Water flowed out of her like a broken dam. Every time his c*ck moved, she felt the water flowing down her c*nt. The sound of squelching filled the room.

It was unbelievable that she was feeling pleasure in this oppressive and unavoidable relationship.

She was filled with self-loathing.

She couldn’t believe that she was feeling pleasure while being penetrated by her father’s friend. It was ridiculous.

Tears streamed down Melcy’s eyes. She couldn’t understand how her life had fallen so far. She rapidly became depressed. Her situation was miserable. The fear disappeared, leaving only shame.

“Hueung, heuk, p-please… sl-slow down! Ah, ah-euk…!”

She wanted to stop crying now, but her body kept spitting out fl*ids as he kept thrusting. She also couldn’t regain her senses from Garrel sucking on her br*asts and massaging her b*ttocks. She was repulsed by his touch. The sensation of being touched was terrible.

“Ah, ah-heuk, ah! I hate it…!”

“If you squeeze it tight like this… Kkuk.”

He put Melcy’s hand, which was pushing him away, into his mouth and swallowed it. Melcy, who was surprised by the strange feeling of his tongue moving over her fingers, gave up resistance. Garrel licked away the tears that were hanging from her eyes and pressed down on her abdomen with his hand.

“My c*ck is here.”

Garrel’s tongue traced her earlobe. Melcy now shook her head without crying.

It was terrible.

If all this was a dream, it was terrible enough to sell her soul to the devil.

Disgusting, disgusting.

Melcy murmured without realizing it. Garrel lightly chuckled as he heard her voice. He caught his breath and kissed Melcy’s hair.

“Your p*ssy is chewing on that disgusting c*ck. Is it delicious?”

Garrel kept spitting out obscene words in Melcy’s ear. She didn’t say anything, but she wanted to stop listening to his voice ringing in her ears like a hallucination. He was no longer the person Melcy knew. His eyes were now dangerously filled with lust.

Melcy tightly closed her eyes.

After a while, she felt something emptying inside her. And then his p*nis, which had been ruthlessly thrusting inside her, came out with thick fl*id. It took Melcy quite some time to realize that what had been sprayed inside her was s*men.

“Ah, ah.”

The thick liquid flowed down her thigh endlessly.

“Ah, this—what is this? I–I hate it.”

Without feeling the afterglow of the intense org*sm, Melcy quickly got out of his embrace. She hurriedly folded her legs and pulled her dress inside to cover herself. She had been crying from pleasure when she was f*cked down there just moments ago, and now that person has disappeared.

Despite feeling unpleasant about the situation, he didn’t get angry. After all, he had plenty of time.

“Melcy, I’ll count on you next time too.”

With those words, Garrel left the room. Melcy let out a sigh of relief after confirming that he had disappeared from the room.

* * *

Rufen looked at Melcy, who was sleeping with her body curled up. He put a cigarette in his mouth.

Although he had told Garrel not to leave any marks on the product, there were clearly bruises left on Melcy’s chest from Garrel’s actions. Rufen clicked his tongue.

He didn’t plan on giving Melcy to many customers anyway, but he felt uncomfortable. Rufen let out a short sigh and straightened out the blanket.

Usually, this was something the lower-ranked people did, but for some reason, he didn’t want to leave it to anyone else.

Rufen wiped Melcy’s pure white thigh. It was stained with dried s*men.

He imagined Melcy, who had shared her body with someone else. He pushed his finger into Melcy’s p*ssy while thinking about her moaning and receiving someone else’s p*nis with her bright red lower lip spread open.

His heart raced.

Rufen slowly moved his finger, scraping out the remaining s*men inside her.


Although her body was asleep, she made quite indecent sounds.

Rufen leisurely moved his finger in and out. One finger, two fingers, and soon her v*gina tightened around his fingers. Her eyelids, which had been tightly closed, opened, and Rufen’s eyes were reflected in her shining blue eyes even in the darkness. The calm eyes were now filled with terror.

