“What, what are you doing?”


I shielded my eyes with my hand. Receiving no response, I peeked through my fingers only to find him staring right back at me, defiantly continuing to remove his shirt.


My God! Is he trying to seduce me right now? This shameless husband!


Although shocked, I found it difficult to look away. I mean, it’s just instinct.


It’s not my fault! How could any young woman in her prime resist a half-naked man with such a great body?


His firm, broad chest, the valleys of his well-defined abs! Those inviting broad shoulders and attractive collarbones!


So, all the times Etienne spent at the gym weren’t in vain.


Wait a minute, shouldn’t he release a paid photo book? I bet it would sell well.


Just when my gaze descended to his chiseled abs, his voice broke the silence.


“If you’re going to look, why cover your eyes?”


Our eyes met, and I quickly shielded them once more.


“I was just checking if you were alive or dead! Why would you undress in front of someone? Wh-Where are your manners…?”


“Do people usually bathe with their clothes on?”


“That’s not the point! Why bathe in my presence?”


“It’s not a stretch for a married couple, who’ve been together for a year, to bathe together.”


His voice seemed closer than before.


What on earth? Why is he approaching me while he’s completely undressed?!


“That’s ridiculous…! We’ve never been that kind of couple!”


“Then what kind of couple are we?”


This time, his voice echoed from my right. Goosebumps rose from my ear downward.




I suddenly lost my balance, stumbling leftward. In the process, my hand, which had been shielding my eyes, fell away. It wasn’t because I desperately wanted to see his naked body again.


Thanks to that, a naked Etienne was right in front of me, looking down.


“So? What if it was Versus?”




Why is Versus coming up now?


“If it was Versus instead of me, you probably wouldn’t have minded as much.”


A smirk played on Etienne’s lips.


“What does that even mean out of the blue? Please, put your clothes on! Or I’m really leaving!”


My voice faltered awkwardly. Etienne reached out, fingers heading for my hair. I instinctively shrank back.


His hand touched my hairpin. In a flash, my pinned-up hair cascaded down past my neck.


Startled, I took a sharp breath. Etienne, with a hint of amusement, continued looking down at me.


“Bathe, My Wife.”


Seemingly no longer intent on provoking me, Etienne distanced himself. 


He nonchalantly draped a robe over his shoulders.


Wait, is he giving up too easily?


When his splendid form vanished from view, I couldn’t help feeling a bit disappointed. Awkwardly, I fiddled with my hair. Etienne mentioned he’d be back in an hour and swiftly exited the room.


Regret? I feel no regret. Well…


By the time I had finished bathing and changed clothes, Etienne, as if on cue, returned.


Perhaps he had bathed too; his face had a radiant glow, and his silver hair was slightly damp. The thin material of his robe hardly concealed his well-defined physique.


Fortunately, or perhaps not, Etienne didn’t spare me a glance. 


He simply climbed into bed, lying down with an elegance that reminded me of a vampire in its coffin. His long eyelashes lowered as he closed his eyes.


“Are we really going to sleep together?”


At my query, he slowly opened his eyes. Those sharp eyes were directed at my face, seemingly examining every detail. I unintentionally swallowed hard.


However, the words that escaped those sensual lips made me want to clutch not my heart, but my throat.


“Is it because it’s not Versus that you dislike it?”


Was Etienne always this difficult to communicate with?


At this rate, could it be… that Etienne actually… likes Versus? They both may be good-looking, but I’m not about to give up my husband.


“Seriously, why does Versus keep coming up? It’s not like that at all, okay?”


“Well, from what I see, Versu—”


This is driving me crazy!


Before he could utter Versus’s name once more, I quickly lay down beside him.


“Are you satisfied now?”


Seemingly appeased, Etienne quietly closed his eyes.


Sigh, What’s the big deal about sharing a bed anyway? We’re just sleeping.


I too closed my eyes.






Why can’t I fall asleep?


Time seemed to drag on. Despite the day having been extremely tiring, my mind only grew clearer.


It must be because this bed feels unfamiliar. That’s why I can’t sleep.


I tried to convince myself of that, but my attention kept drifting to the person beside me. Even though I wasn’t hungry, I found myself salivating, and the silence around made me feel even more conscious when I tried to swallow.




I made a soft noise, tossing and turning, and naturally turned my head toward Etienne. I opened my eyes slightly to look at him.



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