“I have been waiting for my master for a long time. Someone who will use my power.”


It was what Kilian said when he revealed the reason why he avoided her.

In context, the ‘master’ that the Duchess of Tormaite and Kilian expressed clearly had the same meaning.

The ‘power’ was probably the ‘power of a guardian spirit.’

Who could this ‘master’ be?

And what is the power of a guardian spirit?

‘Could it be that the power of a guardian spirit is mana…’

A thought suddenly came to her.

But she quickly shook her head.

If that power was mana, who would give away their own mana?

Gathering mana is already so difficult, how could they just give it away to someone else?

It’s an absurd idea!

Even Laura herself was secretly taking mana.

In the first place, it is impossible to extract mana from someone else. It’s not something that can be given away just because the person wants to.

‘Wait a minute. Then what am I?’

For a moment, Laura’s mind was confused.

It’s impossible to extract mana from someone else, yet she’s doing the impossible.

Come to think of it, she had thought about this before.

But after various things happened, she had forgotten about it.

“What kind of person is this ‘master’?”

“I don’t know. I’m curious too.”

The Duchess of Tormaite showed interest in Laura’s question.

“If they meet their master, will they recognize them at first sight? Or is there another way?”

“I heard that’s why the head of the Lucendorf family can’t stay in the mansion for long.”


“I heard they travel a lot. Perhaps to find their master. And they probably use the power of a guardian spirit to find out who their master is.”

It was a plausible explanation.

Of course, Kilian preferred war over travel.

It would be easier to find his master by traveling to different places where wars were happening.

“His Grace must also possess the power of a guardian spirit, right?”

It wasn’t a question she asked hoping to get an answer.

Kilian had already said that he was waiting for his master, which meant he had the power of a guardian spirit.

The power of a guardian spirit and a master.

Two words floated around in her head, making it complicated.

“Then we’ll be able to see His Grace’s master soon. I’m looking forward to it.”

The Duchess of Tormaite’s eyes sparkled with interest. Then she suddenly remembered something.

“Oh, wait. Let me get my head straight. I forgot why you called me here for.”

The Duchess of Tormaite called out to someone outside the reception room.

Soon, a girl came in, stumbling.

“Hello, Your Grace.”

The girl squeezed her skirt and slightly bowed her knees.

“I brought Laila as you requested. What business do you have with her, Archduchess?”

The Duchess of Tormaite looked at Laura with a curious face.

“Come on in, Laila.”

Laura stared straight at Laila.

Laila was the one Laura wanted to meet.

After all of the mana was taken from Laila at the Tormaite mansion, she was curious about her identity.

However, she couldn’t just call Laila out like that.

If his apprentice went to the Archduke’s mansion for no reason, Warren would be suspicious.

She sent a letter to the Duchess of Tormaite, asking her to visit together if she wanted to show her gratitude to Laila for her help.

“Make yourself comfortable.”

Laura offered Laila a seat.

Laila walked over nervously and sat down on the chair.

Seeing her tense, it was clear that she was thinking about that day’s events too.

“I heard that Laila helped you, Archduchess.”

Duchess Tormaite spoke first.

“I was on my way to see Lord Warren’s laboratory and return home. I suddenly felt dizzy, maybe because I was standing outside for too long.”

“Oh my!”

“If Laila hadn’t been nearby, I would have collapsed and been left unattended for a while.”

“Something like that happened in our house! Laila, if you had found Her Grace, you should have called someone and quickly brought her to the mansion.”

Duchess Tormaite scolded Laila.


Laila didn’t know what to do. She kept looking at Laura for help.

“Don’t blame her too much. It’s not Laila’s fault. Besides, the Archduke happened to be there too.”

“The Archduke?”

“Yes. He came to pick me up because I was running late.”

Laura answered with a slight lie.

“He’s such a romantic.”

Duchess Tormaite put her hand on her chest and sighed deeply.

Laila, who was watching the two people talk, twisted her fingers nervously.

Laura glanced at her for a moment.

She knew why Laila was so nervous.

So Laura waited.

“Um… Are you okay now?”

Laila cautiously spoke up.

She finally fell into the trap.

Laura smiled inwardly.

Laila must have been curious since that day. Laura collapsed because of her, after all.

Laura wanted to get to know Laila this time.

How can someone absorb mana from a person?

What is the relationship between her and Warren?

When did she start working under Warren?

Did she also reborn…?

There were so many questions she couldn’t ask if Warren were there.

“It’s all right. If it weren’t for Laila that day, it could have been a big problem. According to the doctor, my energy level dropped significantly.”

“They said… energy?”

Laila widened her eyes, then immediately lowered her head with a guilty expression.

“That’s not energy.”

She spoke in a voice so low that one had to strain to hear.

“Huh? What did you just say?”

“It’s all because of me… the reason why the Archduchess collapsed.”

Laila bit her lip, tears welling up in her large pupils.

“What are you talking about? Are you saying that the Archduchess collapsed because of you?”

Duchess Tormaite looked puzzled.

“Yes, it’s because I touched the Archduchess without permission… sob.”

A tear finally rolled down Laila’s cheek.

“What nonsense are you saying, One. If you had to support the Archduchess from falling, you had no choice.”

Duchess Tormate frowned, thinking that Laila was making a fuss for no reason.

“No, it’s my fault.”

Suddenly, Laila buried her face in her hands and started crying.

She was a more fragile child than she appeared.


Laura watched her crying and called her name.

“Yes… Archduchess.”

At the high-ranking noblewoman’s call, Laila swallowed her tears and raised her head.

Her blue pupils, wet with tears, shimmered mysteriously like a lake shrouded in mist.