“…I–I don’t like it.”

Rufen grabbed Melcy’s arm and pressed it down as she tried to push him away with all her strength. He roughly moved his fingers, which had been moving gently. Lewd sounds were filling the room.

“Ah, n-no, I don’t like it, please stop.”

Although her thighs were covered in someone else’s fl*ids, it didn’t matter in this situation. No, he welcomed it. Melcy’s disheveled appearance was so lewd that it aroused him. After all, he wouldn’t be able to receive any customers for a week. Even if he got drunk, it didn’t matter.

After all, the whole point of having a s*x slave was to please the owner, wasn’t it?

“Melcy, spread your legs properly.”

Melcy’s body trembled. Her pupils were filled with deep terror, and tears continued to flow. Her vision kept blurring, and she couldn’t function properly. The sound of Rufen unbuttoning his pants was clearly audible. The bed was soft and warm, but now that Rufen was in front of her, it reminded her of the damp floor from that day.

The memories of that day suddenly came back to her. Melcy screamed. Unlike back then, the door was open now, and people were passing by. Maybe someone would come to rescue her.

Please, please–

Several people walked down the hallway, but no one paid any attention to her screams.

Rufen, who was calmly listening to Melcy’s screams, sneered.

“Are you done?”

“Uh…huh, I don’t like it.”

Rufen withdrew his fingers from inside her. S*men mixed with v*ginal secretions flowed out from under Melcy’s c*nt. He didn’t feel any discomfort in his excitement. Rufen quickly pushed his p*nis into Melcy’s p*ssy. Something big suddenly penetrated her without any f*replay.

“Ah, huh, no. No! It hurts…”

Melcy wasn’t stupid enough to not know what it meant to be violently penetrated. She didn’t want to think about it. She didn’t want to think that she was mixing her body with someone else’s.

She struggled desperately. Every time she moved her body, the thing inside her penetrated deeper. The pressure made it hard for her to breathe.

Melcy stopped struggling. There was nothing she could do by struggling. Instead, she was horrified by how her body began to produce more fl*ids. She couldn’t understand how anyone could enjoy this situation with their body.

Her head was pounding.

“Ah…uh, no!”

As if Rufen’s p*nis alone inside of her wasn’t enough to satisfy him, he played with her cl*toris with his fingers, pressing it hard. The intense stimulation made her stomach tense up.

“Don’t, don’t do it! I, I don’t like it.”

“Unlike your words, your p*ssy bites and won’t let go. Like it’s asking for more.”

Rufen’s movements grew more urgent, as if he had been watching her all this time. Tears welled up in her eyes as he penetrated her forcefully.

“Haah, huh, stop–. Please.”

“Haa…stop, you want me to thrust my c*ck harder, and then you say that? It seems like my c*ck is going to break because of your p*ssy.”

Vulgar words rang in her ears.

“You’re shaking your waist because I like it…”

She didn’t know what was happening.

“I’ve never done that!”

Melcy screamed while clutching the blanket tightly.

“Why? Look, I’m not moving, but I can see you moving your waist–”

Melcy closed her eyes tightly. She didn’t want to see it. If his words were true, she couldn’t be sane anymore. Was he really not moving, and she was the one moving slowly?

It was an absurd idea. Tears continued to flow from Melcy’s eyes.

“Stop, please stop.”

Rufen grabbed her hair and kissed her lips. Her body shuddered at his hot breath. She couldn’t understand why she had to live like this, receiving such treatment in this place.

“If you say you’re not good at kissing, but your bottom hole is more than capable of being a wh*re.”

Melcy tried to ignore Rufen’s sneering.

Thump, thump.

Her body was bent by strong stimulation. Rufen lifted Melcy’s waist and impatiently fulfilled his desire. Melcy’s delicate body shook uncontrollably.

Feeling her consciousness slip away, Melcy closed her eyes.

* * *

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