Her eyes were slightly droopy, making her look gentle due to the wind that came from crying.

“Why are you blaming yourself? Is there a reason?”

“Well, um…”

Laila bit her lip and looked like she didn’t know how to explain.

It was understandable.

She couldn’t proudly boast about taking mana from a person.

So Laura changed the subject.

“I heard that you work as Warren’s apprentice. You also came to the empire with him, right?”


“Did your parents come with you?”


“Oh, I see. You must miss your parents a lot.”

“That’s not it… My parents passed away a long time ago.”

Laila hung her head low.

“You must have been very lonely all by yourself.”

“Not at all. I have Mr Warren with me.”

Laila’s eyes lit up as if asking when Warren was met.

“Can I ask when you met Lord Warren?”

“It was a year ago. Actually, Mr Warren is my savior.”

“Your savior?”

“Yes. If it weren’t for Mr Warren, I wouldn’t have woken up yet.”

“What happened to you?”

“I slipped on the mountain and hit my head. I lost consciousness and couldn’t wake up even though I was still breathing. The villagers took care of me, but I was almost left alone.”

Laila shrugged as if it was nothing special.

“Don’t you have any relatives?”

“Even if I did, they were all in difficult situations and couldn’t take care of me. They were all busy with their own lives, so who would take care of a distant cousin who might not wake up anytime soon?”

“That’s still harsh of your relatives.”

“I don’t resent them. Mr Warren heard about my situation and came to find me. And he helped me recover!”

Laila showed her respect for Warren with her whole body.

“Lord Warren’s ability to wake you up from unconsciousness is amazing. He must have used a magic potion, right?”

Laura asked the question as if she were testing Laila.

Magic potions heal visible wounds but cannot restore consciousness.

Laura was curious about what answer Laila would give.


Laila glanced sideways. Her body kept fidgeting in her uncomfortable seat.

“I heard that he woke you up with a magic potion?”

“…Yes, that’s what I heard too. Actually, I don’t know much about it. I was in pain even when I woke up…”

Her eyes shook from side to side.

“Okay, I see.”

Laura chuckled. But her mind went cold.

Laila is lying right now.

She wondered what Laila was hiding.

‘Did Warren make some kind of magic potion that I don’t know about? Something that brings someone back to consciousness?’

She wanted to ask more questions, but Laura held back.

It would be difficult if she asked more specific questions and aroused suspicion.

“Anyway, I’m glad. You suffered a lot at a young age. You should be grateful to Lord Warren for the rest of your life.”

“I’m prepared to die for Mr Warren.”

Laila clenched her fists. Her determined eyes shone brightly.

Whether it looked naive or not, Duchess Tormaite smiled and said,

“Well, well. You should be grateful to your savior, not prepared to die for him.”

“That’s true!”

“Your lover will be greatly hurt if he finds out afterward.”

“I don’t need anyone like a lover.”

“You say that because you don’t know love yet.”

“I only need Mr Warren.”

“Hahaha. Young people these days. Lord Warren would be terrified if he heard this. What will you do if he takes in a lover?”

Duchess Tormaite teased Laila lightly.

For a moment, Laila’s eyes flashed fiercely. But her gaze calmed down again as if it had never happened.

“That won’t happen.”

“Are you saying that Lord Warren won’t fall in love? How do you know that, you innocent girl?”

“Mr Warren only knows magic research. …And so do I.”

“Huh? Are you saying you only know magic too?”


Laila blushed and spoke.

“Just look after me, Mr Warren.……And so do I.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means I only have eyes for Mr Warren.”

“Laila likes Lord Warren.”

Laura, who had been watching the two, spoke up.

Perhaps because her inner thoughts were exposed, Laila looked at Laura in surprise.

Duchess Tormaite gave Laila a gracious look as if she now understood.

“They say the meek cat climbs onto the stove first, and it was clearly referring to Laila. I understand. If a young handsome man saves your life, you’re bound to fall for him. Don’t you agree, Archduchess?”

Duchess Tormaite burst into laughter.

Laila pursed her lips as if she was dissatisfied with her being made fun of.

“Please stop, Duchess. Laila will cry.”

Laura intervened to stop Duchess Tormaite.

“I really like Mr Warren.”

Laila raised her head and said firmly.

Her eyes, which were filled with tears just moments ago, now looked sharp enough to cut through any rival that stood in front of her.

The gentle Laila seemed to have turned into a venomous creature in an instant, causing a stillness to descend in the room.


“Laila, calm down. Why are you confessing so fiercely?”

Duchess Tormaite reprimanded Laila with an awkward smile.

“I hope Lord Warren can understand your feelings too.”

Laura stared at Laila.

As Duchess Tormaite pointed out, it seemed like Laila had fallen for her handsome savior.

Moreover, he had helped her escape from a life of poverty, so it was natural for her to feel that way.

Since she worked as a magic apprentice, she didn’t have to worry about starving.

“You must have a talent for magic if you work as an apprentice.”

Laura changed the subject.

Through their conversation so far, she had learned what kind of relationship Warren and Laila had.

Also, it didn’t seem like she had been reborn like Laura.

So it was time to find out when she started using magic.

Since using magic requires mana.

“I don’t have much talent.”

Laila replied gloomily.

Just a moment ago, Laila had shown a prickly side, but now she was the opposite.

“My mana is not enough to use magic… Huh?”

Laila suddenly stopped talking.

She tilted her head as if she had a question and then looked up.

Her blue eyes stared directly at Laura.

“Why do you have mana, Your Grace?”


Laura was at a loss for words at the sudden question.

“Only wizards have mana. But you’re just an ordinary person, Your Grace.”

Laila’s question was sharp.

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